Numerology Compatibility Number 25

Compatibility with the 25th Birthday


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This combination is the same as the 1st and 25th birthdays. The 10 reduces to a 1, (1 + 0 = 1). The Zero in the 10th day does not add any new features, nor does it take away any characteristics of the 1 vibration. At most, it may emphasise certain 1 features.


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This combination is the same as the 2nd and 25th birthdays. The Zero in the 20th day does not add any new features or subtract any features of the 2 vibration. In some instances it may emphasise certain existing features.


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Persons born on the 25th day are qualified Seven personalities (2 + 5 = 7). The 2, 5 and 7 vibrations that form their integral personality structure provide a quaint mixture of sympathetic qualities and contrary features. A multiform and somewhat perplexing personality is the result of this mixture. All Twenty-Fives are engaged in a lifelong effort to understand and reconcile these diverse elements. Most make a conscious effort to do so while others are forced by events to look into themselves. While all individuals need to acquire a fair understanding of their own personality before they are able to interact positively with others Twenty-Fives need to make an extra effort. When two such personalities enter into an intimate relationship they undertake a dual responsibility of understanding their own nature as well as that of their partners. Their task is complicated further by the fact that no two Twenty-Fives emerge from the same mould. Although many fundamental characteristics remain unchanged other areas of influence divide them into a variety of temperaments. The vibration or vibrations of their birth month, for instance, may enlarge their personality either in positive or negative ways. There is also the pull of their Life Path or Destiny number which may introduce complexities. In addition, cultural, religious and economic backgrounds may add and continue to add several individual propensities over and above their natural features.

Irrespective of these other influences the personality formed by the 25th day is still one that is complicated. The 2 vibration is a gentle, sensitive, cooperative and adaptable force that seeks companionship, reciprocity and a loving and peaceful family atmosphere. Its best features emerge in these conditions. At the same time, they are inhibited and denied in an atmosphere of turbulence, noise and harshness. Characteristics of the 5 are of an opposite nature. Independence, freedom, emancipation, change and adventure are some of its cardinal features. People influenced by this vibration give out their best with non-possessive partners. When restraint is placed on their freedom to act, negative elements of escapism, intrigue and wheeling and dealing enter into their thoughts and actions. The fundamental 7 aspect of the Twenty-Five introduces other dimensions which enrich the overall personality structure but also adds to its complexity. All Seven personalities, whether qualified or not, are inclined to follow a studious way of life. They look for a fair amount of privacy, silence and solitude. They are not restless or discontented with their own company. The strength of the Seven personality lies in the fact that they could be alone but not lonely. Time spent alone or in the company of a loved one in natural surroundings is most precious to all Sevens.

The 25th day contains two of the most reactive emotional vibrations. The 2 reacts in shy, sensitive and passive ways and the 5 in active and assertive ways. The Twenty-Five personality can do without emotional vibrations from other areas of influence. Those who are born in the 2nd, 5th and 8th months and some in the 9th month may go overboard in emotional expression or demonstration. They could be difficult people to reason with as many of their actions and reactions will be governed by emotion and not by analysis and reason. Twenty-Fives born in the 1st, 4th and 7th months are gifted with balance of emotion, reason and practical aptitudes. They are in a position to make constructive use of their multiple talents. Mentally-oriented Twenty-Fives are found with the 3, 6 and 9 vibrations in their birth month. Their emotions are held in check but not as firmly as those with vibrations from the physical plane.

Curiosity is a distinctive feature in all three vibrations in the Twenty-Five. Each vibration, however, expresses curiosity in different ways. Consequently, the interests of Twenty-Five personalities are spread over a wide variety of mental and physical activities. The 2 aspect looks towards ways and means to provide help and service. This vibration increases an individual’s sensitivity to extrasensory perception. This faculty can, however, be inhibited by contrary vibrations or enhanced and encouraged by those that are sympathetic. The latter can be the case with a Twenty-Five. Exceptional awareness and alertness to conditions around them are attributes provided by the 5 vibration. These assets can be extended beyond the physical realm when complementary forces exist, as they do in the Twenty-Five. The 7 aspect infuses a keen desire to probe into the past and into metaphysical aspects of life. It creates the perennial student of history, archaeology, comparative religion and other subjects of an esoteric nature. With wide open minds Twenty-Fives are able to sift and absorb a wide range of knowledge. Those who are prevented by circumstances to enter into a wide area of experience do so through books, music and discussion groups. As mentioned earlier the Twenty-Five personality needs space and private time to grow into a better conception and understanding of their own nature and human nature in general before they can relate comfortably with their partners and with others. The combination of subjectivity and objectivity they possess will help them in their efforts.

As so many different types of Twenty-Fives exist, relationships between a pair of Twenty-Fives are likely to vary considerably in regard to leadership, decision making and other essential responsibilities. Partners with the 1 vibration in their birth months are likely to assume a greater portion of authority than those without this force. In general however, most Twenty-Five relationships will be evenly matched. The competitive spirit provided by their 5 aspect may be displayed in sport but not applied against each other as their need for peace and tranquillity in their private lives is much more urgent than the need to exercise emphatic egos. Their thought processes are usually extended beyond autocratic ways, obstinacy, boastfulness and demanding habits. Those who are not overloaded with emotional numbers look for remedies in all difficult situations rather than concentrate on real or imagined obstacles they see in life’s conditions. Having broader perspectives they are in a better position to highlight advantages and minimise disadvantages.

Twenty-Fives are rarely attached to a domesticated way of life. The need to enter into the wide world of experience and participate in a process of giving and receiving is much stronger than a need for orderly domestic duties, however essential these may be. Conditions these personalities cannot put up with either in public life or private life are timetables, routine and unchanging conditions. They become easily bored and restless when prevented from initiating change and movement. Although their versatility gives them the opportunity to perform several tasks successfully, their performance as homemakers will not be as devoted and dedicated as those with vibrations that fit naturally into a domestic scene. The quality of family life enjoyed in a Twenty-Five relationship will be in direct proportion to the quality time both partners spend at home. In most instances Twenty-Fives do possess a strong desire to spend quality time with their loved ones. All that is needed is a balance between their outdoor activities and their need to return to the warmth of a stable and loving family life.

