Numerology Compatibility Number 8

Compatibility with the 8th Birthday


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Relationships are usually formed by the attraction of opposites, not only for the benefits to be derived from exchangeable talents or the positive reinforcement one partner provides the other but also for the stimulation and excitement they experience in the interaction of their different temperaments. Similarity of temperament may also be the inducement for some couples contemplating the idea of an intimate relationship. These are personalities who are by nature fearful of the challenges that arise in a partnership of opposites. There are also individuals, particularly those with identical birthdays, who do not fall into either category as an excess of certain similarities are likely to turn confrontational rather than sympathetic or complementary. Such partnerships are inadvisable as the partners simply do not offer each other anything that is new or helpful. Two people sharing the 8th as their birthday who contemplate a partnership will fall into this last group.

The personality structure of those born on the 8th day is firmly moulded by attributes of the 8 vibration, and the nature of these attributes is such that very little or no empathy can exist between a pair of Eight personalities. The only difference that could arise in Eight/Eight partnerships, which in any case are unlikely, will be in terms of positivity or negativity, and these differences usually lead to further difficulties. A relationship in which both partners are positive personalities will be as confrontational as one in which both are negative personalities. In the event of one being positive and the other negative the relationship will be demolished by a mixture of dictatorship, intolerance, selfishness and distrust. Positive Eights are born on the 1st, 10th, 11th and 12th months. Positivity is gained through self-confident, self-reliant and self-assured attributes of the 1 vibration. It ensures maximum positivity when it appears in the birth month and in variable degrees when found in other areas of influence. The presence of these essential attributes evokes all the positive forces of the 8 vibration while their absence leaves open the means for negative aspects to manifest themselves. An excessive degree of negativity appears when the 8 vibration is repeated in the birth month. The doubled force of this vibration hardens all 8 attributes, and blocks out the ameliorating affects of other vibratory forces.

Certain inflexible Eight qualities that would meet head-on in an Eight/Eight relationship and neutralise any chances of compatibility are, authority, pride, willpower, tenacity, ambition, leadership, firm decision and the Eight individual’s natural tendency to organise and remain in overall control of their environment. All Eights are diligent workers and unsympathetic towards anyone not as competent and hardworking as they are. Their attitude and approach to whatever they undertake make subordinate positions intolerable and equal partnerships unworkable. Even negative Eights are not excluded from these attributes despite the fact that they may not possess the qualities that go with genuine authority. These negative Eights are usually soft and insecure people with low self-esteem, and although they are usually polite in their brief interaction with others, they all too often get their way with their loved ones through stubbornness, rudeness and aggressiveness. All Eights may exhibit a certain hardness of manner but this is only a facade as their personality structure is in fact built on an emotional foundation. However, emotions are carefully concealed as the display of sentiment is regarded as a weakness. With a high sense of justice and fair play positive Eights are sensitive to the needs of others while negative Eights are insensitive, self-centred and indifferent. The destructive factor in an Eight/Eight partnership is the fact that a positive Eight must always occupy a position of authority, having the necessary qualifications to do so, and a negative Eight seeks a position of authority without the necessary equipment.

Eight personalities fall almost exclusively into a single category in regard to domestic life, and into two broad categories in regard to work. A domestic way of life will not satisfy them as their ambition is directed towards the acquisition of power, prestige and material welfare. They are competitive and aggressive people who measure life in terms of material wealth. They may engage directly in business and commerce or as paid executives in business or public administration. While opportunities are unlimited for positive Eights any form of trade, marketing, merchandising, industry, manufacture or public service, they are limited for negative Eights to their degree of self-confidence, diplomacy and their ability to get along with people. The natural tendency of all Eights is to become totally absorbed in whatever they do. Their careers invariably take up a disproportionate amount of time and energy. Domestic affairs are usually left to the responsibility of their partners or a third party. When both partners are career oriented as in a Eight/Eight combination their domestic life and household duties are bound to feel the absence of a personal touch.

Eights are conservative minded people who are devoted to maintaining the established order of things. Their social life is kept strictly within customary and traditional circles. For the most part, they find it hard to cut themselves away from their business interests, and end up spending much of their social life in the company of business associates. Although it is desirable that in their leisure hours they divorce themselves from their business associates, they seldom do so. A lively imagination is not a special attribute of the 8 vibration; consequently these personalities do not feel the need to engage in a diversity of social activities. The situation is not helped in a Eight/Eight partnership as one would not influence the other to break out of habitual activities. While negative Eights are suspicious and introverted people who avoid company, positive Eights are sociable people who make friends easily. However, these positive Eights are seldom socially active due to the busy lives the lead. While their loyalty, support and understanding in time of trouble can be counted on by their friends and relatives, they are, at the same time, much too worldly-wise to be deceived by self-interested parties.

Conversation between Eight partners is not likely to turn into a pleasant exchange of ideas and opinions. The urge to compete with each other in expressing opinions and judgments will be too strong. Eight personalities are not fluent speakers endowed with an extensive vocabulary. Oral expression is in keeping with their general temperament of discretion, deliberation, analysis and sound judgment. Consequently, when they do speak out they do so in precise tones and with a finality that does not allow for challenge or argument. Eight partners may agree on business matters that are unrelated to their partnership but disagree often on personal matters. Contentious issues may remain unresolved as neither would be prepared to exercise tolerance and patience or give each other an adequate hearing. Most Eights appear to be aware that there are as many opinions as there are people, but they seldom show their appreciation for this fact.

Eight personalities seldom allow themselves much leisure time. On the occasions they do the absence of a vivid imagination relieves them of feelings of restlessness and the urge for novelty. The chances are that they would stick to a particular hobby or avocation and remain totally indifferent to interests taken up by others around them. Holidays may be spent in the same spot each time with the same activities. Their competitive spirit, emotional involvement and compelling urge to reach eminence in whatever they undertake will leave little or no inclination to associate with people or groups other than those who share their interests. Most Eights need physical outlets to dispel pent-up emotions and nervous energy. Eight couples are certain to involve themselves in competitive sport, initially as competitors and subsequently as coaches and officials. Although not dependent upon each other’s company or advice in order to succeed there is no doubt that a mutual exchange of ideas will take place. They will certainly appreciate each other’s ambition for success and fame. Once again, domestic duties may suffer as Eights are likely to give their leisure activities an extraordinary amount of energy, as they do in business.

Material success, power and prestige being their paramount needs, all Eights set great store upon the financial side of life. They are not naturally subject to the law of attraction by which they attract the good things of life in one way or another, as certain others do. On the contrary, whatever they acquire is through their own efforts. They are not gamblers or speculators who trust luck or chance, and neither do they look for handouts or the patronage of others. They are proud people who are impelled by a natural urge to go out and make a good life for themselves and their dependants through their own efforts. Positive Eights are not usually enslaved by their possessions or their position in life but they could be caught up in the pursuit of power, and Negative Eights could easily become enslaved by their possessions, seldom acquiring positions of power and fame. Although all Eights are natural organisers and administrators with a passion for symmetry and order in all their activities there is an inconsistency between their management of personal finances and the management of the finances of others. Much more attention is paid to business responsibilities than to personal affairs. Although neither is likely to be irresponsible, a fair amount of confusion can be expected in this partnership’s financial affairs. Negative Eights who are unable to make firm and quick decisions experience problems in both business and personal financial dealings.

While Eights are capable of outbursts of emotion a disheartening factor in an Eight/Eight partnership is the inability of both to demonstrate their finer sentiments. Although they are excellent providers, and family pride and loyalty are outstanding characteristics, they often fail to give of themselves to their loved ones. Eights may be deeply in love with their partners but neglect the intimate communication of speech and body language that reveal their love and devotion. To say the least, they are unromantic people who fail to open out the tender side of their nature, and there is certainty considerable tenderness in the Eight’s makeup. Disclosure of sentiment is not only mistaken for weakness but as an affront to their ego. An Eight depends greatly on the right partner to evoke some degree of sentimental response. Eight partners may fail to do so and remain distant and unresponsive as neither is likely to work towards a state of togetherness or close friendship.


An obvious feature of this birthday combination is the even number 8 and the odd number 9 which, respectively, symbolise receptive and active forces. However, these numbers, unlike the other single digits, do not represent distinct vibratory forces that possess unmistakable receptive or active attributes. On the contrary, their characteristics are such that neither can be regarded as wholly receptive or wholly active. The 8 vibration, for instance, contains several dynamic features that are comparable with pure active forces. Consequently, the outward appearance and conduct of an Eight individual is generally the opposite to that which is normally expected of a personality controlled by a receptive vibration. Peaceful, cooperative and unobtrusive receptive qualities are relegated to the background by forceful, authoritative and ambitious active characteristics that disguise the emotional foundation of the Eight’s personality structure. This unusual interplay of opposite polarities with an emphasis on assertive qualities creates certain impervious features in the Eight individual which deter attempts by others to get on over-familiar terns with them. There is a uniqueness surrounding this vibration. In the case of the number 9, it is not a distinctive force with original qualities. Rather, it is an amalgamation of the attributes of the whole range of vibrations from 1 to 8. Unlike the Eight personality in whom active and receptive characteristics may appear separately, they are blended in the Nine to degree that makes them indistinguishable. The result is a complex personality structure that is not easily understood on casual acquaintance. More often than not Nines themselves have difficulty coming to terms with their many-sided nature.

Though Eights and Nines are actually a mixture of receptive and active qualities the mixtures are such that dissimilarities between the two exceed by far any similarities. They will no doubt be attracted to each other as relatively opposite polarities and face the usual problems of couples who find themselves with partners who approach life with different values, attitudes and goals. When their honeymoon begins to fade and practicalities have to be addressed many personality adjustments will be required. The degree of adjustment each partner will be capable of making and the degree of personal wellbeing and success they achieve in life will be equal to the degree of positivity or negativity in their personality structures. Positive Eights and Nines have a much greater control over themselves than their negative counterparts and therefore have better chances of success. The force that provides this self-directing and self-motivating power is the 1 vibration, and its full benefits are reaped when it appears in the birth month. Eights and Nines born in the 1st, 10th, 11th and 12th months will be able to live up to the full potential of their birth force. Others may fluctuate between positive and negative attitudes. Eights and Nines born in the 8th and 9th months respectively are overloaded with attributes of their birth force which invariably create a one-sided personality stricture which attracts more negative traits than those that are positive. Rigidity becomes their most serious problem.

The basic difference between the Eight and Nine is essentially the materialism of the former and the idealism of the latter. Or, the Eight’s emphasis is on tangible things and the Nine is partial towards intangible things or abstract matters. Eights are highly motivated to make their mark in the world of business affairs and accordingly set their priorities towards the acquisition of personal power, fame, prestige and material wealth. Positive Eights possess all the qualifications to fulfil these ambitions such as willpower, consistency, leadership, organisation, self-assertiveness, enthusiasm, self-reliance and practical knowledge. Negative Eights have the same ambitions but not the same motivating power, decisiveness and diplomacy to satisfy their wants and fulfil their ambitions. These types often end up as demanding, intolerant and frustrated individuals with an inferiority complex.

Many things in life held dear by the Eight will be, for the most part, seen as unimportant and unfulfilling by a Nine partner. There is a greater emphasis on a mental and spiritual orientation in the Nine than on material, physical and practical values. While some attention will no doubt be paid to practical matters the greater part of their lives will be spent on cultural, humanitarian and the profound aspects of life. There is also a high percentage of emotion in the Nine, but a free and uniform means of demonstrating their emotions is lacking. As a result, emotion is released by fits and starts or in occasional outbursts when it cannot be contained any longer. At all levels of society Nines stand out as superior individuals with outstanding traits such as extroversion, wisdom, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, personal magnetism, poise, internationalism and an attunement with the subtle influences that govern life. They are generally honourable people who will not place themselves in situations that could compromise their honour and dignity, or trade in their ideals for any material benefit. As for taking a sweeping advantage to the detriment of a person or group of persons the idea would not even be entertained. They could also act unwisely when their feelings are disturbed or at a low ebb. Their ideals, broad perspectives and their indifference to the pursuit of power and material possessions will be looked upon by the Eight with disbelief and intolerance. Their negative qualities are self-destructive rather than harmful to others. Unless supported by the 1 vibration most Nines are indecisive, impressionable, too trusting, restless, over-sensitive, weak in self-esteem, too self-critical and subject to spells of depression.

An equal distribution of authority will seldom take place when an Eight personality is involved in a partnership. All Eights feel an instinctive need to take charge of any situation in which they find themselves. Even negative Eights are often dependent and indecisive people who need to keep up a facade of authority. Eights in general are too fond of controlling the lives of people for whom they feel responsible and become intolerant and aggressive towards those who do not submit to their authority as well those who do not measure up to their standards of practicality and productivity. They are restless and troublesome in subordinate positions or in positions of equal status. In contrast, Nines are quite content to let other people be themselves, and accept them as they are. Personal freedom is much more important than command and the responsibility that goes with command. In Eight/Nine relationships the Eight may have their way in many of the major decisions, but they are certain to meet with resistance if they attempt to restrict the Nine’s freedom. Arguments are bound to arise in their attempts to arrange an equitable distribution of day-to-day domestic duties as neither partner is attracted to a domestic way of life. They are at their best when actively involved in public life and at their worst when unemployed or under-employed. Both will be so involved in their public activities that hardly any time and energy will be left for a second shift of household duties. Both are subject to self-generated stress (the Eight emotionally, and the Nine mentally) which leaves them fairly exhausted after a day’s work. The Nine is the more versatile and adaptable worker in the sense that they could take up more alternative forms of employment if changing circumstances require them to do so. In addition, they are able to re-build and re-establish their lives after sudden or unexpected adversity, as they can put aside their pride and ego and start afresh. Eights do not have the same imaginative and adaptable powers and when their sense of pride and their egos have been hurt by failure they brood about their problems and take quite some time to consider a fresh start.

Personal relationships and social obligations mean as much to the Nine as their devotion to their careers and other public interests. Their comprehensive outlook on life facilitates an even spread of their attention over private and public duties. However, characteristics of their Eight partners are so centralised and concentrated that their natural habit is to undertake one thing at a time, and in doing so, their business or public activities invariably take precedence over personal attachments and social involvement. An Eight will not pass over a business opportunity to satisfy a social obligation. They may be prepared to combine the two but, if this fails, social commitment will be postponed or abandoned. Nines gain social popularity quite effortlessly as they are able to vary their behaviour in different situations, with different individuals and groups, and at different times. They spontaneously reach out to others without waiting for others to reach out to them. They also set out to help others enjoy life and in the process derive tremendous pleasure themselves. The Eight’s lack of imagination, curiosity and flexibility prevent them from adapting to mixed company or accepting sudden changes in their social circle. But within their established sphere of social activity they are known as friendly, loyal, helpful and dependable companions. A negative Eight, however, is introverted, possessive, aggressive, hypersensitive and anti-social. A negative Nine is also introverted, suspicious, bitter, fanatical, critical and anti-social. The social life of positive Eights and positive Nine partners can be managed in a way that will benefit both rather than cause dissension. However, if one is truly negative their social life will be disastrous, and if both are negative, virtually non-existent.

The Eight’s centralised and specialised attributes and the Nine’s highly imaginative and comprehensive thought processes are, among other differences, responsible for very distinct styles of speech. Fluency and flexibility of oral expression are not specialties of the Eight personality, but this is not felt as a drawback as their forthright and explicit thought processes have little need for transition into elaborate or flowery language. Their authoritarian nature is such that they use brief sentences and speak out without anticipating disapproval or contradiction. Firm and unmistakable body language is used if they fall short of words. They are usually too sure of themselves to give most people and their partner a patient hearing. Negative Eights can be curt and abrupt, and all too often callously hurt the feelings of sensitive people. They have no sense of humour and could react angrily to light-hearted banter. Nines, in contrast, are gifted with fluent and articulate speech that is enriched by a lively sense of humour, enthusiasm, a vivid imagination and an innate as well as acquired knowledge of human nature. Many Nines have the potential to reach considerable heights of oratory. They seldom understand the Eight’s reticence and stubbornness as they are always open to discussing differences of opinion and ready to compromise when necessary. With all their sympathetic nature Nines cannot be depended upon to constantly adopt a patient and indirect approach in order to spare the Eight’s feelings of pride and authority.

Communication by touch which establishes an instant or momentary bond between two persons will be used by the Nine but very seldom, if at all, will it be used by the Eight. An individual’s comfort with touch is linked to his or her personality structure. Touchers are usually talkative, humorous, cheerful, spontaneous and sociable, such as a Nine personality. Non-touchers are generally cautious, often suspicious, defensive and emotionally restricted. Authoritative people such as an Eight are the least comfortable with touching as a medium communication.

Most Eight personalities find the themselves unable to cut away from the business of making a good living in order to spend quality time enjoying a good life with their loved ones. All too often they carry their competitive and combative spirit from business into their leisure activities, thus depriving themselves the pleasures of relaxation. They are found in all areas of competitive sport as participants or administrators and coaches. In defence of the Eight it can be said that a great deal of pent-up energy and emotion has to be released in some form of physical exercise. Their aim at all times is victory for its own sake and not mere participation. Nines, in contrast, ensure that public responsibilities and family life do not encroach upon each other. They can never become so competitive and involved in their careers that they lose the ability to appreciate the simple as well as profound joys of life, especially the spirit of togetherness with their loved ones. Having several alternatives to engage their attention they do not participate in any one with the same one-pointed frame of mind as the Eight. Mental, metaphysical and humanitarian interests will consume much more of their time than physical outlets. They are also keen travellers who spend time absorbing the history, religions and customs of the countries they visit. An Eight partner, who in any case is not a genuine traveller, will not show such depth of interest. The chances are that these partners will spend much of their leisure time in separate activities.

With basically different attitudes to their material possessions the most serious problem is likely to arise in the financial side of their partnership. The Eight’s lifestyle is built upon a foundation of financial security, and any agent that is likely to undermine their financial stability will be looked upon as a natural enemy. Their normal expectation is to be able to go out of home and devote their talents towards steady advancement of their position in public life and thereby their financial position, while domestic money matters are attended to with thrift and responsibility by their partners. This expectation will not be met by a Nine partner. Unlike the Eight or other materialistic individuals, Nines are not obsessed by their possessions, and this includes their bank balances and other convertibles. All Nines with direct access to money spend freely and generously and often unwisely. They are incapable of pulling in their purse strings when finances threaten to go downhill. When feeling depressed they could go on a buying spree in order to recharge their sense of wellbeing. The goods they purchase are soon forgotten as Nines derive their sense of wellbeing from people and not from things. Arguments between Eight and Nine partners are inevitable during and after shopping expeditions. Eights are cautious buyers who look for quality and utility value as well as the best price for their purchases while Nines are impulsive and impatient shoppers who seldom weigh the cost or closely examine the quality of their purchases. The superiority of the Nine, however, is displayed in times of adversity. When Eights suffer a serious financial or career setback they usually lose confidence in their ability to stage a comeback, and consequently become very unpleasant people to live with. As Nines possess natural recuperative powers they do not dwell gloomily on their troubles, and instead use their personal magnetism and imagination to search for alternative ways to restore themselves.

The different ways Eights and Nines handle their emotional lives will create a significant impact on their intimate relations. Both partners are sentimental and sensitive, but Eights make a determined effort to conceal their sentiments, and many do so to an extent that all romance is taken out of their life. The situation is aggravated by their over-dedication to their careers and other public interests. These Eights could be genuinely in love and totally loyal and proud of their loved ones, yet unknowingly cause a good deal of heartache by taking their partners and dependants for granted. Nine partners cannot be taken for granted either as they are romantic individuals who expect a good deal of togetherness and exchange of compliments. When they are in a loving mood, as they often are, their emotions are not held back. Quite often what an Eight may consider appropriate closeness and demonstrativeness may be too distant and restrained for a Nine. Both partners are vulnerable to psychological hurts. The Eight becomes aggressive and could continue to hold their resentments for lengthy periods. Their reactions are often out of proportion to whatever precipitated them. Nines may give way to outbursts of emotion, but more often than not, will withdraw into themselves when their feelings have been hurt. They are too magnanimous to hold grudges, and they do forgive and forget quickly. It will be left to the Nine to initiate the first moves towards reconciliation after a misunderstanding or towards consolidation of their relationship. Eights may be wise and just in their judgments of non-personal matters but could be blind in their personal relationships.


These birthdays will be the same as the 1st and 8th birthday combination except for a slight difference caused by the Zero. The presence of the Zero results in some degree of emphasis of the attributes of the 1 vibration either in positive or negative ways. This will not occur to such an extent that will create much notable difference.


A cursory glance at 8th and 11th birthdays may suggest a combination of a receptive vibratory force and an active vibratory force, subject to the normal attraction of opposite polarities. However, on closer examination it will be perceived that these birthdays will not follow this general rule as the 8 and 11 vibrations function on different frequencies with complex and paradoxical features that are unique to each, and unrelated to each other.

The number 8 symbolises a vibration of matter and the 11 a vibration of spirit. A similar social, cultural and national background may be responsible for Eight and Eleven personalities getting acquainted with each other, but they will sooner or later discover that they live in different worlds of thought and action, with little understanding or means of communication between one another other. The 8 vibration relates almost exclusively to the phenomenal world as a force of power and material advancement. Eight personalities are for the most part self-absorbed for the purpose of acquiring wealth and attaining prominent positions in public life. Those Eights with a positive frame of mind possess all the attributes necessary for fulfilling these ambitions, such as authority, leadership, organisation and executive capacities. They are also self-assertive, self-reliant and purposeful individuals with more than adequate judgment, willpower, practicality and tenacity to fulfil their ambitions. Other Eights who may fluctuate between positive and negative attitudes have the same desires but not the same degree of confidence, drive, diplomacy and attributes of leadership. It is the activating influence of the 1 vibration that determines the degree of positivity or negativity in the Eight. When it is present in the birth month the Eight is undoubtedly a positive individual with the potential for single-minded execution of their objectives. Most positive Eights take advantage of their natural gifts, but they often do so at the expense of a balanced lifestyle. Judged from a domestic viewpoint they are, on the one hand exceptionally dependable providers. On the other hand, over-dedication to work and a natural assumption that their partners will undertake a greater share of family responsibility will operate against any chances of a cooperative and intertwined relationship. They may provide their loved ones with financial security and all the material comforts of life but fall short on quality time with them.

