Numerology Compatibility

Complete Guide to Numerology Compatibility between friends and acquaintances, neighbours, business associates, travelling companions, family members, and above all by couples in intimate relationships are compatibility, affinity, empathy and congeniality.

These desirable states, needless to say, can only be achieved in varying degrees, as no two personalities are the same, or remain the same at all times. Of the various methods used to determine compatibility the system based on the science of numbers is not as well known or widespread as some others. Astrology, for instance, is better known. Yet, the science of numbers, on which this work is based, is one of the oldest methods used for evaluating personality traits, talents and potential. The following chapters relate mainly to intimate relationships, but many details they contain can be applied to evaluate other associations.

The science of numbers is a system of symbolism that predates history. In ancient times the qualitative value of numbers held greater significance than their quantitative value. In other words, numbers were seen as representations before they were used for counting. On the one hand, they were held to signify universal principles and mystical values. On the other hand, they were taken as manifested qualities in all living things – humankind in particular. These principles have not changed, nor do they need to be altered or modified following the advance of time and civilisation. Consequently, the science of numbers, or Numerology Compatibility as it is known in modern times, cannot be outdated. Its application is as relevant today as it was prior to the dawn of written history. Its credibility is proven over and over again in the application.

Except for their actual numerical value, numbers do not signify anything. Their powers and values are derived from the vibratory forces they symbolise. Numerology Compatibility is, in fact, the study of vibration. When this fact is kept in mind the words number and vibration can be interchanged. Scientists and mystics past and present agree that everything that exists is formed and sustained in a vibratory state. Substance, shape, colour, odour and sound all exist at various rates of vibration. Abstract qualities, such as thought, emotion and other intangibles, are all vibratory conditions.

Applied to the human personality the vibratory powers of numbers may be expressed at higher or lower levels, according to the development or maturity of a particular individual. In other words, the powers of a particular vibration can only be beneficial to the degree an individual is able to respond to and use them. A couple may share the same birthday, but the one who is further ahead on the evolutionary path will make fuller use of the powers of his or her numbers. Gautama, the Buddha illustrated this clearly when he said: “The worthiness of a conception is relative to the point one holds on the path of progress from ignorance to Buddhahood”.

Additional influences contribute towards the formation of the integral personality. These cannot be overlooked. Racial, religious, (or non-religious), cultural, educational and family background combine to form the child and adult personality. They may often override natural characteristics and potential. Positive or negative imprints acquired during formative stages of life could last a lifetime, or take many years of self-examination to be recognised and dealt with. The complexity of human nature is another factor to be taken into consideration.

Partners in an intimate relationship cannot take each other for granted. They should not entertain expectations that could place undue pressure or frustration on one or the other. For instance, a relationship will be in constant turmoil if an ambitious, restless, assertive and competitive partner is confined by circumstances to domestic duties while the breadwinner’s role is placed on the shoulders of a non-competitive, easygoing and less ambitious partner. Numerology Compatibility provides a simple and direct way of ascertaining, understanding and accepting differences, shortcomings and idiosyncrasies as well as strengths and capabilities.

Any of these birthday combinations may be read in two ways. One can be a direct reference to a particular combination and the other a perusal of all possible combinations. For example, a person born on the 23rd day contemplating, or already in a relationship with a partner born on the 17th day may, in the first instance, refer to the chapter dealing with the 17th and 23rd birthday. However, a comprehensive knowledge of his or her own personality can be gained by reading through all the combinations that can pair with the Twenty-Three. Each day of the month contains different vibratory frequencies or wavelengths. The Twenty-Three, therefore, while maintaining, for the most part, his or her individuality, will be obliged to accommodate to characteristics of a different personality type as they travel through life, which will inevitably awaken or elicit different physical and psychological actions and reactions, while certain others will remain inactive.

No gender is implied in these comparisons. Vibratory powers of numbers do not change with gender. However, self-expression and potential are often denied because various cultures and periods of civilisation have assigned specific rules of conduct and employment for males and females. For the most part, such separation has been arbitrary, unfair and detrimental to individual well-being, and a loss to the enrichment of society. The reality that the feminine and masculine principles play an equal role has too often been ignored. Admittedly, physical strength and certain biological conditions divide males and females, but success in intellectual, material and spiritual life does not depend on the gender of the individual but in the way one uses natural talent for self-expression and success in various aspects of living.

