Angel Numbers and Meanings (from 0 to 999)

When we ask the angels for help, they always answer … and sometimes they respond with direct intervention. For instance, you ask for a better job and voilà!—a friend telephones to say that her wonderful company is now hiring. Most of the time, though, the angels answer us with Divine guidance.

Divine guidance leads us in positive and healthful directions, and it can come to us as intuitive feelings, brilliant ideas, visions and dreams, or signs. Signs include anything significant we see or hear that answers our questions or needs.

For instance, you wonder if the angels are with you and you look down and see a white feather on your office floor … but there’s no logical source for the feather. Or you wonder which healing profession you’d most enjoy studying and within one week, three different people bring up the subject of herbology.

One of the most common signs the angels send us are number sequences such as 111, 333, and 1234. Numbers are among the primary tools that angels use to communicate with us. You might see these sequences on automobile license plates, telephone numbers, grocery-store receipts, or the change that a clerk hands to you.

Most people notice the repetition of certain number sequences and begin to wonder, What does this mean? I’m among those who are curious about number symbology. As a longtime student of Pyththagorean numerology, I’ve wondered whether repetitive digits are significant beyond their mathematical functions. My studies show me that they are!

The angels taught me long ago that they’ll help us with anything, provided that we ask for that assistance. After all, the angels can’t violate our free will. Instead, they wait for us to request help before they’re allowed to intervene in our lives.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that there are no limits as far as the areas in which the angels can assist us (and believe me I’ve searched!). Our celestial guardians want to help us with every nuance of life including health, happiness, fears, career and finances, relationships, family, travel, and so forth.

So when I wondered about the meaning of number sequences, it was only a matter of time before I had the “aha!” realization that I could ask the angels for help with that, too. So I sat in meditation with paper and pen (and occasionally with my laptop) and went down the list of numbers from 0 through 999. The angels gave me keys to understanding the vibrational meanings of each number, and the cumulative significance of groups of numbers.

I first published my findings in a section of my book Healing with the Angels. That one chapter generated a strong reaction from my readers and workshop attendees, who wanted to know the meaning behind their particular number sequences. So I put together a little pocket book called Angel Numbers to address their questions. In the meantime, I continued asking the angels for information about the meanings of numbers. The additional information they gave me warranted an entirely new book.

The more that I give “angel number readings,” the more I find the exquisite simplicity in this message system. In fact, simplicity is one reason for this updated book, which replaces the old Angel Numbers text. The angels want us to clearly understand their messages, which are often conveyed by repetitive number sequences. Hence, the 101 in the title of this book, as when something is referred to as “101,” it’s considered a primer of some sort (for example, an English 101course).

In Angel Numbers 101, I’ve received angelically guided meanings that are very simple, down-to-earth, and practical. This is a reference book that enables you to understand the meanings of the numbers you see, and also lets you know what to do with that information. For example, the angels are often guiding you to your next step by showing you an encouraging number such as 7. But what if you want encouragement from people around you but they aren’t giving it to you?

This is what the angels have told me: “You can meditate upon any number sequence in order to bring its vibrational properties into your life.”

In other words, if you’d like more abundance in your life, then draw or look at lots of number 8s. As you flip through this book, look for sequences and messages that describe your goals, desires, and intentions. Then write these numbers (and messages, if you desire) on a piece of paper where you can frequently look at it and meditate upon the numbers.

The scope of this work only goes to the number 999, but if you see a sequence with 4 or more digits, you can still use this book to ascertain its meaning. Just break the number sequence into 2-or 3-digit sequences and then look them up in this book. Your message is the accumulation of all of the smaller number sequences.

For example, if you keep seeing the number sequence 219524, you’d break it into smaller chunks of 1, 2, or 3 digits. In this case, your sequence would be 219 and 524. So, first look up the first three digits (219) in this book:


Your thoughts are focused on career and
your purpose right now. Optimism brings
the rewards you seek, so stay positive.

Next, you’d look up the second set of three digits (524):


Angels and archangels are watching over
your new projects and helping you transform
your ideas and dreams into reality.

Then, blend the meanings of both 3-digit sequences together:

Your thoughts are focused on career and your purpose right now. Optimism brings the rewards you seek, so stay positive. Angels and archangels are watching over your new projects and helping you transform your ideas and dreams into reality.

In other words, you and your career are watched over by angels, so you have a very legitimate reason to feel and think optimistically about your occupation. And the more positive and optimistic you are, the better everything goes for you and everything in your life.


Since the angels give you guidance with respect to every area of your life, as you read the meaning of number sequences, notice your inner dialogue, as well as your thoughts, visions, and feelings, because this is how your angels personalize their messages. So while you’re absorbing the general meaning of a number sequence, your angels will whisper exactly how that message applies to you.

Here are some explanations of the phrases used throughout this book:

Ascended masters: Great spiritual teachers who have ascended, and who are helping you and everyone else from their Heavenly perspective. These teachers are often associated with world religions, so the ascended master with whom you work is likely aligned with your spiritual or religious preferences. For instance, Christians may work with Jesus; Jews with Moses; Buddhists with Buddha or Quan Yin; Hindus with Shiva or Ganesh; and so forth. Ultimately, though, I’ve found that ascended masters (like angels) are nondenominational and will work with anyone who sincerely calls for their help.

Divine mission or purpose: Usually a spiritually based career or type of volunteer work that involves an issue you’re passionate about—for instance, being a healer, teacher, or activist.

Many people find it useful to carry this book in their car or pocketbook, since the angels talk to us with numbers all throughout the day. I’ve heard from lots of folks who tell me how enjoyable it is to notice number sequences and then read their meanings while sitting in traffic, or other places where you’re apt to see a lot of numbers.

May you enjoy talking to your angels through the fascinating world of number sequences!