Eleven personalities are governed by a master vibration that works on a higher frequency than those symbolised by the single digits. These personalities are intuitive, visionary, inspirational and individualistic, and as such, disinterested in material possessions for their own sake or positions of power. They are self-absorbed in the profound aspects of life and are therefore drawn to idealistic, reformative, inventive and spiritual modes of living. They become leaders of ideas and ideals rather than leaders of people. The Eleven is not a standard personality type in the sense that they can be readily identified. There is a great deal of diversity in the Eleven population which may be classified into four broad groups, after their birth months, and whenever possible environmental conditioning can be taken into consideration. In some Elevens the spiritual side is the ruling factor. These individuals are natural philosophers, missionaries, lecturers, evangelists, religious and social reformers. Their personal lives are often in disorder as absorption with their ideals and visions of a new and improved social order often takes them away from the realities of day-to-day essentials. Another group is endowed with inventive and creative genius that is channelled with one-pointed effort into scientific work, often to the detriment of coactive personal relationships The creative arts attract the natural skills of another group who usually acquire fame as designers, decorators, poets, painters, sculptors and writers. A select number of Elevens may take to the study and practice of the occult sciences, which could include serving as mediums at spiritualistic gatherings. The presence of the 1 vibration in the birth month which stabilises the integral personality of the Eight does not produce the same rounding off in the Eleven. On the contrary, it frequently creates a lop-sided personality structure due to the overloading of the 1 vibration. An overloading of any vibration creates conditions for negative traits to take hold of the personality. Consequently, in the case of Elevens born in the 1st, 10th, and 11th months, varying degrees of negativity may exist. A common problem is a hardening of the personality through loss of imaginative powers and an increase of rigidity, dogmatism, indecision and pessimistic attitudes. On the credit side, however, these Elevens are down-to-earth and practical people who do not live in an abstract world of ideas and ideals, but instead conscientiously apply themselves to the mundane aspects of living.

The biggest drawback in this relationship will be the genuine difficulty both partners experience in coping with those who do not measure up to their individual values and the firm stand they take in terms of their priorities and aspirations. The Eight’s concentration within a select area of development and their belief that others are not as conscientious and capable as they are will be inconsistent with the Eleven’s comprehensive outlook and relatively complacent attitudes. Conversely, the Eleven’s elevated and often impractical thought processes will be equally inconsistent with the Eight’s practicality and worldly ambitions. Their temperaments are such that neither would contemplate any form of teamwork and their unyielding ways could in fact become stronger as they grow older.

Temperamental differences are likely to prevent compromise in their choice of friends, acquaintances and a mutually agreeable social life. While both Eights and Elevens are leaders in their own way and do not follow the crowd their different dispositions lead them into unrelated social circles. Eights are conservative people who are cautiously extroverted and strongly critical and even hostile towards elements of society that do not conform to established rules and customs. They are not socially active or enterprising, instead preferring to move amongst friends and acquaintances associated with their public activities. In any case, they lead such busy lives that very little time is left over for warm friendships or diverse social activities that are unconnected with their main interests. Most Elevens, in contrast, are attracted to a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Unlike the traditionalist Eight they experience the world with inspired and enlarged perspectives. With a predisposition for everything that is modern, original and spectacular their choice of company and social activity will be subject to frequent change and expansion. They are certain to find the Eight’s social companions unimaginative and uninspiring, while Eights may find the Elevens’ companions and activities too modernistic, revolutionary and often eccentric, especially in the case of those Elevens who associate with groups involved in mystical and other esoteric studies and practices. The time may arrive when these partners look upon each other’s friends and acquaintances with a strong feeling of disdain and drift away from each other’s social circles.

Communication between Eights and Elevens will be limited as both are impatient listeners who are unwilling and unqualified to talk on topics that are unrelated to their personal interests. Eights communicate with an authoritative manner using brief and precise speech that does not countenance contradiction, argument or lengthy explanation. It is difficult to approach them on intimate terms as they prefer to act out their feelings than talk about them. While Eights are people of few words, Elevens are talkative and often long-winded conversationalists. They are usually too engrossed in their own ideas to give ear to the views and beliefs of others. A two-way conversation with an Eleven is never easy due to their insistence on telling others what they should or should not be doing with themselves. While an Eight could be dictatorial and single-minded, Elevens could be pedantic and uncompromising. While Eights are direct and to the point, Elevens could be evasive, ambiguous and self-righteous. Eights usually practice what they preach and nothing is said that has not been given careful consideration. Elevens could speak out without much forethought and resort to dubious argument in order to support their statements, especially when they overlook practical application of the ideas they are so fond of passing on to others.

As Eights and Elevens, for the most part, live in different worlds it is most unlikely that either will subordinate individual demands and adapt to each other’s habits during their leisure periods. Following their highly competitive nature Eights invariably choose external or physical activities to spend their leisure time. Self-development to the Eight would mean improvement of their physical prowess and reputation as successful public identities. They do not take up a variety of hobbies, but instead dedicate their time and energy to one or two special pursuits. They have neither the time nor the incentive to show interest in diversions unrelated to their own. Elevens will combine external and internal activities with their internal interests taking precedence over those that are external as they grow older. Self-development to the Eleven would mean understanding their spiritual nature and enhancing their contribution to the world as teachers and messengers of spiritual, cultural and moral values. Their leisure activities will be spread over a wide field of interest in the arts, music, literature, the sciences and community work. They are non-competitive people who are more interested in the accumulation of knowledge than in physical development. The one factor that favours an Eight/Eleven relationship is the ability of these partners to stand on their own feet and not depend on each other’s company or support in most of their activities.

Further divisions can be expected in the financial side of this partnership. Money problems usually see the end of a relationship which may already be in trouble, and this could be the case with Eight and Eleven partners. Eight personalities, with the exception of a few who have attained considerable wealth, are not known for their generosity with their money or their impressionability in the face of hard-luck stories or other demands on their purse. They are usually people who have acquired money through their own efforts and therefore expect others to do the same. They may help others establish themselves by giving them sound advice and a helping hand in other ways, but money handouts will be refused. They expect their partners to be as cautious and accountable in all money matters. They also expect to be relieved of household budgeting so that they could concentrate on their careers. Eleven partners born in the 1st, 10th and 11th months may measure up to these expectations, but others will not show the same sense of responsibility or willingness. Elevens in general gain greater pleasure in giving than in receiving as they do not have the same attachment to material wealth. As they do not measure life in terms of worldly possessions they are also able to face up to and recover from adversity with much greater ease than Eight personalities. The Eleven has less anxiety and greater trust as to what may eventuate in the future. As Eights only trust themselves there is more anxiety and much less trust or faith in the future. Consequently they feel greatly let down and suffer considerable loss of self-esteem after a reversal in their fortunes.

Although dissimilarities emerge as the most prominent feature in an Eight/Eleven combination there are also certain similarities. However, these corresponding features tend to keep them apart rather than operate as binding factors that may solve their differences. There is a considerable depth of emotion in both, but their emotions are, for the most part, contained within themselves and let out only in infrequent outbursts. Only a very limited degree of physical and emotional closeness can be handled by either. Communication by touch as a familiar medium for exchanging intimacies will seldom be used. Both partners are loyal and duty-conscious people but unimaginative and unromantic. They are more likely to take each other for granted than make an effort to enliven their relationship.


A special feature of these birthdays is the mixture of active and receptive forces within each and the interaction of active and receptive forces within the combination. Eight and Twelve personalities cannot be said to be opposites who are drawn to each other by exchangeable and mutually helpful personality traits, nor can it be said that they are in sympathy with each other by virtue of similar personality traits.

The basic personality structure of the Eight is a concentration of the attributes of the 8 vibration and the Twelve is a blend of the 1, 2 and 3 vibrations. Although the even 8 and 2, symbolising receptive forces, stand out when these birthdays are placed side by side, receptive attributes will not govern this combination as much as those that are active. The 8 vibration is the only receptive force that includes many features that resemble those of active vibrations, particularly the 1 vibration. Active characteristics do not neutralise receptive features, but instead tend to push them into the background of the personality. The aspects of the Eight personality are in the foreground. These are, among other features, leadership, authority, power, high ambition, aggressiveness, competition, determination, a strong will that resents interference, and strength of purpose. Receptive qualities such as fair play, analysis, judgment, foresight, deliberation, organisation and method reinforce the personality from the background. The combination of these forces not only ensures personal success and fame but also benefits a large number of associates and subordinates. Eights are builders in a comprehensive sense. Their principal aim in life is to build a career or business with a mature, thoughtful and practical outlook on life. They are often caught up in the business of making a good living for themselves and their dependants. While pursuing their own ambitions Eights do not lose sight of the needs of all those associated with them whether in public or private life. They can see and appreciate the needs of people and situations objectively and their judgments are made without fear or favour. This is an aspect of the Eight which clearly indicates a combination of the fearlessness of the active and the fairness of the receptive aspects of their personality. Dedication to public or business life could often be at the expense of a varied lifestyle and their intimate relationships.

The 1 and 2 vibrations in the 12th day interact to create the youthful 3 vibration (1 + 2 = 3). In reality the Twelve is a qualified Three personality. All Three personalities display a youthful, enthusiastic, optimistic and spontaneous attitude towards life. These are qualities that are almost opposite to those of the mature Eight. Threes are ego-centred personalities who concentrate on making the best of life for themselves, and do so by going after their objectives by the shortest possible routes. Unlike the Eight personality who is ever mindful of the future and conscious of the welfare and aims of those around them, the Twelve lives in the present. The past is forgotten and the future holds no fears. Their own needs take precedence over the needs of others. Along with their natural ‘I’ awareness there is also a keen ‘We’ awareness in the Eight personality. They usually gather around them a talented team of supporters and when they succeed in life, as the usually do, they take their supporters up with them. In the case of the Twelve it is usually an individual effort with little or no direct overflow of benefits to others., as their ‘I’ awareness is too strong to allow consciousness of the needs of others to enter their thoughts. The anomaly in this situation is the fact that Twelves are really generous, helpful and non-possessive people. Their self-centredness should not be taken for selfishness. The moment a Twelve is made aware of their ego-centred actions and reminded of the needs of others they could be generous and cooperative until they once again relapse into their natural self-oriented state of mind.

Eight personalities fall into two broad categories in regard to a positive or negative outlook on life. Positive Eights can provide the best success stories while those who fluctuate between positivity and negativity will not be too far behind if they concentrate on building confidence in their abilities. The deciding factor between positivity and negativity is the presence or absence of the 1 vibration. This vibration provides the impetus for the best 8 characteristics to be exploited. It is most effective when it is found in the birth month. There is yet another small group of Eights in whom negative traits predominate due to an overloading of attributes of the 8 vibration. These are Eights born in the 8th month. They are usually weak and sentimental, yet dictatorial, intolerant and abnormally materialistic.

All Twelves fall into a single category of positive personalities due to the strengthening power of the 1 vibration in their birthday. They are self-confident, self-reliant and self-sufficient individuals who are free from neutralising effects of anxiety and self-doubt. They are also multi-talented people who operate with freedom of expression on the physical, emotional and mental planes. Due to this balanced condition a repetition of either the 1, 2 or 3 vibrations in their birth months or in any other position of influence will not weaken that aspect of their personality, but rather reinforce it. The 1 vibration serves as an anchor that prevents the personality from inclining excessively towards any one direction. The Twelve inherits the willpower and initiative of the 1, the moderation, gentleness and warmth of the 2 and the friendliness and imagination of the 3. In addition, there are many attributes common to the 1 and 3 which combine in the Twelve, such as leadership, decision, creativity and initiative. Special 2 and 3 attributes such as charm, courtesy, romance, agreeability and sociability also combine in the Twelve.

The Eight’s authoritative temperament is such that a partner would refrain from attempts to control or manipulate them. In reality Eights automatically take charge of any situation in which they find themselves and expect all those around them to fall in with their ways of doing things. They are at their best when they know that everything is well organised under their overall supervision and running at an optimum level. This characteristic could be the principal cause of friction with a Twelve partner. Twelves do not attempt to take over the lives of others and insist on running their own lives, vehemently resisting any interference. While Eights are not satisfied unless they feel in full control Twelves would be happy to let their partners have their way within limits as long as they are allowed their own. Personal freedom is more important to the Twelve than having full control and shouldering the unavoidable responsibilities. As individual performers they do not possess the expert powers of delegation inherent in the Eight. An equal partnership will not be possible as neither partner will accept a subordinate or an equal position. Division of authority and responsibility may emerge as an ongoing problem. In their struggle to establish their individuality a constant shifting of their relations is likely to take place. Neither partner can be said to be attached to domestic duties, as both would want to make their mark in world affairs. Eights in particular will be forced to modify their expectations when they discover that the Twelve has an individuality that matches their own. They may even feel threatened by the Twelve’s capacity to stand on their own feet.

Both partners are socially extroverted people, but there is a marked difference in their social needs and attitudes. Eights enjoy recognition as successful and resourceful people while Twelves enjoy popularity as entertaining and talented individuals. Neither of these personalities can be said to be group oriented as their individualistic temperaments prevent them from complying with group standards and practices. In their interaction with people on a social level Eights are not as spontaneous, responsive and receptive as Twelves. Their social circle could be smaller and connected with their specialised pursuits. They seldom find time for close friendships. Not only is their temperament opposed to close friendships but they also seldom find time to form such relationships. They are loyal and trustworthy friends, but a proud spirit which hides a sensitive nature prevents them from opening out and sharing intimacies, and this extends into the friendship aspect of marriage or a permanent relationship. While Eights generally do not seek out company for self-expression, Twelves submit to a strong urge for fulfilment in interaction with people. Life means more to them than the single-minded pursuit of power and economic security. Their powerful imagination, artistic talents, natural enthusiasm, flexibility and adaptability combine to create an extensive social circle that may not always be confined to the conservative elements of society favoured by the Eight. Eights often mix business with their social activities while Twelves could introduce social activities into their business interests. A wise Eight partner would accept the Twelve’s social arrangements as this will open a new field of entertainment and relaxation which they would otherwise not enjoy.

Eights and Twelves are certain to experience difficulty initiating and sustaining a two-way conversation. Eights are not gifted with fluency and flexibility in oral expression. Their speech is deliberate and straightforward and seldom enriched or confused by colourful phrasing or light-hearted humour; nor do they allow side issues to be brought up when a particular subject is under discussion. They resent being interrupted as this not only offends their sense of authority but forces them to regroup their previously concentrated and orderly thought processes. While intolerant of trivialities they are always prepared to lend a sympathetic ear to genuine problems, particularly those of a financial nature. Twelves, in contrast, are articulate and fluent speakers. Their oral expression is enriched by their vivid imagination, sensitivity to beauty and colour, and a subtle sense of humour. They enjoy sharing information, unlike Eights who may not always do so. Twelves are much more tolerant of contradiction and interruption as their flexibility with words and agile minds ensure a quick recovery. They are able to handle side issues and return to the matter under discussion without irritation. They often use wit and repartee as a favourite means of communication, especially when there is need to relieve tensions that may be generated in argument. Eights may interrupt a Twelve in order to bring them back to the main issue while a Twelve may interrupt an Eight to make them elaborate on their statements.

In their leisure activities the Twelve’s fondness for novelty and variety is likely to conflict with the Eight’s attachment to familiar faces and places. Fortunately these partners can stand on their own feet and not expect leisure time to be spent in each other’s company. As in their public activities the Eight’s choice of hobbies will be based on their need for regularity and centralisation of their talents, while the Twelve’s selection will cover a variety of changing interests. Although both partners are attracted to outdoor sports their different temperaments reveal the professional in the Eight and the amateur in the Twelve. The commercial, profit making and organisational aspects of their personality are never far from the minds of the Eight while popularity and the entertainment aspects are more important to the Twelve. Eights may carry their sporting interests late into life as coaches, administrators and executives while Twelves may diversify into various forms of art, music, entertainment and literature.

The Twelve’s tendency to live in the present and the Eight’s tendency to keep a watchful eye on the future could create disagreement in the management of the financial affairs. Eights cannot be easily prevailed upon to part with their money or support family members who do not pull their weight. Their policy is to help people help themselves and not give handouts. Despite considerable human sympathy they will not allow themselves to be led into weakness in money matters. Twelves, on account of the youthful confidence they have in themselves and in their future, seldom save and could easily be prevailed upon to part with their money. Their lifestyle usually places considerable demands on their finances. In the event of a joint bank account being maintained by these partners the Eight will need to keep a sharp eye of the Twelve’s withdrawals.

If this partnership is to achieve a fair amount of success it is important that the Twelve realises that behind the hard-headed business person, is an Eight who is usually a warm-hearted human being who could be deeply in love yet is unable to openly and freely demonstrate their love. Their gentler traits are obscured by their genuine fear of demonstrating their emotions. To compensate for loss of romance, adventure and variety in their love life with an Eight, Twelves can expect loyalty, dependability, security and family pride. As for the Eight, they must accept that behind the youthful and uninhibited Twelve is an alert, sensitive and intelligent human being who can never be taken for granted. Eights should not become too absorbed in their public life, overlooking the courtship aspect of their relationship, and Twelves should not become too absorbed in themselves and fail in their duty to look deeper into the nature of the Eight.


The essential difference between a single digit birthday and a multiple digit birthday is the centralised or uniform characteristics of the former and the multiple or multiform attributes of the latter. The basic personality structure of an individual formed by the vibration or vibrations of the birthday is also weakened or strengthened by the number or numbers of the birth month. In the case of the Eight personality, born on the 8th day, a repetition of this number in the birth month not only overloads the personality with attributes of the 8 vibration, but its occupancy of an important point of access deprives the personality of another vibration that could to some considerable degree round off the integral personality. The combined power of the birthday and birth month is so strong that vibrations from other areas of influence such as the birth year and name cannot penetrate this foundation easily. The result is a lop-sided personality structure that is geared into the negative side of the 8 vibration. Negative Eights suffer from self-pity and an inferiority complex. They are emotionally oriented, indecisive, insecure, suspicious, unimaginative and very materialistic. Their inner feelings of insecurity and inadequacy are usually hidden behind an outwardly aggressive facade. Their extent of cooperation towards a mutual and sympathetic relationship will be negligible. Steadfast positive attitudes or an alternation between positive and negative attitudes are also determined by the vibrations of the birth month. Positive Eights are those with the 1 vibration in their birth month. This vibration is the activating and motivating force behind all manifestation. Equipped with this vibration in their birth months the Eight becomes a ‘power plus’ personality. The combination provides willpower, initiative, creativity, self-confidence, self-esteem, pride of achievement, strength of purpose and a clear sense of direction. Eight personalities born in the 1st, 10th, 11th and 12th months are natural leaders, managers and organisers, destined to occupy positions of authority in any sphere of life. They cannot be relegated to subordinate roles, nor do they function to their full potential in equal partnerships. They need to be the controlling force in any form of partnership or undertaking. Eights born in the 4th, 7th, 3rd, 6th and 9th months vary in their degree of positivity. Their main problems are indecision and loss of self-assurance with a proportionate loss of opportunity. Many of these Eights are helped by the presence of the 1 vibration in some degree of strength in their name. These Eights, however, are likely to be more cooperative in a partnership than their positive counterparts. Eights born in the 2nd and 5th months are over-sensitive and over-emotional. They are deprived of the positive Eight’s sense of direction and strength of purpose. These Eights make unreliable and aggravating partners, subject to frequent spells of depression caused by too many negative traits and not enough of those that are positive.

While Eights may be found in various degrees of positivity or negativity Thirteens fall conclusively into a single category of positive personalities by virtue of the self-directing 1 vibration in their birthday. The Thirteen is basically a Four personality qualified by the 1 and 3 vibrations (1 + 3 = 4). The 1 vibration provides a sense of purpose and clear-cut goals, and the willpower to reach these goals while the 3 vibration provides imagination, flexibility, extroversion and enthusiasm. The 1 and 3 vibrations also share many common features which are reinforced in the Thirteen, such as originality, initiative, leadership, courage, independence, individuality, egocentricity, ambition and a compelling need for self-expression. These attributes complement the basic 4 qualities of passive strength, steadfastness, practicality, thrift, dependability, commonsense, discipline, orderliness, regularity and the ability to work hard and long in uninspiring and routine tasks. The interaction of the 1, 3 and 4 vibrations evoke the positive side of each and eliminates the negative aspects, thus making the integral Thirteen a multi-talented, self-assured and purposeful individual, but not necessarily a complete personality. As their basic personality structure does not contain a vibration from the emotional plane they experience difficulty expressing their emotions freely and openly. In addition, a strong sense of ego intrudes frequently when they are called upon to cooperate or collaborate in any form of activity.

Eights and Thirteens are not complementary opposites who can unite to form a mutually helpful partnership. Nor are they types who seek each other out for a possible reinforcement of talents or exchange of talents that may be gained in a partnership. On the contrary, they are individualistic and authoritative individuals who must act on their own initiative and take responsibility for their actions. There are no hidden depths in either in regard to their need to take charge of any situation in which they find themselves. Their intention to assume an authoritative role will be observed from early patterns of behaviour. To prevent this from becoming an ongoing problem, the Eight will need to concede that in the Thirteen they have been matched with a partner whose personality is as strong-willed, and in some instances, stronger than their own. The Thirteen will need to adjust to the particular type of Eight. Adjustment on the part of the Thirteen will be less as the tendency to control the lives of people around them is much less than that of the Eight. They will stand up to a dominant partner until some arrangement is made whereby neither will cover the same territory and risk operating at cross-purposes. Despite their natural flair for leadership and organisation Eights and Thirteens do not possess the special qualities needed to run an orderly home, raise a happy and disciplined family and still remain fulfilled. The Eight’s administrative skills and personal ambition reach out far beyond the domain of domestic life. Held in this situation by special circumstances an Eight could become excessively authoritative and regimented. The warmth, flexibility, tolerance and patience of a true homemaker are not prominent aspects of the Eight’s personality. Whatever sympathy and understanding they may gain from other areas of their birthday and name will be inhibited by frustrations they feel by loss or deprivation of their wider ambitions. An unusual feature of the Eight individual is the greater willingness and proficiency in any undertaking in the public arena and their limited interests in personal matters. Thirteens who are placed in a full-time position of a homemaker will not be as frustrated. The 4 aspect of their personality will help them settle down to routine duties and timetables while the 1 and 3 aspects provide versatility and adaptability to supplement domestic responsibilities with a variety of outside interests.

Social interaction by these partners will be more a matter of quality than of quantity. Their choice of company may not always be the same, but this would not exercise pressure on either as they do not depend on each other for company or mutual support. With clear ideas of their needs and aims, both are able to participate in group activity and still maintain their integrity as individuals. They do not need to identify faithfully with a group in order to feel similar and thereby receive a strengthening of their self-confidence; nor do they need to feel different from others who are not members of their special group in order to flatter their egos. While both may choose their friends and acquaintances from the conservative elements of society, the Thirteen could at times reach out for new experiences among the artistic and cosmopolitan elements. Their degree of extroversion and their capacity to enjoy life in spite of unsolved problems is also greater than those of the Eight. Eights are more inclined to set a higher priority on solving their problems than putting them aside and relaxing in company. Many Eights would not hesitate to use social contacts to advance their business or career interests.

These partners will let each other know precisely what they need and what they are ready for at any given time. With a ring of authority in their voices their speech usually takes the form of definite assertions. They will not take much time to catch up with each other’s ideas and will dismiss out of hand anything that does not fit into their own set of beliefs or disbeliefs. In most instances, rather than enter into argument, they may choose to agree to disagree. In the rare event of serious argument the Thirteens will hold an advantage by virtue of the greater word power and cutting sense of humour provided by the 3 aspect of their personality. Eight personalities seldom indulge in or encourage intimate or sentimental conversation, while Thirteens to a lesser degree avoid communicating their inner sentiments. Eights can be objective in public life but susceptible to deep emotional wounds in their intimate lives. Not only do they take time to recover but their injured pride and rising anger immediately inhibits the free flow of speech. Thirteens are not as deeply hurt and consequently recover without a residue of resentment.

