Numerology Compatibility Number 27

Compatibility with the 27th Birthday


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This combination is the same as the 1st and 27th birthdays. The 10 reduces to a 1, (1 + 0 = 1). The Zero in the 10th day does not add any new features, nor does it take away any characteristics of the 1 vibration. At most, it may emphasise certain 1 features.


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This combination is the same as the 2nd and 27th birthdays. The Zero in the 20th day does not add any new features or subtract any features of the 2 vibration. In some instances it may emphasise certain existing features.


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Twenty-Seven personalities of opposite sexes are almost certain to see each other as counterparts. Attraction to each other will be a natural process based on the principle of like attracting like. Physiological differences will serve as complementary and interdependent features that consolidate and strengthen an intimate relationship, a business venture, or both. These personalities, for the most part, exist mentally, emotionally and spiritually on the same wavelength. Some personality differences created by cultural, religious, economic and family upbringing can be expected. As these are acquired and not instinctive they may be either overcome or accepted once they are freed from outside influences and both are thrown upon each other’s company.

All Twenty Sevens can be expected to become involved sooner or later in cultural, humanitarian and spiritual aspects of life, avoiding excessive commitment to political, economic and commercial interests. They are intuitively aware that there is more to life than a headlong pursuit of power and material wealth. They are not without practical skills and a desire for an affluent lifestyle, but greater emphasis is placed on personal development and service to others, especially in their mature years. Their own research into physical and metaphysical aspects of life results in a strong sense of curiosity which is a compelling force in all Twenty-Sevens. Younger Twenty-Sevens may commence with study and exploration of the physical and venture into non-physical realms as they gain awareness that there is more to life than what can be seen, heard or felt with their physical senses. Twenty-Seven partners are in a unique position to benefit from an ever widening range of life’s experiences.

Although the 2, 7 and 9 vibrations which compose the integral personality structure of the Twenty-Seven manifest from different planes of expression, they harmonise easily to form a reasonably well balanced personality, devoid of conflicting and confusing elements. Their essential features are such that Twenty-Sevens are more alert and active mentally, emotionally and spiritually than physically. As a consequence, an intuitive understanding of life often exceeds intellectual or logical reasoning. The 27th day is one of a few that contains such a concentration of attributes that favour abstractions over concrete thought processes.

Extrasensory powers are on the surface in all persons with the 2 vibration in their birthday. A Twenty-Seven needs only to fearlessly nurture this aspect of their nature to elicit some form of psychic experience. Qualities of self-sacrifice, devotion to home and family, along with a constant effort to maintain peace and harmony in their surroundings, are other outstanding characteristics the 2 vibration contributes to the overall personality structure. Operating from the emotional plane it helps the individual to ‘think’ with the heart and not always with the mind. Consideration, gentleness, courtesy and support are some other desirable qualities provided by the 2. It is a mildly extroverted force that needs company, and manifests its best assets in close association with anyone of like nature. The 7 is often referred to as the number of God. While displaying many excellent attributes relative to the physical realm it also contains the most powerful elements of the spiritual plane symbolised by single digits. The Twenty-Seven’s compelling need to probe into all aspects of life arises mainly from this aspect of their personality. People influenced by this vibration are usually reserved and taciturn. They are comfortable in their own company enjoying aloneness without feeling lonely. All persons influenced by the 7 vibration are perennial students. Knowledge gained by their efforts is not usually broadcast or proselytised. They give out their knowledge only upon request. All Sevens or part Seven personalities are also true nature lovers, with a kinship with all living things. Twenty-Seven partners will be keen pet lovers, home gardeners and environmentalists. They are also, by virtue of their 7 force, lovers of anything touched by age and historical value. Ancient artefacts, books, churches, castles, gardens and old homes exercise a strange fascination. Many Twenty-Sevens will be attracted to professions such archaeology, anthropology, palaeontology, zoology and architecture. Most historians and archivists also contain the 7 vibration in their birthday. All Twenty-Sevens are qualified Nine personalities (2 + 7 = 9). Extroversion, friendliness, broadmindedness, unselfishness, personal freedom and the absence of prejudice in any form are some of the 9 vibration’s outstanding qualities. If a Twenty-Seven suffers from moments or periods of hesitation and reticence in their approach to life’s conditions the cause may be a clash between the 9 vibration’s high-spirited attributes, the relative shyness of the 2, and the reserve of the 7. Often the exuberance of the 9 is held in check by the latter. At the same time, this mixture creates a fine balance between spontaneity and reserve, giving the Twenty-Seven rare qualities of charm, dignity and serenity. The 9 vibration is principally a mental/spiritual force which complements the 2 and 7. Fluency of speech is introduced by the 9. While the 2 and 7 are proficient in the written word the 9 has expertise in both.

