November 28 Zodiac Signs

November 28 Zodiac Birthday Signs – A restless romantic, with many interests, you are an adventurous Sagittarian, full of hopes, ambition, and charm. As you are inspired by knowledge, if you are resolute and have a clear course of action, you can overcome a tendency to be dissatisfied with the mundane in life. Although your desire for change indicates an amount of uncertainty, it also suggests that you can have a varied and eventful life.

The double influence of your ruling planet, Jupiter, implies that you are witty, with a congenial nature. Usually full of enthusiasm and optimism, you are frank and outspoken. Idealistic and with strong convictions, you often strive for honesty at all costs. This influence can also inspire you to follow your heart in the pursuit of creative self-expression or religious and moral aspirations.

Interested in the idea of wholeness, you have foresight and a philosophical perspective. However, a tendency to neglect the small details suggests that you need to develop patience and avoid becoming bored or losing interest too quickly. Instead of moving swiftly from one subject to another, you may need to learn to focus on one particular objective in order to achieve your true potential.

Up to the age of twenty-three, you are mainly concerned with issues of freedom and expanding your horizons, whether through opportunities, your philosophy of life, education, or travel. A turning point occurs at the age of twenty-four, when your progressed Sun moves into Capricorn. This is likely to bring a more pragmatic, orderly, and structured approach to your life. You may have a greater awareness of your responsibilities and the work needed to achieve your goals. There is another change of emphasis at age fifty-four, when your progressed Sun moves into Aquarius. This highlights issues regarding friendship, group awareness, and independence.





Although your Sun’s degree is not linked to a fixed star; some of your other planets’ degrees certainly will be. By having an astrological chart calculated, you can find the exact position of the planets on your date of birth. This will tell you which of the fixed stars listed in this book are relevant to you.

Your Secret Self


Idealistic and imaginative, you may feel that your sensitivity is not wasted when you are able to use it creatively or to be of help to others. Since you also can be pragmatic and like order, this powerful combination implies that you can be a practical visionary. There may be a strong emphasis on work in your life, and through steady and consistent efforts you are able to establish for yourself a stable and financially beneficial situation.

You are likely to be constantly seeking new and exciting interests to keep your active mind stimulated. An inner restlessness, however, may sometimes cause you discontent or make you prone to escapism. It is important, therefore, to keep yourself constructively focused on positive goals. A fascination for people and change can prompt you to go exploring through education or travel in your quest for variety and a mental challenge.

Work & Vocation


Although you will always be exploring new areas in your desire for variety, you gradually overcome a tendency to believe that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Finding productive work that is not restrictive to your free spirit helps you to be satisfied with your lot. Ambitious, you aim high and have leadership potential. Although you are independent, you also gain from teamwork or partnerships. If you can incorporate your desire for travel into your work, then so much the better. You may alternatively wish to develop your innate literary or musical talents. Whatever career you choose, you will be happiest when using your warm charm and people skills in some form of dynamic action.

Famous people who share your birthday include songwriter Randy Newman, poet/artist William Blake, U.S. senator Gary Hart, writers Nancy Mitford, Friedrich Engels, and Rita Mae Brown, and band leader Paul Shaffer.



Independent and idealistic, with determination and a pragmatic approach, you are often a law unto yourself. Like a number 1 individual, you are ambitious, direct, and enterprising. An inner conflict between wanting to be independent and wanting to be part of a team is also indicated. Always ready for action and new ventures, you courageously take on life’s challenges, and with your enthusiasm you can easily inspire others, if not to join you, at least to support you in your latest venture. With a number 28 birthday, you have leadership abilities and rely on your common sense, logic, and clear thinking. Often you take on responsibilities, but you can also be overly enthusiastic, impatient, or intolerant. The subinfluence of the number 11 month indicates that you are inspired and restless, seeking emotional fulfillment. Although you want success and stability, being adventurous and zealous suggests that at times you are willing to take chances in order to obtain more out of life.

Positive: compassion, progressive, daring, artistic, creative, idealistic, ambitious, hardworking, stable home life, strong-willed

Negative: daydreamer, unmotivated, lack of compassion, unrealistic, bossy, lack of judgment, aggressive, lack of confidence, too dependent on others, pride



If you are looking for someone special, you might find stimulating company and a perfect partner among those born on the following dates.

Love & friendship: Jan. 6, 7, 10, 11, 14, Feb. 4, 9, 12, Mar. 2, 7, 10, 28, Apr. 1, 4, 5, 8, 26, 30, May 3, 6, 24, 28, June 1, 4, 22, 26, July 2, 20, 24, Aug. 18, 22, Sept. 16, 20, 30, Oct. 14, 18, 28, Nov. 12, 16, 26, Dec. 10, 14, 24

Beneficial: Jan. 20, 24, Feb. 18, 22, Mar. 16, 20, 29, Apr. 14, 18, 27, May 12, 16, 25, June 10, 14, 23, 29, July 8, 12, 21, 27, Aug. 6, 10, 19, 25, 30, Sept. 4, 8, 17, 23, 28, Oct. 2, 6, 15, 21, 26, Nov. 4, 13, 19, 24, Dec. 2, 11, 17, 22

Fatal attractions: May 25, 26, 27, 28, Aug. 31, Sept. 29, Oct. 27, Nov. 25, Dec. 23

Challenging: Jan. 22, 23, 27, Feb. 20, 21, 25, Mar. 18, 19, 23, Apr. 16, 17, 21, May 14, 15, 19, June 12, 13, 17, July 10, 11, 15, 31, Aug. 8, 9, 13, 29, Sept. 6, 7, 11, 27, Oct. 4, 5, 9, 25, Nov. 2, 3, 7, 23, Dec. 1, 5, 21

Soul mates: Jan. 23, Feb. 21, Mar. 19, Apr. 17, 29, May 15, 27, June 13, 25, July 11, 23, Aug. 9, 21, Sept. 7, 19, Oct. 5, 17, Nov. 3, 15, Dec. 1, 13

Love & Relationships


A love for variety and action suggests that you are a restless individual with an appreciation for beauty and an eye for style. At times, however, you may become impersonal or indecisive about your feelings. You are adventurous and optimistic, though changing circumstances imply that you may find it hard to commit yourself to a long-lasting relationship. As you dislike monotony, you may have many short-lived relationships until you find your ideal partner. You admire creative people who are hardworking and decisive about where they are going.


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