As the birthday numbers only have been taken into account in these comparisons, accuracy cannot always be expected. However, regardless of other areas of influence, a surprising and worthwhile degree of insight into an individual’s personality can still be gained. Many fundamental personality traits that may be agreeable or disagreeable remain unchanged. When an examination of a set of birthdays is made readers are free to ask some pertinent questions. Such as are these prospective or present partners leaders, followers or people who expect strict equality? Are they loners? Are they instant decision makers, slow and deliberate in decision making, or do they look to others for decisions? Are they demanding, cooperative, competitive or non-competitive? To what extent does team spirit exist? Are they ambitious and extroverted or reserved and satisfied with modest achievement? Are they proficient or careless money managers? To what extent are they materialistic and to what extent are they spiritual? Are they emotionally demonstrative or unflappable? Are they rigid or flexible in their views? Are they forgiving or do they bear grudges? Are they sharers or non-sharers, givers or takers? Are they romantic or phlegmatic? Are they family oriented with good domestic instincts? (Can they cook?) Needless to say, not all persons are one or the other of these opposites. Many are in betweens.

Detailed Number Information


Numerology Compatibility: Active and Receptive Forces

The dual forces causing motion or vibration are separated into odd and even numbers. Odds signify active forces or the expenditure of energy. Evens indicate receptive forces or the storage of energy. They are also known as masculine and feminine forces. Misunderstanding can be avoided if the former terminology is used. Most birth dates contain a mixture of odds and evens. This is a fortunate condition as the presence of both forces is an indication of a well-rounded personality structure. On the other hand, a female with a predominance of odd numbers in her birth date may be deprived of essential receptive qualities which form the hallmark of a feminine temperament. Similarly, a male with an excess of even numbers will be deprived of essential active qualities generally expected of a male.

Characteristics of active vibrations are so emphatic that they cannot be concealed, suppressed or inhibited. In the event of an upbringing in which a child has been suppressed by overbearing and dogmatic parents, they emerge into their natural condition as soon as maturity and independence are attained. Some conspicuous features are individuality, independence, authority, leadership, decision, ambition, competition, originality, willpower and strength of ego. However, the degree in which these qualities manifest vary with each odd number. Persons influenced by these forces can only be placed into broad divisions in regard to ego-consciousness. Those influenced by the 1, 3 and 5 vibrations possess a strong ‘I’ and ‘My’ mentality, while those controlled by a 7 or 9 exhibit, for the most, part a ‘We, ‘Us’ and “They” mentality. In other words, the former tend to consider their own needs before others and the latter possess expanded qualities that consider the welfare of others at the same time as their own. Within these divisions, there are differences too.

Individuals influenced predominantly by active forces are go-getters, adventurers and breadwinners. They need to enter into and function almost exclusively in the wide world of business. They feel stifled in a domestic way of life as this will restrict movement and high ambition. An abundance of energy needs wide outlets.

People influenced by receptive forces also cannot help being what they are. In other words, with the exception of the 8 vibrations, they cannot put on a facade of independence, self-assertiveness, authority, competitiveness, decisiveness and self-reliance. They get their way, and do so very successfully, by using natural traits of tact, politeness, persuasion, cooperation, patience and service. Placed in positions that call for active qualities they usually seek avenues of escape, just as those with active forces usually revolt and forcefully extricate themselves from situations that call for receptive qualities of cooperation, sharing and consultation. The 8 vibration contains a mixture of active and receptive qualities. Some other essential receptive qualities are sensitivity, self-consciousness, support, companionship, intimacy, romance, adaptability, peace, quietude, response, domesticity and compliance. These qualities also manifest in different ways and degrees. A Two personality, i.e. one born on the 2nd or 20th day, while showing concern for the well being of others, has a great need to be cared for and protected. Four, Six and Eight personalities are not as dependent on emotional closeness.

Numerology Compatibility: Positive and Negative

All vibrations possess positive and negative aspects. Success in any relationship depends, not only on the intrinsic nature of each partner, but most importantly on the positive or negative ways their characteristics and talents are expressed. This condition has its degrees like everything else. People can be placed broadly into three categories: those who are naturally positive, naturally negative and a majority that fluctuate between these conditions. In most instances the degree of positivity or negativity is determined by the presence or absence of the number 1 in the birthday, birth month or as the Destiny number (the total of the birth date reduced to a single digit). This number or vibration is known as the activator. Its absence allows free entry of negative qualities such as indecision and inadequate self-confidence. The capacity to make firm decisions and follow them up, to give precise instructions to others and to maintain a clear direction in life are indications of a positive nature given by this vibration. Its subjects make full use of their potential. They do not see things as necessarily good or bad, but as life’s experiences.