Twenty-Five personalities possess an ambivalent attitude towards social life. They may fluctuate between a desire to interact with people and a desire for privacy and isolation. In many instances the latter may be stronger. Despite their daring and versatile 5 aspect they are most at ease in an environment free from noise, and are easily agitated in scenes of turbulence. There is a subtle awareness in all Twenty-Fives that communication with their inner selves and with the forces of nature can only take place in an atmosphere of peace and quiet. The temperament of those born in the 7th month could be more introverted than extroverted. However, the average Twenty-Five will not avoid participation in select social gatherings, and when they do get involved, they engage in some form of activity rather than in armchair communication. Having ample inner resources they are not dependent on close interaction with others. With only slight variation, a pair of Twenty-Fives will display similar preferences in social activity and in their choice of friends and acquaintances. One is unlikely to exercise pressure on the other to expand their social circle. A carefully selected group will be just another part of their desire for experience in as many spheres of life as time will allow. When not performing some essential task most Twenty-Fives choose to remain as observers of people and conditions around them rather than enter into lively conversation. Their receptive minds take in much more than they give out. They let down their guard only in familiar and trusted company. They get the measure of others much sooner than others get to know them. When they choose to enter into conversation they reveal themselves as knowledgeable and charismatic conversationalists. Most Twenty-Fives refuse to put up with trivialities, superficialities and inane topics of conversation. They are prepared to enter into discussions but will not be drawn into lengthy argument. With intuitive knowledge of each other’s thoughts and needs Twenty-Five partners will engage in much non-verbal communication.

Having multiple facets to their personality structure all Twenty-Fives are open to an unlimited choice of occupations, avocations, hobbies and recreational activities. Their strong sense of curiosity will influence the type of hobbies, their holidays and other activities during their non-working hours. Using the 2 and 7 aspects of their personality they may delve into the paranormal and spiritual realms. At the same time, their 5 aspect will lead them into experiences within the physical realm. All Twenty-Fives are gifted with quick reflexes and the capacity to cope with sudden changes and emergencies by the combination of these three aspects of their personality. They also provide an incentive for participation in a variety of sport and frequent travel. Unless forced by economic circumstances they avoid living in the heart of a city. Outer suburban or country life will be their first choice. They need space not only in a psychological sense but also in a physical way so that they could stretch their limbs and move around in privacy and freedom. As Twenty-Fives are blessed with the capacity to give their attention to a number of pastimes they are certain to maintain beautiful gardens as well as pets of all sorts. In addition to these earthly interests they can proceed hand in hand in cultural and spiritual development. Most Twenty-Fives pursue a perennial course of study. A comprehensive library of books and music and musical instruments will enrich their lives. They seldom fall into a state of complacency or self-satisfaction. Maximum use of their potential in these directions will depend on fairly similar family backgrounds and the absence of excessive negative features such as introversion, fear, suspicion, emotional restraint and disparity in educational standards. Few Twenty-Fives who confine themselves only to physical pastimes are likely to experience an inner dissatisfaction and begin searching for meaning.

All Twenty-Fives are skilled money managers. The financial side of this partnership will always remain stable and will be handled on a mutual basis. Occasional differences of opinion in regard to expenditure and saving may arise but with basically similar values they can be reconciled without much argument. Twenty-Fives are not liberal spenders, nor are they tight-fisted in personal, family and social obligations. Decisions are not always weighed in terms of expense or profit and loss. Money is regarded as a necessity but it is not a factor that rules their lives. The pursuit of money will not be an obsession and will be kept in balance with several other activities. Many such activities could be money-making ventures, but their involvement will be for variety, adventure and excitement rather than the express purpose of money-making. With the capacity to earn money from more than one source an affluent lifestyle, free from debt and anxiety will be their reward.

As mentioned earlier, almost all Twenty-Fives act quickly and effectively in day-to-day matters as well as in times of crisis. Those partners who allow each other sufficient personal space and as often as possible join forces in work, study and play will confront the world as a formidable team. With penetrating insight into human nature these personalities are not easily bluffed or deluded by schemes devised by unscrupulous persons, nor are they likely to attempt to manipulate each other. Both are intuitively aware that they can only reach each other through a strictly honest approach. Although certain aspects of their personality may predominate at times, Twenty-Fives are better off considering the totality of their own personality and that of their partners. This will be their greatest challenge. It will not be wise to approach any one aspect in isolation as no single aspect has a strong existence of its own. Another obstacle to be faced and understood is their emotional nature. Twenty-Fives are basically romantic people who yearn for sentimental experiences, although all too often they become restricted or bashful when they feel the need to reveal their feelings.


Qualified Seven and qualified Eight personalities are formed by these birthdays (2 + 5 = 7 and 2 + 6 = 8). As a preliminary to understanding this combination a perusal of the chapter on the 7th and 8th days, which defines the degree of compatibility between straightforward Sevens and Eights, may be worthwhile. While characteristics of the 7 and 8 vibrations are concentrated and identifiable in Seven and Eight personalities they are somewhat obscured and altered to a degree in qualified personalities. The integral personality of the latter is of a complex nature while that of the former is relatively straightforward. Compatibility between Twenty-Five and Twenty-Six partners will largely depend upon each gaining an understanding of their own personality before they begin to judge that of their partner. The Twenty-Five’s principal challenge will be reconciliation of the qualities of the 2 and 5 outer forces with those of their basic 7, because these vibrations contain contrary elements. Likewise, the qualities of the 2 and 6 in the outer personality of the Twenty-Six contain features opposed to their basic 8. These divisions need to be realised and accepted by both personalities.