With the exception of negative Eights, these partners are not demanding individuals in the sense that they require each other’s presence and contribution towards all their activities. They may, on the contrary, find each other’s presence restrictive. They prefer to assume and claim responsibility for any task or undertaking. Their leisure activities will be free from interference because each would give the other time and space to express their individuality. While they should avoid partnering each other in a game of cards or any other indoor game, a combination of their competitive spirit against a third party will be a force to be reckoned with. It will be most effective in various sporting activities. The Thirteen’s hobbies will be more extensive due to the creative artist in this personality. The combination of a powerful imagination, mental creativity, manual dexterity and verbal effectiveness open out unlimited opportunities for filling in their leisure time. Their influence on the less imaginative Eight will be of considerable benefit to this partner.

One of the Eight’s highest priorities is the establishment of a sound financial position. A Thirteen partner will willingly fall in line with this idea but not necessarily with the same degree of commitment. They are, nevertheless, responsible spenders who are not likely to conflict seriously with the Eight’s plans. Thirteens possess a natural optimism and therefore a greater sense of security, whereas Eights feel secure only when, by their own efforts, they have amassed a substantial nest egg. A subconscious fear of their inability to make a comeback and restore their fortunes makes them hold on to their money and possessions. Apart from these differences both Eights and Thirteens are proficient money managers. In the day-to-day handling of expenses the Thirteen will be the more useful partner.

In the course of time a trusting friendship rather than a romantic one is the likely outcome in this relationship. These partners are too similar in certain ways when they should be different or complementary. For instance, both maintain a fair amount of personal distance. Their general attitude is such that any untimed or presumptuous invasion of their personal space is discouraged. There is a great deal of warmth, love, loyalty, innate kindness and sensitivity behind their masks of authority and distance, but their warm feelings are held back by an unconscious fear that they may not always be able to respond spontaneously and appropriately to sentimental overtures. Eights are inclined to take life too seriously, whereas the Thirteen can introduce an acceptable amount of fun and frivolity into their relationship. Their sense of humour and sensitivity to beauty, colour, shape and sound helps them gain an immediate appreciation and enjoyment of life. As nothing this personality says or does will be taken to excess their influence will evoke these same qualities in the Eight which otherwise may lie dormant.


People with single digit birthdays are visible examples of the concentration of the attributes of one vibration in their basic personality structure. As their essential characteristics are so concentrated they are easily identified as a distinctive personality type. They can also be expected to act and react generally to a set pattern of behaviour. However, as all vibrations contain positive and negative aspects these personalities could fall into one of three categories in relation to positive or negative expression of their birth force. There are the definitely positive subjects, those that are clearly negative, and the majority who alternate between these states. The category to which a particular individual belongs is determined by the number or numbers of the birth month, and to a lesser degree the birth year and name. All Eight personalities born on the 8th day are subject to these classifications. Most multiple digit birthdays embody characteristics of three vibratory forces (the 1st and 2nd digits are added to form the 3rd), thus producing three major facets in the basic personality structure. Their multiform personality structure precludes these individuals from being classified as a particular type; neither can a set pattern of action and reaction be expected of them. Quite often when vibrations of opposite polarities are present what can be said about a multiform personality, the opposite may also apply. Many are subject to positive or negative temperaments but, unlike those with single digit birthdays they are not exposed to extremes of negativity.

The force that determines the degree of positivity or negativity in an individual is the 1 vibration. It is the activating power of this vibration that provides willpower, decision, a clear sense of direction, strength of purpose, vital energy, initiative, self-confidence and self-reliance. Its presence in the birthday or birth month guarantees positivity or constructive and productive expression of all the attributes of the birth force. Found in other areas of influence its effects are proportionately reduced. The absence or weakened effects of its self-directing and self-protecting qualities exposes the personality to negative influences. While each vibration has its particular forms of negativity, such traits that are common to all are indecision, diminished self-confidence and poor self-esteem. It becomes almost second nature for these people to stay on the defensive.

It can now be seen why Eight personalities are spread over the three groups mentioned earlier while Fourteens, by virtue of the 1 vibration in the birthday fall into a single category of positive personalities. Some Eights could turn to more extreme forms of negativity when 8 attributes are overloaded as a result of a repetition of the 8 vibration in the birth month. Due to the multiple facets provided by their birthday Fourteens are not exposed to an overloading of a particular vibration. A repetition of either the 1, 4 or 5 vibrations does not create an overloading but instead strengthens those attributes contributed by this vibration.

Eight and Fourteen individuals in general cannot be regarded as complementary opposites subject to a mutual attraction; nor are they relationship-oriented people who look for interdependence in a partnership. Personality traits that are similar and likely to be confrontational exceed by far any that are sympathetic and complementary. However, these same traits can be used as valuable assets if they are wisely employed after certain personality adjustments are made by each partner. Both possess the practical good sense to appreciate the advantages to be derived from concession, compromise and a combination of their talents. However, all such moves have to be made voluntarily and with conviction, as any attempts by one to alter the ways of the other will be promptly rejected. With clear ideas of their needs and aims in life neither would hesitate to make known their expectations and the extent to which they would be prepared to cooperate. As the bone of contention in this relationship will be the question of leadership their first task will be to concede that neither can be happy in a subordinate position. Also, that they are not sharers who would happily interchange responsibilities. Once both acknowledge that they perform at their best when they assume sole responsibility for whatever they undertake and function at their worst when there is interference in their business, a partnership on equal terms will be seen as the obvious option.

Certain other Eight characteristics that will confront the Fourteen partner will be a level of stubbornness equal to their own, certain overbearing and peremptory attitudes and a tendency to turn over all domestic duties to their partners. At the same time the Fourteen will find several features that are in conformity with their own and worthy of their full support. They will place special value on the Eight’s dedication to material advancement, judgment of opportunity, sound practical knowledge, recognition and appreciation of talent in others, enthusiasm for hard work, the absence of speculative and unrealistic ideas, their conservative ways, their steadfastness, loyalty and straightforward manner in which they express their thoughts. In partnership with a negative Eight the Fourteen will soon discover a dependent partner with a host of personality deficiencies such as indecision, suspicion, possessiveness, abnormal attachment to their material possessions, intolerance and a constant fear of loss. A facade of hardness and aggressiveness disguises an inner weakness and insecurity. Any chances of a loving, open, trusting and mutually helpful relationship are hindered by these negative attitudes. Enormous patience, careful handling of their sensibilities and personal sacrifice are called for if anyone is to get anything long lasting out of these negative Eights. A Fourteen will not be prepared to do this.

The average Eight will be faced with inevitable disillusionment when they find out that they have met their match in the Fourteen. Every step they take to assume a leading role will be challenged. The Fourteen may go as far as reminding the Eight that apart from exercising control over themselves they have no license to automatically take charge of the life of anyone else. As negativity is not a problem with the Fourteen they have no need to put on a defensive or protective facade. They are open and forthright in all their dealings. However strong an Eight partner may be they are not likely to break through the Fourteen’s staunch and determined temperament. Fourteens are not incapable of shifting their position in regard to anything they say or do, but they will do so only on their own volition. Eights who wisely accept the fact that they cannot dominate a Fourteen will be richly rewarded by the tremendous wealth of talent this partner has to offer. The quality of the Fourteen’s talents are such that they will fit in perfectly with the Eight’s ambitions in life, once the question of authority has been settled. Among a host of other things, Fourteens are practical and down-to-earth people who are exceptionally adept with their hands. They have all the personal qualities sought after by an ambitious partner, such as an Eight. Their loyalty, diligence, self-reliance, dependability and abundant springs of vital energy will be invaluable in any partnership so long as their individuality is respected.

What both these partners have in common is the belief that if they do not look after themselves, nobody else will. Their combined talents will form a formidable force limited only to the degree they have convinced themselves they have boundaries. While a positive couple is unlikely to entertain self-doubt, those with varying degrees of negativity should strive to overcome a lack of faith in their potential.

Both Eights and Fourteens are moderately extroverted people whose social life will be confined to conservative sections of society. They may engage in group activity but no single person will feel close to either, nor will they feel drawn to a special person. Intimate friendships will therefore be exceptional. While contributing substantially to the welfare and progress of their groups both will maintain a strict personal distance. Eights are unlikely to step out of the boundaries of convention but Fourteens, when the daring 1 and 5 aspects of their personality are predominant, may venture into wider and less conservative social activities. This could be of benefit to an Eight partner who may be inclined to set too high a store on their public responsibilities and not enough attention to relaxation and holiday making. As a general rule, however, these partners should experience very little difficulty participating in the same social engagements and enjoying the company of mutual friends and acquaintances. Their selection will usually be on the basis of quality rather than quantity.

Both Eights and Fourteens are, without doubt, plain-spoken individuals who would have no difficulty communicating with each other on an even level. Their speech is confined to relevant, current and practical issues, and both can maintain a distinction between what is logical, objective and productive and that which is emotional, subjective and unproductive. Neither would waste time or tax the patience of the other with prolonged discussions; nor will they burden each other with personal worries. They are types that do not feel the need to share their intimate thoughts and sentiments. However, many heated arguments can be expected if they do not curtail their authoritarian and dogmatic body language, their uncompromising choice of words and stubborn attachment to their own sets of values and beliefs. Neither would want to hear anything that is remotely critical of their speech or actions. It is unlikely that a tense situation will be relieved or softened by a touch of good humour. Although both are sensitive to their physical surroundings they are averse to sentimental physical contact as a means of communicating their feelings. Touching will rarely be used as an alternative to speech. A little patience and self-control will reveal that there is very little difference in the opinions and values they cherish.

An interesting difference between Eights and Fourteens is that the Eight may have considerable practical knowledge, but they do not necessarily undertake practical application of this knowledge. Their intention more often than not is to organise, delegate and supervise jobs done by others. Their Fourteen partners are born with extensive manual skills and an urge to apply themselves directly to manual tasks and a variety of physical activity. These temperamental differences are destined to influence their choice of hobbies and other activities during their holidays. The strong competitive spirit in both partners will be responsible for a mutual interest in sport. Once their active years have passed Eights are certain to continue as coaches and administrators. Fourteens have a strong affinity with the vitalising power of the earth and its manifold products. Rewarding hobbies will be taken up by them in horticulture, forestry, animal husbandry, mineralogy, geology, mechanics and carpentry. Although these partners do not depend on each other’s company and encouragement they are certain to assist each other whenever necessary as neither will engage in something that is of an extraordinary nature that could be detrimental to their relationship and the wellbeing of their loved ones.

Their strongest links will be forged in the financial side of the partnership. Both are astute money makers and money managers as well as responsible spenders. Neither can be exploited in any way by high pressure salespersons or unscrupulous business associates. They are neither gamblers nor speculators, but Fourteens could be bolder in their ventures into business deals than the Eight. They are prepared to take calculated risks while Eights insist on a period of investigation and deliberation before making their moves. In general, Eights prefer to handle the larger issues and leave day-to-day matters to their partners. In this instance, the Eight’s desire to delegate responsibility will not be contested by the Fourteen. With a wider range of flexibility Fourteens can pay the same degree of attention to minor money matters as they do to those that are more important. They are also better suited for the custody and growth of the partnership’s financial reserves.

Both Eights and Fourteens put in an excess of emotional energy into their public duties, with the result that their intimate lives are conditioned by these habits. The Fourteen is able to face and work through stress with less harmful effects, but emotionally oriented Eights suffer considerable tension and emotional turmoil with inevitable ill-effects, and proportionately longer periods of time to unwind. Although expenditure of emotional energy is effortless and is indeed necessary for both partners, the spontaneous expression of sentiment in their intimate relations is a problem that is experienced by both. They are capable of feeling great depths of love and admiration for each other but can only express these sentiments verbally on very rare occasions. More often than not when they attempt to declare feelings of a tender and sentimental nature they come out without much real meaning. Their actions, however, are certain to speak louder and clearer than their words. There is certainly a feeling within both that they may lose some portion of their precious dignity and authority if they reveal too much of their sentiments and inner thoughts to anyone, even each other.


There are many shifting complexities that spring up when single digit birthdays are matched with multiple digit birthdays, and these are emphasised in the case of a 8th and 15th birthday combination. The immediate cause in this case is the concentration of unqualified attributes of the 8 vibration in the basic personality structure of the Eight individual and the equivalent powers of the 1, 5 and 6 vibrations in the Fifteen (1 + 5 = 6).

The single major facet of the Eight personality is an indication of the absence of multiple channels for self-expression and the restriction of the individual to certain exclusive personality traits and specific talents. This condition could act to the advantage as well as the disadvantage of the Eight’s lifestyle. As there is an inevitable shortfall in imagination, flexibility and adaptability most Eights take to specialisation and centralisation rather than diversification. The advantages gained are strength of purpose, power of will and dedication and enthusiasm for their chosen vocations and avocations. Eights need to be in charge of their surroundings, whether in private or in public affairs. They are naturally authoritative people who must lead, delegate, organise and administer in order to realise a full expression of themselves. They cannot settle into subordinate positions or in a partnership of equals unless there are strict divisions of authority. Their intention will always be to assume overall charge and delegate responsibility to others. This will be the first condition anyone who enters into a relationship or partnership with an Eight will meet with. Eights are family-proud people who are exceptionally good providers, but they do not divide their time equally between public responsibility and family care. They look to their partners to assume responsibility for family welfare while they devote their energies towards steady advancement of their position in public life. Having set their sights on material success, personal power and fame, other aspects of life are overlooked or given scant attention. In this respect, an Eight could be regarded as dependent on the right type of partner to establish a balanced partnership and a stable domestic life. It is unlikely they would find their ideal in a Fifteen despite the fact that the 6 aspect of this personality has strong domestic instincts.

The Fifteen is a qualified Six personality with the 1 and 5 vibrations operating in the foreground of the personality and the 6 in the background. The 6 aspect will be compatible with an Eight partner’s aspirations, but the 1 and 5 will be competitive and often confrontational. These latter aspects are much stronger than the former, and as such, the Fifteen will be portrayed by the attributes of these vibrations for the most part. Only those who know the Fifteen intimately and have adjusted to their exterior disposition will observe the underlying 6 characteristics. Independence, individuality, freedom of expression and physical endurance are the most prominent and unyielding features common to the 1 and 5 vibrations. Principally, the 1 contributes a firm sense of direction, constancy and leadership while the 5 introduces versatility, flexibility, adaptability and organisation. The 6 aspect takes a middle course in all things, promoting peace, harmony, a loving relationship and warm family life. It is also a mental vibration which evaluates all things with deliberation, reason and fair play. The interaction of the 1, 5 and 6 vibrations produces a well-balanced integral personality that cannot at any time be taken for granted or relegated to subordinate positions or inferior roles.

Further complications that arise in this type of partnership are related to the question of positive or negative expression of the attributes of the birth force. The power that determines this division is symbolised by the number 1. This number or vibration provides the initiative, energy, self-confidence and self-reliance needed for maximum exploitation of the potential of the integral personality. Positivity is assured when this number is found in the birthday or birth month. Its presence in other areas of influence indicate an alternation between positive and negative attitudes and the degree in which the personality tends to one or the other, depending on the power of the particular area of influence. While Eight personalities can be seen in varying degrees of positivity or negativity, Fifteens fall into a single category of positive personalities by virtue of the 1 vibration in their birthday. Environmental conditions have a stronger impact on negative Eights or partially negative Eights than on their positive counterparts. Negativity can take various forms depending on the type of vibration, but generally it is responsible for lack of self-confidence, self-esteem, initiative, decision and the creation of either submissive, defensive or aggressive attitudes. All Eight personalities posses the same ambitions and skills, but as negative Eights are not adequately equipped with the powers necessary for making maximum use of their skills and fulfilling their ambitions they develop many unpleasant personality traits out of sheer frustration.

Unlike the Eight personality who channels almost all their energy and talent into a specific line of work, Fifteens are capable of spreading their aptitudes into different roles or changing direction when necessary. Domestic duties will be included in the Fifteen’s range of activity. Eight personalities do not show any domestic leanings although they take great pride in their families. As their idea of an ideal partnership is one in which the role of provider is filled by them and the role of homemaker is taken up by their partners, their expectations will be more than what a Fifteen will be prepared to meet. Fifteens are also keen on careers, and the fact is that a wider range of opportunity is open to them. As a working Eight will seldom have time to carry an equal load of domestic work, as would be expected by the Fifteen, the help of a third party would be the best solution. It is essential that these partners define their territories and respect each other’s authority over these territories. Much of the tremendous amount of talent each can put into the partnership could be lost in a power struggle. However, if they opt out of competitive behaviour and take time to look into the advantages to be derived from a merger of their talents, their partnership is certain to achieve considerable material prosperity.

Their conduct in social life may also require certain personality adjustments. These are not types who are willing to share centre-stage or tolerate a partner’s claim for exclusive control of a social scene. Consequently, they would need to take turns so that, as far as possible, they would avoid rivalry in self-expression. The Eight personality comes out of a conservative mould and their choice of company will be limited to certain select people they meet in their vocations and avocations. Within these circles they gain respect and popularity, but outside them they show no curiosity or interest in meeting different personality types or venturing into a motley assembly of people. Much of their social interaction will take place in clubs and other public venues. As they are not entertainers in the sense of being good hosts or hostesses their homes will seldom be used for entertainment. Fifteens are more outgoing and venturesome in their social activities. Though by no means bohemian or unconventional they are capable of mixing with and enjoying a variety of friends and acquaintances. They are entertaining and hospitable people who enjoy home entertainment as much as they do communal activity. They are observant and alert to their surroundings, especially to the actions and reactions of people, and are more inclined to look at life in its totality than at one or two major aspects of it. As they are individuals who cannot be typified and whose actions and reactions are not standardised they remain socially interesting and popular people.

Communication between these partners will be confined, for the most part, to practical affairs, and to a lesser degree to intimate and sentimental matters. Eights are doers rather than talkers and romantics. They are neither enthusiastic nor imaginative in conversation. Their speech is simple and uncomplicated, but at the same time knowledgeable and authoritative. Fluency and flexibility of speech are not attributes of the 8 vibration. Consequently, these personalities do not enter into prolonged discussions, debates or arguments. They say what they have to say in brief sentences devoid of any subtleties of speech, such as satire or puns, and show instant resentment to any challenge or opposition to their views. They cannot be made to enter into discussions that are unrelated to their specialised interests due to a natural reluctance to give their views on anything of which they do not posses some degree of expertise. Fifteens, in contrast, have good speech vibrations. They are versatile conversationalists, good debaters and reasonably patient listeners. Their patience as listeners will be quickly evaporated if emotionalism or illogical views are allowed into a conversation or discussion. They converse from a position of strength as their state of mind is one in which both reason and feeling are evenly balanced. Eights could be overcome by emotion and anger, especially when they find that something has been said to offend their pride and dignity. As intimate words between Eights and Fifteens will be few and far between due their difficulty in verbalising their sentiments, body language will become more significant than words.

The spirit of competition which is very much alive and active in both partners will be applied not only in their battles in public life but also in their recreational activities. The Eight’s life will be divided between dedication to their careers and enthusiasm for competitive sport, with little time left for any other interest. It is this concentration of effort that guarantees the Eight’s success in anything they undertake. However, it also creates an Eight partner’s principal defect in their inability to relax. The same tensions they build up in public life are usually carried into their leisure activities, with the result that they take some considerable time to unwind when, on the rare occasions, they are removed from their familiar scenes. Fifteens are unlikely to get themselves locked into a set pattern of activity as they are not temperamentally suited to devote their time to any one interest. They are able to introduce relaxing hobbies into their leisure periods. Having a greater degree of balance between the physical, emotional and mental planes they do not drive themselves into high states of elation, frustration or tension that prevent them from slowing down and enjoying a greater variety of pleasures as well as making their own contributions to the pleasures of others. With the knowledge that they could summon each other’s help at any time Eights and Fifteens will agree to pursue individual interests, and in doing so strengthen their relationship. The closeness and companionship which dependent partners need and enjoy will only result in Eights and Fifteens treading on each other’s toes.

Mismanagement of the financial side of life which often rocks the foundation of a partnership will not become a problem that will be introduced by either the Eight or Fifteen. Both possess the capacity to earn and earn well. They are also prepared to spend but spend responsibly. Assets will always be in excess of their liabilities. Both partners can be self-indulgent, but not beyond a point that would damage their resources. Personal expenditure will be on par. Eights may be inclined to leave day-to-day handling of money to the Fifteen. A curious trait in the Eight temperament is their aptitude for expert handling of the finances of others and disinclination to attend to their own; whereas a Fifteen firmly believes in safeguarding the home front before all other considerations.

The main difference between Eights and Fifteens is the Eight’s expert evaluation of conditions in public life while they unwittingly overlook domestic conditions. The Fifteen makes a proper and sensitive evaluation of conditions in both spheres. This difference in temperament has a considerable bearing on their intimate relations and family togetherness. Eights expose themselves to the danger of becoming too engrossed in achieving success to understand that there are other dimensions of life to be enjoyed. The Fifteen may have to take up the task of nurturing and enriching their relationship and family closeness. Being unable to loosen up is always the Eights problem. Though they are highly emotional people who are ruled by their hearts in personal matters they feel a horror of exposing their tender sentiments which eventually become stifled altogether when there is an excess of negativity in the individual. The Fifteen’s emotions are backed up with reason and can therefore be kept under control and expressed appropriately and without sensationalism.


The significance of the single digit birthday matched with a multiple digit birthday will be our first consideration, followed by the distinctive attributes of the vibrations operating individually and collectively within a 8th and 16th birthday combination. We would normally expect a concentration or centralisation of the attributes of a single vibration in the personality structure of individuals with single digit birthdays. This would be correct in the case of the Eight personality, as it would be in all others with single digit birthdays. We may also expect subjects of single digit birthdays to conform to attributes of either active or receptive polarities (odd numbers being active and even numbers receptive). In this respect, we would be correct in all instances except in the case of the Eight personality. The 8 vibration has a receptive polarity and operates on the emotional plane, yet it contains an extraordinary share of attributes that are comparable to vibrations of an active polarity. As active attributes are always more emphatic than those that are receptive they become the prominent features of the Eight personality. However, receptive features are not suppressed, but instead held in the background of the personality.

The driving forces behind an Eight personality are authority, ambition, aggression, willpower, leadership, self-reliance, determination, motivation, pride and strength of purpose. Material prosperity and the possession of power and fame are their principal objectives. They automatically take up a commanding role in public or private life. There are also certain counterbalancing features such as justice, arbitration, commonsense, deliberation, organisation, conservatism, sensitivity and appreciation, and acknowledgment of merit and virtue in others. An Eight could be positive and forceful and at the same time tactful and gentle. This is an indication of the active/receptive duality in their personality structure. It is not an easy task to establish a relationship with an Eight on equal terms. Very few partners would try to dominate them and many would choose to submit to their authority rather than challenge them. A Sixteen partner would neither submit nor try to dominate an Eight. With all the attributes to back them up Sixteens would insist on terms of equality, and in some instances they could find themselves playing the leading role. The receptive aspect of the Eight’s nature would need to be activated if they are to succeed in a relationship with a Sixteen. If this is done an Eight/Sixteen partnership will be a tremendous success. If not, the Eight is likely to lose more than the Sixteen.