Indecision and dependence on others, poor self-esteem and underselling of self-are indications of a negative personality. An aggressive nature covering up inadequacy is another aspect. Many, if not all individuals inclined towards negativity are multi-talented people, but their lack of self-belief results in their living below their possibilities. It is often said that positive people view the world as a safe place with moments or danger, while negative persons view the world as an unsafe place with periods of safety. Also, positive persons see open doors as they do not fear the unknown and untried. Negative persons, on the other hand, are often receptive to passing thought waves that could be detrimental to their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their loved ones. They are seldom adventuresome and experimental.

Numerology Compatibility: The Birth Month

The most effective number or vibration that influences the personality formed by the birthday is found in the birth month. Readers should take this into consideration. In the case of a single digit birthday the repetition of this number in the birth month more often than not results in the emergence of its negative aspect. This is due to an overloading or overemphasis of one set of characteristics. A lop-sided personality is often the result. Many a flawed genius may be found in this condition. The individual may be exceptionally skilled in a special aspect of life but deprived of adequate knowledge or expression in other areas. Multiple digit birthdays are different in this respect and do not present this problem. The personality is already endowed with two or three vibratory forces or avenues for self-expression. Repetition of one of the numbers in the birth month will not cause overbalance in the integral personality as other forces counteract any excess. In many instances, repetition may strengthen that aspect of the personality.

What follows is a brief summary of positive and negative qualities of the single digits from 1 to 9 and two double digits known as master numbers. Depending on whether persons are positively or negatively inclined, they will be more or less influenced by beneficial or unfavourable qualities of these vibrations.

Numerology Compatibility: Number 1:

Independence, individuality, self-sufficiency, self-confidence, willpower, leadership, authority, originality, ambition, courage, vital energy, loyalty, concentration, memory and motivation are some of the positive qualities of the 1 vibration. Inflexibility, narrow-mindedness, pride, obstinacy, rigidity, indecision, possessiveness and jealousy are some negative qualities. Tendencies towards poor oral expression, poor sense of humour, fear of failure, and emotional restriction are some other problems.

In general, most individuals controlled by the 1 vibration take charge of their lives and seek to take charge of the lives of their dependents. Partners are seldom regarded as equals. They are staunch believers in self-reliance and self-effort. They cannot share authority or duties of any sort, and have a need to work alone. They concentrate on whatever they undertake and may see others as distractions, or as competitors. The pronoun ‘I’ is conspicuous in their speech. Strong opinions are held. They are resentful of criticism or challenge but do not hesitate to criticise or challenge others. Personal faults, errors or shortcomings are not admitted to. These individuals are strict ‘ideas persons’ with the ability to work under stress and strain. They are unromantic but usually love deeply. Their love is shown in deeds rather than in words. They do not communicate by means of touch, nor do they like being touched.

Ones possess quick recuperative powers after illness or adversity, enjoying vital energy well into old age. They are forthright in speech with clear directions in life. They may have many acquaintances but few intimate friends. Many rough edges introduced by this vibration can be smoothened by the presence of a receptive 2 or 6 vibration in the birth month.

Numerology Compatibility: Number 2:

Companionship, bonding, peace, cooperation, sharing, service, domesticity, adaptability, agreeability, tact and diplomacy, sensitivity, extrasensory perception, hospitality, generosity, kindness forgiveness, patience, trust, conformity, response, support, persuasion and refinement are some of the positive qualities of the 2 vibration.

Indecision, doubt, fear, apathy, self-deprecation, selfishness, submission, fussiness, pessimism, self-defensiveness, dependence, and procrastination are some of the main negative tendencies. Mood changes are also very possible.

All persons born on the 2nd or 20th days possess great delicacy of touch. Unlike One personalities they touch and need to be touched. They are pleasant conversationalists who do not indulge in provocative speech or controversial topics. They are easily swayed by emotion, and fear loneliness, separation or abandonment. There is an attraction to water and all flowing and rhythmic activities. All Two personalities are collectors. Positive Twos are selective collectors while negative Twos collect anything and everything. These are multi-talented personalities, but in many cases poor self-confidence and poor self-esteem inhibits potential. Fear often colours their judgment. The written word is usually stronger than the spoken word. Twos find it extremely difficult to say a definitive ‘No’ when rushed into making a decision not to their liking. Too often they feel responsible for the problems of others and feel deeply for them. Twos can accept a secondary role in a relationship provided the partners are responsible, fair and considerate.

