August 26 Birthday Personality: Star Potential

Star Potential

Your greatest challenge is…

asserting yourself

The way forward is…

to understand that there is a difference between assertiveness and being aggressive. Assertive people are respectful, whereas aggressive people ignore the needs of others.

You’re drawn to people born on…

November 22 to December 19

You are both practical and realistic, and this can create a fulfilling and passionate union.

Luck maker

Say “yes” to yourself

Lucky people understand that saying “no” to others when the situation demands it and “yes” to themselves allows them to put their luck-making focus where it belongs.

People born on August 26 tend to feel most comfortable when they are the power or support behind the throne. Although their star potential is undoubted, they often choose the role of understudy, second in command or advisor, gaining quiet satisfaction from the knowledge that the success of others is largely down to their support.

Usually setting high standards for themselves in whatever line of work they select for themselves, they will often master their skills so well that their work is often of an exceptionally high standard. Yet if their admirable talents are thrown into the limelight, even if the recognition is well earned and well deserved, they will feel ill at ease and may resort to self-deprecating behavior to underplay their talents. This is because nothing matters more to them than the satisfaction and happiness of everyone they are living and working with. If their own profile gets too high they feel that this might have a detrimental effect on others.

Until the age of twenty-seven the selfless tendencies of these people will be highlighted, and they need to make sure this does not lead to unhappiness and resentment. After the age of twenty-eight there is a turning point which puts the emphasis on diplomacy, partnerships and relationships; these are the years when they are most likely to step into the role of supportive advisor, guide or partner. If they are content to remain in this role they can feel incredibly fulfilled, but if they are not content and long to strike out on their own they can feel frustrated. Fortunately, during this time they are also likely to gain an enhanced sense of balance and harmony that helps them develop their creativity.

If they can learn to stand up for themselves, these are the years when their undeniable star potential and capacity for independent and original thought will finally reveal themselves to the world, to guide and inspire others in a supportive role, or enlighten and surprise others in a leadership role.

On the dark side

Self-effacing, passive, frustrated

At your best

Inspiring, supportive, resourceful

Love Team player

People born on August 26 will often put the happiness of their partner or loved ones above their own and they need to remind themselves that their happiness is just as important. In love, they find it easy to connect and are seldom without a partner to support, encourage and adore. They are at their best when in a relationship, but need to find a balance between their need for independence and their desire for cooperation.

Health Helping yourself

People born on this day are compassionate and selfless at heart and need to make sure that they don’t neglect their own health for the sake of others. Prone to anxiety and insecurity, they would benefit greatly if family friends or members encouraged them to take a more proactive role in their health and wellbeing. This would include regular health check-ups, and due care and attention to healthy eating and a regular exercise program. Getting enough quality sleep is also important to them as they are prone to insomnia. Travel and variety when it comes to their holiday destinations are important as they will stop them getting stuck in a rut. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the color red will encourage them to be more confrontational, and carrying a tiger’s eye crystal will boost their self-confidence.

Career Born VIPs

These people are excellent team players and will thrive in any situation where group decisions or team work is required. Their natural business acumen may draw them to senior business positions and the world of commerce but their communication skills will also draw them to education, writing, music and law. Their love of detail will attract them to science, engineering, research or industry and their natural sympathy toward others can find an outlet in the healing or caring professions as well as in fundraising or charity work.

Destiny To support, guide, inspire, and enlighten others

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to balance their own needs with those of others. Once they have learned how to take the lead once in a while, their destiny is to support, guide, inspire, and enlighten others with their original thoughts.

Power Thought

“I give myself permission to take the lead”

August 26

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Virgo

Ruling planet: Mercury, the communicator

Symbol: The Virgin

Birth date ruler: Saturn, the teacher

Tarot card: Strength (passion)

Favorable numbers: 7, 8

Lucky days: Wednesday and Saturday especially when these days fall on 7 and 8 of the month

Lucky colors: Blue, hunter green, caramel

Birthstone: Sapphire


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