August 06 Birthday Personality: High Expectations

High Expectations

Your greatest challenge is…

coping with routine

The way forward is…

to understand that routine is not always a deadening force; it can provide a safe and secure structure in which creativity can be nurtured.

You’re drawn to people born on…

September 24 to October 22

You are both sensual and thrive on mental stimulation, and this can create a passionate and creative relationship.

Luck maker

Every day’s a lucky day

Lucky people understand that many days will be ordinary. Yet within these regular days there are opportunities for enjoyment, inspiration and fulfillment. Viewed this way, every day’s a lucky day.

People born on August 6 have a lust for life, especially things that are uncommon and exciting. Their fascination with what is unique leads them to seek out the extraordinary and attracts interesting experiences their way.

They work hard and play hard, and big projects and grand schemes are their hallmark. If they are allowed to retain decision-making powers and the independence that is so important to them, their sharp mind, ability to take decisive action and unwavering determination augur well for professional success in whatever field they choose to devote their prodigious energies. In their private lives they understand the importance of secure bonds with friends and loved ones, but their commitment to their work may make it hard for them to live up to their ideal of devoting equal time to both work and home.

The urge for people born on this day to participate fully in every area of their lives can make it hard for them to deal with the more mundane aspects of life. This is because, whether they realize it or not, they are forever searching for something extraordinary or unusual. When life does not live up to their expectations they can become moody, despondent and restless. The key to success and happiness for them is to find ways to combine their passion for the unique and unusual with the routine of daily life.

After the age of sixteen and for the next thirty years there is an increased emphasis on order and practical problem solving, and they may become more discriminating with their time and energy. Another turning point occurs after the age of forty-six when they may focus more on relationships and the opportunity to develop any latent artistic, musical, literary, or creative talent. In fact it is in the realm of creative expression that they may eventually find the fulfillment they have always been seeking, as this will give them the opportunity to discover that the fantastic and the extraordinary really can be found in the most ordinary things.

On the dark side

Reckless, obsessive, unfocused

At your best

Exciting, creative, ambitious

Love Intense

People born on August 6 are never short of admirers because they have an unquenchable interest in others and the ability to make them feel special. They can be sensual and passionate as well as reliable and kind, but their intensity can become wearing. It is important for them to understand that laughter, fun, silence and just chilling out with the person you love are a crucial part of keeping a relationship spontaneous and alive.

Health Moderation in all things

The lifestyles of people born on this day are likely to be chaotic and they would benefit greatly from more emphasis on the mundane activities of daily life. The key is to maintain a healthy lifestyle routine without getting bored or distracted; they should embrace moderation in all things but allow themselves the odd indulgence or wild night out. As far as their physical health is concerned, they need to be alert to the possibility of hidden health problems, such as undiagnosed high blood pressure or diabetes. Regular health checks are therefore recommended. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the color blue will help them to plan, create and imagine with calm self-assurance and control.

Career Born composers

These people thrive in careers that offer them plenty of travel, variety, networking, and challenge; they might excel in business, merchandising, manufacturing, the travel industry, and banking. Creative and talented, they may also be attracted to design, art, the theater, and the world of music and entertainment, and should they decide to utilize their compassionate instincts they may be drawn to childcare, counseling, healing, or community work. They may also become talented athletes or sporting stars.

Destiny To push the bounds of human endeavor forward

The life path of people born on this day is to learn that they don’t constantly need to seek out new and extraordinary experiences to feel fulfilled. Once they have been able to enjoy both old and new experiences and to prioritize the demands made on their time, their destiny is to push the boundaries of human endeavor forward.

Power Thought

“I can see eternity in a grain of sand”

August 6

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Leo

Ruling planet: Sun, the individual

Symbol: The Lion

Birth date ruler: Venus, the lover

Tarot card: The Lovers (choices)

Favorable numbers: 5, 6

Lucky days: Sunday and Friday, especially when these days fall on 5 and 6 of the month

Lucky colors: Gold, pink, green

Birthstone: Ruby


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