In the course of time it will not be difficult for the Twenty-Five to succeed in self-evaluation due to curiosity being a prominent feature in all three vibratory forces forming their integral personality. The 2 is a sensitive force exposed to extrasensory perception. Unless inhibited by contrary vibrations in other areas of influence all persons with this vibration in their birthday are open to psychic experiences, which provide a deeper understanding of their own nature and life in general. In normal circumstances there should be no obstruction to such experiences by those born on the 25th day. The curiosity of the 5 vibration will usually be directed into experience within the physical realm. However, when this vibration is aligned with the 2 and 7 it can be drawn into probing non-physical aspects of life. When this takes place the Twenty-Five is charged with added incentive and daring to expand their horizons. In their younger years some initial latency in abstract matters can be expected as change, variety, excitement and experimentation within the physical realm will override interest in metaphysical matters. These are contrary needs to those of the 2 and 7 which require reasonable conditions of quietude, isolation, peace and privacy in order to access deeper levels of their nature. What is needed here is a balance between outer and inner activity. The 2 vibration is an adaptable force that is not opposed to reasonable movement and change. At the same time, the 7 has a strong attraction to travel and movement in natural surroundings. During the maturing process most Twenty-Fives fuse the three aspects of their personality.

The average Twenty-Six may not feel the same desire for self-examination because curiosity is not a prominent feature. Participation in external conditions is more appealing to their nature than probing into the inner side of things. The challenge faced by the Twenty-Six is reconciliation of two contrary elements operating with equal power within their personality. The 2 and 6 vibrations are strictly non-assertive and non-competitive forces. Equality, cooperation, diplomacy, tranquillity, contentment and domesticity are among their prominent features. The ambition of all persons influenced by these vibrations is to establish a peaceful, loving and comfortable family life. The 8 vibration, on the other hand, is a highly ambitious, competitive and authoritative force. The best instructors, organisers, administrators and builders are found with this vibration in their birthday. Deprived of the opportunity to follow their natural bent in public life these personalities are likely to use or misuse their authority within the family scene. Loved ones inevitably become victims of their frustrations. A Twenty-Six will not fall into this negative condition. With the capacity to create a balance between their authoritative nature and their cooperative nature they are among the most desirable partners. When necessary, they are people who can handle successfully the dual role of breadwinner and homemaker. However, the preference and versatility of the Twenty-Six will be displayed within the home while that of the Twenty-Five will be seen outside the home in the care of pets, gardening and general maintenance of the premises. No doubt, there will be consultation and occasional interchange of duties but attachment to indoor interests by the Twenty-Six and outdoor interests by the Twenty-Five will remain the general pattern of their lives. Both partners are of a type that cannot be subjected in private life to authority or arbitrary rules laid down by another. They need to be left in charge of a particular area of responsibility without undue interference. Their best option in an intimate relationship will be one of equality based on mutual respect of each partner’s need to make their own decisions in areas under their control. This will not be a difficult arrangement as both possess elements in their temperament that can converge into an amicable and advantageous lifestyle. Despite the differences in temperament both share the same need for a peaceful, orderly and comfortable domestic scene and both will cooperate in achieving and maintaining these conditions.

Twenty-Five and Twenty-Six partners can form a good team in their social activities. Some obvious differences in their needs and conduct should not create any misunderstanding or friction. The main difference will be seen in the Twenty-Five’s changeable disposition towards frequent interaction with people and the Twenty-Six’s composed approach to conditions of social life. One may be said to be rather exclusive and the other inclusive in their social attitudes. Twenty-Fives invariably relate to individuals and small intimate groups of old and trusted friends. Their range of acquaintances is never extensive as they firmly maintain their right to choose their own company and social events. They are not people who depend on frequent social interaction for their wellbeing. Their willingness and availability cannot always be taken for granted among their chosen friends. They are respected and popular but often misunderstood by people outside their group. There is an element of inscrutability about most Twenty-Fives that holds back others from approaching them with impunity. Those who succeed in gaining their confidence acquire a much valued friend. Upon entry into a social scene the Twenty-Six may experience a degree of shyness or hesitancy, although they soon settle down because they are not hindered by the same restraints towards social interaction suffered by the Twenty-Five. Twenty-Sixes are friendly, open, genial and gregarious individuals who genuinely enjoy their social outings. The only restrictions they may place on their choice of company and social events will be any resulting interference with domestic arrangements and welfare of family. Consequently, strict attention will be paid to the maintenance of balance between business, social, recreational and family life. The company chosen by most Twenty-Sixes will be those interested in domestic affairs, business matters and community welfare. Exceptions may be those born in the 6th month. These partners could be too possessive of loved ones, over attached to domestic responsibilities and less generous towards social obligations. Strangers do not hesitate to approach the average Twenty-Six as these individuals radiate an aura of friendliness, understanding and openness.

As conversationalists, both partners are open to a wide range of topics. But not all topics that appeal to them will be of a similar nature. Influenced by social attitudes Twenty-Fives are not inclined towards constant speech. Their busy lives, in any case, leave little time for much conversation. They usually choose to spend more time performing some useful task or enjoying their own company in natural surroundings. Studious Twenty-Fives find the company of great minds found in books and music much more desirable than conversation on banal subjects. Prolonged conversation, argument and debate in general company will be avoided, but not intimate discussions on a person to person level. Twenty-Fives do not reveal their views unless they possess a good knowledge of a subject and only when they are invited to do so. Information on personal matters is seldom given out. When they choose to express their opinions or knowledge on a particular subject they hold the attention of their audience with a curious mixture of eloquence and captivating body language. The Twenty-Six, on the other hand, is much more communicative. They project a greater degree of warmth, understanding and accessibility. As pleasant conversationalists, they can engage in a variety of topics. Their body language is authoritative but inoffensive. Those with the 1 vibration in their birth month are in a better position to use the power of speech due to a greater degree of self-confidence. Others may be hesitant and underestimate their skills until they have reached a degree of experience and maturity. Although both partners possess vibrations from the emotional plane they do not demonstrate or easily lose control over their emotions. The 7 aspect of the Twenty-Five and the 6 aspect in the Twenty-Six exercise control over emotional expression. Neither individual, however, is entirely free from occasional outbursts of either delight or temper. The latter may occur when their high standards of efficiency and order are not maintained by colleagues, companions or pupils.

