November 25 Birthday Personality: Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Your greatest challenge is…

establishing your independence

The way forward is…

to understand that until you are able to strike out on your own, the contribution you make to a team will not be as effective or valuable.

You’re drawn to people born on…

October 23 to November 21

This relationship is so exciting because when directness and optimism meet subtlety and intensity, anything can happen.

Luck maker

Let yourself off the hook

Rigid expectations of success and relentlessly beating yourself up for some perceived or real weakness will do nothing to improve your selfesteem, drive, motivation, or luck-making potential.

People born on November 25 are rational, capable and quietly progressive individuals who are willing to take all the time needed to complete a project perfectly. Their motivation is a benevolent urge to achieve excellence and make a difference, rather than gain power and money, and this gives them the staying power to make things happen and the humility to be the essential means of support for a powerful individual or social group.

Social responsibility is an important theme in their lives. This isn’t to say that they are not independently minded; indeed their desire for personal fulfillment is strong. It’s just that they are ultimately concerned with inspiring, enlightening or otherwise acting on behalf of others or society as a whole. Their fixity of purpose, self-discipline and high expectations of themselves and others can, however, make them become overly fixated on their goals and too judgmental of others. Learning to establish an identity for themselves outside of their work or the social group with which they identify, and learning to accept and work with those who have alternative views, are essential requirements for their psychological growth and fulfillment.

Until the age of twenty-six they may find that they are concerned with issues of freedom, and they should take advantage of opportunities to expand their horizons through study or travel. After the age of twenty-seven there is a turning point that is likely to focus their minds on a more pragmatic, ordered and structured approach to life. There is another turning point at the age of fifty-seven when there is a growing need for original and progressive ideas and, at long last, independence. Whatever age or stage they are at, they should try to find the courage to strike out on their own, directing their creative intellect toward finding a path in life that combines their need for personal fulfillment with their socially orientated concerns. Having done this, they will gain an enriching dimension to their lives by unlocking their potential for making a real and important difference in the world around them.

On the dark side

Workaholic, judgmental, inflexible

At your best

Steady, accomplished, supportive

Love As good as it gets

People born on November 25 have very high expectations and ideals when it comes to affairs of the heart. Sometimes these can be so high that they are impossible to attain. They need to learn that simply feeling and being happy with someone really is good enough and quite sufficient reason to build a life with them.

Health The joy of healthy living

People born on this day have workaholic, perfectionist tendencies and when it comes to their health they will often be just as thorough and demanding of themselves. They therefore need to make sure that their concern to eat only the very best does not rob them of the joy of eating, and that their desire for fitness does not take away the joy of movement; and these people love to eat and move. Moderation, as far as exercise and diet are concerned, is therefore strongly recommended. A routine of regular meals and snacks is highly advised, as is regular exercise to boost their circulation, reduce the risk of heart disease and enhance their mood. Their natural optimism tends to make them underrate illness until it becomes serious, so regular check-ups with their doctor are advised. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the color green will encourage them to be more tolerant and accepting of others, and the colors yellow or red will encourage them to stand up for themselves.

Career Born teachers

These people may work as teachers, scientists, politicians, or in any career that allows them to combine their personal ambitions with their urge to be socially responsible. They may also be drawn to social and charity work, the caring and healing professions, law and law enforcement. Their need for self-expression may express itself in writing, music, art, or the entertainment world.

Destiny To assist, educate and inspire others

The life path of people born on this day is to balance their own needs with those of others. Once they have learned to stand up for what they want and say “no” if they have to, their destiny is to assist, educate and inspire others.

Power Thought

“The happier I am, the more I can inspire others to find joy”

November 25

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Sagittarius

Ruling planet: Jupiter, the philosopher

Symbol: The Archer

Birth date ruler: Neptune, the speculator

Tarot card: The Chariot (resilience)

Favorable numbers: 7, 9

Lucky days: Thursday and Monday, especially when these days fall on 7 and 9 of the month

Lucky colors: Purple, sea green, light blue

Birthstone: Turquoise


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