July 07 Zodiac Sign

July 7 Zodiac Birthday Signs – Strong willpower, determination, and productivity are some of the qualities associated with your birthday. As a Cancerian, you are intuitive and imaginative; however, your sense of values and materialistic inclinations suggest that financial security may play an important part in your overall plan.

The subinfluence of your decanate ruler, Scorpio, suggests that you like to be in a position of influence, and enjoy power or being in control. You may, however, have to guard against a tendency to be too domineering. Hardworking and forceful, with good organizational abilities, you often possess good business sense and a pragmatic approach. Although you often have conservative views and good moral qualities, you want to succeed materially and socially.

Since you want to express your individuality, you do not like to take orders from others; you frequently create your own ethics and moral code of conduct but must guard against being too opinionated. Learning to collaborate with others brings rewarding experiences, and by developing your diplomatic skills, you often enhance your powers of persuasion.

You grow more confident in all areas of your life after the age of fifteen, when your progressed Sun moves into Leo for a thirty-year period. At the age of forty-five there is another change of emphasis in your life, when your progressed Sun moves into Virgo. With this influence you are likely to become more analytical and discriminating. At the age of seventy-five, when your progressed Sun enters Libra, you are likely to want more harmony and beauty in your environment.

DEGREE: 14°30’-16°30’ CANCER




Sirius, Canopus



Star’s name: Sirius
Degree position: 13°6’–14°2’ Cancer between the years 1930 and 2000
Magnitude: 1
Strength: **********
Orb: 2°30’
Constellation: Alpha Canis Major
Applicable days: July 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Star qualities: varied interpretations: Moon/Jupiter/Mars
Description: a brilliant white and yellow binary star, located in the mouth of the Great Dog; linked to the Egyptian god Osiris



Sirius bestows an optimistic, broad outlook and the ability to make loyal friends in high places. With this star’s influence you can enjoy prosperity and success and can act as guardian or have a custodial position. Often, and without much effort, you can receive favors from superiors. Sirius may indicate honor; wealth, and fame as well as an opportunity to exercise power and leadership qualities. Sirius may also encourage rebellious or daredevil behavior, and it thus warns against the danger of pushing ahead prematurely.

Linked to your Sun’s degree, this star suggests success in business, domestic happiness, and an inclination toward the arts, astrology, philosophy, or higher learning. If honor comes too early, you might be unprepared and unable to cope with success. Frequently you present a royal demeanor; and you are successful in dealing with the public. This star also indicates that you are trustworthy and can act as custodian of other people’s property.

Positive: faithfulness, important responsibilities, joy of living, love of enterprise, successful, creative activities

Negative: the urge for freedom at any cost, misuse of power and positions of trust

See Appendix for additional fixed star readings.

Your Secret Self


As a shrewd observer, you are quick on the uptake and able to pay attention to small details. This often helps you capitalize on your talents and make wise investments. Insight, wisdom, and knowledge are some of your natural gifts, but you may need to master self-discipline to bring out your outstanding potential. Although you are highly intuitive, at times you can be mistrusting or full of self-doubt. Nevertheless, you often enjoy a battle of wits with others, enabling you to keep your keen mind finely tuned.

Pride and an inner sense of nobility suggest that you do not like to fail. Occasionally, however, you may become too headstrong and need to develop patience or listen to others’ advice. A natural spontaneity stimulates you to be competitive and can help you achieve in creative endeavors.

Work & Vocation


Intuitive, mentally sharp, and hardworking, you have the potential to reach the top in your chosen field. A straightforward and businesslike style may guarantee that you do not waste time but aim straight for your objectives. You enjoy power, structure, and efficiency, so you may succeed in business particularly as an organizer, executive, or supervisor. The possibility of achievement is also likely in sales, negotiation, or publishing. Equally, you can excel in advertising, law, or Banking. Alternatively, your need for self-expression and a love for the dramatic can also entice you into the art or entertainment world. Since you do not like taking orders and are very independent, you may prefer being your own boss or delegating to others.

Famous people who share your birthday include designer Pierre Cardin, musician Ringo Starr, film actress Shelley Duvall, painter Marc Chagall, and composer Gustav Mahler.



As a number 7 individual, you are analytical and thoughtful. You prefer to make your own decisions, and frequently you learn best through personal experience. With a constant need for greater self-awareness, you enjoy gathering information and may be interested in reading, writing, or spirituality. At times you can become oversensitive to criticism from others and feel misunderstood. A tendency to be enigmatic or secretive leads you to develop the art of asking subtle questions without letting anyone know what you really think. The subinfluence of the number 7 month indicates that you are highly individualistic and proud. Although you are often practical, hardworking, and independent, you can occasionally appear impatient and are easily bored. You often alternate between being misled and impressionable, on one hand, and thinking independently and being skeptical, on the other. A desire for success and money frequently encourages you to learn new skills. By developing your lines of communication to others, you can express your thoughts clearly and precisely.

Positive: trusting, meticulous, idealistic, honest, psychic, scientific, rational, reflective

Negative: concealing, deceitful, unfriendly, secretive, skeptical, confused, too detached

Love & Relationships


Although friendly and sociable, you can be indecisive about your relationships. Since you can easily attract the opposite sex, you may have to beware of becoming too demanding or overly emotional in your love life. As you are likely to give everything to the one you love, take your time in choosing the right partner. Music is often a very good healer if you feel anxious.



You might come closer to finding your true match with someone born on one of the following days.

Love & friendship: Jan. 7, 17, 20, Feb. 5, 15, 18, Mar. 3, 13, 16, 29, 31,Aprl, 11, 14, 27, 29, May 9, 12, 25, 27, June 7, 10, 23, 25, July 5, 8, 21, 23, Aug. 3, 6, 19, 21, Sept. 1, 4, 17, 19, Oct. 2, 15, 17, Nov. 13, 15, 30, Dec. 11, 13, 28

Beneficial: Jan. 15, 17, 28, Feb. 13, 15, 26, Mar. 11, 13, 24, Apr. 9, 11, 22, May 7, 9, 20, June 5, 7, 18, July 3, 5, 16, Aug. 1, 3, 14, Sept. 1, 12, Oct. 10, 29, Nov. 8, 27, Dec. 6, 25

Fatal attractions: Jan. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Feb. 3, Mar. 1

Challenging: Jan. 4, 5, 14, Feb. 2, 3, 12, Mar. 1, 10, Apr. 8, 30, May 6, 28, June 4, 26, July 2, 24, Aug. 22, Sept. 20, Oct. 18, Nov. 16, Dec. 14

Soul mates: Jan. 2, Mar. 29, Apr. 27, May 25, June 23, July 21, Aug. 19, Sept. 17, Oct. 15, Nov. 13, Dec. 1


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