Numerology Compatibility: Number 3:

Youthfulness, effervescence, joy, optimism, humour, enthusiasm, courtesy, friendship, popularity, self-expressiveness, extroversion, sociability, romance, decision, leadership, imagination, mental creativity, ambition, versatility, concentration, and accuracy are some of the positive qualities of the 3 vibration. Avant-garde and progressive attitudes are also strong in those influenced by the number 3.

Self-interest, false pride, extravagance, self-indulgence, self-promotion, criticism, fearfulness, tactlessness and fussiness are some traits displayed by negative Three personalities. They can also be pompous, ego-centred and judgmental, and subject to a scattering of talent.

Speech in all persons controlled by the 3 vibration contains a fine tonal quality and an extensive vocabulary. They are creative artists as well as performing artists with an extraordinary sense of colour, beauty and design. They are natural entertainers who seek and easily hold the centre of attention in any gathering. Negative Threes often create situations in order to gain the attention of others. All Three personalities are restless and disoriented in subordinate positions. As decision makers they do not overlook the wellbeing of loved ones. They are emotionally undemonstrative. Though highly romantic they do not display their love and loyalty in frequent touching and embracing, especially in the presence of others. Body contact sport is usually avoided. For the most part, they are non-competitive individuals. They are generous with their time, money and talents. The manner in which they release their generosity depends on the extent of positive or negative forces within each personality.

Numerology Compatibility: Number 4:

Those influenced by the 4 vibration are physical, down-to-earth, practical, methodical, meticulous, conscientious, dependable, punctual, industrious, traditional, law-abiding, loyal, straightforward, businesslike, thrifty, cautious, faithful and enduring individuals. Unimaginative, unromantic, bigoted, contradictory, ill-mannered, obstinate, rigid, lazy and uncompromising tendencies are attributed to the negative Four.

Manual dexterity is a gift enjoyed by all persons influenced by the 4 vibration. They are usually workaholics who excel in strength and endurance activities. They are doers rather than talkers. Decisions are made after much deliberation and in terms of profit and loss and value for money spent. They are excellent money managers, although many could be tight-fisted with their money and possessions. They are, at the same time, generous with their time and skills. They are reliable breadwinners capable of undertaking a dual function of provider and homemaker. They are also community-conscious people. Most Fours are not known for high ambition and are satisfied with reasonable success in life. Being emotionally undemonstrative they are embarrassed by demonstrations of emotion by others. They are assertive in some situations and agreeable in others. Fours are neither outright leaders nor submissive followers, nor can they be manipulated. They are best in equal partnerships, or with a partner who is realistic and pragmatic rather than emotional, highly imaginative and impulsive.

Numerology Compatibility: Number 5:

Extroversion, spontaneity, activity, energy, enterprise, enthusiasm, animation, inquisitiveness, fearlessness, flexibility, versatility, alertness, and progressiveness are some of the Five vibration’s positive qualities. Five persons are demonstrative, freedom loving, unconventional, intuitive, mercurial, speedy and communicative individuals with magnified awareness.

Negative Fives could be impetuous, disorganised, restless, changeable, critical, temperamental, unreliable and unpunctual. Most persons with the 5 vibration in their birthday are charming personalities with a magnetic attraction to the opposite sex. They thrive on all forms of drama in their lives. Always in the limelight, their life experiences exceed the average. They are sociable, although enduring friendships are few. They are competitive but not persistent, resourceful but not always persevering. In addition, they are much too fond of change and variety. Fives are unreliable money managers with a fondness for speculation and gambling. Many enjoy a fair streak of good luck. They are restless and disagreeable in routine and subordinate positions. Personal freedom is more important than responsibilities of leadership or equality in relationships. Pure Five personalities, that is, those born on the 5th day are not domesticated. They need a 2, 4, 6 or 7 in their birth month to be held back from a desire for constant movement and activity. A domesticated partner’s attempts to reform them will invariably fail.

Numerology Compatibility: Number 6:

Love, loyalty, domesticity, parenthood, guardianship, companionship, peace, tranquillity, agreeability, compassion, consideration, contentment, balance, sociability, hospitality, group activity, method, conventional habits, analytical abilities, and rationality are positive qualities of the 6 vibration. Positive Sixes do not attempt to dominate or manipulate their partners, and instantly reject arbitrary, impulsive and irrational behaviour. Equality, balance, rationality and reciprocity are qualities given and expected. A negative temperament can cause a Six to be argumentative, selfish, complaining, possessive, suspicious, jealous, discontented, pessimistic, moody, depressive and irresponsible.