Not all Twenty-Sevens are endowed with the superior qualities resulting from the combination of the 2, 7 and 9 forces. The birth month has a significant influence on the degree and extent they manifest these qualities. Those born with the 1 vibration in their birth month are positive Twenty-Sevens and able to draw upon the full potential of their integral personality. A pair of such Twenty-Sevens could form an outstanding relationship. Twenty-Sevens born in the 2nd or 7th months may be too reserved and inclined to underrate their potential. Others will display varying degrees of self-confidence.

As Twenty-Seven partners usually function on the same wavelength, similar tastes will be shown in their social needs and their recreational activities. Their conduct in society will reflect the mixture of the gentle and polite 2, the reserved and perceptive 7 and the gregarious 9. They will be selective of the company they keep. Though friendly and helpful in all their contacts they will discreetly avoid persons of a rough and uncouth disposition and choose to move among people who enjoy the finer things of life. Social engagements will not overtake their need for privacy. They conduct themselves on their own terms, neither competing with each other for the limelight nor with others in order to assert themselves. The greatest advantage in a Twenty-Seven/Twenty-Seven relationship is the studious nature of both partners. It helps them gain a good insight into their own personality as well as a fair knowledge of human nature with all its superior qualities, frailties and frivolities. The ability to take an objective view of persons and social conditions is their major achievement. Within their social circle this couple will be exceptionally popular due to a marked absence of an inflated ego which seeks self-promotion or an insecure ego which seeks self-protection. ‘I’ and ‘My’ consciousness have been replaced to a large extent by a ‘We’ and ‘Us’ mentality.

Following their deeply intuitive nature Twenty-Seven partners can communicate with each other using a minimum of words and phrases. Their body language is seldom exuberant, containing equal proportions of dignity, passion, charisma and modesty that instantly attracts and hold the attention of their listeners. The need for drawn-out explanations, heated discourse or argument does not arise in private or public life. Periods of silence will be frequently observed as neither of the couple feels the urge to speak just for the sake of saying something or filling in gaps in conversation. They are good listeners who usually await an opportunity to speak. Twenty-Sevens also dislike giving an account of their actions. They are much more interested in obtaining information from others than giving out information about themselves.

These partners will automatically combine as an enthusiastic and energetic twosome in almost all their hobbies and recreational activities. A natural tendency to get in tune with nature is one of their best assets. An equally valuable one is their predisposition towards introspection and the urge to probe into the inner side of things. As neither of the pair is burdened by a self-important ego, which is often the chief obstacle to enquiry into abstract and spiritual matters, they are able to progress happily, because their spiritual curiosity is instinctive rather than acquired. On the physical and practical side of life these partners are certain to combine as domestic gardeners and in business as florists, market gardeners, greengrocers, poultry farmers, geologists, and archaeologists. Their affinity with nature is part and parcel of their spirituality. All Twenty-Sevens view the diversity of nature with a reverence not felt by more pragmatic types. Their holidays are likely to be spent well away from the smells, noise and bright lights of crowded cities, Twenty-Sevens also inherit a keen interest in the past achievements of humanity. As travelling students rather than ordinary tourists their travels will generally be confined to places of cultural and historical value. Very few individuals are stimulated as much as a Twenty-Seven by old gardens, old churches and cathedrals, old palaces, castles and old music halls. Twenty-Sevens are, for the most part, non-competitive people who avoid highly competitive sport. Body contact sports, especially, are strictly avoided. Most of their sporting interests will be close to nature such as bushwalking, birdwatching, mountaineering, and water sports.