Being multi-faceted individuals these partners will engage in a wide variety of hobbies and recreational activities, but differences will be seen in their choice of such activities. The Twenty Five, for instance, may take to competitive sport as well as non-competitive activities such as fishing, boating, bushwalking, birdwatching, gardening and other nature-oriented pastimes. At the same time, a comprehensive library of books and music will claim much of their time. A Twenty-Five concentrating on a single hobby will be quite exceptional. Their natural sense of curiosity will lead many Twenty-Fives into investigation of their spiritual nature either in a private capacity or with a select group or organisation. They are also keen travellers, especially into out-of-the-way places and places of historical and cultural interest. Those Twenty-Fives who do not attempt to evoke their spiritual nature by direct means exhibit their non-materialist and non-physical aspects in communion with nature. Twenty-Six personalities are much more regular in their habits and therefore less inclined to change, adventure and experimentation. Many of their hobbies will be home based Cooking, home maintenance, decoration, the upbringing of children and community welfare will be some of their special interests. Most Twenty-Sixes will be too involved in domestic and community responsibilities to spare time or show an interest in travel for travel’s sake. Except for holidays at familiar locations they are seldom interested in adventurous travel. Many need to be persuaded to release themselves from attachment to their regular habits. Their participation in sport as players may not be prolonged because the competitive nature of their 8 aspect will be tempered by the non-competitive nature of the 2 and 6. They are usually attracted to games that promote a team spirit. Many Twenty-Sixes end their playing days early and use their experience and natural talent as teachers, coaches, administrators, accountants and counsellors. They may not be as attracted to esoteric studies as is the Twenty-Five, nor do they feel the need for periods of solitude and self-examination. Although they do not possess the same degree of mobility as the Twenty-Five their concentration and devotion to anything they undertake cannot be questioned. They do not display the same selectivity as the Twenty-Five but are able to work and play without discomfort with people of all ages and levels of education.

A source of conflict in many relationships is the management of financial matters. Tight-fisted individuals who are also dominant personalities could severely restrict the lifestyle of their partners and erode much of their individuality. This is a situation that will not arise in a Twenty-Five/Twenty-Six relationship. Both partners are basically similar in their values and in their ability to efficiently dispose of their income. While possessiveness in all aspects of life is stronger in the Twenty-Six it is much less in the Twenty-Five. This distinction will be reflected in the ways they handle income and expenditure. A mixture of caution, boldness and generosity will be observed in the Twenty-Five’s methods. As quick decisions can be made by them, opportunities to make valuable purchases or good investments are not lost. The Twenty-Six’s attitude will be governed by careful consideration of need, value, usefulness and quality of goods and certainty of security in investments. While the generosity of the Twenty-Five may be extended beyond family, that of the Twenty-Six is usually confined to family. All persons possess parts of themselves that could have negative or positive effects on their partners. Positive feedback is much more numerous in this relationship than anything negative. Both partners have moved out of an ‘I’ and ‘My’ mentality into a larger sense of ‘We’ and ‘Us’. Negative interchanges can be kept to a bare minimum with no damage to the harmony of their relationship. Despite the fact that Twenty-Fives may want more out of life and Twenty-Sixes are more set in their ways there is a degree of maturity in both that prevents ego needs overriding mutual obligations.


Many descriptive adjectives can be used to describe these birthdays and the personalities formed by them. The complexity of each personality is their most captivating feature. They are multi-faceted and multi-talented people who create an instant and often lasting impression on those who come into contact with them. Their several endowments and the compulsion to give them expression will always exceed opportunities. A comprehensive lifestyle lies ahead of young individuals and the same has doubtlessly been enjoyed by older personalities.

The 2 vibration which is prominent in both birthdays is a genteel, peace loving, cooperative, home loving and supportive force. All persons influenced by it are adversely affected by strident noises, turmoil and dissension in their environment. Valiant attempts are made to bring about peaceful conditions, but these are often inhibited by more aggressive forces. This is not likely to take place in the constitution of Twenty-Five and Twenty-Seven personalities. Qualities of the 7 vibration are also shared by these partners. They manifest from the inner nature of the Twenty-Five (2 + 5 = 7) and the outer thoughts and actions of the Twenty-Seven. This is a comprehensive force which covers the physical, mental and spiritual realms, with particular emphasis on the spiritual. It combines well with the psychic qualities of the 2 vibration. There is also a strong element of modesty and reserve in those influenced by these vibrations which creates an aura of mystery in many Twenty-Fives and Twenty-Sevens (2 + 7 = 9). While a sense of curiosity is keen in the 2 and 7 it is keener in the 5 and 9 vibrations which play a significant role in this combination. The curiosity of the 5 vibration which operates from the outer personality of the Twenty-Five is usually spread over experiences within the physical realm. Allowed free rein, such experiences may override mental and spiritual interests. This will not take place with a Twenty-Five as the influence of the 2 and 7 aspects create a good balance. The curiosity of the 9 is extended into the world at large. All Nine personalities, whether qualified or not, are open-minded people with a global outlook on life. They are genuine humanitarians who go out into the world practicing their high moral and spiritual values.

