August 03 Zodiac Sign

August 3 Zodiac Birthday Signs – Success-oriented, ambitious, and courageous, you are a lucky and optimistic individual with good business acumen and enormous schemes. Your birthday reveals you to be an adventurous and multitalented Leo with a need for achievement. Nevertheless, without inspiration, creative self-expression, and patience, many of your ideas and dreams will remain unfulfilled.

Although you possess excellent business sense and can be a shrewd investor or successful in speculating, the subinfluence of your decanate ruler, Sagittarius, suggests that you must also overcome an inclination to be overly optimistic or unrealistic. More often than not, you tend to believe that financial security can provide you with all the answers. But by seeing only material benefits, you can miss out on insight into what is truly worthwhile in life.

As a practical idealist, you have vision and leadership abilities and frequently manage to commercialize your abilities through self-promotion. Whatever you do in life, you are inclined to have grand dreams. This need to expand and extend may indicate that inner restlessness or dissatisfaction with your current situation encourages you to always go further in life.

In the pursuit of riches, it is frequently women who will assist you most on your road to success. Even if you are self-disciplined and hardworking, you have extravagant taste, as acquisitions are important to your sense of well-being.

After the age of nineteen, when your progressed Sun enters Virgo, you begin to be less dominant and become more analytical, practical, and reflective. Your duties start to take up more of your time, and you will find a need to work more perfectly and efficiently. From the age of forty-nine, when your progressed Sun moves into Libra, there is a change of emphasis in your life. From then on, you are apt to be more involved in your relationships as well as to widen your circle of friends. There is also a possibility that you will develop latent artistic or literary talents.

DEGREE: 10°-11°30’ LEO



Although your Sun’s degree is not linked to a fixed star; some of your other planets’ degrees certainly will be. By having an astrological chart calculated, you can find the exact position of the planets on your date of birth. This will tell you which of the fixed stars listed in this book are relevant to you.

Your Secret Self


With your bright intellect and inventive thinking, you are often ahead of your time. Your original ideas and sense of nobility can point to an ability to shine when in a leading position. Being a shrewd judge of character, you can quickly assess people and circumstances. Since you also have excellent organizational potential, you are able to involve others in your plans and schemes. Your sudden flashes of insight and persuasive abilities can impress others and win them over to your point of view. Usually generous with your time and money, you work particularly well when helping others.

A rebellious streak can accent your desire for freedom. With your wit and intelligence, you can get by without much effort, but there is a danger of your choosing the easy way out. In order to realize your real abilities, you must rise to the challenges needed to stretch yourself to your true potential.

Work & Vocation


Your ambition and attractive personality can take you to the top in almost any career. Whether in Banking or the arts, your dislike of taking orders can put you in a management or executive position. You should do particularly well in the theater as an actor, director, or scriptwriter. Alternatively, you may choose to use your people skills in business, where you can do well in sales, promotion, or negotiation. With your optimism and big plans, you like to initiate new projects where you have a leading role. Being good at delegating makes you an excellent administrator or may encourage you to work for yourself.

Famous people who share your birthday include actor Martin Sheen, singer Tony Bennett, British statesman Stanley Baldwin, film director John Landis, and fashion designer Anne Klein.



Having a number 3 birthday, you are sensitive, with a need for creativity and emotional expression. Fun-loving and a good companion, you enjoy friendly social activities and many interests. Although you are versatile and expressive, with a need for different and exciting experiences, an inclination to get bored easily may cause you to become indecisive or spread yourself too thin. Although as a number 3, you are usually artistic and charming, with a good sense of humor, you may have to develop self-esteem and guard against tendencies to worry and emotional insecurities. The subinfluence of the number 8 month indicates that you use your creativity and imagination in a practical way. Although you are multitalented and a natural opportunist, you may be restless and tempted to do too-many things at once. By becoming focused on a few projects, you can learn self-discipline and achieve success.

Positive: humorous, happy, friendly, productive, creative, artistic, power to wish, freedom- loving, talent with words

Negative: easily bored, vain, overimaginative, exaggerate, boastful, extravagant, self- indulgent, lazy, hypocritical, wasteful

Love & Relationships


Passionate and strong desires can make your love life an important area for you. A generous friend and lover, you are very popular, although at times you may become too dominating. Your charismatic appeal is likely to provide you with many social and romantic opportunities. Although you are usually loyal, it is possible that you may encounter a pull between your strong yearning for love and affection and your need for material security. Your need for freedom suggests that you may prefer to be in relationships that can give you enough space to feel independent.



For love and friendship, you might just find the right person among those born on the following dates.

Love & friendship: Jan. 6, 10, 15, 29, 31, Feb. 4, 8, 13, 27, 29, Mar. 2, 11, 25, 27, Apr. 4, 9, 23, 25, May 7, 21, 23, June 5, 19, 21, July 3, 17, 19, 30, Aug. 1, 15, 17, 28, Sept. 13, 15, 26, Oct. 11, 13, 24, Nov. 9, 11, 22, Dec. 7, 9, 20

Beneficial: Jan. 13, 15, 19, Feb. 11, 13, 17, Mar. 9, 11, 15, Apr. 7, 9, 13, May 5, 7, 11, June 3, 5, 9, July 1, 3, 7, 29, Aug. 1, 5, 27, 31, Sept. 3, 25, 29, Oct. 1, 23, 27, Nov. 21, 25, Dec. 19, 23

Fatal attractions: Jan. 31, Feb. 1, 2, May 30, June 28, July 26, Aug. 24, Sept. 22, Oct. 20, Nov. 18, Dec. 16

Challenging: Jan. 12, Feb. 10, Mar. 8, Apr. 6, May 4, June 2, Aug. 31, Sept. 29, Oct. 27, 29, 30, Nov. 25, 27, 28, Dec. 23, 25, 26, 30

Soul mates: Jan. 2, 28, Feb. 26, Mar. 24, Apr. 22, May 20, June 18, July 16, Aug. 14, Sept. 12, Oct. 10, Nov. 8, Dec. 6


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