Compatibility between these partners will also be carried into money management. Money will not be a controlling factor in their lives. The importance of money for a reasonably affluent lifestyle is recognised, but no Twenty-Seven will suffer from an obsession for money for its own sake. It will be used with a detached attitude as a means by which they meet their needs. An unexpected feature, however, is the expertise of their 7 aspect in all financial matters. Many Twenty-Sevens could be found as bankers, brokers, financial advisers and other professions dealing with money and investment. A Twenty-Seven couple will not stint on spending on their hobbies. As their interest in music, literature, sport and travel is very much the same there will be no need to be concerned about each other’s spending habits.

The most effective feature in self-advancement is the ability of certain individuals to admit their lack of knowledge and to learn from their mistakes. As Twenty-Sevens are perennial students who watch themselves more closely than most others they fall into this class of wise and attentive human beings. In addition to acquired knowledge they are instinctively aware of the mystery of human nature and the uncertainties of life in general. They are largely non-judgmental people who are aware that people and situations are not always who or what they seem to be, or make out to be. This awareness helps them identify and overcome any discordant elements that may arise in their relationship with themselves and others. Ideas of separateness have declined sharply with a diminishing sense of ‘I’ and ‘My’. Their relationship will be one in which self-reliance coexists with mutual support.


Qualified Nine and qualified One personalities are formed by these birthdays (2 + 7 = 9, and 2 + 8 = 10 = 1). The chapter on the 1st and 9th birthdays which deals with unqualified Ones and Nines may be of interest before or after this chapter is read. Differences and difficulties that arise between One and Nine partners are likely to be heightened between Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight partners. This relationship will certainly be one of contrasts.

The fundamental difference between Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight personalities lies in the mental and spiritual orientation of the vibrations comprising the former and the physical and pragmatic nature of the vibrations comprising the latter. As a consequence, their energy fields generally carry them into opposite directions. The Twenty-Seven is gifted with an inquisitive and studious mentality, and the Twenty-Eight is endowed with a worldly and businesslike mentality. A predisposition towards philosophical and metaphysical aspects of life is natural to all persons influenced by the 2, 7 or 9 vibrations. As the Twenty-Seven is a composite of all three, their attraction to these levels of thought will be threefold. The result is the Twenty-Seven’s ability to use intuition and faith in themselves as unerring guides in their journey through life, whereas, all Twenty-Eights are controlled by their 8 and 1 components. These are the most emphatic, practical, pragmatic and realistic forces symbolised by the single digits. Unlike the Twenty-Seven’s tendency towards abstract thought, Twenty-Eights are governed by down-to-earth and practical values.

Both Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight personalities are firm individualists. This is a common feature that will not help in establishing close bonds between them. Both resent being asked to give an account of their actions. Any change in their habits will be made from self-determination and not from external persuasion or duress. Self-improvement is a constant process with Twenty-Sevens due to the nature of their vibratory forces helping them look within themselves before looking outside of themselves. They are gifted with an inner wisdom that restrains them from attempts to change or impose their will onto others. Freedom to pursue their goals and let others do the same is much more needful to their peace of mind than the assumption of authority. These are fundamental features they carry into intimate relationships and into public life. They would naturally expect their Twenty-Eight partners to reciprocate the same attitudes. Such expectations, however, are not likely to be met by Twenty-Eights. Leadership, decision, authority, organisation and self-assertiveness are inherent qualities in the 1 and 8 forces operating within the Twenty-Eight. They are features that are not easily changed or modified. The cooperative 2 aspect of the Twenty-Eight may not succeed in modifying these qualities, but it may succeed in introducing a measure of politeness in the manner in which they exercise their authority. If by chance the authoritarian of the Twenty-Eight was concealed during the days of courtship it is certain to reveal itself at the early stages of a relationship.