A Twenty-Five/Twenty-Seven relationship will be formed by the attributes these partners instantly see in each other. As time passes they draw closer together as they do not find in others the same values and congruent qualities they find in each other. However, they will also see that the method of application of their similarities may not always be the same. But, it is well within their capacity to modify, adjust and accept certain differences. They are individuals who are not deceived by appearances. Their keenly perceptive minds can read each other and feel no need to resort to camouflage, evasion or manipulation. They are not by nature purposeful leaders, nor are they compliant followers. They function best as collaborators, guides, counsellors and leaders by example. In an intimate relationship both will look forward to balanced living conditions that provide personal space as well as companionship. Their egos have been expanded into a consciousness of a ‘We’ and ‘Us’ attitude rather than an ‘I’ and ‘My’ mentality. Consequently, self-centred demands should not impinge upon the love and respect they have for each other. A rich dimension of growth can be enjoyed in their togetherness. This condition is aided by the fact that they do not identify themselves entirely with the physical bodies or the physical realm, but live concurrently within the physical, mental and spiritual levels of reality. They can be as much at home with ideas, philosophies and abstract matters as they are with practicalities. The proportion may not be the same in each but this will not interfere with mutual understanding. Twenty-Fives, by virtue of their 5 aspect, may place more emphasis on matters relating to the physical realm, especially in their younger years. The combined forces of the 2, 7 and 9 within the Twenty-Seven will invariably compel this partner to pay more attention to the non-physical aspects of their nature and life in general. Racial, religious, cultural and economic backgrounds can be responsible for certain differences. These are people whose personalities could be temporarily damaged by harmful and destructive influences from these areas. However, they revert to their natural state when released from such influences.

Twenty-Five and Twenty-Seven personalities are not exactly socially outgoing people. Both possess counteracting features which control their degree of sociability. They may feel a desire to engage in social activity and an equal desire to withdraw from contact with social life from time to time. This condition works in favour of their relationship as neither will be pressured into associating with people or entering social scenes not to their liking. Twenty-Fives are more interested in various forms of activity and interaction with people who may only be an accompaniment of their activities. Their fundamental 7 nature is not dependent on company. It places a higher value on privacy, solitude and their own company. Their ready sociability cannot be taken for granted. Twenty-Sevens, too, possess certain conflicting forces in regard to social life. Their 7 and 9 aspects will be responsible for these differences. 7 characteristics of privacy, selectivity and intolerance are directly opposed to 9 qualities of sociability, open-mindedness, understanding and tolerance. All persons governed by the 9 vibration are able to handle a wide range of personality types. Nevertheless, the problem within the Twenty-Seven is the difficulty in reconciling the reserved 2 and 7 aspects with their extroverted 9 aspect.

Both Twenty-Fives and Twenty-Sevens are gifted with a keen perception of such aspects of life that are finer than the purely physical and material. Their opinions, judgments and general conversation will reflect their tendency to look deeper into things. They may often experience difficulty giving oral expression to their more profound thoughts and observations. In any case, they seldom feel the urge to broadcast them to all and sundry. For the most part, they will be quite content to keep their views to themselves or exchange them only with people on the same wavelength. Both possess a fine sense of humour and the ability to communicate on a wide range of topics. But prolonged conversation or discussion on irrelevant matters will be regarded as a waste of time. As their egos do not feel the urge to take command over others or to press their own points of view they do not enter into argument or heated discussions. Both are aware of the relative nature of things and therefore of the futility of argument. They are not people who give out definite opinions and judgments without reasonable knowledge and some experience. Both use attractive body language that holds the attention of their listeners. Between themselves much silent communication will take place due to an intuitive knowledge of each other’s needs. Intimate conversation may not be frequent, but when their moods coincide, many personal issues can be discussed openly and honestly.

As mentioned earlier, these partners may not find many friends or acquaintances who share their enthusiasm for delving into dimensions of life other than the physical. The fact that they are able to enjoy pleasures of physical life without being obsessed by them may to some extent set them apart from conventional social circles. As individuals and as a team Twenty-Five and Twenty-Seven partners will be involved in a considerable variety of hobbies and recreational activities. They are not people who are confined to safety zones or threatened by the unknown. Life will not remain static as they are much too active mentally and physically. Proportionate time, however, will be allotted to mental, cultural, spiritual and physical activities. They are essentially free thinkers who may not always turn to religious institutions to fulfil their spiritual needs. Those who do not pursue some form of spiritual enquiry may find something missing or unaccountable in their lives. With few conflicting values and interests, these partners are in a unique position to derive strength from each other. Their activities as a team will be extended into natural surroundings and adventuresome and exploratory travel. Both possess a reverence for old things, such as old gardens, buildings, cities or places of historical interest. Their travels will invariably take them into strange and unfamiliar regions.

Although the importance of financial security is recognised by both, money will not play a central role in their scheme of things. As neither partner is influenced by purely materialistic values the need to enrich their lives through cultural, humanitarian and spiritual avenues will always be more important than a one-pointed pursuit of material wealth. Both are aware that beyond a comfortable lifestyle, the more material possessions they possess the less freedom they have at their disposal for educational travel and self-development. Having the same fundamental value systems, management of their finances will be based on mutual trust. Their spending habits will be balanced between generosity and caution.

As the egoistic side of their nature is largely subdued these partners will not impose their will on each other, except in subtle and refined ways. Their relationship will be based on a system of giving and receiving. In other words, it will be an interchange of personal endowments rather than a form of interdependence. Both have the same need to withdraw within themselves from time to time in order to gain a wholesome view of their own natures and, in turn, their ability to relate comfortably and profitably with others. At the same time, both need outward expression of their several talents and personality traits. This dual aspect of their temperaments is due to the curious mixture of the vibratory forces within their birthdays. Awareness of the need to find a good balance between inner and outer desires may be inherent in most couples but this is experienced more acutely by Twenty-Fives and Twenty-Sevens.


Qualified Seven and qualified One personalities are formed by these birthdays (2 + 5 = 7 and 2 + 8 = 10 = 1). The 7 and 1 vibrations operating within the physical plane contain certain similarities, although these are outnumbered by many prominent dissimilarities. As a consequence, Twenty-Five and Twenty-Eight individuals tend to view many aspects of life from different points of view. If two words are to be used to describe a Twenty-Five they should be ‘freedom’ and ‘authority’. In the case of the Twenty-Eight, Freedom and authority are seldom compatible conditions. A magnetic attraction between these individuals may not naturally take place. A developing friendship is, however, possible when special circumstances bring them together. But sooner or later they may become aware that if their friendship is to continue many adjustments in the ways they think and act will be necessary.

