November 28 Birthday Personality: Impulse


Your greatest challenge is…

making realistic plans

The way forward is…

to set short-term goals that you can reach, then set more. In this way you’ll be able to move ahead.

You’re drawn to people born on…

July 23 to August 22

You both have huge hearts and the spirit of adventurers, and this can create a stimulating and passionate union.

Luck maker

Finish what you start

Lucky people have discipline and are willing to do things that they don’t always like to do because they know it will lead them to their goals.

Those born on November 28 are free spirits with a thirst for knowledge. They are natural philosophers and their aim is to broaden their vision and sense of possibility. They are the scientists who never leave the lab, the composers and writers who labor late into the night, and the workers who stay late at the office—and forget to clean up their mess when they leave.

Filled with natural curiosity and eagerness for the future, there is a tendency for these people to overextend themselves with too many activities. Not surprisingly, they can be flirtatious—with ideas as well as people—tending to show their enthusiasm at the start of new endeavors or relationships but then withdrawing it as the project progresses into details, or the relationship settles into a routine. They need to learn that commitment and freedom are two separate entities that don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Despite the sparkling wit and apparent flightiness of these people, they have a deeper and more complex side to them. As they tend to feel their way through life, their emotions can go up and down, so it is important for them to find a trusted friend who can gently warn them when they are heading off track. When hurt, they withdraw into a cloud of silence, eventually emerging from their reticence with sarcastic comments that can be blunt, insensitive and tactless. Too emotionally honest to hide their feelings, whether disillusionment, frustration or boredom, they can’t help but “say it like it is.”

Others may criticize them for their moodiness and messiness, but they don’t hold grudges for long and it’s always a creative and innovative mess. But if they want to achieve the success and recognition their talents deserve, they need to combine this with dedication and discipline. Fortunately after the age of twenty-four there is a powerful and significant turning point when there will be greater emphasis on responsibility and the work they need to do to achieve their imaginative and progressive goals.

On the dark side

Scattered, restless, self-destructive

At your best

Spontaneous, optimistic, charismatic

Love Shared dreams

People born on November 28 try to do whatever they can to make their partner happy, although they may struggle with some indecisiveness, as well as insecurity and jealousy. The imprisoning world of dull routine and dreary responsibility is poison for them. What they really want is a lover who can give them freedom, share their dreams and be there when they land with a bump. To attract and keep this kind of lover they need to believe in themselves more.

Health Self-discipline required

People born on this day often enjoy rich living and may have problems managing their weight, particularly around the hips and thighs. Regular massage and a strenuous exercise regime emphasizing flexibility, together with a nutritious diet with plenty of fresh water to flush away toxins, can help with this. To keep energy levels consistent they should aim to eat five mini-meals a day, instead of three big ones, and go easy on fatty foods and alcohol. The more time these people spend outdoors in natural surroundings the better, because this will have a calming and balancing influence on them. They would also benefit from yoga and meditation; wearing or meditating on the color blue will encourage them to be more consistent and disciplined in their approach.

Career Born journalists

These people are drawn to careers that involve travel, communication and creativity. They prefer intellectually demanding work which benefits others. Possible careers are in publishing, law, medicine, social reform, politics, writing, journalism, or the arts. Once they get serious about their responsibilities, they could do well in business pursuits or humanitarian group projects.

Destiny To be an inspirational force in the world

The life task of people born on this day is to learn to find their focus, trust their instincts and develop their talent for self-expression. When used positively, this can be an inspirational force in the world and their destiny therefore is to uplift others.

Power Thought

“All is well in my world and I share my feelings of happiness with others”

November 28

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Sagittarius

Ruling planet: Jupiter, the philosopher

Symbol: The Archer

Birth date ruler: Sun, the individual

Tarot card: The Magician (will-power)

Favorable numbers: 1, 3

Lucky days: Thursday and Sunday, especially when these days fall on 1 and 3 of the month

Lucky colors: Blue, purple, orange


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