Twenty-Eights look outwards much more than they look inwards and are therefore not as disposed as is the Twenty-Seven towards self-adjustment. Consequently, they do not wholly realise or acknowledge the highly complex and deep nature of the Twenty-Seven, and the ineffectiveness of their attempts to influence them. Distribution of authority in a Twenty-Seven/Twenty-Eight relationship may remain an unresolved problem. The refined and sensitive nature of the Twenty-Seven is greatly disturbed by clamour, discord, coarseness and disunity. All Twenty-Sevens love their homes principally for the peace and tranquillity they provide after the noise and turmoil encountered in public life. Every effort is made to maintain peace and harmony in the domestic scene. If these conditions cannot be established for reasons beyond their control they summon the courage to move away. Their devotion to their homes and loved ones does not, however, tie them down to homemaking as a career. Specialisation and dedication to a chosen profession is as important to them as a harmonious domestic life. Not many Twenty-Sevens are attracted to commerce or business, especially to businesses that demand highly competitive practices that may compromise their strong moral principles. If circumstances are such that a Twenty-Seven has to undertake full-time domestic responsibilities they are capable of adjusting to this role without manifest discontent or other adverse reactions. The Twenty-Eight’s devotion to domestic duties on a full-time basis is much less. They take great pride in their homes and family members but the role of provider is much more in keeping with their nature. They are ambitious and competitive individuals not content with a life of small accomplishment. They usually look to their partners or outside help for management of day-to-day household duties. Those who are confined by circumstances to domestic duties feel an inner discontent with their role. Their unsettled position invariably creates adverse conditions within the home, with their loved ones usually bearing the brunt of their frustrations by experiencing undue exercise of authority, rules and regulations, discipline and intolerance. Most Twenty-Eights may not have the same breadth of vision, curiosity and imagination to extend their mental and physical energy into a variety of hobbies and avocations in order to fill in their time. They are only fulfilled when following their ambitions in public life. Twenty-Sevens, on the other hand, can run their homes as well as engage in a variety of hobbies, thereby gaining greater personal fulfilment.

These personalities also differ in their need for social interaction, their choice of company and their conduct in company. Twenty-Sevens are a curious mixture of reserve and friendliness. Their birth month usually determines the degree to which one or the other quality predominates. Those born in the 2nd or 7th months may be more inclined towards shyness or aloofness while others can open out when they choose to do so. As all Twenty-Sevens are perennial students reaching out into concrete and abstract realms, they choose to move among like-minded people strictly avoiding others. In spite of this, they do not recognise grades of social status. With a broad outlook on life they do not categorise people according to their own preconceptions. They are able to see people as they are and not as they relate to themselves. They are also free from the need for frequent interaction with people. Most Twenty-Sevens can happily divide their time between their own company, the company of their loved ones and the company of friends and acquaintances. The last will be given the least amount of their time, especially when they grow older. Twenty-Eights, being practical and businesslike people, choose their company from among their business associates or sporting interests. Twenty-Seven partners may fit in with some of the Twenty-Eights’ friends and acquaintances, but Twenty-Eights may not understand or appreciate many within of the Twenty-Sevens social circle.

Differences between these personalities also exist in oral expression and body language. Unless their personality has been altered by a harsh upbringing all Twenty-Sevens display a degree of personal dignity and charisma which some people find quite intriguing. They are calmly spoken even though they are knowledgeable and informative people who seldom, if ever, raise their voices or resort to assertive body language. Mentally and spiritually-oriented people find them most attractive while physically and materially-oriented people find them puzzling and somewhat irrelevant. In mixed company or in person to person conversation they are careful to avoid argument. They are instinctively aware of what to say, what not to say and what to overlook. Consequently, Twenty-Sevens are not known to cause offence or controversy, and because they do not impose their views on others their popularity is never put to risk. As versatile and flexible conversationalists they are prepared to listen and learn as well as contribute from an extensive source of knowledge. Twenty-Eights are not as circumspect. On the contrary, they are, for the most part, forthright in speech with accompanying authoritative body language. These are features that can be successfully used in public life but need to be modified in social or family life. While the Twenty-Seven’s stance can be largely objective and one of quiet attention, the Twenty-Eight’s is one of the impatient listener, always attempting to take over conversation. Their speech and body language is more personal than impersonal. As conversationalists they do not have the same variety of topics possessed by the Twenty-Seven. Their speech is usually confined to their own realms of expertise. This is their safety zone and they are usually disinterested or uncomfortable when matters outside their territory are being discussed. They possess strong opinions out of which they are not easily persuaded. They insist on having the last word in discussion or argument. Twenty-Seven partners will not be drawn into prolonged discussions or altercations with them.

