October 27 Zodiac Signs

October 27 Zodiac Birthday Signs – Your birthday shows you to be an imaginative and idealistic Scorpio with strong intuitive powers and powerful emotions. The unique combination of determination, personal magnetism, and penetrating insight makes you excellent at combining business and pleasure. Since at times your strong emotions may fluctuate, it is important that you recognize their power and learn to use them in a positive way. Finding creative outlets for self-expression can help you to avoid becoming too intense.

The double influence of Pluto suggests that you are magnetic and courageous, with a fighting spirit. This inner strength also points to a dynamic willpower that enables you to rejuvenate yourself or overcome obstacles. Usually you are friendly but reserved. Although you sometimes feel inner turbulence, outwardly you can remain calm and composed. Just guard against becoming inflexible, as it can work to your detriment.

Through the use of your dynamic appeal, energy, and generosity, you can charm and impress others. Alternating between being aloof or uncommunicative and being sympathetic and kind, you often remain a puzzle to others, as they fail to understand the many different aspects of your personality.

Before the age of twenty-five, you are largely concerned with the development of your sense of personal power and how to handle your deep emotions. After the age of twenty-six, when your progressed Sun moves into Sagittarius, you become more optimistic, with a growing need to be adventurous and seek opportunities. This may lead you to take chances, travel, or study. After the age of fifty-six, when your progressed Sun moves into Capricorn, you develop a more realistic and structured view and desire to be organized in order to actualize your potential.

DEGREE: 30°30’-4°30’ SCORPIO




Star’s name: Princeps, also called Tsieh Kung

Degree position: 2°8’-2°50” Scorpio between the years 1930 and 2000

Magnitude: 3.5

Strength: *****

Orb: 1°30’

Constellation: Delta Bootes

Applicable days: October 26, 27, 28, 29

Star qualities: Mercury/Saturn

Description: a pale yellow giant star located in the spear shaft of Bootes

Your Secret Self


Sociable and friendly, you become enthusiastic and light up when inspiring or entertaining others. Once your dynamic emotions are flowing, you are a positive force to be reckoned with. Ideally, you need direction for this spontaneous creativity. If your powerful emotions become blocked, however, you are liable to moods or can become withdrawn. By using your natural compassion and directing your powers of love toward concern for others, you can create harmony and happiness for yourself and those around you.

Naturally idealistic, you respond well to life’s challenges when you have a cause to fight for. As your birthday is identified with dynamic force, however, guard against using this in power tactics, especially when you are disappointed with others. To empower yourself, you may have to learn to combine your intuition with faith. This enables you to achieve a sense of victory and successfully follow your dreams.



Princeps suggests a keen mentality and a studious and profound mind, with a depth of understanding that favors research. This star bestows determination, resourcefulness, and a conservative outlook.

Linked to your Sun’s degree, this star imparts prominence in education, science, or legal and government affairs. You have a competitive nature and a daring personality. Your subtle assertiveness and resourceful attitude help you to undertake and succeed with new or untried ideas. You have a reserved nature and will not commit yourself until you are sure where you stand. When you are convinced of the facts, you can be quite outspoken and are unafraid to be direct and stand your ground, as you prefer to be in control.

Positive: relentless, strong-willed, hardworking, ambitious

Negative: stubborn, unorthodox methods, create your own problems, too controlling

Work & Vocation


With your natural flair for people and an instinct for current trends, you can excel in promotion, sales, and media. Besides knowing what the public wants, you also have executive abilities and can succeed in the business world. Having a strong money sense suggests that you can become an entrepreneur or a philanthropist. Your strong creative expression may also find an outlet through music, the arts, or the world of entertainment. Alternatively, your natural ability to heal others may lead you to the caring or medical profession. This birthday often bestows writing gifts or an interest in education.

Famous people who share your birthday include singer Simon LeBon, violinist Nicolò Paganini, U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt, writers Dylan Thomas and Sylvia Plath, and comedian John Cleese.



The number 27 birthdate indicates that you are idealistic and sensitive. Intuitive and analytical, with a fertile and creative mind, you can impress others with your original thoughts. Although at times you appear secretive, rational, or detached, in fact you may be hiding inner tensions. In developing good communication skills, you can overcome a reluctance to express your deeper feelings. Education is essential for number 27 persons, and by developing depth of thought you become more patient and self-disciplined. The subinfluence of the number 10 month indicates that you are original and dramatic. Your pride, determination, and strong morals suggest that you stand by your word. As a fiercely loyal individual, you have the ability to heal or help others rise above difficulties. A need for emotional fulfillment indicates that you can be productive and industrious when you believe in a cause.

Positive: versatile, imaginative, creative, resolute, brave, good understanding, spiritual, inventive, mental strength

Negative: disagreeable, quarrelsome, easily offended, restless, nervous, mistrusting, over-emotional, tense



If you are looking for your ideal partner; you might start by looking for someone born on the following days.

Love & friendship: Jan. 8, 11, 12, 29, Feb. 6, 9, 27, Mar. 4, 7, 25, 29, Apr. 2, 5, 23, 27, May 3, 21, 25, 30, June 1, 19, 23, July 17, 21, Aug. 15, 19, 29, Sept. 13, 17, 27, Oct. 11, 15, 20, 25, 29, 30, Nov. 9, 13, 23, 27, 28, Dec. 7, 11, 21, 25, 26

Beneficial: Jan. 13, 30, Feb. 11, 28, Mar. 9, 26, Apr. 7, 24, 30, May 5, 22, 28, June 3, 20, 26, July 1, 18, 24, 29, Aug. 16, 22, 25, Sept. 14, 20, 25, Oct. 12, 18, 23, Nov. 10, 16, 21, Dec. 8, 14, 19

Fatal attractions: Apr. 23, 24, 25, 26, Oct. 30, Nov. 28, Dec. 26

Challenging: Jan. 5, 19, Feb. 3, 17, Mar. 1, 15, Apr. 13, May 11, June 9, 30, July 7, 28, 30, Aug. 5, 26, 28, Sept. 3, 24, 26, Oct. 1, 22, 24, Nov. 20, 22, Dec. 18, 20

Soul mates: Jan. 7, Feb. 5, Mar. 3, Apr. 1, Sept. 30, Oct. 28, Nov. 26, Dec. 24

Love & Relationships


Although you are idealistic and faithful, in close relationships you can be possessive and jealous, especially when you feel insecure. As a responsible individual, you respect and admire hardworking people who are dedicated and loyal. Sensitive and a kind friend, you can be supportive and concerned for people’s welfare, but avoid being overwhelmed by the problems of others. By learning to stay calm and detached, you can avoid unnecessary heartache.


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