Freedom of thought, action and movement within the physical realm are among the strongest attributes of the 5 aspect of the Twenty-Five. At the same time their fundamental 7 qualities reject any form of intrusion or assault upon their individuality. The combined forces of the 5 and 7 need freedom to express special artistic talents. In addition they create a perennial sense of curiosity for investigation and experience in physical and non-physical aspects of life. While Twenty-Fives do not tolerate any form of ascendency over their lives by their partners or anyone else, they do not feel the need to take control over the lives of others. For the most part, they accord to their partners and all others the same freedom they demand for themselves. Mutual trust and understanding are conditions they give and expect in an intimate relationship.

The Twenty-Eight is governed largely by the combined qualities of the 1 and 8 vibrations. These are vibrations of power, authority, high standards and high ambition. Ego plays a prominent role in the thoughts and actions of people influenced by these forces. When manifesting in a single personality related qualities of leadership, authority, originality, discipline, planning, organisation and practical knowledge are greatly enhanced. These are features that inevitably lead to success in public life but are not as desirable or successful in private life. A strong sense of pride makes it difficult for a Twenty-Eight to see life from other peoples’ points of view. In addition, 1 and 8 characteristics deprive this personality of opposite qualities of cooperation, diplomacy, tolerance, negotiation, self-sacrifice and above all a sense of equality. Some Twenty-Eights may gain a measure of success with dependent, compliant and submissive partners, but not with self-sufficient individuals such as Twenty-Fives. The 2 aspect of their personality has all these desirable and counteracting features but it will not be strong enough to exercise constant control over the combined strength of the 1 and 8. Unless a conscious effort is made towards equality the most the 2 aspect will do is to remove certain rough edges from the Twenty-Eight.

The first obstacle to be faced and overcome in this relationship will be created by the Twenty-Eight’s tendency to take charge of things without consultation, and the Twenty-Five’s independent and elusive nature. Twenty-Eights often look upon others as competitors and act either defensively or aggressively. As mentioned earlier, Twenty-Fives are not outright leaders, nor are they compliant followers. They need to live in conjunction with their partners. Twenty-Eights generally choose to give advice and instruction although they do not listen to or follow advice given to them. Twenty-Fives offer advice only when requested to do so, and do not refuse to listen to and follow advice after it has been given careful consideration. Apart from the qualities of the 2 vibration present in both, which gently cries out for a peaceful and harmonious life, other aspects in each which are more powerful and active do not favour confinement to domestic duties. Despite the onerous and responsible duties of a homemaker a full-time domestic role will be regarded as a confinement and restriction of ambition. Although homemaking duties will not suit Twenty-Fives they are certain to be performed more willingly by them than a Twenty-Eight, especially if circumstances compel them to do so. They may avoid an inner restlessness by undertaking various avocations. As there are so many dimensions to their personality, attention to and success in one vocation or avocation will not extinguish an urge to enter into others. They are people who can successfully engage in more than one form of employment or recreational activity without adverse effects to their wellbeing and the welfare of their dependants. Twenty-Eights will show greater reluctance to be confined to domestic duties. Their authoritative nature needs an extensive field of operation. Confined to a domestic role they could remain discontented and go overboard in the management of domestic responsibilities. Family members will inevitably become victims of their frustrations, and also their working partners may not meet with the high standards of living expected by the Twenty-Eight. The best solution in a Twenty-Five/Twenty-Eight relationship will be engagement of a third party who can undertake day-to-day household duties.

The Twenty-Five is a curious mixture of conservative and unconventional characteristics, while Twenty-Eights are essentially conservative people. This difference will be reflected in their social needs and the impact they make on others. The Twenty-Five’s social activities can be varied although not necessarily widespread. The projection of their active and adventuresome side helps them relate to others of an active and adventurous nature. At the same time the calling of their studious, investigative and spiritual aspects will draw them to people of like temperament. They will always remain strictly selective of the company they keep. Although they may come across as extroverted and affable individuals their inner nature is private and reserved. All they need is the wrong person or company to withdraw into themselves. Not many people get to know the total personality. To a limited degree they may be influenced by others but, for the most part, others are influenced by them. Twenty-Eight personalities are not disturbed by contrary features that affect their sociability. They are generally conservative people who may not associate with some of the Twenty-Five’s choice of company, especially those interested in abstract and metaphysical aspects of life. Their range of friends and acquaintances will not be as diverse as that of the Twenty-Five. As extroverted, businesslike and pragmatic individuals the company they keep will be from conventional and right wing sections of society. As their thoughts are projected outwards they are much more at ease in such company. People who turn to them for practical help and advice are seldom disappointed. Their attributes of leadership are not confined to business life but also applied to their social activities. While maintaining a high profile they are people who can successfully handle opposition, competition and other challenges that are also present in social life. They are, however, not without the freedom to make certain personality adjustments. Many Twenty-Eights need to train themselves to view life’s situations more from other peoples’ points of view and less from their own. Although a Twenty-Eight partner may not accept all of the Twenty-Five’s choice of company, a Twenty-Five is not likely to reject any of the Twenty-Eight’s. Twenty-Fives are not without down-to-earth and pragmatic characteristics.

The faculty of speech is not a prominent feature in either partner. They may not shine as entertaining conversationalists covering general topics. Yet, when they do speak out on subjects that fall within their area of expertise they emerge as eloquent and captivating speakers. The image they project will be one of knowledge, authority and influence. In person to person conversation Twenty-Fives employ a fair degree of diplomacy and circumspection while Twenty-Eights may speak bluntly, without the intention of causing insult or hurt. Their desire is to inform or instruct in direct and unambiguous ways. Twenty-Five and Twenty-Eight partners may agree to disagree on certain controversial issues rather than engage in protracted discord or argument. Most Twenty-Fives especially prefer to leave things to work out for themselves, although some are entertained by a certain amount of dissertation.