All persons influenced by this vibration are family and home oriented people. They are reluctant travellers. Marriage, home and children are their main priorities. Domestic felicity and financial security will not be endangered by time and energy spent for high achievement in public or social life. No risks are taken. They are non-competitive individuals who use ethical principles in all their dealings and are neither hasty nor impulsive in their decisions. They are natural psychologists, counsellors, teachers and confidants, as well as pleasant conversationalists and good storytellers. Sixes are safe and responsible money managers. They are community conscious people who volunteer their time and skills. All persons influenced by this vibration are natural cooks.

Numerology Compatibility: Number 7:

Positive Sevens are reserved, studious, philosophical, spiritual, curious, observant, intuitive, perceptive, clairvoyant, reflective, selective, romantic, dignified, private, non-competitive, dependable and loyal.

Negative Sevens are introverted, silent, unapproachable, conceited, guarded, suspicious, critical, fearful, pessimistic, melancholy and pedantic.

Seven is the most spiritual of all vibrations symbolised by single digits and has the capacity to merge this with practicality. Seven personalities are free thinkers who frequently refuse to follow orthodox religious faiths. They are true nature lovers and keen gardeners. Due to their careful selection of company, their friends and relations will need to be on the same wavelength. Study, silence, music, esoteric literature, their own company as well as the company of loved ones are preferred to indiscriminate social activity. Almost all Sevens are responsive rather than initiative in conversation. They are soft spoken people who avoid argument or controversial topics. Although not attached to money they are good money managers. They do not seek to dominate their partners, nor can they be dominated. They succeed only in equal partnerships. Partners need to be on the same mental and spiritual level for sustainable compatibility. Sevens are emotionally undemonstrative and prefer partners who are the same. Body language is dignified. Sevens are capable of undertaking a dual role of homemaker and breadwinner.

Numerology Compatibility: Number 8:

Authority, decision, leadership, organisation, administration, business involvement, self-reliance, practicality, progressiveness, system, planning, delegation, judgment, influence, dependability, discipline and competitiveness are among the positive qualities of the 8 vibration. On the negative side, Eights are uncooperative, unsociable, ill-mannered, opinionated, pedantic, quarrelsome, self-indulgent, demanding, inhospitable, dictatorial and ego-centred.

All Eight personalities, whether positive or negative, do not accept secondary roles, nor do they function happily in equal partnerships. They need to be in authority. Positive Eights are benevolent leaders and reliable providers. They possess unlimited potential for success in public life. The wide world of business is their domain. Negative Eights, especially those born in the 8th month, could be demanding and dictatorial, yet dependant on their partners. A facade of authority obscures inner insecurity. Negative Eights are emotionally vulnerable, aggressive and moody when challenged. All Eights are competent money managers, and are reluctant travellers, except for business reasons. Spiritual life may be subordinated to practical and material considerations.

Numerology Compatibility: Number 9:

Broadmindedness, an international outlook, extroversion, and knowledge are some of the main positive qualities of the Nine personality. They are mentally and spiritually aware, soft-hearted, forgiving, philanthropic, gregarious, cooperative, non-competitive, generous, intuitive, idealistic, and emotionally demonstrative with a humanitarian outlook. Positive Nine personalities are easily recognised by the absence of ego, absence of a sense of superiority, and by their natural wisdom.

Negative qualities cause some Nines to be dependant, temperamental, unpleasant, suspicious, pedantic, pessimistic, quarrelsome, intolerant, moody, evasive, disapproving and humourless. Negative Nines, especially those born in the 9th month are hypersensitive and hostile. While Positive Nines are charming personalities much in demand in society, negative Nines lose friends and acquaintances because of their suspicious and bitter attitudes. With most Nines intuition and insight override practicality. Thoughts and actions are influenced by ethical and spiritual values rather than commercial considerations. Nine partners can never be possessed or suppressed. They are free souls who belong to the world at large. They are poor money managers, and so partners need to take charge of finances. They also need to cope with the Nine’s demand for freedom of thought, speech and movement. Exercise of authority is secondary to their need for personal freedom. All Nines are natural travellers. They are genuine lovers of home and family but are not strictly domesticated. Life is governed by speed and variety. They are impulsive and not given to self-discipline. Due to their extended love nature most Nines give more than they receive.