The non-competitive nature of the Twenty-Seven and the competitive nature of the Twenty Eight will be reflected in their choice of recreational activity and any avocations they may engage in. As genuine nature-lovers, Twenty-Sevens will be attracted to innumerable activities in natural surroundings. Boredom will never be a problem due to the great variety of indoor and outdoor avenues open to them. Commencing as keen gardeners they are certain to extend their activities into picnicking, bushwalking, birdwatching, fishing, mountaineering, canoeing and fossicking for gold and precious stones. Many Twenty-Sevens also take up avocations as historians, archivists, archaeologists, apiarists, florists, forest rangers, geologists, zoologists, wine producers and collectors, and dealers in antiques. In many instances their avocations are converted into vocations. As perennial students they follow an irresistible urge to make contact with the deeper levels of life. Their lives will be greatly enriched by enlightening literature, music, meditative practices and in association with study groups. Twenty-Eights, on the other hand, find natural expression in physical activity. As curiosity is not one of their stronger traits their range of hobbies will not be as varied or widespread as that of the Twenty-Seven. However, all Twenty-Eights pay careful attention and dedication to their choices. Specialisation and expertise as players, coaches, umpires and officials in one or two forms of sport is much more important to them than a variety of recreational activity. As they are disposed more towards physical fitness and other practical matters they are unlikely to join their Twenty-Seven partners in literary pursuits and esoteric studies. Much of their time will be spent out of home in schools, clubs and other organisations. The fundamental difference between Twenty-Sevens and Twenty-Eights is that the former participates in life as learners, enquirers and researchers in the first instance and then, or at the same time, as teachers, counsellors and confidants, and the latter as managers, directors, legislators, builders and promoters. Both partners can spend their holidays either in the country or in cities, but the pleasure and benefits derived will not be the same. Twenty-Sevens will be up and about revelling in the silence or in the music of nature, communing with the fauna and flora they find in their surroundings. Twenty-Eights, who are not usually drawn to nature, may use the peace and quiet of the countryside to unwind besides a swimming pool or some other comfortable spot. They feel an urgent need to release many tensions built up during their busy public duties. During their visits to cities Twenty-Sevens seek out public libraries, music halls, archives, museums and ancient churches, temples and other classified buildings whereas Twenty-Eights may seek to contact people and organisations related to their business and sporting interests. Basically, Twenty-Sevens are wanderers who gladly put up with the discomfort of travel into remote spots of historical or ecological relevance, such as game reserves or archaeological diggings. If Twenty-Eights join them in their excursions into forests their intention will be for sport and not for observation. One may use a camera and the other a gun.

The financial side of life will not escape the differences in their temperaments. While Twenty-Sevens are not without money-management skills they do not place much emphasis or attachment to money for its own sake. Money is regarded only as a means to an end. Other realms of life hold their attention much more than the pursuit, increase and accumulation of money. They are generous spenders, although not necessarily extravagant. Twenty-Eights, on the other hand, are skilled money managers, not only with their own money but also with the money of others. Money is important to them for the sense of power and security it provides. Planning for the future is a constant process. They do not part with their money as readily as will a Twenty-Seven. At the same time, they do not hesitate to spend generously on personal luxuries and on the needs of their dependants. While Twenty-Eights may spend more on themselves and less on others outside their family, Twenty-Sevens are likely to spend as much on others as they do on themselves and family members. A Twenty-Eight partner will automatically take charge of the financial side of this partnership, despite some objections from the Twenty-Seven.

