August 07 Birthday Personality: The Undercover Visionary

The Undercover Visionary

Your greatest challenge is…

declaring how you really feel

The way forward is…

to understand that, unlike you, most people are not mind readers and sometimes things need to be spelled out to make your intentions clear.

You’re drawn to people born on…

February 20 to March 20

You are mystical, intuitive and deep individuals, and this can create an intense and spellbinding bond.

Luck maker

Be true to yourself

Don’t try to be something you are not but acknowledge what your strengths and weaknesses are. Being true to yourself helps others relax and feel connected to you.

People born on August 7 have fascinating, many-faceted personalities with many hidden talents which they are often surprisingly reluctant to reveal. Their secretive nature allows them to surprise and amaze people with sudden and unexpected flashes of insight, or outstanding contributions and achievements.

They are attracted to what is secret or unknown, and their own life mirrors this attraction. Not only do they love to uncover mysteries or secrets—they are often fans of detective stories—there is also something secret or enigmatic about them; even their closest friends may find it hard to really get to know them. Although they are sociable, witty and charming they tend to dwell in a realm of private feelings and fantasies that they seldom, and sometimes never, share. When this is taken to extremes they can even become reclusive or antisocial in their behavior, but they are more likely to find a compromise and will assume an outwardly confident and extroverted personality while at the same time enjoying a hidden fantasy life.

After the age of fifteen they are likely to feel an increased need for practical order in their day-to-day existence, and for the next thirty years they will be more inclined to analyze things, looking for ways to restructure and improve their lives. They should take advantage of this opportunity to find a way to integrate their hidden personality into their social world. They also need to guard against lethargy and becoming too closed or fixed, and should avoid resting in some comfortable routine that does not challenge them to achieve their full potential. After the age of forty-five there is a significant turning point which sees them recognizing the growing importance of relationships, creativity and harmony; these are the years during which they are most likely to open up to others about their feelings.

However, the sooner they find the confidence to open up, the better. The hidden but potentially outstanding originality, creativity and intellect of these fascinating people should never, ever be underestimated.

On the dark side

Reclusive, repressed, insecure

At your best

Charming, intelligent, insightful

Love Hidden passion

Intuitive and reflective, people born on August 7 have the ability to attract others to them but they need to make sure that these people boost rather than drain their energy. They find it hard to express their feelings and vulnerability, and once they start to feel serious about someone it can take forever for them to declare how they feel. Surrounding themselves with trusted friends who give them confidence will help them open up sooner.

Health Hug for health

People born on this day have a tendency to lead a double life and they may be prone to anxiety, stress and depression. Counseling and therapy are recommended if the love and support of friends and family and the respect of co-workers don’t boost their emotional confidence. Receiving hugs from those close to them will be surprisingly therapeutic. They would also benefit from daily exercise, preferably the socially orientated forms such as fitness classes, dancing or training with a partner. As far as diet is concerned, they should make sure they watch their salt and sugar intake to avoid the risk of high blood pressure and blood-sugar swings that can lead to hormone imbalances, low moods and poor concentration. Carrying a rose quartz crystal at all times can help them release pent-up stress, promoting love on all levels; wearing the color orange will encourage feelings of warmth and security.

Career Born performers

The inclinations and talents of these people suit them to careers in which they can find ways to express themselves freely without fear of disapproval or restriction from others, such as sport, writing, acting, drawing, painting, music, dancing, or the world of entertainment. Other careers that might interest them include business, law, religious ministry, and detective work, as well as charity work and social reform.

Destiny To promote their originality with compelling determination

The life path of people born on this day is to find a way to integrate their dreams and fantasies into their daily lives. Once they are able to be more true to themselves, their destiny is to promote their originality and vision with compelling vigor and determination.

Power Thought

“I happily give to life and life lovingly gives back to me”

August 7

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Leo

Ruling planet: Sun, the individual

Symbol: The Lion

Birth date ruler: Neptune, the speculator

Tarot card: The Chariot (resilience)

Favorable numbers: 6, 7

Lucky days: Sunday and Monday, especially when these days fall on 6 and 7 of the month

Lucky colors: Gold, sea blue, orange

Birthstone: Ruby


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