Numerology Compatibility: Number 11: (a master vibration)

Non-attachment, spirituality, clairvoyance, idealism, intuition, inspiration, mysticism, religion, vision, dedication, concentration, contemplation, faithfulness, and the gift of prophesy are among the positive qualities of the 11 vibration. Emotional restriction, indecision, impressionability, self-consciousness, rigidity, dogmatism, self-centredness, and poor imagination are some of the Eleven’s negative traits.

All Elevens are attracted to exploration of philosophical, spiritual and cultural aspects of life. Many are reformers, inventors, scientists, and composers of music and song. Many can also public speakers, preachers and missionaries. Elevens born on the 1st, 10th, 11th and 12th months are much more down-to-earth and practical than those born in other months. The former practise what they preach while the latter may not always do so. Most Elevens cannot be tied down to a conventional lifestyle or to full-time domestic duties. They are not likely to submit to the authority of a partner. At the same time, they may not attempt to exercise outright control over their partners. However, most Elevens will attempt to influence their partners with their own ideas of right and wrong. Many Elevens could be too engrossed with their points of view to readily see and acknowledge the points of view of others.

Numerology Compatibility: Number 22: (a master vibration)

The Twenty-Two vibration has the positive qualities of the Eleven amplified. It also has greater internationalism, altruism, inspiration, spirituality, humanitarianism, inventiveness, practicality, manual dexterity and objectivity.

Hypersensitivity, dogmatism, melancholia, exceptional self-consciousness, suspicion, rash judgment, obsession and subjectivity are negative qualities.

All Twenty-Twos, whether negative or positive, are exceptionally versatile with their hands, minds and hearts. There is a unique combination of pragmatism and spirituality, and they practice what they preach. Twenty-Twos are reliable providers and partners, but they cannot be confined to domesticity as a full-time occupation. An unconventional lifestyle is often chosen by many Twenty-Twos. They do not choose to dominate their partners, and instead take for granted their freedom of choice in whatever activity they choose to undertake. A relationship with a possessive partner will not succeed. Positive Twenty-Twos are advanced thinkers and doers who choose to live their lives on as wide a scale as possible.

The qualities of a number or vibration function broadly within mental, physical, emotional and spiritual realms. The numbers 1, 4 and 7 are on the physical plane, the numbers 2, 5 and 8 are on the emotional and 3, 6 and 9 are on the mental plane. The spiritual element is present in all vibrations but it manifests through each in different ways.

To those readers who wish to enter into a detailed examination of a birth date the following grid may be used.

In addition to the three levels of expression, the grid also indicates the general direction taken by the ego of a particular personality. The numbers 1, 2 and 3 create, what may be called, ‘I’ and ‘My’ individuals. They are generally self-centred persons whose thoughts are held on their own affairs before they turn to the care and needs of others. Subjects of the 4, 5 and 6 vibrations preserve a reasonable balance between their needs and the needs and welfare of others. 7, 8 and 9 vibrations create personalities who are able, and often do think of others before their own needs. People born on the 11th and 22nd days have the potential to extend their concern for the welfare of others well beyond their own. These broad divisions can be altered one way or another by a well-nurtured upbringing and education or a poor upbringing and lack of education.

Numerology Compatibility: Destiny Number

Apart from the birthday and birth month, another important area of influence is the single digit arrived at by totalling the birth date. This is known as the number of Destiny or the Life Path number. It indicates the direction one should take in life and the lessons one has to learn. They are carried out by using the personality structure already formed by the birthday and influenced by the birth month. Life becomes an easy or downstream task when the personality number or numbers are compatible with the Destiny number. When these numbers are contrary, life often becomes a challenge and an upstream task.

Numerology Compatibility: The Name

Another important area of influence is the number arrived at by converting the given name: e.g. ‘Robert’ = 9 + 6 + 2 + 5 + 9 + 2 = 33 = 6. This name is influenced by the 6 vibration. The following table is used for this exercise.

As the name most commonly used is actually a sound, and all sounds are vibrations, some names could be harmonious and beneficial while some could be inharmonious and unhelpful. Others could be just neutral. A number not found in the birthday or month will fall into the first category. Repetition of a number that exists in the birthday and birth month will fall into the second category. A neutral number is usually one that may be repeated in the birth year. Apart from contributing certain characteristics, the numbers of the birth year do not shape the integral personality as much as the birthday and birth month will.