The splendid features of the 8 vibration are not found in all Eights. As with all other vibratory forces the 8 has its negative aspect and negative characteristics could infect many Eights in varying degrees. Typical negative Eight features are excessive sentimentality and touchiness, possessiveness, abnormal thirst for power and attachment to material possessions, constant fear of loss, jealousy, intolerance, self-centredness, indecision and a hard and aggressive outer personality, which in fact hides an insecure inner person. The indicator of positivity or negativity in the Eight, as in anyone else for that matter, is the number 1 or the 1 vibration. Its location in the birthday or the birth month is clear evidence that the individual is a positive personality. Its presence in the birth year or name would indicate that the individual could fluctuate between positive and negative attitudes. An excess of negativity is certain when the birthday number is repeated in the birth month, as this causes an overloading of the attributes of one vibration and the blocking out of others. Single digit birthdays are usually exposed to this danger. Eight personalities could therefore be found in various stages of positivity or negativity. The talents and ambitions of negative Eights remain unchanged, but their capacity to use them is relative to their degree of positivity or negativity. And, so will their ability to get along with people.

The 16th day produces a personality of a totally different mould. The vital problem of positivity or negativity does not arise. By virtue of the 1 vibration in their birthday all Sixteens are positive individuals with the confidence and willpower to make maximum use of the attributes of their birth force. Repetition of the numbers of the birthday does not cause an overloading due to the multiple nature of the birthday. The integral Sixteen is an interesting blend of the 1, 6 and 7 vibrations (1 + 6 = 7). Neither individually nor collectively do these forces experience a magnetic attraction or affinity with the 8 vibration or the Eight personality. However, an exceptionally successful relationship can be formed over a period of time after certain personality adjustments are made, especially by the Eight partner. The 1 and 7 aspects of the Sixteen are physically oriented forces, while the 6 aspect is mentally oriented. Their combination creates a down-to-earth, pragmatic, realistic and rational temperament. The absence of a vibration from the emotional plane adds to this condition. In addition, the 1 and 7 aspects are responsible for an unyielding individuality, while the 6 offers compromise in any situation on terms that would maintain the integrity of all parties. Sixteens always act from a position of strength, and as such, will be more than a match for a positive Eight and stronger and more resourceful than Eights with shades of negativity. Eights will have no alternative but to abandon their natural impulse to take charge, and accept the Sixteen’s offer of a compromise which would take the form of a fair division of responsibility and non-interference. This should not be difficult for an Eight as a ‘fair division’ of responsibility will reveal that the Sixteen has willingly undertaken more domestic duties. While the single major facet of the Eight’s personality favours genuine success in public life its preferences do not spread into the domestic arena. Sixteens, however, have strong domestic instincts as well as the capacity for planned advancement in public life. While the Eight is single-minded in career advancement the Sixteen needs to maintain a balance between family life, personal development and progress in their careers.

The social life of these partners will be one area in which similarities of temperament outnumber dissimilarities. They are both extroverted, but not in a self-advertising manner that claims the centre of attention and thrives on social popularity. Although both are conservative people who seldom move outside the boundaries of convention they do not shape their conduct according to the opinions of others or the mass impulse of the community, and will instead consciously chart their own course of action and behaviour. Eights may be inclined to choose their friends and acquaintances from among their business associates and take advantage of the benefits to be derived by combining these spheres of activity. They do not feel the need for a clean break from the people they move with in public life, or the need to enjoy the novelty and diversity of fresh company, and least of all the quietude of their own company. They are good club people who are much in demand for their motivational skills, competitive spirit and administrative talents. The Sixteen’s social connections involve a much wider range of activity and people, and a separation of business from social interests. Several roles in social life can be assumed by Sixteens. They are natural hosts and hostesses, teachers, counsellors, students and conversationalists. Eights and Sixteens can stand on their own feet in a social scene and not have to look to each other for support, but when they move together the combination of their talents will make a profound impact on any social scene.

A marked difference will be observed in oral communication in practical and business matters on the one hand, and personal and intimate matters on the other. Both partners feel free and competent to discuss objective issues relating to their partnership, but when it comes to subjective matters they experience difficulty expressing their sentiments. Although the emotional content in the Eight personality is considerable there is an ever present fear that exposure of their emotions, particularly those of a tender quality, would lead to a diminishing of their sense of dignity. On the rare occasions when there is need for some form of intimate communication they may feel embarrassed and inadequate. Sixteens do not entertain the same degree of self-importance but demonstrate the same reluctance to communicate their feelings due to the absence of an emotional outlet in their birthday numbers. Their depth of love and loyalty is undeniable, but sentimentality is not part of their nature. They are not carried away in general conversation, instead choosing to remain open to mutual discussion. They are sympathetic and helpful listeners as long as the problems brought to them are not imaginary, exaggerated, repetitive or self-induced. They are also unflappable people not usually given to expressing either pleasure or displeasure with much intensity. Body language is kept to a bare minimum. Eights are less patient listeners and with less command of their emotions. They could resort to oral or physical outbursts of joy, frustration or anger.

As their leisure time gives them the freedom to follow the basic orientation of their personalities, and as there are marked differences here, Eights and Sixteens will not always be seen moving or enjoying their free time as a twosome. This should be taken as part of their agreement to respect each other’s individuality and not as an indication of disunity. The Eight’s highly competitive spirit in business life will be carried even more forcibly into their leisure activities. Competitive sport will be their obvious field of leisure activity. They seldom alternate periods of activity with periods of complete relaxation, and so carry on from one sphere to another in the same tempo. Consequently, their whole personality stays on rather a high note, with an increasing toll on their time, energy, and ability to unwind. The Sixteen’s leisure activities will be much more varied and pursued at a considerably slower pace. They are by no means slow movers, and naturally set out to make haste ‘steadily’. They are relatively non-competitive people with a strong spiritual element in their makeup, which surfaces as soon as they are freed from mundane duties. Consequently, Sixteens make sure they set aside some time for themselves for their own self-development. Their outdoor interests will be in local churches, schools, charitable organisations, development circles, and the 7 influence will draw them to forests and gardens. Having the ability to maintain a balance between the spiritual and humanistic side of life and the practical and materialistic, Sixteens do not go overboard in whatever they undertake. Unlike an Eight who could become over involved in a single interest, Sixteens could have several interests and not allow their devotion to any one of these to adversely affect the others.

Financial matters will demand little or no adjustment by either of these partners as both are responsible money managers. Eights prefer to be relieved of day-to-day money matters and Sixteens will be agreeable to take over and conscientiously administer family finances. Sixteens can control personal desires whenever they interfere with the financial position of the family. They shop around for bargains and keep a close watch on spending by family members. Eights prefer to concentrate their financial expertise on their business affairs so that family prosperity can be guaranteed by their steady advancement in business life. They spend generously on the education of their children as they expect them to be a credit to the family and their traditions.

Over and above any arrangement in regard to mundane duties the Sixteen partner may be obliged to keep strengthening their intimate relations. While Eights make every effort to reach the top of their chosen vocations they often do so at the expense of self-development and family togetherness. Sixteens endeavour to develop as complete human beings as best as they can. The time they spend alone not only aids self-development but also expands their awareness of the needs of others. The Eight’s course of action however is not an indication of the absence of love, devotion and loyalty. These qualities are deeply ingrained in their personality. The problem is their inability to spread their care or ministration over several areas of responsibility and give each one an equal share of their time. Their concentration of their role as superior providers leaves a vacancy in their partnership which is easily filled by the resourceful Sixteen.


Eight personalities cast in different moulds meet in this combination. The single digit of the 8th day forms clear-cut Eight personalities in whom pure 8 attributes are manifested either in positive or negative ways, or in intermediate states. Within any of these variations Eights are identifiable as distinctive personality types. The multiple digit of the 17th day, however, produces a qualified Eight whose personality structure is a blend of the 1, 7 and 8 vibrations (1 + 7 = 8). The 1 and 8 components contain several complementary attributes that strengthen the integral Seventeen. The 7 aspect adds many similar features, along with certain other qualities peculiar to this vibration that are in opposition to the 1 and 8. In most instances the combination of the 1 and 8 would easily overwhelm the power of a third force, but not when the third force is the 7 vibration. On the contrary, the 7 vibration will invade the 1 and 8 segments and change the tone of the integral Seventeen personality by introducing those features that are contrary to 1 and 8 characteristics. Consequently, a relationship between an Eight and a Seventeen will not be quite the same as that between a pair of straightforward Eights.

Partners usually seek each other out for the qualities that they lack so that a strong interlocking relationship can be established by supplementing that which is incomplete in one with that which is abundant in the other. Eight and Seventeens do not fall into this category as they share an extraordinary number of personality traits that are similar, and these similarities are such that they are more likely to be confrontational than sympathetic and cooperative. The fact is that there is very little that one could contribute that the other does not possess to some considerable degree. Their dissimilarities are also of such a nature that the tendency to move away from each other is stronger than the tendency to combine in a mutually dependent union.

Further complications arise when the vital factors of positivity and negativity are taken into consideration. A positive nature manifests self-confidence, decision, self-reliance, willpower, authority, and strength of purpose. These are characteristics that enable individuals to exploit the full potential of the birth force. Negative temperaments lack self-confidence and tend towards self-deprecation, poor self-esteem, indecision, fear, dependence, selfishness and self-centredness. These negative features prevent them from utilising much of their natural potential. People and situations are often seen as threatening, and this leads them to resort to defensive attitudes. Positivity is assured when the number 1 appears in the birthday or birth month. Its power diminishes when it is positioned in the birth year or in the name, and to the degree that this power diminishes, to that degree negative features take hold of the personality. Eight personalities can fall into three divisions of positivity or negativity, that is, those who are clearly positive or clearly negative, and those that fluctuate between these states. With Seventeens, all fall into a single class of positive personalities by virtue of the 1 vibration in their birthday.

Ambition, self-reliance, authority, leadership, decision, willpower, foresight, judgment, analysis and enthusiasm for work are typical 8 attributes. The 8 is a worldly vibration that contains all the requirements for material success and the attainment of power and fame. The extent to which the best 8 features are utilised is relative to the degree of positivity or negativity in the individual. Negative Eight personalities lose much of the self-confidence and sense of self-worth natural to their positive counterparts. As a consequence they become frustrated, aggressive, dictatorial, fearful, selfish and possessive. Attributes of the 8 vibration, whether positive or negative become deeply entrenched in the Eight personality and cannot be diffused by vibrations from other points of influence. This makes it difficult for the Eight to adapt to the ways of others, or for others to adapt to the Eight’s ways. Eights feel that they must take charge of the situations in which they find themselves. If forced to follow or function in subordinate or interdependent positions they tend to lose interest or become defiant and rebellious. In other words, Eights lack cooperation, flexibility and adaptability. These features have a particular relevance to their personal relationships. Dedication to career advancement in business, commerce or public administration could override other obligations. Yet, an Eight partner will expect to take overall charge of a partnership and exercise their right to delegate duties, or in some instances, just leave the major portion of family responsibility to be taken up by their partners, while they channel their extraordinary talents for organisation and administration into public life. They become bountiful providers who look to their partners to take care of the home front.

Seventeen personalities possess all the positive attributes of the 8 vibration, bolstered by the activating power of the 1 vibration. This would be a ‘power-plus’ combination in the material side of life if not for the detracting qualities of the 7 vibration. However, rather than hinder material progress, the 7 aspect provides worthwhile support, and what it does at the same time, is to call a halt to inordinate attachment to materialism and the race for personal power and prestige at the expense of personal development as a total human being. There is an active spiritual or mystic element in the 7 vibration that is responsible for adopting a lifestyle in which equal emphasis is given to business, domestic, academic, cultural and spiritual matters. The Seventeen sees that life has more to offer than material success. The 7 vibration also takes away the desire to control the lives of others or take over situations to suit their own ends. At the same time it creates a strict individuality which will firmly resist any form of interference in the lifestyle of anyone controlled by this vibration. A presumptuous attempt by an Eight partner to rule the Seventeen will be instantly scotched. The Eight will have no alternative but to acknowledge that they have met their match in the Seventeen, and in the case of an Eight who is affected by the insecurity of negative traits, they will grudgingly concede that they have met their superior.

Teamwork or the pooling of the Eight and Seventeen’s resources may not be a workable proposition. Separate areas of responsibility will be their solution, and both can rest in the knowledge that they would be discharged efficiently and conscientiously. Though non-interference will be the basis of their agreement, a mutual sense of responsibility and loyalty will ensure that one would come to the other’s assistance in times of need. However, it will soon be discovered that the daily round of household tasks will not attract either partner due to the absence of any real domestic instincts. These are career oriented individuals, and though their ambitions may vary in intensity, both function at their best when there is a conscious sense of purpose in their life, and the duties of a homemaker will not satisfy their aspirations. While the value and importance of a domestic career is recognised by both they will readily admit that they are temperamentally unsuited to take up full-time duties as homemakers. Their best option would be the enlistment of a third party for general housekeeping.

Social interaction will be strictly a matter of quality than of quantity. Neither partner will be keenly interested in or dependent on group activity, but will instead limit their involvement with select groups and avoid it altogether if possible. Eights do not shine as entertainers but gain a reputation as worldly-wise people and skilful organisers. They earn more respect than popularity; a standing in society that suits them best. Their natural instinct to take charge of situations may arouse resentment on the part of some people despite their obvious talents at organisation. They remain friendly and accessible to those who go along with their ideas, but to those who question or dispute their ways they could be forbidding and inaccessible. They make loyal and helpful friends, but bad enemies if their pride has been hurt as a result of an outright challenge to their authority or integrity. Seventeens experience ambivalent feelings towards people in society. They could go through life with a wanting to mingle and a wanting to avoid. Their sustained sociability cannot therefore be taken for granted. They do not sparkle in a social scene, and yet they are sought after by some for their wide range of knowledge, particularly in natural studies and esoteric matters. They may be avoided by others not on the same wavelength who may regard them as a bit too pedantic. Eights and Seventeens are likely to be attracted to different company. While they may begin with the same friends and acquaintances with physical and material interests in common, Seventeens are likely to branch off from time to time into company interested in abstract matters and self-development.

Fluency of speech is not a strong attribute of the 1, 7 and 8 vibrations. Consequently, a communication problem will be introduced into this relationship. On the one hand, both personalities are exceedingly loath to reveal their sentiments, on the other hand, their emotions, which are easily aroused, inhibit their limited oral capacity. A drop in communication is also likely on account of the tendency for most Eight partners to become exclusively involved in material affairs, and the average Seventeen’s inclination towards cultural and metaphysical studies. These are, however, general tendencies and they do not indicate that some Eights will not associate with their Seventeen partners in abstract matters.

Eights and Seventeens automatically avail themselves of time and space for individual interests in their spare time. As both are self-reliant people this separation will not contribute towards the weakening of their relationship, but towards the strengthening of their ties. The extrovert and competitive nature of the Eight personality will be focused on external forces while the relatively reserved Seventeen seeks pleasure in a combination of external and internal forces. Most Eights find their strongest stimulation in competitive sport, as players, coaches and executives. There is a great need in all Seventeens for some of nature’s beauty to enter their lives. There is also an equal need in many to study and reflect on the works of the great minds of humanity, past and present. Most Seventeens therefore discover spiritual, mental and physical outlets in their gardens and libraries. Some may experiment with self-development circles but, for the most part, their self-development will be a personal and private effort. Though Seventeens are as practical and realistic as Eights their extra spiritual dimension enables them to draw upon their inner resources for peace of mind. Eights seldom stop to look within themselves as there is a non-stop carryover of their energetic, competitive and ambitious spirit from business life to recreational activities. There is always a risk of these personalities getting too close to their experiences and losing the ability to take an objective view of things as well as losing the ability to switch off when they are taken away from their high-powered routine. Association with a Seventeen may remind an Eight that there are other worthwhile facets to life besides a one-pointed pursuit of power and fame that are worthy of their consideration.

A strong point in both personalities is the appreciation for the value of money and the attendant ability to make money and handle money wisely. Financial security will be held as one of their highest priorities. They may use an individual yardstick to determine the degree of personal wealth, however, any serious differences are unlikely. Eights do not place any limits in their pursuit of wealth, nor do they take any measures to prevent over-attachment to their wealth. Seventeens could envisage a stage when they possess more than adequate and then switch their energies to other dimensions of living. Diversification of interests safeguards them from attachment and anxiety in regard to the state of their finances. Money is associated with power in the Eight’s scheme of things while most Seventeens look on wealth as a condition that provides opportunities for expansion of their knowledge of the physical and non-physical world. Eights set their sights on larger issues in public life and often overlook day-to-day household expenditure. Seventeens can apply themselves to larger money matters as well as manage household finances. In an Eight/Seventeen partnership the chances are that the Eight will willingly leave domestic money matters in the safe hands of the Seventeen.

Despite their communication problem the chances of misunderstandings are remote, as both partners like to see things as clear-cut and unambiguous. Hence, their actions and speech will always be honest and precise. While their individual natures may prevent them from sharing all their experiences they will generously show appreciation for each other’s achievements. However, if great care is not taken to prevent over-involvement in their respective careers and avocations the romantic aspect of their relationship will be neglected. The Eight partner in particular could fall victim to the rat-race of business life and unwittingly neglect intimate interaction with their partners and family members. Seventeens are better equipped to call a stop to their involvement in public life and attune themselves more closely to the rhythm of family life. Eights find it difficult to divide their attention and therefore try to compensate their loved ones for loss of quality time by lavishing them with gifts, but this is seldom an adequate substitute for family togetherness. Though Eights are hard-headed business people they are soft-hearted in family matters and are much more approachable for favours than a Seventeen. Seventeens are disciplinarians both in public life and in family life. They do not let their hearts rule their heads.


The 8 vibration may figure prominently in this combination but its attributes do not emerge in quite the same manner in Eight and Eighteen personalities. The fact is that the single digit of the 8th day produces an unqualified Eight personality while the multiple digits of the 18th day creates a qualified Nine personality (1 + 8 = 9). Attributes of the 8 vibration are exceptionally individualistic and impressive, and with only one exception, they are not altered to any appreciable degree by the influence of other vibrations in the birth date or name. The exception is the 1 vibration, which is the force responsible for determining positive or negative expression of the qualities of the birthday vibration or vibrations. Positive expression is assured when this vibration is found in the birthday or birth month, or in both. Its effectiveness from other points of influence is reduced in varying degrees, and to the degree it is reduced will negative traits enter the personality. While there are different forms of negativity peculiar to each vibration there is a general trend in negative expression common to all. Defensive or escapist attitudes, indecision, self-deprecation, impressionability, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem are some regular features. Similarly, all positive personalities are naturally endowed with strength of purpose, a clear sense of direction, self-reliance and self-confidence. An 8th and 18th birthday combination could be one in which the Eight partner may be a positive personality, a negative personality or one who fluctuates between these states. However, the Eighteen partner will always be a positive personality. These variations would be the most significant factor in relationships between Eights and Eighteens.

The direct result of the concentration of emphatic 8 attributes in the Eight personality is their inability to accommodate to the ways of others and to situations not to their liking. Hardly any personality modification will be made in the course of a relationship. An innate sense of authority and a desire to take charge of any situation in which Eights find themselves are typical 8 characteristics that create this condition. Consequently, Eights do not adjust to subordinate positions and feel restricted in positions of equality. Involvement with an Eight could mean submission or a total separation of responsibility and a strict policy of non-interference. In an uncertain arrangement the couple will be locked in a constant struggle for power. Eights are also highly competitive, strong-minded and ambitious people whose temperament is better suited for battles in public life than for the peace and harmony of a low-key domestic life. Intimate and sentimental responses from an Eight will be few and far between as their finer sentiments are over-shadowed by their authoritative and often dictatorial habits. In any case, exposure of their feelings is regarded as a weakness and therefore deliberately avoided. Their strong emotional nature is directed into the many challenges they willingly take up in public life and in recreational activities. Consequently, most Eights become highly motivated workers, leaders and organisers.

The Eighteen is basically a qualified Nine personality. Attributes of the 9 vibration are, for the most part, held in the background of the personality while the combination of the vigorous 1 and 8 vibrations dominate the personality. The relationship between an Eight and an Eighteen will be totally different to that between an Eight and an unqualified Nine born on the 9th day. The 1 vibration charges the integral Eighteen with positivity so that the best aspects of the 1, 8 and 9 vibrations are utilised. Their negative aspects or any of the common forms of negativity are not natural characteristics of the Eighteen. If any exist at all, environmental influences would be responsible, but these are invariably overcome with maturity and a little self-examination. Eight partners will find that they have not merely met their match in the Eighteen, but in most instances, their superior. The multiple facets of this personality place them in a much more advantageous position in every respect. The interaction of the 1 and 8 vibrations strengthens the personality more than any other combination of vibrations. They endow the personality with willpower, leadership, initiative, self-sufficiency, vital energy, ambition, physical and moral courage, originality, a clear sense of direction, firm decision, administrative talents and a firm determination to make a success of life. The underling 9 vibration is the most comprehensive of all vibrations represented by single digits. Many self-centred characteristics of the 1 and 8 vibrations are removed by the humanitarian and universal outlook of 9 attributes. While concentration of consciousness through a single major personality facet invariably assures success in a chosen field of action it also crowds out a whole range of other possibilities of experience in the Eight personality. On the other hand, the multiple facets of the Eighteen, particularly the 9 aspect, opens out wide horizons with a variety of opportunity without risk of losing strength of purpose and a sense of direction. On the other hand, a limited range of responses as compared to a relatively unlimited range of responses will be the main difference between Eight and Eighteen partners. The leadership and organisational talents in the Eighteen have been strengthened by the combination of the 1 and 8 forces and enriched by the natural wisdom and generosity of the 9. Their authority is tempered with human understanding and a degree of latitude not found in the Eight. While rejecting subordinate positions or undefined equal partnerships they could settle down contentedly into a partnership based on separate responsibilities and a policy of non-interference. Eighteens are also irresistibly drawn towards careers in public life and away from a domestic scene. They could become restless, unapproachable and unsettled if their position were to be reversed by circumstances beyond their control. As Eights and Eighteens will not regard a domestic way of life as a full expression of themselves their home will not receive the regular attention natural to domesticated partners. Domestic duties will be performed in fits and starts and with considerable speed. The help of a third party will be the best solution.

