Dating Leo Woman

Leo Woman is the fifth zodiac sign and these ladies are impossible to miss given that they love being at the center of attention. Leo women always want to make the right impression that will catch the attention of all those around them.

Apart from making a mark, Leos are ambitious women and this greatly enables them to reach their goals no matter how high the standards may be. They also tend to be some of the most creative beings which make their life journeys fun for them and those around them.

A Leo Woman will not shy away from anything and tend to be very talented and never fail to please people. They can mostly be seen in Hollywood and they always love pleasure. Like their sign, they consider themselves the rulers of the universe and having them on your side is a significant benefit.

For the men in pursuit of a Leo, it may not be that easy to keep up and it would therefore be wise for them to know these women before actually approaching them for a relationship. Like the others, the Leo Women have their positive and Negative Traits.

Positive Traits


Negative Traits
Needs attention
Possessive and jealous

Asking Her Out

A Leo woman expects a man to rise to the occasion in addition to being worthy of her presence. She perceives herself as the queen of the jungle and would expect nothing less from those who feel they are worthy of her time. These women are great friends and fantastic lovers. Before approaching her, one should note that this is no ordinary task. You should also know precisely how to approach her given that she is a “know it all.” Confidence is the key with a Leo. Moreover, she loves attention as much as she loves flattery and compliments, so be sure to give it all to her.

Your First Date

A Leo Woman is an outgoing woman so an outdoor activity would be a good way to go for the first date. A place that has some sense of style and class will do and one should be bold enough to go this way given that she loves turning heads wherever she goes. This should be supplemented with dressing for the occasion, focusing on her and speaking well of and to her. Moreover, one should be ambitious, telling her about his success, how he plans to go along with them, and the more she learns about this the more she will be interested.

Following success of the first date, there are a number of tips that the pursuant guy should have to ensure she does not slip away. Understanding and knowing her traits would help learn on how best to use them to one’s advantage to keep her for himself.


A Leo woman never settles for less when she can get better. She will not settle for a wayward man who does not have plans about his future. She is determined to get the best in life and expects her man to do the same. A man in love with his Leo woman must be a hard working one and be a high achiever. She loves class and shabby surroundings make her feel very uncomfortable. You can expect her to be arrogant and proud if he starts showing signs of weakness and giving up.


These Leo women cannot simply stay indoors for long. They want the world to notice them and love the attention. A Leo woman loves to be entertained and can get bored very quickly, despite the fact that they love to entertain. Her man should find interesting things to do and thus keep her entertained before she finds someone else who can give her all of that. You should always find ways of making her laugh and being happy. However, you should not try outshining her. She wants to feel as if the world revolves around her. So be warned, you do not want to steal her spotlight.


Leo women, when in love can be some of the most wonderful partners. They are faithful and will expect the same from the man courting them. She is not looking for a caregiver but a man who is independent and can give her the same amount of love back. When betrayed, she can be very dramatic and tend to feel deeply hurt. They have an excellent sex drive and expect the best quality of the same from the man. Sex is important to her and is one of the ways through which he can demonstrate his love to her. One should therefore be able to satisfy her when making love and not disappoint her.


They are friendly and understanding to others. This may from time to time cause the man to feel uneasy and envious. He should not worry however since this is one of the most faithful women he can ever get. Their friendly and interactive nature may send mixed signals to those interacting with her and the man she is in a relationship with as well. However, being friendly is one of the traits that make her generous and ready to help where she can. She can be described as the best gal pal one can ever have.

Needs attention

She wants all the attention she can get. Neglecting her and ignoring her from time to time will not do any good for the relationship. She wants to know for sure that you want and need her, you should therefore give all the attention she needs. This should include using interesting conversations and activities. You should always take notice about new changes in her such as a new dress or hairstyle, these will let her know that you care.

Possessive and jealous

When in love, these women are highly possessive and can get jealous easily in cases where she feels the man is not giving her all of his attention. It is therefore crucial that you try not to play tricks on her and make her feel like she’s the only woman in the world. You can see jealousy and pride drive her in another direction, so beware.


A Leo is also independent given that she can get what she pursues. She is a go getter and does not depend on the man to provide for her. However, a man should not take this to mean that he should not try to please her by getting some jewels and nice things from time to time. He should, however, not be held back by trying to restrain and control her. This will not go down well with her. The man should always seek her attention through interesting things and interesting ways but never make her feel like a prisoner, she will detest him and find him boring.


A Leo may be arrogant and proud. However, once she loves she is highly possessive and faithful and would make an excellent partner in life. She is not boring and thus one can expect to be entertained, but is also expected to do the same. She is proof enough that whatever is worth gold is not that easy to get.

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