August 02 Birthday Personality: Extreme Clarity

Extreme Clarity

Your greatest challenge is…

falling in love

The way forward is…

to stop confusing love with admiration. When it comes to affairs of the heart there are no rules or regulations, except that you and your partner should be yourselves.

You’re drawn to people born on…

June 22 to July 23

You have much to learn from each other; if you both open up there’s much room for passion and fulfillment.

Luck maker

Accept help from others

Lucky people are self-reliant but they also willingly accept the help of others when it is offered because they understand that luck always comes via other people.

People born on August 2 tend to be straightforward, and their clarity of vision makes it easy for them to identify their goals in life and then direct their prodigious energy tenacity and organizational skills to their realization. What you see is what you get with these people; developing their talents and being respected is far more important to them than being liked as a per son.

Often supremely confident in their ability to reach their professional goals, rarely will they be thrown off track. Their confidence is the result of their ability to realistically assess their abilities and know exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are. And because they rarely set goals that are out of their reach, more often than not they achieve them. Sometimes in their journey toward success they may appear to change course, earning them a chameleon-like reputation, but this is just a demonstration of their flexibili ty and creativity. They never lose sight of their ultimate goals and are simply experimenting with different ways to get there.

Despite their toughness and determination, the more sensitive people born on this day can be hurt by the criticism of others but are unlikely to show it. Their nature is to be non-conformist and their straight-ahead vision can lead to harshness toward others. In fact, they need to be extremely careful that the hard shell with which they surround themselves does not lead to a hardening of their attitudes. Fortunately, between the ages of twenty-two and fifty-two, although there is an emphasis on order, analysis, efficiency, and logic in their lives, they may also feel the need to become more introspective. If they can use this opportunity to get in touch with their feelings and the feelings of others, their quality of life will improve immeasurably.

Blessed with a strong personality, clarity of vision and a unique approach to life, they have outstanding potential and, as long as they make sure they never lose touch with their intuition and sensitivity, their success and happiness are often assured.

On the dark side

Uncompromising, selfish, ruthless

At your best

Focused, versatile, determined

Love Pulled in two directions

Although they are attractive to others, romance can be tough or elusive for people born August 2 because they have a tendency to place extremely high demands on those they’re involved with. Once in a relationship they can be charming, loyal and passionate lovers, but they may find they are pulled by an equally strong desire for freedom.

Health Focus on what you already have

People born on this day tend to have action-packed lives with little time for introspection and are prone to stress and burnout as well as depression, weight gain and high blood pressure. It is important for them to make sure that they invest time and energy into building close and loving relationships with those who can warn them when they are heading off track. They also need to spend less time obsessing about what they do not have and more time being grateful for what they already have. That way they won’t miss out on all the good things right under their noses. As far as diet and exercise are concerned, they need to steer clear of extreme or fad diets or intensive exercise regimes. Moderation and balance are essential to their health and wellbeing. Soaking up the scent of chamomile, rosemary or melissa essential oil can help fight insomnia and calm their mind, and wearing the color green can encourage feelings of warmth and security.

Career Born playwrights

Their independence and clarity of vision promise success as scientists or inventors. They are capable of working in a team or for a company, and may excel in business, banking or law. They may also be attracted to careers in promotion, sales, education, advertising, publishing, personal relations, media, or counseling, and their original approach to life may find expression in the arts or the theater, especially as an actor or playwright.

Destiny To use their imaginative powers to inspire others

The life path of people born on this day is to learn the value of cooperation and shared ideals. Once they have learned to remember the needs of others, their destiny is to use their imaginative powers and clarity of purpose to influence and inspire others.

Power Thought

“I try to make the best of each new day”

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Leo

Ruling planet: Sun, the individual

Symbol: The Lion

Birth date ruler: Moon, the intuitive

Tarot card: The High Priestess (intuition)

Favorable numbers: 1, 2

Lucky days: Sunday and Monday, especially when these days fall on 1 and 2 of the month

Lucky colors: Gold, red, yellow




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