October 16 Zodiac Signs

October 16 Zodiac Birthday Signs – The influence of your birthday suggests that you are a charming, sensitive, and hardworking Libra who can also be very determined. Intuitive yet possessing business acumen, you are extremely purposeful when you are interested in a project or have set a definite goal. However, at other times you can suffer from indecision or inertia and procrastination, which can challenge your otherwise remarkable potential.

With the added influence of your decanate ruler, Gemini, you have an inquisitive and perceptive mind as well as good powers of speech. With an interest in relationships, you are usually skillful at diplomacy or making contacts. With a love of luxury and the good life, however, you would be wise to guard against social excesses or overindulgence in any form. Nevertheless, your creative mind is usually full of ideas and plans, and once set on a course of action, you have a tenacious approach to fulfilling your personal vision.

Although you project a sociable and amiable approach to life, you possess a strong sense of the dramatic and are very emotional. A powerful need for love and emotional satisfaction can be channeled into creative pursuits such as art, music, or drama, or may spur you to fight for an idealistic cause. Your farsightedness and natural practical approach make you a good strategist as well. There may nevertheless be times when you are prone to avoidance, guilt, or being too self-obsessed. By combining the two sides of your personality, you are able to establish harmony and equilibrium.

After you reach the age of seven, your progressed Sun moves into Scorpio, emphasizing issues concerning your emotional sensitivity and power. A turning point occurs at the age of thirty-seven, when your progressed Sun moves into Sagittarius, widening your perspective on life and indicating that you may wish to travel, study, or be adventurous. After the age of sixty-seven, when your progressed Sun enters Capricorn, you become more practical, mindful, and circumspect.

DEGREE: 22°30’-23°30’ LIBRA




Arcturus, also called the Bear Watcher, Alchameth, or Al Simak; Spica, also called Ishtar or Arista; Foramen



Star’s name: Arcturus, also called the Bear Watcher, Alchameth, or Al Simak

Degree position: 23° 15’-24°2’ Libra between the years 1930 and 2000

Magnitude: 1

Strength: **********

Orb: 2°30’

Constellation: Alpha Bootes

Applicable days: October 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Star qualities: Mars/Jupiter and Venus/Jupiter

Description: a golden orange and yellow star located on the left knee of Boote’s

Your Secret Self


Cooperative efforts and partnerships are likely to play a major part in your life, as you possess natural diplomatic skills and an ability to deal with people on a personal level. Despite your special talent for making profitable contacts and commercializing your talents, sometimes you become anxious and worry unnecessarily about financial matters. Nevertheless, you may have to juggle the comfortable routine of home and family with being businesslike.

You enjoy a feeling of personal power, so you have to ensure that your motivation is always fair and just. Fortunately, you usually weigh situations carefully before coming to a final conclusion. Having a plan of action can stimulate your natural sense of structure and help you be more persistent and purposeful. This birthday indicates that you have the determination and resolve to triumph over obstacles or difficulties.



Arcturus imparts artistic talent and success in the world of fine arts. This star can bestow riches, honors, and acclaim and bring prosperity. Arcturus may also bring success in foreign lands and through long journeys. This star warns against restlessness and anxious moments, which create instability in your life.

Linked to your Sun’s degree, Arcturus imparts wealth and a good reputation. This star brings success after early setbacks and grants intuitive, psychic, or healing abilities. An inclination toward the legal profession or public office may bring success. Alternatively you may find an interest in writing on philosophical, spiritual, or religious subjects. This star suggests guarding against becoming too apprehensive and discontented by learning to accept calmly the ups and downs of life and staying detached.

Positive: religious contacts, good judgment, long voyages, glamorous

Negative: overindulgence, overly enthusiastic, laziness, negligence

See Appendix for additional fixed star readings.

Work & Vocation


Idealistic and visionary, you are a peacemaker and a humanitarian who can inspire others to create harmony. Your willingness to compromise and work hard suggests that you are loyal and dedicated. An understanding of human nature and a love of knowledge may draw you to the academic world, where you would be an excellent teacher or lecturer. Your love of theater, music, and the arts suggests that you are creative and sensitive. You may want to pursue a career as a writer or work in the world of entertainment as a dramatist. If you are interested in the world of commerce, you may be drawn to advertising, TV, or publishing. Public-spirited and sociable, you may want to be involved in your community, raising money for good causes.

Famous people who share your birthday include dramatist Eugene O’Neill, Israeli prime minister David Ben Gurion, writer Gunther Grass, actresses Angela Lansbury and Suzanne Somers, lexicographer Noah Webster, and Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas.



A number 16 birthday suggests that you are thoughtful, sensitive, and friendly. Although analytical, you often judge life and people according to how you feel. As a number 16 personality, however, you can experience inner tensions when facing friction between a need for self-expression and responsibility to others. You may be interested in world affairs and may join international corporations or the media world. The creative ones among you have a talent for writing with sudden flashes of inspiration. With a number 16 birthday, you may need to learn how to balance being overly confident with being doubtful and insecure. The subinfluence of the number 10 month indicates that you are ambitious, with leadership ability. Since you want security and stability, you are willing to make compromises in order to keep the status quo. Being emotional and creative suggests that you need to find ways to express your inspired ideas and establish your individuality. Faithful and caring, you are loyal to and supportive of those around you.

Positive: wealth and fortune, government positions, pride and dignity, prominence in religion, love of knowledge, loyal

Negative: snobbery, carelessness, crafty, deceptive



In your quest for love, affection, and happiness, you might want to look among those born on the following dates.

Love & friendship: Jan. 8, 18, 22, Feb. 16, 20, Mar. 14, 18, 28, 31, Apr. 2, 12, 16, 26, May 10, 14, 24, June 8, 12, 22, July 6, 10, 20, 29, Aug. 4, 8, 18, 27, 30, Sept. 2, 6, 16, 25, 28, Oct. 4, 14, 23, 26, 30, Nov. 2, 12, 21, 24, 28, Dec. 10, 19, 22, 26, 28

Beneficial: Jan. 6, 10, 25, 30, Feb. 4, 8, 23, 28, Mar. 2, 6, 21, 26, Apr. 4, 19, 24, May 2, 17, 22, June 15, 20, 30, July 13, 18, 28, Aug. 11, 16, 26, Sept. 9, 14, 24, Oct. 7, 12, 22, Nov. 5, 10, 20, Dec. 3, 8, 18

Fatal attractions: Apr. 11, 12, 13, 14, May 29, June 27, July 25, Aug. 23, Sept. 21, Oct. 19, Nov. 17, Dec. 15

Challenging: Jan. 13, 29, 31, Feb. 11, 27, 29, Mar. 9, 25, 27, Apr. 7, 23, 25, May 5, 21, 23, June 3, 19, 21, July 1, 17, 19, Aug. 15, 17, Sept. 13, 15, Oct. 11, 13, Nov. 9, 11, Dec. 7, 9

Soul mates: Jan. 6, 25, Feb. 4, 23, Mar. 2, 21, Apr. 19, May 17, June 15, July 13, Aug. 11, Sept. 9, Oct. 7, Nov. 5, Dec. 3

Love & Relationships


Creative and dramatic, you possess a strong need for love and affection but are also willing to give much of yourself to those you love. With a wide emotional range, you can alternate between being sensitive and compassionate and being bossy and authoritarian. With all your charms, you may find yourself being drawn to other creative and dramatic people who can understand your passions and emotional needs. Alternatively, with your love of learning, you may look for people who have a greater awareness or intelligence than yourself.


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