Eights and Eighteens are relatively conservative people who can be counted upon to handle themselves well in a social scene of their own choosing. Friends, acquaintances and social involvement cannot be imposed upon them. It is not easy to get close to these individuals and those who attempt to do so with self-interested motives will be politely and speedily put in their place. However, on the rare occasions when they do find themselves in a social scene not of their own choosing that is composed of a diversity of characters, they are capable of making the best use of their situation. They seldom remain one of the crowd and sooner or later attract an interested gathering, seldom failing to make a meaningful impact on their audience. Although they may have made the best of such a situation while it lasted they are unlikely to follow up any new acquaintances. A negative Eight will be an exception to the average Eight’s ability to take command of a social situation. These are generally suspicious and anti-social individuals with a natural tendency to withdraw from company or remain silent if they are unable to do so. Eighteens may extend their range of social activity somewhat more than the Eight, but not to an extent that could cause discomfort to their Eight partners. Although Eights and Eighteens may have many mutual friends and acquaintances it is best that they play separate roles in social activity in order to prevent a clash of opinions. Found on the same platform, as it were, they could be drawn into an argument with each other which may not happen in their own company.

While both parties are capable of speaking with confidence on non-personal issues they usually falter when there is need to communicate on intimate matters. Their thoughts and feelings are normally expressed in direct and straightforward speech and convincing body language. Not given to verbal manipulation or flowery language they experience genuine difficulty in giving lucid expression to their tender feelings, and when they attempt to do so what comes out is so inadequate that they are left embarrassed and frustrated. Brief but heated arguments could be fairly frequent occurrences as much of their pent-up emotions are released on these occasions. As in other aspects of life there is a greater degree of flexibility and variety in the Eighteen’s communicative skills. They usually surpass the Eight in verbal dexterity, imagination, wit and repartee. In their interaction with others their wide general knowledge enables them to shine as conversationalists whenever they choose to do so. Eights are generally one-sided conversationalists who show very little or no interest in anything outside their specialised field.

Both Eights and Eighteens are people who do not adopt half-way measures in anything they do. Prompted by pride of achievement they put all they have into reaching a state of excellence in whatever they undertake. Consequently, the gathering of a good deal of tension, pent-up emotion and frustrations is inevitable in the course of their working hours, and these are usually prolonged. A further consequence is the extraordinary amount of time they take to unwind and relax into a state of calmness and quietude once they are removed from the work scene. This unusual characteristic they have in common will have a significant bearing on the way they spend their leisure hours. Physical activity is the means they use to release their tensions. If they take to non-competitive physical activity they can soon reach a state of relaxation. However, if they continue into competitive physical activity their condition is aggravated rather than ameliorated. As most individuals influenced by the 8 vibration are enthusiastic and competitive sportspersons these partners are most likely to adopt the latter course of action. The best cure would be periodic holidays well away from their normal environment. The Eighteen partner has a better chance of moving away from an unbroken round of physical and material power seeking. Though not evident on the surface on account of the powerful 1 and 8 aspects of their personality there is a subtle pull towards cultural and spiritual aspects of life by the 9 portion of their personality. If an individual Eighteen can exercise some control over the former aspects and pay more attention to the latter, not only will their own lives be enriched, but, also their magnetic influence over others will be considerable. As they are capable of a variety of interests that would be physically, mentally and spiritually relaxing and beneficial there is every chance that one or more would attract the Eight’s interest and participation.

The Eight personality has all the attributes of a realist while the Eighteen combines attributes of the realist and the idealist. These differences can be observed from their attitudes towards money and its management. Eights are generally attached to and proud of their wealth. There is also an anxiety over their financial position and the consequences of any bold decisions they may be obliged to make at different times. Theirs is a commercial or business mentality which constantly looks towards profit, saving and expansion. They are generous in their support of loved ones but strictly business-like in their dealings with outsiders. Eighteens possess the same desire for the good things of life, and in many instances, have a greater capacity to acquire them. Their outlook on life is not as commercial and security conscious. They do not cling to their possessions as Eights do, and therefore enjoy the freedom of relative non-attachment. While the Eight’s generosity is measured and confined to loved ones, Eighteens seldom place restraint on their generosity within or without the family circle. While Eights keep a close watch on their spending, Eighteens, who are not governed by anxiety over their financial position, are much more open-handed with their money. They can engage in business or commercial activity without acquiring a commercial or monetary outlook. As both Eights and Eighteens are attached to the bigger issues of life they are left with little or no time and patience for management of day-to-day or weekly domestic expenses. The usual shopping for family needs will be regarded as an irksome chore and gotten over as quickly as possible. Their time will be more valuable to them than the benefits derived from bargain hunting.

Eights and Eighteens who have sorted out their respective positions and areas of responsibility can build an exceptionally strong relationship based on love, loyalty, mutual respect and pride of possession. However, a close and romantic relationship cannot be expected. Their sentiments can only be demonstrated in thoughtful action and not in romantic speech and demonstrative body language. Though both personalities are pragmatic and worldly-wise individuals their personal relationship will be governed for the most part by their emotions. Recognising and safeguarding each other’s emotional nature and vulnerability will be an essential condition for their wellbeing as a couple. By taking care not to crowd each other emotionally and physically their relationship can be kept alive and prosperous by mutual reliance on each other’s contributions. These are types who could end up disliking themselves if they make too many concessions. Their partnership could very well turn into a form of dependency but it will be one that will not encroach on the individuality of either partner. Finally, these partners should make every effort to set aside some quality time for enjoyment of each other’s company.


A condition that has substantial relevance to the degree of success in any relationship is the extent of positivity or negativity in each partner. As the vibration or vibrations of the birthday form the basic personality structure of an individual the degree of positivity or negativity is acquired at this source, and in this respect, several variations can be expected in birthday combinations Only certain birthdays guarantee positivity while others receive varying degrees of positive expression from the birth month, and to a lesser extent from the birth year and name. The indicator of the presence or absence of positivity is the 1 vibration. The nature of this vibration is such that it provides all the characteristics required for maximum use of the best attributes of the birthday vibration or vibrations. It endows the personality with self-confidence, initiative, decision, leadership, willpower, physical and moral courage and ambition. When this vibration is missing or located in a weak position in the birth date or name negative traits gain entry into the integral personality, and to that extent weaken the personality. While each vibration has its peculiar form of negativity there are general traits common to all such as lack of self-confidence, dependency, indecision, lack of initiative, poor self-esteem and self-deprecation.

The 8th and 19th birthday combination is a clear example in which positivity cannot be taken for granted in one but can be safely assumed in the other. The dissimilar relationships that could arise between Eight and Nineteen partners will be due to the varying degrees of positivity or negativity that could exist in different Eight personalities. An Eight who enters into a relationship with a Nineteen can be assured of a positive partner but a Nineteen could have one of three different types, and each type will create certain differences in this relationship. The three categories of Eights fall broadly into positive, negative and middle-order personalities. Eights born in the 1st, 10th 11th and 12th months are positive individuals with the ability to exploit the full potential of a very powerful birth force. Other Eights could fluctuate between positive and negative attitudes, while substantially negative Eights are those who have the 8 vibration repeated in their birth month. Overloading of 8 characteristics and the shutting out of other forces that could open out the personality are the causes of their negativity.

The Eight personality is the product of the concentrated force of a single vibration and can therefore be classified as a standard personality type. Typical 8 attributes are authority, ambition, pride, determination, self-reliance and the self-absorbed pursuit of personal power and material success. Positive Eights possess all the qualifications for achieving their goals while those with a mixture of positive and negative attributes face certain limitations. The temperament of the Eight is such that these personalities do not function harmoniously or to their full potential in subordinate positions, or in positions of equality. Induced by their authoritative and self-assertive nature their aim is to take charge of any situation in which they find themselves. Positive Eights display outstanding organisational and management skills in public life and surround themselves with loyal and competent assistants, not only through motivational ability, but also by their natural ability to pick the right person for the right job. Negative Eights find themselves somewhat isolated as they are uncooperative in subordinate or equal positions and inadequate in superior positions. Eights are not oriented towards a domestic way of life. They are invariably found in commerce, business, finance, Banking, and public administration or as professionals in sport. The direct result of their public outlook is the expectation that their partners will assume responsibility for household management. However, from the Eight’s point of view this is merely a delegation of duty and not a surrender of any portion of their overall authority over the home. In other words, an Eight’s ideal is a partnership in which the role of provider and major decision maker is assumed by them and the role of homemaker is taken up by their partner. This ideal will not be realised in a partnership with a Nineteen. Eights will find that they have met their match in the Nineteen and in many instances their superior.

The Nineteen is basically a One personality (1 + 9 = 10 = 1) whose individuality is tremendously enriched by the attributes of the 9 vibration. The combination of the 1 and 9 vibrations reinforces all the excellent qualities of both while eliminating all their negative features. The 1 aspect which operates in the foreground of the personality as well as in the background provides strong leadership qualities, firm decision, a clear sense of direction, initiative, ample self-confidence, self-esteem, willpower, loyalty, steadfastness, ambition and courage. Ego-centred and egoistic characteristics natural to the 1 vibration are modified by the influence of the comprehensive and humanitarian attributes of the 9 vibration. In addition, the inflexible, intolerant, impatient, self-opinionated and peremptory qualities natural to a One personality are considerably diminished and refined by the many magnanimous qualities of the 9 vibration. The 9 aspect changes a personal outlook on life into a relatively impersonal and worldwide outlook. It also introduces wisdom, generosity, compassion, judgment, idealism, broadmindedness, humanism, personal magnetism, cultural and spiritual values and the ability to recover and re-establish from any setbacks in fortune. Normal weaknesses of the 9 vibration such as indecision, postponement, impressionability, lack of concentration, impracticality and restlessness all disappear under the power of the 1 aspect of the personality. The 9 aspect of the Nineteen maybe the ameliorating force but the 1 aspect will always be the controlling force.

An Eight/Nineteen partnership will not be one of complementary opposites in which talents and characteristics that are weak or missing in one are strong in the other. Rather, it will be one in which similarities outnumber and overpower any complementary features. In addition, these similarities tend towards confrontation rather than harmonious interaction. While the thought of keeping anyone under their control would not enter their minds, Nineteens would instinctively assume a superior role in any relationship, and in most instances their partners will accept this position. However, with positive Eights a contest of wills will be unavoidable. Neither partner is likely to give way in an open confrontation. Their choice will lie between a competitive relationship in which both partners intentionally and unintentionally hurt each other or a partnership in which their enormous talents are utilised for the common good. As both personalities perform at their best when they can claim sole responsibility for a task, strictly defined areas of responsibility will be their only alternative. Eights who are touched by varying degrees of negativity may give way to the Nineteen with reluctance in private, but still try to maintain a facade of authority before others.

The social life of these partners may begin among the conservative elements of society, but end in slightly different directions. The Eight is likely to remain within the conservative fold while the Nineteen extends into friendships with people from all walks of life. Eights are not socially adventurous because they take little interest in other people’s affairs, especially when they are unconnected with their own vocations or avocations. They prefer to take advantage of their specially selected social contacts to advance their established public and recreational occupations rather than move among a variety of people for entertainment and expansion of general knowledge. Even in social life, specialisation is more important to them than diversification. The Nineteen is a balanced combination of the conservative, the romantic, the adventurer, and is also much less likely to become locked into a set behaviour pattern. They are not so much adventuresome in the physical sense as in the mental and spiritual sense. Consequently, many of their social contacts will be among individuals and groups interested in the enjoyment and advancement of cultural and humanitarian pursuits. Moving in a general social scene as a couple Eights and Nineteens are not likely to share the limelight. Unless there is something of direct interest to them, Eights would withdraw and let the Nineteens occupy the spotlight. In whatever situation these personalities find themselves they are not types that merge or stand aloof from the crowd, rather invariably standing above or looming a little larger than the crowd.

These are by no means talkative partners who enjoy inconsequential chatter in each other’s company. Conversation in private and in general company will be confined to practical and productive matters, particularly by the Eight partner, yet readily accepted by the Nineteen. In addition, the Nineteen will embark on experimental, innovative, educational and humanitarian topics. Their broader vision, applied discreetly, will expand the Eight’s perspectives which often becomes constricted by habitual attention to material success. Depending on the type of Eight in terms of negativity or positivity these persons could become defensively entrenched in their own ideas or dogmatically insistent on their opinions being accepted without discussion or contradiction. This attitude will not be tolerated by a Nineteen partner who is much more aware of variety, inconsistency and changeability in the nature of things. Many strong arguments can be expected in which emotional body language will be used extensively by both parties. More often than not, Nineteens will hold an advantage in these verbal contests as their oral talents are more extensive. The 9 vibration, in fact, offers the potential for considerable oratorical accomplishment. It also provides a reasonable level of objectivity which enables them to handle personal issues devoid of inhibiting qualities of pride or a misguided sense of dignity.

Due to their individualistic natures these partners cannot stand spending too much time with any one person. Hence, a certain amount of time spent apart during their non-working hours will be beneficial to their individual wellbeing and incidentally to their relationship. Nevertheless, an effort should be made by both for an equal amount of time to be spent together for the enrichment of the intimate and friendship aspect of their relationship. If a conscious effort is not made in this direction their temperaments are such that the former course of action is more likely to be followed than the latter. Both should remember to alternate periods of activity with periods of leisure rather than continue on with their lives in business and recreation at an even tempo. It is seldom easy to persuade these highly competitive and enthusiastic individuals, who feel most alive when busily engaged in some activity, to slow down and take a break from their accelerated lifestyle. The Eight, in particular, may get caught up in a favourite pattern and show considerable reluctance to come out of it.

A noticeable difference in their attitudes to material possessions will be evident in the financial side of life. While both partners are good money managers their methods of handling money differ, but not to degree that could cause problems. Eights derive a sense of power and security from a sound financial position. Their aim in life is not only to preserve this condition at all costs, but also to work towards its steady enlargement. It is the destiny of almost all Eights to acquire wealth through their own efforts. Hence, their natural reaction is the assignment of a high value on their hard-earned wealth. They are generous with their advice, but not necessarily with their money, and those who are wise enough to seek their advice derive enormous benefits. Nineteens are more enterprising in their investments and generous in their spending. There is a stronger feeling of optimism and fellowship in these personalities which frees them from over-concern with security and for the privileges of wealth and power. While they are by no means indifferent to material possessions and the freedom of action that comes with prosperity, this aspect of life is not treated as their highest priority. Material wealth is not seen as the only means for maintaining self-esteem and the enjoyment of life in all its manifold facets. Their destiny ensures that they are provided for, more than adequately, for all their needs. They can be approached for financial help by anyone who is genuinely in need, and due to a strong idealistic element in their nature they do not usually expect tangible responses for their generosity.

While many Eights appear as powerful figures in public life they are emotionally vulnerable in their intimate lives. They could unconsciously remain on guard to protect their fragile sentiments. Often too frightened that they could lose something of their cherished individuality and sense of personal dignity they fail to nurture an intimate relationship with their loved ones. More often than not they inhibit spontaneity by too constant an analysis of the reasons why they should or should not do things. Nineteens are in a better position to act spontaneously. Though subject to self-examination, they do not fall into the habit of self-protection. Self-improvement is the positive result of self-study by the Nineteen. As Eights are self-conscious individuals who are unable to open out adequately it may be left to the Nineteen to introduce intimacy and romance into their relationship.


Please refer to the chapter on the 2nd and 8th birthdays. Compatibility between Eights and Twenties and Eights and Twos will be almost the same. Apart from a slight emphasis on Two characteristics in the Twenty there is no difference between Twos and Twenties. The slight emphasis is due to the presence of the Zero. Positive Twenties will be slightly stronger than positive Twos while negative Twenties may express their negativity with greater emphasis.


Please refer to the chapter on 8th and 21st birthdays. Compatibility between Eights and Twenty-Ones will be the same as that between Eights and Twelves.


Eighth and Twenty-Second birthdays are exceptional in the sense that the vibrations controlling both can be identified by a single outstanding attribute, namely, that of unqualified power. Their combination will be nothing less than the mobilisation of far-reaching power in all levels of expression. However, this is easier said than done when applied to human beings and their relationships. The natural tendency of such forces will be to confront and counteract each other rather than interact to form a single powerful union. Furthermore, the power that is latent in the 8 and 22 vibrations could be manifested in either positive (constructive) or negative (destructive) ways, or in varied mixtures of the two conditions. Consequently, there is a considerable diversity in the personality structure of Eight and Twenty-Two individuals and in their combinations. Such diversity tends to complicate rather than contribute towards their chances of compatibility. The force that ensures a positive attitude is symbolised by the number 1. When this number is the whole or part of the birthday a positive mentality is automatic. When it is not, as in the case of Eight and Twenty-Two personalities, its presence in the birth month is essential. The basic personality structure formed by the vibration or vibrations of the birthday is qualified quite noticeably by the vibration of the birth month and to a lesser degree by those of the birth year and points of influence in the name. Regardless of the conditions of Eights and Twenty-Twos in terms of positivity or negativity their temperaments remain uncompromising, thus reducing their chances of a close relationship on the basis of cooperation, concession and intimacy.

The personality structure of the Eight is formed by an even number representing a receptive vibration functioning on the emotional plane. One would therefore expect to meet in the Eight an emotionally demonstrative individual displaying normal receptive characteristics of companionship, group orientation, cooperation, sociability, calmness, adaptability, agreeability, diffidence and a preference for supporting or secondary roles to one of leadership and decision making. However, the 8 vibration is quite exceptional in the sense that it contains several attributes that are much more consistent with odd numbers or active forces. As active qualities are always dynamic and conspicuous the receptive features within the Eight personality are thrust into the background. Consequently, Eights project the image of authoritative and ambitious individuals derived from their conviction that their natural role is to occupy supervisory, executive and administrative positions in public life and ruling positions in private life. Negative Eights excepted, this is a true image and a well founded belief as the personality is endowed with willpower, leadership, decision, judgment, steadfastness, strength of purpose and organisational and administrative talents that cannot be held back for long by environmental conditions. Backed up by such superior characteristics the average Eight seldom feels the need to place limitations on their ambitions. Negative Eights possess the same desires and talents for personal power, fame and material wealth, but they lack the confidence, decision and diplomacy to achieve the same measure of success as their positive counterparts. The aggressive image many negative Eights project is usually a false front as the inner person is usually fearful, insecure, dependent and over-sensitive. Unlike subjects of other receptive forces Eights are not drawn to homemaking as a career. Their nature is that of the builder. They set out to build business organisations or careers in public service, and to do so they claim freedom of action in public life and freedom from domestic duties. While holding overall authority in the home they expect their partners or a third party to take over all domestic duties. On the material level they are totally dependable providers and generous supporters of the educational and other material needs of their dependants. The expectation by all Eights is that their partners will or should submit to their overall authority as well as take sole responsibility for household management will be promptly rejected by most Twenty-Two partners. In some instances Eights will discover that they have met their match in the Twenty-Two, and others instances, their superior.

The number 22 represents a master vibration in which attributes of the full range of vibrations symbolised by single digits, and the master vibration 11, are united in a single far-reaching and powerful force. However, this tremendous accumulation of power still requires the consolidating and motivating power of the 1 vibration if it’s to be harnessed and used as a cohesive force. Otherwise its attributes will be too loosely held together for maximum use of its potential. Twenty-Twos born in the 1st, 10th, 11th and 12th months can draw upon the unlimited resources of their birth force. The personality of the positive Twenty-Two is a mixture of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life which is held in balance by the stable and self-possessed attributes of the 1 vibration. These Twenty-Twos act naturally without the need to advertise themselves or project any sort of image in order to reach their goals or to gain the admiration of others. In many instances the degree in which Twenty-Twos work towards their maximum depends on their social, cultural and economic backgrounds. The fine balance of the positive Twenty-Two is disturbed in those with varying degrees of negativity. The first casualty could be their spirituality which is usually eclipsed by an excess of materialism and desire for power and prestige. Other negative features such as loss of self-confidence, poor self-esteem, selfishness, and in some instances hypersensitivity are covered up by a posture of self-assertiveness and self-promotion. They do not necessarily lose their practical talents, but their ability to get along with people is impaired, and this in turn slows down their progress. Twenty-Twos who do not function on the high register of the master vibration fall back to the level of the solid and functional 4 vibration. These Twenty-Twos have more in common with their Eight partners with much better chances of compatibility due to their mutual interest in the practical side of life to the exclusion of the abstract. While a positive Eight is in many ways a superior personality, positive Twenty-Twos are in every way superior personalities. Alternatively, a negative Eight makes a difficult and demanding partner, and a negative Twenty-Two could be even more difficult and demanding. A policy of compromise, conciliation and cooperation between Eight and Twenty-Two couples cannot be predicted with certainty. Positive Twenty-Twos can be set apart from Eights and Four/Twenty-Twos in regard to their approach to life in general. What distinguishes the two groups is the orientation of the former towards impersonal, humanitarian and spiritual activities on a far-reaching scale and the orientation of the latter towards material gain, social status and supremacy over others. Positive Twenty-Twos may not engage in the conscious pursuit of power and fame, yet they acquire both as by-products of selfless service. What both groups have in common is the capacity for hard work and the desire to be accountable as little as possible to others for their actions. They do not depend on others for assistance and handouts or hope for good fortune to come their way. Instead, they set about using their own talents to realise their ambitions. They usually finish up as self-made people. The positive individuals inevitably achieve more than those with traces of negativity. As involvement in public affairs will be much more attractive to these personalities than attachment to a domestic way of life restlessness and domineering attitudes could develop if their role is reversed by conditions beyond their control. Resentment at being confined or cornered into a position that prevents them taking up challenges in public life usually creates a hardening of the personality.

The leadership issue will create an ongoing problem in an Eight/Twenty-Two relationship. Positive partners will feel no need whatever to make concessions in decision making while negative partners, despite an indecisive nature, would interpret even diplomatic endeavours by their partners to apply their influence as an insult to their sense of dignity.

Unwillingness to conform to standards, rules and procedures set by others will be carried by both partners into their social activities as well. While they would not be prepared to change their behaviour to conform to the demands of any person or group of persons they would expect individuals and groups to change and comply with their own. However, this seldom becomes a problem as Eights and Twenty-Twos are usually conservative people who abide by and uphold social standards. Their disagreements arise with those who deviate from the general norm. They pay a good deal of attention to keeping up appearances as it is important to them that they appear successful and prosperous. As they do not feel at ease in company of people whose interests are unrelated to their own they make sure that they move among people who are the same as they are. Positive Twenty-Twos are the exception. They choose an unconventional and non-conformist course in social activity. Generally indifferent to social status due to a keen interest in human nature and human living conditions they gather around them a large and diverse collection of friends and acquaintances. They do not see any distinction between one person and another, whatever their social, cultural or economic condition may be. While Eights and Four/Twenty-Twos work towards upholding the establishment positive Twenty-Twos work towards improving and expanding human living conditions.

