November 16 Birthday Personality: The Authority

The Authority

Your greatest challenge is…

resisting the urge to control everything

The way forward is…

to understand that true leaders or directors empower others to make their own decisions.

You’re drawn to i people born on…

February 19 to March 20

This is a sensual and passionate pairing where you can give each other the magic you have been longing for.

Luck maker

Let go of anger

Forgiveness is tough but it is also a powerful luck magnet. This is because when you are weighed down with anger or guilt you can’t move forward, and the energy you need to create luck is blocked.

People born on November 16 have a naturally authoritative manner and, because they are also intelligent, perceptive and display a remarkable strength of purpose, their command is rarely questioned. In addition, they usually have the best interests of everyone at heart. As a result, people learn to listen to what they have to say and more often than not follow their advice or instructions.

Fiercely individualistic and independent, these people may have challenged the status quo as children or teenagers. As they grow older, however, they often reach the conclusion that they can be more effective agents for change if they work within the system to try and change it for the better, rather than being a lone voice on the outside. They are particularly well suited to leadership roles where they can exert a powerful or informative influence over others.

Those around them generally respect their conviction and genuine desire to promote the common good, as well as the tact they display when enlisting support for their aims. There will be times, however, when their urge to enlighten and inspire others is so strong that their behavior becomes controlling, manipulative or intolerant, and they stubbornly refuse to acknowledge any other way forward but their way.

Until the age of thirty-five they are likely to want to expand their horizons though study or travel. After the age of thirty-six they reach a turning point where they start to take a more practical, ordered and realistic approach to life. Whatever age they are, it is important for them to make sure that they use their natural authority wisely and don’t abuse the position of trust they tend to earn for themselves. If they can remember always to keep the interests of others in their mind and to respect others’ right to hold different opinions to their own, not only will they become a voice of unquestionable authority, they also have the creativity and imagination to become a voice of insight, inspiration and wisdom.

On the dark side

Self-involved, controlling, judgemental

At your best

Authoritative, influential, understanding

Love Learn to take as well as give

Despite being incredibly generous and supportive themselves, people born on this day can have big problems accepting the help, support or even love of others. It is crucial for their emotional well-being that they learn to trust more and open their heart, because the loyalty and support of a loving partner are of vital importance to them. Sometimes a sense of true happiness and fulfillment will be delayed until that partner takes center stage.

Health By the seaside

People born on this day often feel attuned to the sea or ocean, and spending time by the coast can help relax and calm them. Swimming is a fantastic way for them to exercise. If they have a sedentary lifestyle they are strongly advised to get up and move more, because exercise has wonderful moodboosting powers, not to mention the fact that it will also speed up their metabolism and help them lose weight if they have weight to lose. As far as diet and lifestyle are concerned, overeating could be a problem, as could heavy alcohol consumption. As these could both lead to weight and liver problems, they are strongly advised to eat a healthy balanced diet and to cut down on alcohol. Relaxing herbal teas and foot massages are music to their souls, carrying the crystal citrine in their purse or wallet can help them deal with anger and frustration in any situation, and the crystal turquoise will encourage them to reach out to others.

Career Born managers

These people will often be drawn to politics and teaching, as well as more artistic activities where they can inspire a broader audience. Possible work options include self-employment, research, education, law, philosophy, psychology, sales, water sports, diving, writing, and acting. In the world of business they are likely to assume management or directorship roles.

Destiny To further the boundaries of human endeavor

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to use their authority wisely. Once they have the best interests of both themselves and others at heart, their destiny is to further the boundaries of human knowledge and endeavor.

Power Thought

“Today sincere warmth glows in my heart, bringing me closer to others”

November 16

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Scorpio

Ruling planet: Mars, the warrior

Symbol: The Scorpion

Birth date ruler: Neptune, the visionary

Tarot card: The Tower (breakthrough)

Favorable numbers: 7,9

Lucky days: Tuesday and Monday, especially when these days fall on 7 and 9 of the month

Lucky colors:Deep red, sea green, sky blue

Birthstone: Topaz


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