A competitive spirit is present in both partners, and is much more vigorous in the Twenty-Eight. The difference is due to certain detached and impersonal qualities in the Twenty-Five and many assertive and subjective qualities in the Twenty-Eight. The latter’s sense of ego is much stronger. Their ambition is to reach to the top and stay on top of any activity they undertake. Twenty-Fives are often too busy to worry too much about ego-driven desires. Recreational activities engaged in by these partners will clearly reveal these differences. Following their 5 aspect, Twenty-Fives willingly enter competitive sport but do not necessarily maintain their interest when their playing days are over. There are so many other activities that engage their attention. They are nature lovers who are uplifted in spirit while roaming and contemplating in natural surroundings. Much of their free time will be spent in non-competitive and solitary hobbies, such as gardening, bushwalking, fishing, mountaineering, canoeing and other nature-oriented hobbies. In addition to a perennial interest in self-study, their creativity will be directed into various forms of art and music. Twenty-Eights are likely to retain an active interest in sport well after their playing days are over. Many automatically switch to roles as coaches, commentators and administrators. In all their activities they set high standards for themselves and for all those under their instruction. Specialisation and allegiance to one or perhaps two areas of interest is more in keeping with their temperament than involvement in a variety of pastimes. As their interests are generally centralised with a strong dedication, they do not share the same degree of mobility as a Twenty-Five. Consequentially, they do not display the same keenness for travel, especially the stimulus of foreign or exploratory travel. Twenty-Fives, on the other hand, are keen travellers who enjoy their journeys as much as they look forward to their destinations. They are fairly certain to find it difficult to have a Twenty-Eight partner share their interest for travel into out-of-the-way places. Twenty-Fives are by nature country folk who are constantly pulled towards country life, while Twenty-Eights are generally city folk attracted to the busy life of cities. As empirical values are much more important to the Twenty-Eight, Twenty-Fives may not be able to persuade Twenty-Eights to share their interest in study and research into metaphysical aspects of life.

Ties to material possessions, fame and privilege are not as strong in the Twenty-Five as they are in the Twenty-Eight. While Twenty-Fives do not lack skills in financial affairs, money management is not a cardinal aspect of their lives. Twenty-Eights, however, place a high value on money and the power it provides. As these partners’ value systems are not the same, some degree of conflict over money matters can be expected. Budgeting together may be difficult, so much of their money will be kept separate. Twenty-Fives are generous yet responsible spenders, and at no time will they refuse a cry for financial help by someone in need. Twenty-Eights do not part with their money as readily as they give their time and practical help. As most Twenty-Eights possess a commercial and businesslike mentality they do not like parting with their money without getting something of equal or greater value in return. At the same time, it should be noted that philanthropy is an aspect of the 8 vibration. Many Twenty-Eights who acquire considerable wealth do not hesitate to contribute generously to worthy causes. But, establishing themselves on a sound financial footing will always be their first priority. They follow a firm belief that people should learn to help themselves before reaching out for help from others.

Twenty-Fives are a combination of inward thinking and outward thinking, and so are able to indulge in a critical analysis of their own nature and that of their partners. Uncompromising attitudes are rare as they have an awareness of the complexity of human nature. They don’t seek to mould their partners or dependants to their ways of thinking. Twenty-Eights are more outward thinkers and as such are not as attracted to probing into human nature and the inner meaning of life. Their practical temperament assumes that others will automatically comply with their ways of doing things. Too often they look upon others as competitors rather than as fellow travellers. They may not use the same degree of subtlety in their dealings with people as does a Twenty-Five. At the same time, there is a very high sense of justice and fair play in all Twenty-Eights. They are sensitive and concerned about the welfare of others even though these delicate qualities are usually obscured by their authoritative nature.


Persons born on these days are gifted with multiple facets to their personalities. Given the right timing they could easily be drawn to each other on the basis of like attracting like. Similarities exceed by far their dissimilarities. In the event of a relationship being contemplated, they can expect a union rich in human relations. However, compatibility in the best of combinations does not always happen automatically and has to be constantly nurtured. Due to their involved personality structures Twenty-Five and Twenty-Nine partners will not be without the need for unravelling and accepting certain complexities within their own personality and within that of their partners. Oneness of purpose can be achieved by them if they choose to do so. They are in a unique position that enables them to set aside ego-centred concepts and observe and interchange each other’s points of view. They are not likely to see each other as competitors but as fellow travellers. The vibrations controlling them give them an objective insight into human nature. Many pleasant surprises await mutual understanding of each other’s temperaments. The longer they interact on an intimate level the more they will draw out the best in each other. Minor differences will be inevitable but even these can be turned into complementary assets. Their strongest quality is a consciousness of their spiritual nature. This will be used to overcome and reconcile differences. With neither dominance nor subservience as features, their relationship can be established on a foundation of physical attraction, mental pleasure and spiritual ideals. Both partners, however, need a certain amount of personal space. On the one hand, they seek companionship on equal terms and on the other hand, both need time to indulge in personal activities. They will certainly retreat into themselves if too many demands are made upon their freedom. Both partners have the power and wisdom to achieve a balance between togetherness and personal space.

Twenty-Five and Twenty-Nine-partners will be known as a socially active couple. However, their attitudes towards people and society as a whole will not be the same. Twenty-Fives are not as keen on direct and frequent contact with people as they are for some form of physical or mental activity. Most people they meet are often of secondary importance. They are likely to be quite selective of their choice of familiar company. The friendships they make are few but long lasting. Twenty-Nines, on the other hand, are free and liberal in their choice of friends and acquaintances. They enjoy much closer contact with people, and most social engagements are likely to be initiated by them. Both partners, however, are free of false notions of social distinctions and can overlook conventional standards in their choice of company. Twenty-Nines will have no difficulty accepting the Twenty-Fives choice of company but the reverse may not always take place. On their first contact with people both leave behind a strong impression which does not dissipate quickly, leaving others with a desire for further acquaintance. Upon entry into a social gathering the Twenty-Five’s sense of reserve takes over. Despite a strong sense of curiosity they do not usually make the first moves to get to know everyone. In contrast, Twenty-Nines do not hesitate to circulate and introduce themselves. Twenty-Fives do not withhold a helping hand or their advice when others call for help, although, for the most part, they can detach themselves and allow people the freedom to solve their own problems. This is what they expect others to do to them. Twenty-Nines cannot easily feel detached, and feel involved and responsible when anyone of their acquaintance is in any sort of difficulty. In good and bad times they become much more involved with their friends and acquaintances.