The Eight’s imagination, curiosity, enthusiasm and support are seldom extended outside their specialised interests. The concentration of the energies of a single vibration, on the one hand, accounts for their success in their chosen fields; on the other hand, it does not present the Eight as a versatile individual or an accomplished entertainer and consummate conversationalist. An Eight usually tries to monopolise conversation by turning it around to some field in which he or she is especially at home, and this is usually a business interest or a special avocation. While it is difficult to entice the Eight into light-hearted general conversation many Twenty-Twos willingly engage in a variety of topics. They could also change without effort from discussing simple everyday matters to profound abstract issues. On such occasions they may enter realms of thought quite foreign to their materialistic Eight partners and look to others with whom they could communicate on an equal level. However, communication between Eights and Twenty-Twos (who motivate as strong Fours) will remain uninterrupted and mutually beneficial as it will be confined to practical, profitable and down-to-earth matters. Body language of Eights and Twenty-Twos will be restricted and their voices will invariably be low-pitched, because demonstrative displays of emotion are embarrassing to both. As both are also reluctant to expose their sentiments romantic exchanges will be few and far between. Their love is demonstrated by action rather than words.

The choice of hobbies and other recreational activities will be governed by the clearly defined horizons of the Eight and the limitless horizons of the Twenty-Two. The highly competitive spirit of the Eight is not exhausted by business interests alone but is also carried into their leisure activities. As the ideal conditions in which it could be given full rein is the sporting arena, most Eights will be attracted to a variety of sport as players, coaches and administrators. They seldom take up home oriented hobbies nor are they attracted as enthusiastically to cultural and spiritual matters. Nor is it is unusual to find some Eights without any hobby other than their business interests. Twenty-Twos, on the other hand, are curious, experimental and versatile individuals who could compartmentalise their various activities so as to give each one their due attention. They do not rely on external agents for entertainment and self-fulfilment, and so will cultivate and exploit their own resources. It is practically impossible to suggest what a Twenty-Two may engage in during their spare time. They are people who are fascinated by the unusual and bored by the commonplace and therefore find hobbies within the full range of physical, mental and spiritual levels of activity. It will be sufficient to say that their days would never be long enough to satisfy all their interests. Boredom will be an unknown experience as they regularly make changes in their lifestyle to avoid stagnation.

The financial side of this partnership is not likely to cause any real problems as all Eights and Twenty-Twos are very competent money managers. Financial security will be established by diligent effort. Both partners will be inclined to measure life in terms of material wealth and the privileges it carries. They are not gamblers, speculators or reckless spenders. In domestic affairs they could draw up a generous but realistic budget and live comfortably within it. However, some positive Twenty-Twos could be disdainful of financial security and material possessions and apply their energies and financial resources to humanitarian and charitable causes.

For several reasons Eight and Twenty-Two partners are not likely to form a sentimental and romantic relationship. Their need to express individual authority and independent action is ultimately more precious to them than an intertwined and interdependent relationship. Their tendency to involve themselves deeply in their chosen projects ensures success, but it does so at the expense of quality time for enjoyment of each other’s company and that of their dependants. Eights especially are susceptible to this course of action. Some Twenty-Twos, however, may not make the mistake of being or participating in any one thing to such an extent that other important things get neglected. The realisation that an effort has to be made to spend quality time with their loved ones dawns naturally on these Twenty-Twos, but most Eights and other Twenty-Twos have to be pulled out of their pre-occupation with objective life and gently reminded that there is a subjective or tender aspect of life to be nurtured and enjoyed.


While most birthday combinations include a mixture of similar and dissimilar features there are some with predominantly similar or altogether dissimilar features. The 8th and 23rd combination is an accurate example of straight out dissimilarity. If Eight and Twenty-Three personalities are initially attracted to each other on the basis of attraction of opposites, an extraordinary range of personality adjustments on the part of both will be required. This could be a tall order as willingness to make even moderate concessions is against the grain of both due to their strict individuality and the contrary nature of the vibrations forming their personality structures. In the first instance, the basic personality of the Eight is the embodiment of the attributes of a single vibration while that of the Twenty-Three represents the interaction of the attributes of no less than three vibrations. The direct result is the uniform, distinct and predictable personality of the Eight and the multiform, flexible and mercurial personality of the Twenty-Three. Further differences arise when the degrees of positivity and negativity are examined in any given combination. Positivity indicates the possession of self-confidence, self-esteem, self-sufficiency, decision, strength of purpose and a clear sense of direction. Negativity is the deficiency or absence of many of these attributes. The agency that generates these essential features is the 1 vibration. Positivity is therefore assured when this vibration is found in the birth month as this is the strongest point of influence upon the basic personality formed by the vibration or vibrations of the birthday. Eights and Twenty-Threes born in the 1st, 10th, 11th and 12th months should, without doubt, be positive personalities unless an extremely harsh background has temporarily taken away their confidence in themselves. They should be in a position to overcome such adverse conditioning and proceed to make maximum use of the potential of their birth force. Others may reveal a mixture of positive and negative tendencies. While many obstacles stand in the way of compatibility between positive Eight and positive Twenty-Three couples there would be many more if one or both are inclined overmuch towards negativity.

The 8 vibration is one that is almost wholly geared into the material world. Wealth, power, fame and name in public or business life await the ambitious Eight. Pure Eight personalities such as those born on the 8th day could easily become engrossed in their high ambitions in external affairs and to the degree that they do so they forfeit intimate interaction with their partners and dependants. A very special effort has to be made to avoid this automatic tendency and to arrive at a proper balance between personal and public spheres of life. Some typical Eight characteristics which create this state of affairs are enthusiasm for work, centralisation of their talents, determination to succeed, emotional involvement in all their efforts, resentment of interference and a constructive mind which is not distracted by a vivid imagination. All Eights are excellent providers who take great pride not only in their own achievements but also in the successes of their family members. Domestic duties however do not attract their interest. Most Eights undertake the larger issues and look to their partners or a third party to attend to household duties. In a relationship with a Twenty-Three the help of a third party will be the best solution as this partner will not willingly fit into a domestic scene either. In the absence of a third party the division of domestic duties and the maintenance of an orderly home could become a contentious issue. The Eight has extraordinary talents for leadership, organisation and administration, but these talents are reserved for expression on a wide scale in external life. Confined to a domestic scene by special circumstances Eights could run their homes in a businesslike manner that would take away much of the freedom, warmth and relaxation one expects in home life.

The 23rd day produces a basic Five personality qualified by the 2 and 3 vibrations (2 + 3 = 5). As there is a lot in common between the 2, 3 and 5 vibrations the basic 5 qualities in the integral Twenty-Three are expanded and intensified rather than tempered and modified. The Twenty-Three is a physically, mentally and emotionally active and vibrant personality. Freedom of thought, speech and action are their most essential needs. They are imaginative, versatile and adaptable individuals who cannot be dominated, restrained or confined to rules and regulations set by others, particularly a partner in life. They seldom set rules for themselves or others, instead getting their way as skilful manipulators who use a natural charm, optimism, good humour and verbal dexterity. Found in a tight situation they would turn elusive rather than confrontational. The methodical, meticulous and straightforward Eight is certain to find the Twenty-Three’s causal and mercurial mentality most aggravating. The variety of speech and action introduced the Twenty-Three may often be too much for the Eight’s uncomplicated temperament. However, for all their easygoing ways Twenty-Threes are exceptionally perceptive and alert people with surprisingly fast reflexes. The direct outcome of their multiform personality is the tendency to be attracted to several things at the same time. Consequently, they experience difficulty concentrating deeply for long, remaining in one place for long, or putting up with the same company for long. Nor can they resist the temptation to effect minor and major changes in their lifestyle at frequent intervals. Although eminently capable of performing all household tasks, these duties, varied and challenging as they may be, will not be regarded as their whole life path. Rather, the gathering of experiences in all aspects of life will be regarded as their true destiny.

The social needs and the general conduct in society of Eights and Twenty-Threes will also expose their different temperaments. While both maintain their identity as free and independent individuals their conduct in group activity will indicate discrimination and reserve on the part of the Eight and curiosity and spontaneity by the Twenty-Three. For their own wellbeing and the furtherance of their business interests, social status is important to the Eight. The little time Eights spare from their busy working life for socialising will be given to a small circle of old and trusted friends. Their friendships usually develop within their vocations and avocations as very little outside their special interests attracts the Eight’s curiosity. Twenty-Threes, on the other hand, give much more of their time for social activity and thrive on an extended range of friends and acquaintances gathered from all walks of life. While Eights prefer to move among people who are the same as they are, and often take pains to avoid others, Twenty-Threes enjoy interaction with people who are different and seize any opportunity for making new acquaintances. Inevitably, they fail to cultivate the same depth of friendship as do the Eights. Twenty-Threes could quickly drop into place in a social scene and play the role of participant and observer simultaneously but Eights take time to assess their situation and choose one or the other with much less impact in terms of flexibility, adaptability, humour and light-hearted conversation.

Communication between Eight and Twenty-Three partners will continue to confirm their unequal dispositions. Deliberation versus spontaneity will be the obvious difference. The reason for the Eight’s deliberative ways is not merely their precise, constructive and practical thinking, but also the fact that the 8 vibration does not provide word power, fluency of speech or a colourful imagination. Their speech, however, cannot be misunderstood as their opinions, instructions and orders are given out in brief and precise sentences and authoritative body language that commands attention and usually weighs down opposition. Their emotions are deliberately held in check as loss of control inhibits their limited fluency with words. In contrast, the Twenty-Three’s speech reflects a gift for words, a powerful imagination and a youthful sense of humour. Their body language is animated and infectious. Eights withdraw once they have had their say, but Twenty-Threes continue to hold the centre of attention. The Eight’s fondness for delayed decision and the Twenty-Three’s tendency towards impulsive decision may result in frequent verbal clashes. Neither will give way. Proud Eights will always be too sure of their own ground while confident Twenty-Threes will be secure in their capacity to indulge in argument and counter argument. Eights should learn to accept the fact that others too have valid opinions, while Twenty-Threes should know when to stop talking and start listening if they wish to be taken seriously.

Eights, in general, may be described as people of action and Twenty-Threes as people of activity. In other words Eights choose to do one thing at a time and that is usually within a limited number of projects. They seldom look for novelty but concentrate on developing expertise in their chosen undertakings. Their proud and competitive spirit is unwilling to accept second best in any form of competition. Twenty-Threes could involve themselves in more than one thing at a time within a wide range of interests. They do not hesitate when something new is presented to them as they are always open to new experiences. They are quick learners who acquire above average skills in whatever they engage in, but frequent changes can be expected as the temptation to try new adventures will always be too strong to resist. Several aspects of their nature often demand action at the same time. Their fine sensitivity, curiosity and alert and vibrant nature seek outlets in music, dance, drama, sport and social intercourse. Their habit of making frequent changes and seeking fresh adventures in order to avoid boredom will be resented by an Eight partner. Unless a special effort is made these partners may not spend much time together during their leisure periods. The Eight’s dedication and emotional involvement in whatever they undertake and the variety of the Twenty-Three’s activities will prevent them from taking up a mutual interest.

As their standards of value vary considerably an ongoing conflict over money matters is inevitable. While the average Eight is not pessimistic over their financial position they cannot be said to be optimistic either. They are judicious spenders and cautious money managers. They spend generously on their loved ones provided full value is received for their money. Negative Eights are fearful, acquisitive and close-fisted. While Eights consider many options before parting with their money Twenty-Threes are spontaneous and impulsive spenders. Their natural tendency to look on the bright side of things relieves them of anxiety over money matters. Money goes out as fast as it comes in, and in some cases faster than it comes in. They are ever ready to take chances and saving for a rainy day is usually beyond their capacity. However, they are seldom without spending power as they use their ingenuity to make money one way or another. Eights put everything they have into building a prosperous life, but in the event of an unforeseen collapse their capacity to recover and rebuild is limited. Twenty-Threes can bounce back and start over again with little regret or recrimination over past mistakes or ill fortune.

Attempts to establish some degree of compatibility may be frustrated by their different levels of tolerance and self-control. Eights may view the Twenty-Three’s free and easy attitude towards life in general with open disdain and try to convert them to their conservative ways without agreeing to any concessions of their own. Twenty-Threes similarly remain indifferent to and critical of the Eight’s circumspect ways. Unlike the Eight they would not bother to convert their partners, but would rather insist on their personal freedom to live their lives in their own style. More often than not Eights hide their real feelings while Twenty-Threes freely demonstrate their sentiments. What an Eight partner may consider adequate demonstration of affection may be quite inadequate to a demonstrative Twenty-Three. Maintaining what they deem is their personal dignity is often more important to the Eight than exposing their inner feelings while Twenty-Threes have no such inhibitions. Eights expect their loved ones to belong to them, but they do not wish to belong to their loved ones. Despite their several differences certain changes must inevitably take place in the personality of each partner in the long term. Although their basic personality patterns remain unchanged Eights may broaden their interests through the contagious enthusiasm and vibrant nature of the Twenty-Three and in turn exercise a steadying influence upon the Twenty-Three.


A birthday combination made up of even numbers or receptive vibrations is invariably an indication of empathy, accord and understanding. The non-aggressive, conciliatory and peaceful nature of receptive forces establishes these conditions. The 8th and 24th combination covers the full range of receptive forces and is therefore an ideal study of their interaction. As in all aspects of life there are exceptions to the general rule, and given certain conditions the 8 vibration could operate as an exception. It could deviate from typical receptive tendencies and reveal characteristics that are comparable to active forces such as aggressiveness, competition, egotism, pride, dominance and noncooperation. However, this aspect of the 8 vibration will be evoked only when matched against similar features. As such traits are not present in the Twenty-Four interaction with this partner will evoke, for the most part, the benign or receptive side of the Eight. At the same time the 2, 4 and 6 vibrations that form the personality of the Twenty-Four (2 + 4 = 6), both individually and collectively, could reveal characteristics such as resistance, stubbornness and uncompromising attitudes in special circumstances. For all their kindly nature Twenty-Fours cannot be oppressed and treated as doormats. A logical, realistic and resolute temperament will be revealed to someone who foolishly attempts to take undue advantage of them. However, before this happens there are other traits in the Twenty-Four that give ample forewarning that their simple goodness cannot be mistaken for weakness.

Eights and Twenty-Fours are certain to be attracted to each other in the conviction that most of their values and expectations are either similar or complementary. Their initial assessments will be amply justified as their relationship progresses. Positivity on the part of both parties will have the most beneficial influence upon their intimate relations as well as their material welfare. There can be no limits to which positive couples could reach in both aspects of life. However, if one or both are tinged with varying degrees of negativity progress will be slowed down. The 8th and 24th birthdays do not in themselves guarantee positivity despite their several splendid attributes. The essentials that ensure this condition are contained chiefly in the 1 vibration. A clear sense of purpose, a firm sense of direction, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-reliance, leadership, willpower and the ability to make instant decisions when necessary are some of these essential qualities. The vibration or vibrations of the birth month have the strongest influence upon the basic personality formed by the birthday. Positivity can therefore be expected in Eights and Twenty-Fours born in the 1st, 10th, 11th and 12th months. Positive attitudes are not as strong when the 1 vibration operates in the birth year or name. If it forms the destiny number (which is the sum total arrived at after adding each and every number of the whole birthday) the personality is expected to make every effort to acquire and demonstrate positive attitudes. To the degree that positive features are weak or absent will they be replaced by negative features such as lack of self-confidence, sensitivity, poor self-esteem, easily hurt feelings, introversion and lack of drive and enterprise. An individual with a single digit birthday such as an Eight could, in addition, become exposed to another form of negativity when the same number or vibration is repeated in the birth month. This overloading of a single vibration blocks out other forces that could open out the personality, and consequently creates a rigid or lop-sided personality structure. The 2 and 5 vibration in the birth month could also create an unbalanced personality due to the overloading of emotional forces. In the case of the Twenty-Four a repetition of the 2, 4 or 6 vibrations in the birth month will strengthen that aspect of the personality rather than create an overloading. The multiple dimensions of the birthday preclude the creation of an unevenly balanced personality. While the basic Eight is confined to the emotional plane, the basic Twenty-Four operates with freedom through the physical (4), the emotional (2) and the mental (6) levels of expression.

The Eight’s defensive, competitive and assertive tendencies are not likely to be evoked in a relationship with a Twenty-Four as they will not be dealing with a rival, competitor or one with an obsession to lead, but rather with a helper, supporter, guardian and counsellor. However, certain other dynamic qualities of the Eight will remain in force and be made use of to their mutual advantage. The natural bent of all Eights is to take overall charge of any situation in which they find themselves. This is caused by the 8 vibration’s attributes of authority, ambition, concentration, willpower, self-reliance, desire for leadership, natural talents for organisation and administration, considerable practical knowledge and an unwavering ambition for the acquisition of material wealth, fame and name by their own efforts. Relative to their degrees of positivity or negativity and environmental conditioning these characteristics emerge in all Eights. The direct result of their dedication to high achievement in public life is the vacuum that is often created in the domestic scene. Day-to-day household tasks and family responsibilities are not allowed to stand between themselves and their careers. While public life is the Eight’s natural theatre of action, home is the Twenty-Four’s centre of gravity. Twenty-Fours nevertheless can enter a variety of professions or engage in business without severing their attachment to home and family life. While Eights are attracted to money-making and prestigious occupations Twenty-Fours turn to the helping professions and businesses dealing with food, accommodation and household products. Twenty-Fours who willingly undertake homemaking as a career make an outstanding success of it. Their secret of success is contentment. Eights managing the home become frustrated, restless, troublesome and dictatorial. While Twenty-Fours provide warmth and comfort Eights could introduce an excess of discipline.

The typical active features used by Eights in the execution of their public duties are not necessarily expressed in social interaction. A social scene may see them as mildly extroverted and conservative people. They may participate in group activity without dependence or attachment to any faction, and certainly not as followers or admirers of a particular individual or group of individuals. But, the truth is that their busy lives leave very little time for socialising. To overcome this problem many Eights combine certain aspects of their business with social activity. In addition, their limited number of friendships are usually formed within their business circles and within their special avocations. It is not easy to get an Eight interested in anything that is not directly or indirectly related to their own affairs. They are not socially inquisitive or enterprising and often take pains to avoid the limelight when they are unavoidably in the company of assorted personality types. Outside their circle they may be seen as distant and unapproachable individuals, but within their circle they are invariably looked upon as knowledgeable, helpful and desirable contacts. As companionship, affability, helpfulness and friendliness are among the prominent features of receptive forces the Twenty-Four projects an unmistakable aura of sociability in its most accomplished form. As the law of attraction operates within all receptive forces the Twenty-Four, who is a composite of three such forces, attracts people of all conditions and age groups. Their fatherly or motherly image attracts the young and unsettled while their willingness to contribute to the welfare of the community attracts all others. Endowed with a natural capacity to cope with the affairs of others they take a genuine interest in people. While an Eight neighbour may not be well known in the locality a Twenty-Four will be a popular figure in the neighbourhood. The only occasions when Twenty-Fours could arouse the ire of their Eight partners will be when they take too much of other peoples’ problems upon themselves and when they over-do hospitality in the home. Twenty-Fours on the other hand may be disturbed when the Eight reveals commercial or mercenary motives in some of their friendships.

Eights and Twenty-Fours are not voluble talkers who often get lost in a maze of subtleties or entangled in argument and counter argument. Nor are they distracted by fanciful or impracticable ideas. Both possess constructive minds that give out workable ideas in plain and unambiguous speech. However, the conversion of all their thoughts into words is not as essential to the Eight as it is to the Twenty-Four. Once they have made their decisions Eights proceed directly into action after briefly explaining their plans while Twenty-Fours prefer to talk over their plans before proceeding into action. Oral communication between these partners will, more often than not, be initiated and kept up by the Twenty-Four. There isn’t a great deal of difference in the form of approach one should take with the other. Reasoning with an Eight is a matter of arousing their sense of practicality and profit as well their sense of pride, while reasoning with a Twenty-Four should take in, not only their own sense of practicality, but also their strong sense of fair play and authenticity. Eights are subject to a greater degree of frustration if their views are challenged and could, on occasions, resort to angry demonstrations of their feelings in loud speech and unrestrained body language. Such outbursts may be experienced by others but seldom, if at all, by their Twenty-Four partner whose placid and unflappable nature is unlikely to evoke such reactions, unless a very negative Eight is involved.

A major problem created by Eights and faced by their partners is the difficulty Eights display in breaking away from their preoccupation with their careers or business interests. Not only is their social life and family togetherness reduced as a consequence, but also the time available for a personal hobby and recreational diversions is considerably shortened. The reality is that Eights more than others need physical outlets for release of tensions and frustrations built up during working hours. Most Eights, therefore, spend the little free time available to them in some form of competitive sport. The challenges they encounter in public life are not always sufficient to exhaust their competitive spirit. Home based hobbies are seldom taken up with the result that a mutual interest with a partner such as a Twenty-Four, who is attracted to home based pastimes, is not usually developed. Twenty-Fours maintain a strict balance between work and recreation – the two aspects of life are never allowed to intrude upon each other. Anything and everything in and around the home occupies the Twenty-Four’s interest. A combination of a constructive mind, manual dexterity, curiosity, patience and persistence makes them expert handypersons. They do not hesitate to try their hands at anything that offers a practical challenge. Professional help in home maintenance and repairs will be sought only as a last resort. All Twenty-Fours enjoy time in the kitchen as cooking can certainly become one of their favourite pastimes. They are also community oriented people who volunteer their services to schools, churches and other local bodies. This is one area Eights and Twenty-Fours could involve themselves as a team. The Eight contributes their motivational and administrative talents and the Twenty-Four, their benevolent and practical services.

In all financial matters these are totally like-minded people. If there is any difference it would be the Eight’s inclination to leave all day-to-day money matters in the hands of the Twenty-Four, and the Twenty-Four’s willingness to undertake this task. Joint bank accounts can be held in the secure knowledge that one or the other would not resort to extravagant spending, gambling, speculation or fall victim to importunate demands on their generosity by others; also in the knowledge that each would make every effort to contribute towards its increase. Both partners believe that charity begins at home. The Twenty-Four, in addition, believes that it should not stay there, and so should be extended to the deserving needy. However, their generosity is not based on sentiment or impulse, but more on genuine need. As Eights are fond of maintaining a high public image, and in many instances this is essential, their personal expenses may be somewhat more than what a Twenty-Four would spend on themselves. But this is unlikely to give rise to resentment on their part. Twenty-Fours gain pleasure from simple and often inexpensive things of life, and much money is saved by their thrifty nature and ability to do things for themselves.

Compatible as many couples may appear in terms of their birthdays, in reality they cannot escape taking certain precautions in order to nurture and preserve their love and harmony. Eights and Twenty-Fours are no exceptions. A sense of complacency could easily develop in most Eights. They should therefore be constantly mindful of the need to meet out to their Twenty-Four partners the love, companionship and appreciation they deserve. Often too busy making a good material life for themselves and their loved ones, Eights may unwittingly become prisoners of their ambitions and neglect, not only family togetherness, but their own development as complete human beings. Twenty-Fours who have been taken for granted by their Eight partners could be partly responsible for their position. While Eights are adept at delegating duties Twenty-Fours tend to take too much upon themselves. Much too often do they do things in order to avoid argument or because it is expected of them, or in the belief that things will be left undone if they do not attend to them. They should not be doing things for others which others should be capable of doing for themselves. For the Twenty-Four, home and family could develop into their principal source of happiness or unhappiness depending on how they manage their partner and other family members.


