August 30 Birthday Personality: Stability


Your greatest challenge is…

to outgrow your tendency to be overbearing

The way forward is…

to understand that not everyone is as self-sufficient or as capable as you; help others grow by giving them more responsibility.

You’re drawn to people born on…

November 22

to December 21

There is an intense attraction here, but for the passion to remain you must both make practical decisions.

Luck maker

Delegate more

Lucky people are masters of the art of delegation. This is because they understand that empowering others is one of the best ways to attract luck.

People born on August 30 often play a leading and protective role in both their professional and personal lives. Friends, family and co-workers look to them for stability, guidance, support, and a sense of direction, and because they are often intelligent, capable and insightful individuals, they are well qualified to assume this responsibility.

Self-reliant and strongly focused on their goals, people born on this day seem destined for success and recognition in whatever field they choose to specialize. Their mercurial minds also bestow on them marked curiosity, as well as the desire to impose order and structure in both their professional and personal life. Because they often have such a responsible and self-possessed air about them, they run the risk of becoming a magnet for needy people. Although they relish guiding and protecting, it is important for them to understand the difference between those who genuinely need their help and those who are lazy and irresponsible. They must also ensure that their need to control others does not make others overly dependent on them.

From their childhood, they are likely to have been interested in studying situations and people in order to understand, improve and direct them. After the age of twenty-three and for the next thirty years, there is a turning point which places an increased emphasis on partnerships, both personally and professionally. This is also a time when they have an increased sense of beauty and harmony, and may want to develop their creativity. It is important during these years that they don’t get obsessed with the material aspects of their lives by placing too much emphasis on money making, practical problem solving, directing, and organizing at the expense of their emotional and spiritual needs.

This is because, whatever age they are, the more they get in touch with their feelings and the feelings of others, and the more they can connect with and use the spiritual power or intuitive wisdom within them, the more power, happiness and fulfillment they will attract to themselves.

On the dark side

Controlling, inflexible, overburdened

At your best

Supportive, reliable, astute

Love Find time for love

If people born on August 30 find time in their busy schedules for love, they will find a source of great happiness. They need to make sure that they do not get involved with someone who is too dependent on them and that there is plenty of room in their relationship for freedom as well as intimacy. Although generous and giving, they can become cold or withdrawn, and should ensure that they don’t get too controlling in a relationship.

Health Avoid excesses of all kinds

People born on this day are very sensual and must beware of excesses of all kinds when it comes to their health and well-being. Recreational drugs, alcohol and smoking should be avoided, as should overindulgence in rich or exotic food. They should make sure they eat plenty of fresh foods and as little processed and refined products as possible, because a diet rich in sugar and salt and low in nutrients could trigger digestive disorders and headaches. Moderate-intensity exercise should also be a high priority, as it will help keep their weight down and boost their immune system, and they would also benefit from mind-body therapies such as meditation or yoga. During times of stress the healing qualities of lavender essential oil can calm their nerves and boost their mood. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the colors magenta or green will restore their energies and promote emotional healing.

Career Born landscape gardeners

The progressive inclinations of these people augur well in any career they choose, but they may find themselves drawn to medicine, sport, science, research, and education. Other careers might include the caring professions, writing, social reform, counseling, music, acting and, because they have a feel for nature, agriculture or landscape gardening.

Destiny To support and inspire others

The life path of people born on this day is to learn how to let go so others can learn independence. Once they have managed to downplay their controlling tendencies and cultivate their spirituality, their destiny is to support and inspire those with whom they live and work.

Power Thought

“Life shows me miracles every day”

August 30

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Virgo

Ruling planet: Mercury, the communicator

Symbol: The Virgin

Birth date ruler: Jupiter, the philosopher

Tarot card: The Empress (creativity)

Favorable numbers: 2, 3

Lucky days: Wednesday and Thursday, especially when these days fall on 2 and 3 of the month

Lucky colors: Blue, hunter green, caramel

Birthstone: Sapphire


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