January 05 Zodiac Sign

January 5 Zodiac Birthday Signs – Your Capricorn birthday shows you to be a charismatic, loyal, and hardworking individual who, with a worthwhile goal or sense of purpose, can be extremely dedicated. Practical and down to earth, when faced with setbacks you develop tremendous endurance to carry on and are capable of great sacrifice. This birthday bestows extraordinary potential but also suggests the influence of extremes; very universal and detached, or depressed and overserious.

The supporting influence of your decanate ruler, Taurus, gives you charm and creative abilities. Your prominent social skills ensure an ease at interrelating with those around you. Enjoying the good things of life, you prefer to be in harmonious or even luxurious surroundings. Unconventional and aware of image, you like to be well groomed and often have an original way of dressing.

Possessing good organizational skills, you work better when you think positively and have a plan of action. You benefit from investing effort in projects that are long-lasting, and should avoid dubious get-rich-quick schemes. You have a strong inclination for adventure and travel and may even settle away from your native home.

After the age of sixteen, when your progressed Sun moves into Aquarius, you become less traditional and more independent, with a growing desire to express your individuality. Friendship, group affairs, or humanitarian issues may start to play a stronger role in your life. Another turning point occurs at the age of forty-six, when your progressed Sun enters Pisces. From this time, there is an increased emphasis on your enhanced sensitivity and feelings. At the highest level you will be seeking a mystical or spiritual connection, but on a mundane level this may result in confusion or daydreaming. You will become more receptive and imaginative and may experience an urge to develop or appreciate creative gifts.





Star’s name: Wega, also called Vulture

Degree position: 14°20’-15° 19’ Capricorn between the years 1930 and 2000

Magnitude: 1

Strength: **********

Orb: 2°30’

Constellation: Alpha Lyra

Applicable days: January 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Star qualities: varied interpretations: Venus/Mercury also Jupiter/Saturn

Description: a bright white and blue sapphire star located in the lower part of the Lyre

Your Secret Self


If you can harness your potential for enormous emotional power and combine this with a strong sense of direction, you can be a leader in the arts, entertainment, politics, or spiritual affairs. When your strong self-will is positively focused, you can accomplish miracles and be extremely compassionate. If you indulge in negative thoughts, however, you can become dictatorial and ruthless or be prone to frustration and disappointment. When you learn the lesson of being truly detached without being cold, which may not be until later in life, you gain enormous inner freedom and a desire for knowledge of a deeper or more profound nature.

A love of harmony can inspire you to seek peace. With your subtle sensitivity and desire to transcend the mundane, you possess heightened perceptions of light, color, form, and sound, which you can channel into artistic, musical, or spiritual pursuits. With a strong sense of responsibility toward others, you often seek true wisdom or an ideal world.



Wega bestows leadership ability and a sociable and outgoing personality Usually you possess an idealistic and optimistic outlook and have creative abilities and a talent for writing. This star, however also implies that changeable circumstances can bring about fluctuating periods of success and suggests that only with determination can you ensure stability.

Linked to your Sun’s degree, Wega imparts success and opportunities to rise to high positions. This star may bring you into contact with influential people, and this might lead to honor and popularity Wega’s influence also suggests that changeable circumstances may cause success to be short-lived. You probably enjoy work in a governmental position or dealing with the general public. This star also warns against being too critical or abrupt.

Positive: refinement, hope, serious, responsible

Negative: misuse of power, overly reserved, critical, abrupt, hidden enemies

Work & Vocation


Friendly and generous, yet ambitious and hardworking, you need harmonious working relations and a congenial environment. Your ability to make contacts and deal with people suggests that you can excel as a mediator, manager, or agent. Usually you have a sense of what the public wants, due to an understanding of the collective dream. Although you often want to succeed in the business world, your true talent lies in pursuing a vocation that involves service to others through education and spirituality. A talent for writing, drama, and music suggests that you have powerful feelings that need expressing.

Famous people who share your birthday include spiritual master Paramahansa Yogananda, actress Diane Keaton, German politician Konrad Adenauer, guitarist Jimmy Page, actor Robert Duvall, and choreographer Alvin Ailey.



Strong instincts, an adventurous nature, and a desire for freedom are all indicated by the number 5 birthday. Travel and many opportunities for change, some unexpected, may lead you to undergo a real transformation of views and beliefs. Often having a number 5 birthdate means that you have an active life and need to learn about patience and attention to detail. Usually you can achieve success by avoiding premature or speculative actions. The natural talent of a number 5 individual is knowing how to go with the flow and staying detached. The subinfluence of the number 1 month indicates that you are proud, ambitious, and independent. As a sensitive and intuitive person, you are compassionate, with a sympathetic nature and generous heart. Your determined spirit indicates that you need to make your own decisions or strike out alone. Although at times you may be full of enthusiasm, a need to learn to persevere may cause you to feel frustrated. This suggests that at times you may act in haste or show a tendency to be impatient.

Positive: versatile, adaptable, progressive, magnetic, daring, freedom-loving, quick and witty, curious, mystical, sociable

Negative: unreliable, procrastinator, inconsistent, overconfident, resistance to change



For warm and tender relationships, you may wish to look for those born on the following dates.

Love & friendship: Jan. 5, 17, 19, Feb. 3, 15, 17, Man 13, 15, Apr. 11,13, May 9, 11, June 7, 9, 30, July 5, 7, 28, 30, Aug. 3, 5, 26, 28, Sept. 1, 3, 24, 26, Oct. 1, 22, 24, Nov. 20, 22, Dec. 18, 20, 30

Beneficial: Jan. 20, 29, Feb. 18, 27, Mar. 16, 25, Apr. 14, 23, May 12, 21, June 10, 19, July 8, 17, Aug. 6, 15, Sept. 4, 13, Oct. 2, 11, 29, Nov. 9, 27, Dec. 7, 25

Fatal attractions: Mar. 29, Apr. 27, May 25, June 23, July 5, 6, 7, 8, 21, Aug. 19, Sept. 17, Oct. 15, Nov. 13, Dec. 11

Challenging: Jan. 14, 27, Feb. 12, 25, Mar. 10, 23, Apr. 8, 21, May 6, 19, June 4, 17, July 2, 15, Aug. 13, Sept. 11, Oct. 9, Nov. 7, Dec. 5

Soul mates: June 30, July 28, Aug. 26, Sept. 24, Oct. 22, 29, Nov. 20, 27, Dec. 18, 25

Love & Relationships


People are drawn to you by your personal magnetism, and therefore you usually find it easy to make friends. When you express love, it is often powerful and intense. Desiring freedom, and sometimes involved in unusual types of partnerships, you value friendship and a wider, more humanitarian approach to relationships. Men of this birthday may be attracted toward rather strong and forceful women. Companionship is important to you, but avoid becoming too dependent on partners or others. Besides having a need for a loving relationship, you are also attracted to people of intelligence. Once you find your perfect love, you can be loyal and faithful.


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