Oral communication between these partners will be supplemented by much non-verbal conversation, or with the subtlest form of body language. An instant response to each other’s thoughts and moods obviates the need for prolonged speech. Both enjoy periods of silence. In private life especially, they are thinkers and performers rather than talkers. On the occasions they need to sort out differences they should be able to communicate without argument and competitive attitudes. In mixed company Twenty-Fives may not emerge as lively and prolonged conversationalists because they are not likely to enjoy every topic being discussed. They will be quite content to remain silent when subjects that do not interest them are introduced. They also do not feel the need to fill in gaps in conversation with irrelevant talk. Twenty-Nines excel as conversationalists. People find it much easier to strike up and maintain conversation with them. They can range without effort from mundane topics to matters of a profound nature. The master vibration 11 may be responsible for this (2 + 9 = 11). Periods of awkward silence do not arise when a Twenty-Nine is present. They are also charismatic public speakers. Twenty-Fives exercise a measure of restraint in emotional speech and body language. Twenty-Nines often release emotion and use demonstrative body language. More forethought is given by the Twenty-Five, whereas Twenty-Nines do not allow themselves sufficient time to censor their thoughts. Their opinions and conclusions may, in the first instance, be based on their feelings. They may also say things to please others or avoid causing hurt rather than strictly adhering to facts. Twenty-Fives could be more forthright in speech as they are more interested in stating facts than entertaining a desire to please. While emotional outbursts are rare in the Twenty-Five they could be frequent in the Twenty-Nine. Twenty-Fives avoid dramatic situations but many Twenty-Nines could create and revel in them. They often attract such situations to themselves.

Twenty-Fives and Twenty-Nines are people who enter with zest into whatever they undertake. A busy and productive lifestyle will result in their shared enthusiasm and combined creativity. The wealth of talent they contribute will be seen not only in their achievements in public life but also in any avocations and hobbies. To start with, both partners are finely attuned to the natural world. Much of their free time will be spent out of doors as gardeners, campers, and bushwalkers or in any activity in natural surroundings. Having a quiet reverence for all living things their devotion to pets of all sorts will be as strong as their attention to their own welfare. Both partners are keen travellers. They will seldom be found spending their holidays at regular or familiar spots. Given the means to do so, their travels will take them to scenes of great natural beauty as well as to observe the grandeur of human achievements. In other words, both are uplifted in spirit by the wonders of nature and strongly attracted to things touched by age and historical interest. Depending on their cultural backgrounds their world can be made into a playground as well as a classroom. Both have the capacity to undertake many things at the same time. Their several hobbies will be given equal attention, and equal pleasure will be derived from them. Twenty-Fives may occupy their minds with both concrete and abstract matters with practical and physical things taking precedence with younger persons. The mind of the Twenty-Nine is largely geared towards cultural, artistic, humanitarian and spiritual aspects of life. Tendency towards these will emerge early in life. Their disposition and talents in manual and practical matters are less than that of the Twenty-Five, although circumstances may have given some a special training in trades or professions which require manual dexterity. In mature Twenty-Nines intuitive and spiritual understanding will exceed intellectual reasoning. Twenty-Fives are not without intuitive promptings but practical thought processes will always remain a stronger feature. While the spiritual nature of the Twenty-Nine is on the surface, in most Twenty-Fives it needs to be evoked by exposure. This will happen in their association with a Twenty-Nine partner. In their choice of sport Twenty-Fives may be attracted to strength and endurance events while Twenty-Nines may choose rhythmic and flowing events.

Both partners possess the resources to earn a high income. At the same time, they do not hold back on expenditure. Twenty-Fives may exercise some measure of control on their spending habits whereas Twenty-Nines tend to be more generous and impulsive. Twenty-Fives possess a greater awareness of the need for saving and investment, whereas Twenty-Nines may not give as much thought for a secure financial future, entertaining a remarkable sense of optimism towards their future welfare. Often their optimism is justified. Their temperament also helps them recover swiftly from any reversals in life, financial or otherwise. Twenty-Fives are not without the ability to recoup or recover from hard times but they do not usually let themselves fall into difficulty in the first place. While Twenty-Nines apply wisdom in their dealings with people, Twenty-Fives do the same in their financial dealings.

There is an inner knowledge in these partners that there is much more to their personalities than they are aware of in their conscious minds Both seek to tap into these depths. With the potential to remain lovers, friends and collaborators they can advance in knowledge and experience much more in partnership than they would as single individuals. As mentioned earlier, what both need and what both will allow each other is some personal space. They are types who can work and play separately and also merge as a team. They are not dependent individuals who feel lost if they do not always have a partner associating with them in work or play. Because both are essentially ‘givers’ rather than ‘takers’, mutual trust will always remain as the foundation of their relationship. Twenty-Fives are people who want to be loved but do not expose this need or make demands on their loved ones. Their attitude of outward reserve is not an indication of the absence of a warm and loving nature. Twenty-Nines display an urgent need to be loved and do not conceal this need. While they can never be bought over by material goods or money they can be deeply touched by compliments, appreciation of their worth, courteous gestures and small but frequent tokens of affection.


Please refer to the chapter on the 3rd and 25th birthdays. The Zero in the 30th day does not add any new features or take away any existing features of the 3 vibration. At most, it may emphasise certain 3 characteristics.


The relationship between a person born on the 25th day and another born on the 31st day will be the same as that between a couple where one is born on the 25th and the other is born on the 13th. It should be noted that the influence of the 3 vibration is slightly stronger in the Thirty-One than in the Thirteen, as it appears first, but this does not make any appreciable difference in their interaction with a Twenty-Five personality.

The chapter on 13th and 25th birthdays should be consulted.