August 09 Birthday Personality: The Mentor

The Mentor

Your greatest challenge is…

allowing others to make their own decisions

The way forward is…

to understand that sometimes the best way for people to learn and grow is to allow them to make their own decisions and mistakes.

You’re drawn to people born on…

March 20 to April 21

You are both dynamic individuals and this relationship has the potential to be a passionate and creative combination.

Luck maker

Learn to listen more

Lucky people understand that one of the most effective ways to gather potentially luckmaking information is to keep their mouth shut and their eyes and ears open.

People born on August 9 are dynamic and determined achievers. Their presence is authoritative and others tend to look to them for guidance. Although they are extremely ambitious they can also be patient, inspiring and hands-on mentors to those who want to learn.

They are at their happiest and their best when they are giving advice to others. They feel qualified to take on the role of mentor because they have a good understanding of human psychology and what motivates or demotivates others. They have a wealth of ideas and insights about how people can improve or enjoy their life more, and are extremely generous with their advice and support. However, because they love to be looked up to and consulted when decisions need to be made, they can get upset if others ignore them, or assert their own independence and follow their own advice. It is extremely important for the psychological growth and emotional fulfillment of people born on this day that they ensure their concern for others does not turn into a need to control them.

Until the age of forty-three they will find that life presents them with opportunities to be conscientious, discriminating and efficient in the working environment. During these years they need to be especially careful not to let their controlling tendencies exert an unhealthy amount of influence over the lives of others. Learning to listen to others and understanding things from their point of view will help them with this. After the age of forty-four there is a turning point which brings a strong emphasis on social relationships and partnerships, and after the age of seventy their focus is on deep emotional transformation.

Whatever age they are, however, if these wise and generous individuals can learn to let go of their need to tell others what to do all the time and listen to their own inner guidance instead, they have the potential to be not just a mentor but a creative, inspiring, confident, charming, and successful role model as well.

On the dark side

Controlling, dictatorial, self-righteous

At your best

Authoritative, influential, insightful

Love Concern not control is required

Although they are charming and have no problem attracting admirers, there is a tendency for people born on August 9 to come on too strongly or be too assertive and controlling in relationships, frequently telling loved ones what to do or even what to think in a self-righteous manner. Though their intentions are good, if they don’t allow others the same freedom they demand for themselves they could end up feeling emotionally isolated.

Health Listen to your own advice

Although people born on this day are excellent at dispensing health and diet advice to those around them, when it comes to their own lifestyle they may not show the same wisdom. They need to learn to listen to themselves, and put their own diet and health in the spotlight. As far as diet is concerned, they may find that, especially in later life, weight problems occur; but instead of skipping meals, which can slow their metabolism, they need to eat smaller meals every few hours to keep their metabolism and energy levels high and hunger at bay. It is especially important for them not to skip breakfast. Regular exercise is also recommended, in particular walking or jogging, because it is something they can do anytime, anywhere and will fit in with their busy lifestyle. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the color indigo will help them feel calmer and encourage them to be less intimidating in their authority over others.

Career Born careers advisors

These people are well suited to careers in which they can devote themselves to guiding and benefiting others, such as teaching, counseling, lecturing, or human resources. They may also be drawn to politics and public relations. Alternatively, the world of entertainment may provide an outlet for their imagination and creativity.

Destiny To inform and inspire others

The life path of people born on this day is to understand that a vital part of the personal development of other people is for them to make their own decisions. When they are able to give others the freedom they need to flourish, their destiny is to inform and inspire others.

Power Thought

“I release my need to control to the universe. I feel at peace with the world”

August 9

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Leo

Ruling planet: Sun, the individual

Symbol: The Lion

Birth date ruler: Mars, the warrior

Tarot card: The Hermit (inner strength)

Favorable numbers: 8, 9

Lucky days: Sunday and Tuesday, especially when these days fall on 8 and 9 of the month

Lucky colors: Yellow, red, orange

Birthstone: Ruby


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