In a search for two personalities cast in different moulds and operating on different wavelengths one cannot go past a pair born on the 8th and 25th days. Attributes of the 8 vibration are of a mature nature that resists the influence of other forces, whether internal or external. Their unqualified state in the 8th day and the Eight personality strengthens this resistance and creates a resolute, uniform and unmistakable individuality. Vibrations from other points of influence in the birth date and name may extend their horizons, but they do not change the essential Eight temperament. The image projected by an Eight is one of authority and command over circumstances. This image could be genuine or false depending on whether the individual is positively or negatively geared. It nevertheless deters others from approaching them in either a familiar or intrusive manner. Anyone foolish or careless enough to ignore the obvious will be soon put in their place. A positive Eight will do so with a mixture of firmness and consideration while a negative Eight could be abrupt and inconsiderate. The 25th day produces a qualified Seven personality (2 + 5 = 7). The interaction of three vibrations in a multiple digit birthday is always an indication of multiple facets or outlets for self-expression. The condition is intensified and expanded when these vibrations are of a very diverse nature as in the case of the 2, 5 and 7. Compared with the uniform Eight, the Twenty-Five emerges as a multiform, versatile, adaptable, mercurial, unpredictable and ultimately as an inexplicable personality. Their characteristics cannot be easily specified. If a particular feature or propensity is attributed to a Twenty-Five the opposite could also emerge under different conditions. It would be unwise to anticipate or take for granted their actions and reactions. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements mingle simultaneously, and changing conditions could emphasise or activate any one into a stronger expression.

People are generally attracted to one another on the basis of their similarity, or they may come together on the basis of the extent to which their needs, abilities and personality traits are interchangeable. While the first possibility can hardly be applied to Eights and Twenty-Fives the second cannot be seriously considered either. Opposites may have affinities, but only when one supplies what the other lacks and needs, but this cannot be said to be the position in an Eight/Twenty-Five relationship. As the natural urge of the Eight is to take overall charge of all situations in which they find themselves and then proceed to delegate duties to others, they are never willing to share responsibility or cooperate in equal partnerships. Subordinate positions may hold young Eights for a short period of time but sooner or later they work their way into supervisory or managerial positions or strike out on their own. Twenty-Five partners will not put up with any attempts by the Eight to dominate them as freedom of thought, action and movement are the most vital elements of their constitution. Their policy is to allow others the same freedom they demand for themselves. As the Eight will be reluctant to make the personality adjustment needed to establish a balanced distribution of authority and responsibility a state of conflict may be an ongoing feature. Absorbed in their naturally authoritative mentality Eights fail to see why they should surrender or share with others their right to lead, organise and administer their affairs and the affairs of others. Twenty-Fives are unfettered, self-reliant, private and resourceful individuals who resent interference in their affairs, particularly by an overbearing partner in private life. The position between Eights and Twenty-Fives becomes increasingly confrontational when both are positive characters, as their resolute temperaments are reinforced by their positive attributes. Evasiveness and escapism and occasional head-on encounters will be the pattern in a relationship where one or both partners are affected by varying degrees of negativity.

The knack of managing people without realising it is just one of the several prominent characteristics of the Eight personality. They are almost wholly oriented towards high achievement in the material world and they are backed up with the ability to adhere unwaveringly to their material aspirations. They are also backed up with considerable practical knowledge for the far-reaching schemes they conceive. No dreamers or visionaries are found in the Eight family. Qualities of deliberation, sound judgment, keen analysis, an infectious enthusiasm for work and their preparedness to acknowledge good work done by others attract a loyal team of supporters. There is another side to the Eight personality, particularly in those with negative attitudes which often counteract these superior qualities. There are many Eights who refuse to face the reality that there are many sides to life, many types of people and different skills and points of view. These Eights put too much emotional effort into their work and suffer strain, tension and frustration when others do not measure up to their expectations. Failing to understand that all persons are not as capable as they are or as capable as they think they are, they tend to drive the course of their subordinates or members of their family.

A unique feature of the average Eight is the ability to handle public responsibilities and the affairs of others with much greater skill and enthusiasm than their own domestic and personal affairs. They are caring and responsible parents and dependable providers, but their busy lives allow very little quality time with their loved ones. Their dedication to external interests is understandable when one considers the powerful forces within the 8 vibration which need a demanding way of life in order to be fulfilled. The public sector provides scope for their constructive, competitive, assertive and ambitious nature. A domestic scene, despite its very real responsibilities, will not be regarded as sufficiently challenging. Eight homemakers may develop a feeling that they have been deprived of the opportunity for making their mark in the world of affairs. They may still try to fulfil their ambitions through their working partners. They may succeed with like-minded partners but Twenty-Fives cannot be regarded as such as they see more to life than an emphasis on material wealth, power and prestige.

The interaction of the 2, 5 and 7 vibrations within the integral Twenty-Five provides a delightful, magnetic and enigmatic mixture of personality traits. Not only do others discover many interesting and puzzling features in the Twenty-Five but Twenty-Fives themselves encounter these contradictory features in their temperament. The 2 vibration introduces pure receptive qualities of sensitivity, emotionalism, gentleness, companionship, sociability, cooperation, adaptability, diplomacy, courtesy, consideration, romance, warmth, harmony, and certain negative qualities such as indecision and self-deprecation. Active attributes of the 5 vibration counteract some of the 2 features and enhance others. Sensitivity to their surroundings and emotionalism are certainly increased while indecision and self-deprecation will be removed. Special 5 attributes that are added and which contribute to the Twenty-Five’s enigmatic nature are the love of freedom, speed, energy, curiosity, daring, impatience, flamboyance, sensuality, impulse, restlessness, adventure, changeability and instant reflexes. While 2 and 5 attributes occupy the outer regions of the Twenty-Five’s personality 7 attributes maintain a firm hold on the inner person and are not without a good measure of influence on the outer personality. There is a duality in the nature of the 7 vibration in the sense that it is in tune with the spiritual side of life as well as the physical. Though not evident on the surface much of the mystery and depth of the Twenty-Five is the result of the 7 vibration’s extension into spiritual or non-physical realms. The profound and sometimes introverted qualities of this vibration do not harmonise easily with the extroverted qualities of the 2 and 5. A Twenty-Five could be confused by a desire to engage in social activity and a contrary tendency to withdraw into themselves or disappear into the solitude of natural surroundings. The principal task of younger Twenty-Fives is to integrate their outer and inner lives, or reconcile their love for the concrete aspects of life with their love of the abstract. As people who look at the world as a whole and not solely at any one part, their influence will not be merely in outward authority but also in the power of their presence. Put another way, Twenty-Fives get their way by the power of influence while Eights do so by the influence of power. Eight partners who live for the most part on a single dimension may not understand the depth and breadth of a Twenty-Five partner’s mentality, and possibly feel intolerant and cynical or uncomfortable and insecure in the relationship. Domestic instincts are inherent in the 2 vibration but not in the 5 and 7. As the combined forces of the 5 and 7 will overshadow this aspect of the 2, the Twenty-Five will not emerge as a domesticated type. The desire for a change of scene, variety of activity and experience is too strong for them to be content in a career as a homemaker. An Eight therefore cannot expect a Twenty-Five partner to take over household responsibilities on a full-time basis. It would be careless to specify what a Twenty-Five would undertake in public life as their versatile talents could be applied in any direction provided there is ample freedom of action, movement and scope for experimentation and expansion.

The sociability and neighbourliness of these partners will be based on definite individual preferences. With the exception of truly negative Eights, all others are extroverted individuals. They do not, however, belong to the light-hearted, gregarious class of extroverts. Rather, theirs is a self-assured and evenly balanced form of extroversion reserved for people and conditions of their own choosing. Their social life is usually built around and limited to people they meet in the course of their public duties and recreational activities. They are conservative people who have neither the time nor the inclination to experiment with new friendships. As they do not move out of familiar territory they build a reputation as approachable, helpful and loyal friends. Most Eights prefer clubs and other public places for entertainment rather than their homes. Negative Eights are introverted personalities who avoid all forms of convivial activity. Twenty-Fives are a strange mixture of extroversion and reserve. They can be stimulating and vibrant as well as aloof and inexplicable. They are tossed between these opposites by their complicated set of vibrations. Their sociability and accessibility cannot be taken for granted. The 2 aspect of their personality craves companionship despite a strong element of shyness, the 5 is easily bored if deprived of physical activity and frequent change of scene, and the 7 demands retirement and solitude. Though the 5 and 7 vibrations are totally different in nature they share one feature in common and that is the difficulty their subjects experience in putting up with human contact for long. The fear of being engulfed by people and social commitments keeps them constantly on the alert. They move in and out of social contact as and when it pleases them and not to suit anyone else. Despite these ambivalent attitudes the Twenty-Five’s social contacts will be more extensive and varied than that of their Eight partners. Their natural curiosity, love of novelty and constant pursuit of knowledge in all directions are responsible for this enlargement of social activity.

Communication between these partners will be simple and straightforward. Eights are people of few words with a businesslike and matter-of-fact manner of speech. Their choice of words and purposeful body language are invariably indications that they are accustomed to having their say without challenge or contradiction. On issues of special interest to them or those in which they have a specialised knowledge Eights express themselves with enthusiasm, but when other topics are introduced they use a polite technique of withdrawal. Though their personality structure is emotionally based their emotions are held in firm control as emotionalism is regarded by them as a weakness. Maintaining a sense of dignity is more important than spontaneous release of emotion. Physical activity in the form of competitive sport is used for release of emotion. A Twenty-Five’s greatest asset is their charismatic power over an audience. They command attention without having to raise their voice or use demonstrative body language. They are prepared to listen to the views of others before they speak and therefore do not appear as brisk and conclusive as an Eight. As their thought-life is also more imaginative and multi-dimensional their speech is accordingly varied, colourful and enriched. They could be demonstrative as well as emotionally controlled. Eights and Twenty-Fives may communicate as equals on mundane matters, but profound and abstract topics may isolate the Eight. Hobbies and recreational activities taken up by Eights conform closely to their centralised personality structure and regulated lifestyle, while the Twenty-Five’s leisure activities are governed by the multiple facets of their personality and their diversified lifestyle. Eights are seldom attracted to home based hobbies. Their public duties do not usually wear out their competitive spirit, and the tensions built up during working hours call for some form of physical and emotional release. To satisfy both needs most Eights engage in some form of sport as players, followers, coaches and administrators. With inspired and enlarged perspectives the Twenty-Five’s capacity to enrich their lives is unlimited. While the Eight’s desire is to acquire expertise and fame in a chosen field the motivating force behind the Twenty-Five is to expand their knowledge and experience of the world in its physical, mental and spiritual levels. Eights may want to return to a favourite resort for their holidays each time but Twenty-Fives would want a different experience each time. Eights do not exhibit much curiosity about their environment, but Twenty-Fives, with a kinship with all living creatures, are observant and alert to their surroundings, especially scenes of great natural beauty.

In regard to all financial matters Eights could range from strict, but fair business people to outright mercenary types. The self-confidence of the positive Eight creates the former group while the distrust and fear of negative Eights generates the latter. Twenty-Fives may engage in many forms of commercial activity without acquiring a commercial outlook on life. They are basically good money managers but their expanded consciousness and sensitivity to the finer things of life prevents an over-emphasis on material ambition and relieves them from anxiety over their finances. Eights spend generously on themselves and on the educational and other needs of their loved ones. There is, however, an expectation of an equal return for their investment. Profit or compensation in one form or another is what motivates the Eight’s spending. Twenty-Fives are much less inclined to spend for profit and are much more inclined to spend on things that give them physical pleasure, mental stimulation and spiritual inspiration. Wealth may be regarded by the Eight in terms of material possessions and pre-eminence in public life. Occupied for the most part in building a good life for themselves and their loved ones very little time is left for worrying about the whys and wherefores of existence. Twenty-Fives, on the other hand, gradually develop an understanding of a higher order of things which give greater value and meaning to their existence. They make sure that a certain amount of time is available for personal development.

If romance is to be kept alive in this relationship it will be through the efforts of the Twenty Five. Eights tend much too easily to fall into a state of complacency despite the fact that their love, loyalty and family pride cannot be disputed. This is the worst situation into which a vibrant Twenty-Five could be trapped and earnest attempts will be made to drag their Eight partners out of their absorption in their careers or business activities. There are not many people who could persuade an Eight to bring about some sort of balance between their public and private responsibilities, but Twenty-Fives could succeed in doing so. The great part of their attraction which the Eight will take up as a challenge is the aura of mystery that surrounds the Twenty-Five.


These birthdays create a combination of Eight personalities fashioned from different moulds. The first is an unqualified Eight and the second, a qualified Eight (2 + 6 = 8). Compatibility would be extraordinarily difficult between two unqualified Eights, but in this instance compatibility can be confidently anticipated.

The partner born on the 8th day will demonstrate all the characteristics of the 8 vibration. This vibration is so strong that it is not easily influenced, as other vibrations are, by the important vibration of the birth month or the lesser vibrations of the birth year. The exception is the number 1 in the birth month which creates positivity in the Eight personality. Eights born in the 1st, 10th, 11th and 12th months are positive Eights personalities, and Eights born in the other months may suffer from varying degrees of negative expression of their personality traits. The absence of the self-assured traits of the 1 vibration in a strong position creates this problem. Extreme cases of negativity are found in the Eights born in the 8th month. The repetition of the 8 vibration creates an inner weakness which is disguised by a hardening of the outer personality.

The partner born on the 26th day has his or her 8 characteristics operating in the background and the 2 and 6 vibration in the foreground of their personality. The 26th, being a multiple digit birthday, does not expose its subjects to the extreme forms of negativity as a result of the repetition of the 2, 6 or 8 vibrations in the birth month. A repetition of one of these numbers is mitigated by the effects of the other two. While many negative Eights fail to mentally control their emotions and display aggression, intolerance and insecurity in personal relationships, negative Twenty-Sixes have reasonable control over their emotions and do not suffer from poor judgment, intolerance, hardness and injustice. Their main problems are possessiveness, jealousy, and a lack of self-confidence.

Following the natural tendencies of the 8 vibration, ambition for power and desire for the best material possessions are among the strongest urges of the Eight partner. Such urges are diminished and held in the background of the Twenty-Six by the homely, non-competitive nature of the 2 and 6 vibrations. The ambition of the Twenty-Six is to create a balance between a peaceful, harmonious, tension-free and comfortable domestic life and a reasonably successful public life. In contrast, the 8 is not a domestic vibration. It is a vibration that is entirely oriented towards business, administration, organisation, production, achievement and the acquisition of personal power and fame. This partner cannot be expected to take up a major or even a half share of domestic responsibilities. If circumstances are such that they are obliged to do so their frustration will turn into dictatorial and dogmatic attitudes. Such Eights will use their families, and even their pets, as outlets for the exercise of their authoritative energies. Fortunately, domestic responsibility will not be an issue that will cause friction with a Twenty-Six partner. These partners can effortlessly assume the role of homemaker and even the dual role of breadwinner and part-time homemaker. They will, in fact, be glad to keep an Eight partner away from domestic administration and allow the Eight to follow their natural roles in public life. A reversal of these roles may bring too much pressure on the Twenty-Six to perform or measure up to an Eight’s expectations and ambitions. They will demand more than a Twenty-Six will be prepared to give.

A partnership of equals will be the ideal that the Twenty-Six would look for, but such an arrangement may not enter into the expectations of the Eight. It is likely that negative or positive Eights automatically assume that the role of leader, decision maker and organiser is theirs and this will become evident at the earlier stages of their relationship. However, as time passes, an Eight will realise that in the matter of home making the Twenty-Six’s capabilities far exceed theirs. Once this takes place and the Eights concentrate their ample energies in public life a much greater measure of compatibility will be achieved. Once again, a reversal of this situation will call for a considerable amount of adjustment and understanding. Eights carry with them an air of authority. Pride could also be a problem with all Eights. Ambition and willpower are their main motivating forces and these are reinforced by sound judgment, leadership, strength of purpose and self-assertiveness. Opportunities for advancement are not overlooked. They resent interference and obstructions in their drive towards prosperity. A tendency to be totally involved in their special projects could easily turn them into workaholics at the expense of family togetherness and the richness of an intimate life with their partners. Intolerance of people who are less dedicated and competent is another difficulty experienced by those associated with an Eight.

Positive Eights possess keen perception and compassion for the difficulties and problems faced by their loved ones, but find very little time to spend solving them, and are often misunderstood as a consequence. Most Eights should learn to slow down and spend more time developing togetherness with their families. A Twenty-Six partner could help them do so by using their natural diplomacy and tact. The Twenty-Six has all the qualities of the Eight, but these are manifested in a much milder fashion due to the benign influences of the 2 and 6 vibrations. Their powers of organisation and administration are enriched by the qualities of understanding, patience and tact supplied by the 2 and 6 aspects of their personality. In addition, the sensitivity of the 2 combined with the rationality of the 6 provides a fine balance in emotional expression. The 6 vibration produces the natural psychologist while the 2, due its sensitive nature, could contribute precognition and extrasensory perception. However, most Twenty-Sixes have their E.S.P powers in an unconscious condition due to the logical mental processes of the 6 and the materialism of the 8. A conscious effort has to be made to bring these powers to the surface and be used responsibly. The combination of these several aspects of the Twenty-Six creates a personality with expertise in human relations. The Eight/Twenty-Six partnership will benefit as a consequence. The Twenty-Six will be the more understanding partner who will be the first to make an effort to reconcile differences that may arise from time to time. Eights are less approachable and influenced only through considerable tact and patience, and the Twenty-Six has these qualities in abundance.

Compatibility between these partners will be extended into their social life. One would not expect more social activity than the other as both are relatively conservative individuals. Neither would think of upsetting the established order of things. The Eight’s busy public life will limit them to a small circle of friends and acquaintances who are usually drawn from their business or career circles. They are loyal and trustworthy friends who will always help someone in genuine difficulty. Home entertainment will be taken over by the Twenty-Six with the Eight’s support and cooperation. The Twenty-Six, by virtue of the 6 element of the personality, will always be a willing and able cook and an excellent host or hostess. Their appreciation of quality food and drink and their natural tendency for creating the right atmosphere will win the popularity and appreciation, not only of their partners, but also of all their guests. They are also good neighbours who make an effort, in spite of busy schedules, to indulge in normal pleasantries. Eights usually mind their own business, however, they are always ready to give advice or lend a hand in an emergency.

Arguments and prolonged discussions between these partners will be the exception rather than the rule. When Eights need to make a suggestion, give an order or contradict an opinion they do not beat about the bush, preferring to come directly to the point. Not many would care to challenge their definitive manner of speech because their opinions are usually backed up by a good deal of practical knowledge. They do not take kindly to being contradicted. At the same time they may not realise that their forthright manner may offend more sensitive and insecure people. Twenty-Sixes are circumspect and flexible in orally expressing their thoughts and will take pains to avoid any direct confrontation with their partners. They will use patience and reason to override or circumvent any of the Eight’s dogmatic demands. They are good conversationalists who take the lead in entertainment. While the Eight’s conversation may be confined to their business affairs and avocations, the Twenty-Six will cover a variety of human interests. In the event of a serious dispute it is more likely that the Twenty-Six will make the first approach towards reconciliation.

Avocations and recreational activities taken up by these partners may not be the same but they are not likely to be harmful to the unity of the partnership. The highly competitive nature of the Eight will lead them into sporting activities as competitors, coaches and administrators. Mere participation for the pleasure they derive will not satisfy the ambition and ego of the Eight. Applying the same degree of dedication, enthusiasm and energy they use in the work scene they set out to come out on top at all costs. There may also be certain Eights who are so engrossed in work that they may not indulge in any sort of recreational outlet, and this could be at the expense of their general wellbeing. By virtue of their non-competitive nature Twenty-Sixes who engage in sports will do so for the love of participation. They would not express the anger and frustration the Eight does when their performance does not come up to expectation. Twenty-Sixes may enjoy a wider range of personal interests, such as home improvement, cooking, entertainment, social service, reading and appreciation of music and the fine arts. They allow themselves much more personal time. They could usually depend upon their Eight partners to help them or associate with them in their interests when the need arises.

Material prosperity and financial security will be aims sought after and satisfied by both partners. They are splendid money managers. Eights are outstanding in corporate affairs and therefore prefer to direct their energies towards their business interests while family finances are managed by their partners. They do not overlook the family situation, but prefer to be relieved of routine matters in regard to the running of the home. The Twenty-Six will take up this role willingly and expertly. They are judicious spenders, but at the same time they may entertain anxiety about their financial state even though it may be quite stable.

Romantic interludes between these partners may lapse after some time if a conscious effort is not made to renew them from time to time. The main offender is likely to be the Eight, who quite unwittingly could become too absorbed in providing the best for the family at the expense of family togetherness. Though the Eight may be deeply in love they are not romantic by nature. Their emotions are obscured by their authoritative nature and fear of displaying intimate sentiments. Consequently, they are misunderstood. Badly negative Eights could be unreasonably possessive and demanding partners. Success in marriage comes when their partners are less demanding and dominant and are at the same time able to stand their ground. In this respect the Twenty-Six is an ideal partner. They can also be idealistic and romantic. It will be up to this partner to make an effort to renew their romantic life. The better balance is noticeable in their attitudes towards their partner, their family and society in general. It is highly unlikely that either the Eight or the Twenty-Six will engage in a clandestine affair. Both make excellent and responsible parents. Pride as well as love will govern their attitudes towards family.


The ideal prerequisite for compatibility is the capacity to conscientiously work towards establishing a relationship based on love and mutual cooperation. Partners of similar temperaments and values possess the best prospects of achieving this goal. On the other hand, partners with dissimilar temperaments and different aims, although they may be attracted to each other initially through the law of opposites, may face an extended period of awakening, acceptance and adjustment. Eight and Twenty-Seven personalities fall into the latter category. Materialism, on the one hand and idealism on the other, are the basic differences between these personality types. Such temperaments are not easily united. Furthermore, the concentration of qualities of the 8 vibration in the Eight partner creates an individual who finds great difficulty stepping out of the confines of an Eight world. Consequently, Eight characteristics such as dogmatism, self-assertiveness, authority, willpower, aggressiveness, ambition and pride become fixed aspects of their behaviour obstructing flexible traits such as cooperation, association, agreeability, consultation, spontaneity, compromise, togetherness and romanticism.