As Twenty-Sevens have to a large extent loosened the bonds of ego and entered into the world of objective thought they are able to enjoy a good deal of personal freedom. They also demand more of themselves than they do from others. Twenty-Eights usually follow a reverse policy demanding more from others and using less time in self-enquiry and self-adjustment. They do possess a high sense of justice and fair play, but their interaction with people is too often on their own terms and not on a reciprocal basis. They are not as well equipped as is a Twenty-Seven to look within themselves due to being held within the bonds of ego.


An intimate and bountiful relationship based on a rich and comprehensive outlook on life is the prospect attainable by Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Nine partners. Admittedly, no two persons can share the same perceptions of life and the world around them. However, these personalities will be as close to doing so as can be reasonably expected from two different human beings. Their relationship will be formed on the principle of like attracting like. Despite the fact that intricate and multi-faceted personalities are formed by each of these birthdays, the directions and motivations created by their various vibratory forces tend to converge towards congruence and congeniality rather than conflict, competition or complacency. Any incongruent or contradictory traits that may arise in one or the other can be traced to differences in their family backgrounds. These can be overcome once these partners join forces and are free from influences contrary to their natural dispositions. The absence of egoism and self-promotion is a condition that contributes towards instant attraction and comfort in each other’s company. Both have moved out of a limited sense of ‘I’ and ‘My’ and advanced into an identity of ‘We’ and ‘Us’. Freed from the burden of ego-consciousness they do not resort to overbearing ways in order to feel good about themselves. At the same time, they are not restricted by insecure or highly sensitive egos that need to be constantly safeguarded against real or imaginary dangers. Innate wisdom, self-sufficiency, analysis, objectivity, and understanding are qualities they possess that can be used successfully to cope with the vicissitudes of life. In exceptional cases only their sensibilities may give way to negative or self-restricting reactions.

Their multiple talents and personality traits demand involvement in a wide range of activity. Despite a genuine love of home and family life, neither partner will be content or fulfilled solely in the role of homemaker. Both feel that confinement to domestic duties, despite the range of responsibilities, will rob them of spontaneity and initiative. They need to enter into the mainstream of life, usually in a professional capacity. As they are generally non-competitive people motivated by a strong moral code, they usually avoid commerce, politics or other occupations that may create conditions that could compromise their standards. Their home will remain the centre but not the boundary of their lifestyle. It will be safeguarded as a refuge from the rigours and turbulence they encounter in public life and for concentration of all they hold sacred. Equitable sharing of domestic duties should not be a problem with these unselfish personalities.

Minor differences in temperament will not prevent them from enjoying a rich and influential social life. Both possess natural social graces which gain the admiration and loyalty of friends and acquaintances alike. Twenty-Sevens may not be as outgoing and gregarious as Twenty-Nines. Not only are they more selective of the company they keep, but they also need to spend time in their own company. These are people who could be alone but not lonely. Twenty-Nines, on the other hand, are much more inclusive in their range of friends and acquaintances. Their need for interaction with people is more than their need for their own company or even the prolonged company of their loved ones. In the presence of strange company Twenty-Sevens may await a formal introduction whereas Twenty-Nines will not hesitate to introduce themselves.

Though these partners will follow relatively similar roles such as fellow students, observers, teachers, confidants and counsellors, a more prominent position will be taken by the Twenty-Nine. Both possess the two essentials needed for excellence in conversation and instruction. They are patient and sympathetic listeners as well as knowledgeable and versatile speakers. They are also too thoughtful to say anything that may hurt the feelings of others. At the same time, they protect their own sensibilities by adopting an objective approach in their interaction with people in general. Once again, the absence of a self-important ego comes to their aid and contributes largely to their popularity. Between themselves, these partners should be able to talk about their aspirations, expectations, likes and dislikes and hopes and fears, without secrecy, ambiguity or duplicity. They do not need to enter into prolonged discussion in order to give out their points of view. Continuous argument, evasive and circuitous speech is not in their nature. Tensions created by unresolved issues have a greatly unsettling effect on their wellbeing. The few contentious issues that may arise will be quickly resolved leaving no residue of ill feeling. Non-verbal conversation will not be unusual due to an intuitive understanding of each other’s needs, their explicit speech and also the fact that much of their thoughts and feelings are beyond words.

