November 03 Birthday Personality: The Marathon Runner

The Marathon Runner

Your greatest challenge is…

finishing second

The way forward is…

to understand that people tend to learn more about themselves during times of disappointment and defeat than they do in times of victory.

You’re drawn to people born on…

October 23 to November 21

You are both resilient and uninhibited; if you can learn to give and take, you have great potential for happiness.

Luck maker

Work through worst-case scenarios

Before you act, think about the worst that could possibly happen for you, then produce a better outcome in your mind. Even if the worst does happen, you’ll know you can put another plan into action to control the damage.

People born on November 3 have all the strength and staying power of a long-distance runner. They are ambitious and energetic but know how to bide their time and go the distance to achieve their goals.

With the ability to keep calm under the most intense pressure, they can earn the reputation for being extremely cool, sometimes ruthless, customers. At times they may appear to be hesitant or passive, but all the while they are simply waiting for the right moment to strike out and achieve their goals. If there is one thing, however, that can unsettle the masterful self-control of these people it is defeat or failure. They are terrible losers and, instead of trying to find alternative solutions, they may waste tremendous energy on selfrecrimination and in some cases this can lead to depression.

Although they can be overwhelmingly negative at times, the upside is that when things are going well they can be energetic, charismatic, pleasure loving, and stimulating. Those lucky enough to catch them in one of these moods will be enchanted and uplifted. They can also be compassionate and supportive during these moments, with a deep understanding of the feelings of others. Unfortunately, when it comes to understanding themselves they lack similar insight, so they should look deep within to understand why the need to win can sometimes overpower their need to feel happy.

Despite being moody and intense as a teenager, after the age of twenty they will acquire a more optimistic and expansive outlook; this may lead them to broaden their horizons to seek truth, travel or study. After the age of forty-nine there is another turning point when financial and emotional stability is likely to take center stage. Throughout their lives they will always be highly competitive warriors, but once they understand that the only battle really worth winning is the one within themselves they can apply their progressive intellect, superb communication skills and almost superhuman endurance to the only cause that’s always a winner one that furthers the common good.

On the dark side

Ruthless, depressive, closed

At your best

Persistent, focused, progressive

Love All or nothing

Idealistic and romantic, people born on November 3 can’t see the point of half-hearted relationships. They want to be involved with someone they can share their heart and their life with; anything less is simply a waste of their energy. They long to find their soul mate and, like most things in their lives, what these people long for they tend to get.

Health Pleasure loving

People born on this day tend to hide their emotions and true intentions both professionally and personally, and as a result they can be prone to stress and depression. Cognitive behavioral techniques to help them reprogram their thoughts from negative to positive can be extremely beneficial, as can counseling or psychotherapy. As far as diet and lifestyle are concerned, pleasure seeking is the order of the day and they need to go easy on saturated fat and rich, exotic food because digestive problems and weight gain can be a problem. Spending more time cooking and eating at home rather than dining out or doing the party rounds is recommended, as is a healthy nutritious and balanced diet along with plenty of vigorous exercise, such as running, cycling and team sports. Carrying a malachite crystal will help bring a sense of calmness and ease, boosting their mood during times of depression, as will wearing the color orange.

Career Born stockbrokers

These people are often drawn to professions where they can exert an influence over others, such as education, management or entertainment. Other career options include business, negotiation, financial advice, writing, and the healing or caring professions.

Destiny To transform the ambitions that drive them into reality

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to be more spontaneous and forgiving in their approach to life. Once they are able to be more tolerant, their destiny is to transform the progressive ambitions that drive them into a reality that benefits not just themselves but others.

Power Thought

“I release all feelings of failure. My wonderful future is in my hands”

November 3

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Scorpio

Ruling planet: Mars, the warrior

Symbol: The Scorpion

Birth date ruler: Jupiter, the philosopher

Tarot card: The Empress (creativity)

Favorable numbers: 3, 5

Lucky days: Tuesday and Thursday, especially when these days fall on 3 and 5 of the month

Lucky colors: Red, green, purple

Birthstone: Topaz


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