The Twenty-Seven is not bound by the centralisation of the qualities of a single vibratory force. This personality is a blend of the 2 vibration operating on the emotional plane, the 7 from the physical plane and the underlying 9 from the mental plane (2 + 7 = 9). In addition, the personality is lifted into the spiritual realm by virtue of the 7 and 9 vibrations which are the strongest single numbers through which spirituality manifests itself. Psychic powers are also available for development through the 2 vibration. The Twenty-Seven is therefore a multi-faceted and complex personality type, which a straightforward Eight may find difficult to comprehend. The Twenty-Seven’s talents are spread in various directions and their outlook on life is far-reaching. The problem here is that Twenty-Sevens are often confused as to what direction they should take in public life – a difficulty that is not experienced by the centralised Eight. The Eight’s focus on a select number of occupational categories may be seen as an advantage while the Twenty-Seven’s wider field may cause confusion at the early stages of life. Due to their multi-dimensional personality structure Twenty-Sevens cannot be easily identified as a distinct type such as the Eight. Any one, two or all three of their personality facets could be dominant at any given time causing confusion in the minds of their one dimensional Eight partners. The spiritual element will always be an underlying factor in their thoughts and actions. This creates a degree of non-attachment or detachment from the material, commercial and entrepreneurial aspects of life, in direct contrast to the Eight’s pragmatic perspectives. It could be said that the strengths and weaknesses of the Eight lie in centralisation or uniformity while those of the Twenty-Seven lie in variety and diversity.

Neither of these partners can be classed as domesticated individuals. The Eight in particular needs to pursue a career in business or public life. As a homemaker this personality could become disoriented and unknowingly express in the family scene some of their over-assertive qualities which should be reserved for competitive public life. A Twenty-Seven, who is obliged to assume this role may find the adjustment a little easier, but they would be endlessly looking for outside interests to satisfy their spirit of adventure in environmental, cultural and spiritual realms. Unlike most Eights, they realise that no vocation can be as good as being a whole human being. As Eights are less likely to change occupations they are able to put into effect long-term plans and remain single-minded in pursuit of their ambitions. Faced with a variety of options Twenty-Sevens may be tempted to change direction. This will not be viewed lightly by an Eight partner if he or she happens to be the homemaker. The ideal situation in this partnership would have the Eight’s role being the principal breadwinner and the Twenty-Seven as a part-time worker.

Eights take great pride in their possessions and expect their loved ones to live up to a high social standard. Twenty-Sevens place a greater emphasis on cultural and ethical values. An integration of these attitudes could be brought about without much dissension. Their social life will also reflect the Eight’s centralisation and the Twenty-Seven’s broadmindedness. Eights allow themselves a strictly limited time for social activity and this is often spent among a small and familiar circle of friends who are usually connected to their public life or sporting interests. Often conscious of their social status and satisfied with their position in life they do not go out of their way to make new acquaintances. Nor are they willing to adjust their behaviour to conform to group activity or group expectations. Potential for diversity in social life and personal interests is much greater in the Twenty-Seven. While conformity and mixing with the right people is important to the Eight, the Twenty-Seven would willingly seek friends and acquaintances from all walks of life, well beyond the boundaries of social levels, race or religion. While maintaining a certain degree of aloofness, which gives them a definite personal dignity, and without surrendering their individuality, Twenty-Sevens move in social groups with naturalness that gains the respect of all their contacts. Others are more at ease in the company of a Twenty-Seven than in an Eight. Integration of heart, head and hands makes the Twenty-Seven more accessible and communicative. Despite their different social attitudes there need not be much conflict between these partners. However, a negative Eight, especially one born in the 8th month could be jealous and possessive of their partners, and make aggressive attempts to deprive them of freedom of movement.

Marked differences will be observed in their manner of speech. The Eight is not the average two-way conversationalist. Seldom interested in keeping up with non-essential topics of conversation they speak out when they choose to do so, giving out their opinions without fear or favour, in a tone that is brisk and decisive. Often misunderstood by more sensitive types through their habit of speaking their minds and not mincing their words, the sensibilities of a Twenty-Seven partner will certainly be hurt until such time as they realise that, in most instances, warm feelings are hidden behind the Eight’s stern delivery. The Twenty-Seven’s speech will invariably be cultivated, informative and spontaneous. Although not overly demonstrative of their emotions they are in a better position to orally express their feelings. When Eights try to do so the words they express are usually contrary to what they intend saying. Twenty-Sevens quickly develop the art of paying a graceful compliment. They are excellent conversationalists though not the incessant talkative type. As the pursuit of a wide range of knowledge is one of their principal pastimes their serious conversation is reserved for people of similar interests. In this respect neither partner can be said to be interested in trivial topics. Eight partners who possess other aspects of their personality structure receptive to tasteful and abstract thought will help enrich this partnership. If not, communication between them will be confined to purely mundane matters.

Not surprisingly, hobbies and recreational activities will be in line with the Eight’s external view of life and the Twenty Seven’s external as well as internal view of life. Sporting activities will figure largely in the Eight’s waking hours. Physical activity is their best form of diversion. The spirit of competition is as strong in their private life as it is in their public life. When no longer participating as active competitors they become keen followers and administrators. The spiritual leanings of the Twenty-Seven often emerge into the foreground during their personal time. Self-study, which is rarely an interest of the Eight, becomes an essential need for the questioning Twenty-Seven. A natural urge to look back into the past of humankind and to look forward in time leads them to the study of allied subjects such as history, archaeology, anthropology, metaphysics and mysticism. They are natural environmentalists and animal lovers. They are also among the keen gardeners, botanists and naturalists of this world. In an Eight/Twenty-Seven home the Eight will not show even the slightest interest in the garden but one of the Twenty-Seven’s fondest outlets will be the beautification of the garden. Travel for educational purposes and a library of books and music will also be among their keen interests.

The acquisition of money and power is not in itself detrimental to an abundant life, but it is the attachment to wealth and power that will bring in its train many detrimental effects. All Eights possess the potential to apply this principle to their mode of living, but many do not. Financial security may rank ahead of other obligations. Twenty-Sevens, in contrast, possess this principle as part of their integral personality structure that is always on the surface. Association with a Twenty-Seven may convert many positive Eights, but those who are negatively inclined will not surrender their attachments to wealth and power. Most Eights would prefer to delegate the management of household finances to their partners while they keep a watchful eye on the overall situation. A Twenty-Seven will be a good manager and, at the same time, a generous spender. An Eight may frequently attempt to curb some of their spending habits, but have little success. Twenty-Sevens will strongly resent any financial restrictions on their lifestyle.

Reasoning with an Eight is a matter of appealing to their sense of practicality and in the case of positive Eights to their high sense of justice. Twenty-Sevens cannot be persuaded one way or the other without the use of moral and spiritual values. Eights do not yield their individuality but many try to get their partners to do so. Twenty-Sevens too do not yield their individuality, yet they respect the individuality of others, particularly that of their loved ones. A problem that will surface in this combination will therefore be the Eight’s attempts to rule the partnership either by direct methods or indirect methods. The surest way of losing the love of the Twenty-Seven is to endanger their individuality and restrict their freedom.


A battle of wills is invariably in the offing when two authoritative people are brought together by unforeseen circumstances. A pyrrhic victory will be the inevitable outcome. If such contests are repeated, as they are likely to be, the considerable losses or both sides may enforce a parting of their ways. Partners with similar temperaments form harmonious relationships when such temperaments are of a complementary nature; but when they are of the dogmatic and authoritative type, with attitudes that are not readily compromised, confrontation or personality clashes will be unavoidable. In this latter group the concept of equal partnerships does not enter their mode of thought. They assume the role of leader and decision maker as a natural right and expect their partners to carry out their decisions. Paradoxically, they do not respect weak and indecisive partners. They require them to be strong, yet submissive – an expectation which is seldom fulfilled. In most instances these types may be eminently suited for the role of leader, but real problems arise when two such personalities are brought together in a private relationship or a public situation. Eight and Twenty-Eight personalities may find themselves in this position.

The Eight personality is formed by the concentrated force of the 8 vibration. It is an extroverted force with very definite attributes such as authority, ambition, willpower, determination, self-assertiveness, practicality, judgment, organisation and administrative talents. These characteristics are instinctively used by the Eight for achievement of material wealth and personal power and fame. The negative aspects of this vibration retain many of these qualities, but they are used in negative ways by a negative or partially negative Eight personality. There is a marked absence of sparkle, vivacity and romance. In addition, authority is misused by dictatorship, intolerance and a total absorption and attachment to their material possessions. Administrative ability will be weakened by indecision. Judgment will be impaired by prejudice. Emotionalism will be a constant impediment to a balanced way of life, especially if the Eight is born in the 2nd, 5th or 8th month.

The Twenty-Eight personality possesses the attributes of three vibrations. This is basically a One personality reinforced by the 2 and 8 vibrations (2 + 8 = 10 = 1). Most multiple digit birthdays produce individuals with a variety of outlets for expression of their personality traits and talents. The 28th day, however, does not offer a great deal of variety to its subjects as the qualities of the 8 and 1 vibrations are so similar in nature that they integrate easily to form a specific personality type. The lack of diversity is not to be seen as a disadvantage, rather more as a strengthening of the personality along specific lines. The merger of these exceptionally strong vibrations becomes the prominent feature of the Twenty-Eight. The individual has all the attributes of the Eight personality plus the initiative, inventiveness, creativity and pioneering spirit of the 1 vibration. The gentle 2 vibration should exercise a calming influence on the more self-assertive aspects of this personality, especially in personal relationships; but there is no certainty that this could happen. Negativity in the Twenty-Eight, consequent to the appearance of the 2, 5 or 8 vibrations in the birth month will not be as severe as it could be in an Eight. This is due to the underlying strength of the 1 vibration which is the strongest force for counteracting negativity.

Careers in public service, commerce and industry and the legal field will attract both partners. They are at their best when life offers a strong sense of purpose. If this is absent or taken away by circumstances beyond their control a general breakdown of their attitudes towards life could take place. This is particularly so when the personality contains a degree of negativity. The tendency of both partners is to go about their business with their minds set fast upon the path they have chosen to follow. Domestic duties invariably stand in the way of the responsibilities of their chosen vocation. They tend to become so engrossed in achieving success that they often overlook the fact that there are other dimensions to life that call for their closer attention. Due to the considerable similarity of purpose experienced by these partners and their natural aversion to compromise it will be difficult to get each to carry out an equal load of household work and attention to family obligations. Their natural urge to delegate duties cannot successfully be applied to each other. These problems may last until both realise that neither takes kindly to being told what to do, and will always be willing to oblige if the correct approach is used.

Despite the extroverted nature of both Eights and Twenty-Eights they are not dependent on social interaction in order to preserve a sense of wellbeing. They can move in and out of society at will. They are conservative individuals dedicated to maintaining the established order of society. Concern for social standing, a tendency to mind their own business and the absence of a spirit of adventure and curiosity combine to limit them to a select circle of friends. Human sympathy is keenly felt by them but shown only in detached advice and action. They do not take upon themselves the troubles of others. While preserving a secure position in society they could extend themselves into helping people help themselves rather than resort to temporary handouts. They gain a reputation for sound practical advice. While these similarities of temperament will be helpful in their social life both should keep in mind the fact that unity will be formed when they are relaxing and giving, but if they switch to a process of competing and acquiring, a separation of interests will take place.

Another corresponding feature is the directness and brevity of speech natural to both partners. They are rarely carried away in conversation. However, if slight relaxation is observed by others it will be in the Twenty-Eight. Neither can endure for long any conversation in which they or their affairs are not brought into discussion. Usually self-opinionated, they customarily speak out in tones that leave little room for contradiction or argument. They may be self-critical, but also resent hearing from others anything that may be remotely critical of themselves. A natural caution will be exercised in communicating with each other. While capable of putting into words a right evaluation of things and events in practical affairs they experience an emotional blockage when they attempt to express deeper feelings in their personal relationships.

Older Eights and Twenty-Eights who see success ahead of them become so tied down to their chosen field of work that they deprive themselves of the time and energy to broaden their interests outside the work scene. Competitive living takes over to such an extent that they often fail to fulfil a natural human urge for self-development. In addition, their imaginative powers are not extensive, nor is their spirit of adventure into physical and abstract realms of life. Consequently, there is not a great deal of variety in their hobbies and recreational activities. They are inclined to view themselves with complacency without serious attempts to discover their inner selves. Those who are able to divorce themselves from their careers at special periods of time find a fulfilling outlet in a variety of sport as competitors, coaches, administrators, keen supporters and in associated social activities. Their natural competitive spirit is thus maintained. They do not engage in such activities merely for the pleasure of participation, but play to win. This is an area in which these partners can support each other as their interests would not be too different. Once again, their habitual attention to advancement in their chosen field of work or play may be at the expense of domestic attachment and family togetherness.

These personalities resent being accountable to anyone in any of their dealings, especially in their financial affairs. It is quite likely that they will operate separate savings accounts. Financial security is essential to their wellbeing. In personal and household spending they search out for the best prices and drive hard bargains. They may have expensive tastes, but at the same time they are responsible spenders. As money managers they seldom take risks and do not go overboard in their outlays. Their expertise is demonstrated when they are made responsible for the management of money that is not their own. Their energies will normally be centred in what they regard as bigger issues than household financial matters. Consequently one would try to delegate to the other the day-to-day management of domestic expenses. If this problem is successfully resolved it may be slightly in favour of the Eight’s desires. The Twenty-Eight may not be as adamant in taking up a greater share of family budgeting.

In conclusion, it may be said that the strength of ego possessed by these personalities could be the factor that prevents a closer unity between them. Ego strength develops a sense of separateness in most instances while a diminished ego becomes conducive to unity. These individuals may entertain an inner fear of losing prestige if they allow too close a relationship to develop. They find it embarrassing, to openly reveal their feelings with hugs and kisses or by the reassurance of touch. The situation is not helped by the fact that they do not seek a confidant in times of sorrow or difficulty, but prefer instead to work through their troubles alone. All this does not mean that they are unable to love deeply and remain loyal to their partners. It is merely the fact that they can only handle a limited amount of closeness and sentimentality, and therefore tend to pull away and act on their feelings rather than talk about them. Physical activity is their outlet for relieving themselves of emotional pressure.


Directly opposite personality types will be found in this combination. If the working of some strange principle of selection brings about an association a good deal of understanding, adjustment and tolerance will be needed if a long-term relationship is to succeed. Eight personalities epitomise a worldly attitude of mind that seldom looks beyond an extroverted attachment to the physical personality and its relationship with life. The spiritual element is present, as it is in all persons, but it is not given the same attention by the Eight. The acquisition of material possessions and ambition for personal power and fame are their principal motivating forces. Positive Eights are eminently suited to achieve these aims. Those who possess negative or partially negative personalities have the same ambitions, but not the same equipment to fulfil them. While positive Eights become captains in industry, commerce or public life in general, negative Eights fall short of their aspirations and suffer from resultant frustration, which is often taken out on their partners and family members.

Twenty-Nines generally lead dual lives – an outer and an inner. They are equipped to look beyond the duration, limits and needs of the physical body. They demonstrate by their speech and actions a belief in a spiritual order of things and a different set of values. While enjoying all the good things that physical life has to offer their principal object is enrichment of their lives by delving into the cultural, religious and mystical aspects of life. Non-attachment to material possessions, power and prestige becomes a special feature of the Twenty-Nine. They can use these benefits, and yet not let themselves become possessed by them. Those who possess some negative elements still do not have the damaging effect on others, unlike most negative vibrations. At the most, a Twenty-Nine could exhibit confusion and irresponsibility at the early stages of life. They pursue the same objectives as positive Twenty-Nines, but take a little longer to achieve them.

The principal difference between the Eight and Twenty-Nine is, the former has an extroverted attachment to the physical personality, and the latter, an extroverted exploration of total human experience. The explanation is seen when the composition of each personality is examined; one being a uniform personality and the other a multiform personality. The Eight is the result of a single powerful vibratory force that implants characteristics such as authority, ambition, willpower, self-assertiveness, strength of purpose, judgment and extraordinary powers of organisation and administration. These extroverted and dynamic attributes need to operate in a sphere of freedom and opportunity and not in a restrictive sphere of activity. In addition, the self-confidence and self-image of the Eight is closely tied to their need for consistency in their behaviour. They are, in essence, builders who are intolerant of deviation and distraction from their chosen line of work. Their lifestyle is invariably predictable. Twenty-Nines, on the other hand, being subjects of a multiple digit birthday, possess several windows to their personality through which they experience the world very differently to the Eight. The 2, 9 and the underlying 11 vibrations (2 + 9 = 11) are individually and collectively unlike the 8 vibration. Their integration creates a bewildering and complicated personality type. The gentle, self-effacing, home-loving and non-competitive 2 aspect introduces a need for peace, tranquillity and personal closeness. The 9 is an active humanitarian force attuned to the world at large in love, service and the spirit of brotherhood. It is also a non-competitive and non-material force related closely to cultural and spiritual aspects of life. The 11 is a master vibration on a higher frequency than the 9. Spiritual living, surrender of ego and personal ambition are concomitants of this vibration. It provides its subjects with inspiration, intuition, revelation and a constant urge to reform and improve living conditions, both material and spiritual. The combination of the 2, 9 and 11 creates as integral personality with an exceptionally high rate of vibration. This may often become a problem with younger Twenty-Nines who may take quite some time to harmonise these lofty forces and establish a degree of stability in their lives. At this stage association with a pragmatic partner such as an Eight would be fraught with many problems, as the complexities faced by the Twenty-Nine would not be understood. At the same time, while the Twenty-Nines are striving to comprehend their own personality, no attempt will be made to see the practical Eight’s point of view. The problem would only be partially solved after the mature Twenty-Nines have established an inner stability. When this happens their thought processes would have been lifted to an elevated plane and reflected in their mode of living. They would begin to understand an Eight partner, but the average Eight would not be able is understand them.

As both partners are extroverted individuals who need external activity in order to fulfil their needs the repetitive tasks of the stay-at-home homemaker will not appeal to either. They would not subordinate their desire for a successful career in public life for the more confined responsibilities of domesticity. Initially, Eights may attempt to assert themselves in order to avoid being confronted with household problems, but sooner or later Twenty-Nines will assert their position of equality. Despite the Twenty-Nine’s high-minded thought possesses they can come down speedily to practicalities when these come within their share of responsibility. In the event of the Eight being the principle income earner the Twenty-Nine can adjust to a greater share of domestic responsibility as well as part-time work. However, the reverse position would be difficult as an Eight is more likely to suffer frustration from being deprived of the opportunity to satisfy their craving for the principal means of maintaining their personal dignity, namely the building of a position of power and fame.

The social lives of these partners emphasise their different outlooks on life. The Twenty-Nine’s greater interest in people and feelings and the Eight’s greater interest in activity indicate different personal styles. Many Eights entertain a high opinion of themselves which is not always shared by others. Social status and a high standard of living are essential to the Eight but to the Twenty-Nine it is not the standard of living as much as the manner of living that is important. Eights are selective of their associates and activities, but Twenty-Nines place no restriction on them. Eights make no effort or find time to extend their circle, but Twenty-Nines constantly renew and expand their friendships. They are able to create a good balance between their need to be individuals and their need to be a member of a group. The Eight’s successful participation in group activity remains uncertain. Both partners are sensitive to the atmosphere of a group, but their responses are not the same. Twenty-Nines accept and share with greater ease group opinions and group needs, whereas Eights find it much more difficult to surrender their generally firm ideas, and so plan an inconspicuous role in group activity. The Twenty-Nine’s love of their partner does not eliminate their gregarious drive. Previous social activity and contacts are not sacrificed after marriage.

Fluency of speech in every direction is a gift enjoyed by the Twenty-Nine. Eights wax eloquent when discussing business matters or their favourite sport, but become silent when mundane matters, abstract subjects or sentimental topics come up for discussion. Twenty-Nines express themselves spontaneously using warm and friendly body language and occasionally the wonderful medium of touch. Eights lack this finesse in conversation. As they see life in a straightforward and logical light their delivery is crisp and direct and body language definitive and authoritative. They may seem insensitive to the feelings of others due to their forthright manner, but this is not always the case. In verbal contests the Twenty-Nine will hold a decided advantage over the Eight due to their greater flexibility of oral expression and ability to allow a free flow of emotion.

The Eight’s personality and choice of activities, whether occupational or recreational, can be typified and circumscribed while the Twenty-Nine is set on enlarging and enriching their lives with intriguing and interesting activities. Predictable behaviour as well as unpredictable behaviour will be the distinguishing features. Many Eights leave very little time for themselves outside their business interests. Those who do are usually committed to sporting activities where their competitive and motivating spirit and administrative talents could be continued. Always open to new experiences Twenty-Nines act as the spirit moves them. They ensure that ample time is available for self-expansion in the physical, mental and spiritual planes. They are basically non-competitive people. Consequently they may take only a mild interest in the Eight’s sporting activities, although the social side will certainly interest them. The Eight will not accept spiritual, cultural or other ideas if the Twenty-Nine attempts to present them as an instruction. It is not because the Eight is lacking in this aspect of life, which actually lies dormant, but because their psychological make-up resists any direct approach to instruct them in any matter they do not initiate themselves. The Twenty-Nine’s efforts at self-improvement are bound to achieve an intellectual advantage, however, this cannot be used to injure the Eight’s sense of their own dignity. In any case, most Twenty-Nines possess the wisdom to refrain from doing so.

The most divisive problems may arise in their financial affairs. Financial security is an absolute essential to all Eights. They are, consequently, cautious and responsible spenders and shrewd investors. Negative Eights could be mean and grasping. Twenty-Nines possess a very generous nature and are generally indifferent and optimistic about their financial position. They are free spenders who leave little or nothing for saving or investment. They are not averse to indulging in a spending spree in order to overcome an emotional crisis – an action that will shock the pragmatic Eight. The Eight will be forced to keep a tight rein on household expenditure. Arguments and general unpleasantness may be unavoidable.

As their personality structures are differently cast these partners may find it difficult to adapt to each other’s habits. Sentiments will be ignored if the Eight takes up an aggressively hostile attitude and the Twenty-Nine a defensively hostile attitude. Every effort should be made to avoid converting each other. A good measure of success can be achieved when there is acceptance of what each partner really is and not upon any attempts to change each other. In due course they are bound to make a few concessions. They should realise that they are both sensitively organised, and that their sentiments are expressed differently. Eights suppress their emotions in interpersonal relationships and express them in physical activity while Twenty-Nines externalise them and avoid too much physical activity. Eights do not experience as many complicated shades of feeling as the Twenty-Nine. Hence, they are unable to understand the varying emotional states of this partner. In addition, the Twenty-Nine needs and demands more personal attention than an Eight is prepared to give. Eights dislike being fussed over and cannot understand this need in the reactive Twenty-Nine. Sensitivity is one of the Twenty-Nine’s best assets, but overdevelopment of this asset exposes them to psychological pain. Lacking the emotional control of the Eight they may suffer from the Eight’s apparent, and sometimes real, lack of consideration.


Please refer to the chapter on the 3rd and 8th birthdays. These combinations are similar to one another. The Zero in the 30th day does not introduce or take away any characteristics of the 3 vibration. At the most, it may emphasis some features.


Interaction between a straightforward Eight personality and a qualified Four personality will be seen in this combination. Their relationship will be the same as that between an Eight and another qualified Four, namely an individual born on the 13th day of any month. It should be noted that the influence of the 3 vibration is slightly stronger in the Thirty-One than in the Thirteen, as it appears first, but this does not make any appreciable difference in their interaction with an Eight personality.

The chapter on 8th and 13th birthdays should be consulted.