Similar tastes in literature and music will greatly enrich their lives. Their holidays can be divided between cultural centres of great cities and spots of immense natural beauty. The capacity to take pleasure in and gain knowledge of the accomplishments of the human race as well as attune themselves to the wonders of nature is a gift presented to both partners. A Twenty-Seven/Twenty-Nine home will be full of books and music, and whenever possible, a garden full of plants, herbs and shrubs. They are also natural pet lovers. One can expect to see dogs, cats, fish and birds when visiting their home. Spiritual truths can only be accepted by those who are ready to receive them. Here is a couple more than ready to do so. Both are guided by a firm conviction that there is a non-physical component in life as a whole, and especially in the human personality that cannot be overlooked. A concerted effort will be made to gain knowledge of levels of reality other than those that can be perceived by the five senses. Naturally gifted with sensitivity and receptivity to subtle forces, a steady advancement into metaphysical realms can be made by these questioning individuals. Their time will, however, not be spent wholly in exploration of the spiritual nature of human kind, but also in harmonising worldly and spiritual matters. Both possess the capacity and desire to extend beyond self, family and nation as see themselves as part of the wide human family. In other words they are humanitarians keen to play a part for the relief of those in need irrespective of country or race. The positive influence of the master vibration in the Twenty-Nine (2 + 9 = 11) will be responsible for these altruistic qualities shining forth. The degree to which a particular individual or couple uses this high potential will naturally vary considerably. There is a subtle difference in the way these partners view life. A sense of the past is as strong as a sense of the present and future in the Twenty-Seven. The Twenty-Nine’s sense of the present is much stronger than their sense of the past and future. To many Twenty-Nines the past remains as the past and the future is not to be anticipated with much concern.

Unlike many other couples Twenty-Sevens and Twenty-Nines hold a somewhat detached attitude towards money and material possessions. Their important contribution towards a reasonably affluent lifestyle is not overlooked. However, it is the pursuit, the accumulation and attachment to money and material possessions that is looked upon with distaste. Their spending habits are generous but not irresponsible. Twenty-Sevens born in the 1st, 4th, 7th and 8th months may exercise more restraint in spending and pay some attention to saving and investment. Twenty-Nines born in the 2nd, 5th and 9th months may be bigger spenders than savers and investors. Most importantly, Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Nine partners are not people who strive to compete with or keep up with others who are financially or materially better off. They are also people who can tide over hard times and re-establish themselves without much delay. A combination of two such individuals is a certain safeguard against extended misfortune.

Selfishness is certainly an alien feature in these personalities. Their relationship will be based on acts of giving and receiving. Qualities of self-sufficiency and self-determination coexist with the desire to interact and interchange. Their blending will elicit more from each personality by uncovering and awakening dormant resources or overcoming self-imposed limitations. In other words, they will be more productive in partnership than they would be in an individual capacity. As they are not controlled by proud egos they are prepared to listen and learn from mistakes or omissions. The longer they are together the closer they come to enriching each other’s personality and their relationship as a whole.


Please refer to the chapter on the 3rd and 27th birthdays. The Zero in the 30th day does not add any new features or take away any existing features of the 3 vibration. At most, it may emphasise certain 3 characteristics.


The relationship between a person born on the 27th day and another born on the 31st day will be the same as that between a couple where one is born on the 27th and the other is born on the 13th. It should be noted that the influence of the 3 vibration is slightly stronger in the Thirty-One than in the Thirteen, as it appears first, but this does not make any appreciable difference in their interaction with a Twenty-Seven personality.

The chapter on 13th and 27th birthdays should be consulted.