October 14 Birthday Personality: The Middle Path

The Middle Path

Your greatest challenge is…

putting yourself on the line

The way forward is…

to understand that if you don’t ever take a risk in life you can deprive yourself of opportunities for psychological growth.

You’re drawn to people born on…

May 21 to June 20

You both like your freedom but also need security, and this can be a passionate and fulfilling union.

Luck maker

Let the past go

Understand your past, don’t use it as an excuse. You can’t change what has been done, so don’t limit your luck-making potential by hanging onto the past. Learn from it and look forward to a positive future.

People born on October 14 tend to be the steady rock to which friends and colleagues run for shelter when life gets stormy. They have a wonderfully calming influence and their ability to counter extreme situations with practicality and common sense often propels them into positions of authority.

Striving to achieve moderation and balance, doing the right thing in whatever situation they find themselves is the driving force of these people. They usually find the middle way, giving not just their own lives but the lives of those they live and work with great influence, stability and structure. Friends trust them to pull them back to reality when they are going to extremes, and colleagues trust them to be the voice of reason and common sense. Their greatest strength, however, can also become their greatest weakness if taken to extremes. This is because too much common sense and moderation can cause their behavior to become imbalanced with the result that they either don’t take risks at all or they give themselves completely to self-indulgent behavior. Either way the results are a disaster for their psychological growth and well-being.

Until the age of thirty-nine there is a growing emphasis on personal power and transformation; during these years they need to listen as much to their intuition as they do to their common sense to decide what is appropriate to a situation. They also need to learn to let mistakes from the past go, as they have a tendency to blame themselves or other things and get stuck in the past, rather than looking ahead to the future. After the age of forty there is a significant turning point when they may wish to expand their mind through new experiences, the study of philosophy and spirituality, or traveling abroad.

Whatever age they are, if they can learn to look ahead with positive expectancy and find the middle way in all things, they have the potential to become imaginative and inspirational managers with a powerful and important message of moderation in all things.

On the dark side

Excessive, overly cautious, passive

At your best

Temperate, composed, reliable

Love Don’t settle down too soon

People born on October 14 tend to look for partners who are as centered and composed as themselves but they really need someone who can keep them mentally and emotionally stimulated, even if that means a certain amount of conflict and tension. Once in a close relationship they can be warm, tender and loyal, although if things settle too much into a routine they can also become restless.

Health So tired

People born on this day are often regarded as the capable, dependable ones. For the great majority of times they are, but there will also be times when they feel drained and exhausted. When this is the case they need to pay special attention to the iron levels in their diet, as lack of iron can trigger fatigue. Poor diet and too much tea, coffee and alcohol can block the absorption of iron from their food. Egg yolks, spinach, sunflower seeds, and whole grains are all good sources. Whether or not iron is the trigger, eating a healthy, balanced diet, getting plenty of exercise and quality sleep, and taking regular breaks or time out from work will all help beat fatigue. Fatigue may also be caused by depression and weight problems, and all the possible causes should be checked out with a doctor. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the colors orange or yellow will boost their energy levels, and carrying a carnelian crystal will help with feelings of lethargy and despondency.

Career Born reporters

These people may find themselves drawn to politics, law, education, art, and design. As inquisitive people with an interest in social and ethical issues, they may also make good reporters, journalists, photographers, and filmmakers; a deep desire to make a positive difference in the world may draw them toward medicine and the healing, caring professions.

Destiny Gifted and original messengers of tolerance

The life path of people born on this day is to find a way to satisfy their dual urge to promote their own interests as well as helping those around them. Once they have found this healthy balance, their destiny is to be gifted and original agents of progress and messengers of tolerance.

Power Though

“I am excited about my future and the next step in my selfdevelopment”

October 14

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Libra

Ruling planet: Venus, the lover

Symbol: The Scales

Birth date ruler: Mercury, the communicator

Tarot card: Temperance (moderation)

Favorable numbers: 5, 6

Lucky days: Friday and Wednesday, especially when these days fall on 5 and 6 of the month

Lucky colors: Pink, yellow, green

Birthstone: Opal


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