June 23 Birthday Personality: The Improver

The Improver

Your greatest challenge is…

resisting the tendency to gossip

The way forward is…

to understand that if someone has told you something in confidence, you should resist the urge to share that information; it’s not your information to share.

You’re drawn to people born on…

August 24 to September 23

You share a love of beauty and a need for security, and this can create an intense and romantic relationship.

Luck maker

Respect the feelings of others

Lucky people understand that if you are gentle with your honesty and respectful of others’ feelings you will gain the respect and trust of everyone you meet.

People born on June 23 tend to be highly sensitive and loving individuals who yearn to make the world around them a more beautiful place. With the vision of a peaceful world to inspire them, they devote their energy and intelligence to identifying areas that need improvements and then improving them.

They are extremely interested in the lives of others and are eager to help them in any way, be it emotionally, financially or practically. Not surprisingly they place great value on interpersonal relationships, treating both loved ones and strangers with great respect, consideration and warmth. Unfortunately, in their eagerness to connect with others they tend to become interfering and to repeat confidences. Although this is never done with malicious intent, it can make them appear untrustworthy, which they are not.

Up to the age of twenty-nine, they will be concerned with their home, family and their own emotional security; but after the age of thirty they are likely to be drawn into public situations which require them to be strong and confident. These are the years when they are likely to come into their own, realizing their dreams of improving the world in some way by enriching it with artistic endeavors or by bringing greater harmony, compassion and peace within human relationships.

They don’t just love to study other people; they also love to share their ideas about how life can be improved in some way. Some of these ideas may be particularly wacky, especially those about love and sex, but generally such is their insight and charisma that others often find their lives improved or changed after spending time with them because they have an ability to make others feel secure and loved. They should, however, resist the tendency to pry uninvited into the affairs of others; but once they are able to be more discreet and open-minded, they have the creative potential and the practicality to implement their romantic ideals and to effect not just their own emotional fulfillment, but the happiness of all they meet.

On the dark side

Unreliable, unrealistic, over-involved

At your best

Devoted, enchanting, altruistic

Love Love is all around

Love makes the world go round for people born on June 23 and few can match their intensity when it comes to one-on-one relationships. They are prone to fall in love easily and may put their partner on a pedestal that is impossible to live up to. Although their need for absolute devotion may scare away potential partners, once in a secure relationship they have an extraordinary ability to keep romance and passion alive.

Health Home alone

People born on this day tend to be happiest when they are in a loving relationship or surrounded by friends and loved ones. They can suffer terribly if life forces periods of solitude upon them, but if they can learn to be as happy in their own company as they are in that of others, their potential for happiness and personal fulfillment increases significantly. As far as diet is concerned, they would be wise to steer clear of too much alcohol, and spicy and fatty foods, as these can irritate their digestive system and cause stomach upsets. All forms of exercise are recommended, especially when they feel their mood is in need of a boost. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the color purple will encourage them to feel happier in their own company.

Career Born psychotherapists

Their natural orientation toward helping others draws these people to careers in health care, policing, counseling, and social work, as well as politics and law. They may also be drawn to the performing arts, poetry, writing, music, and painting. Other areas that might interest them include education, computer technology, research, catering, and commerce.

Destiny To influence, inspire and improve the lives of others

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to step back every now and again and resist the tendency to become over-involved in problems that are not really their own. Once they have learned to be more objective, their destiny is to influence, inspire and improve the lives of others.

Power Thought

“I think the best of others and spread nothing but the joy of life”

June 23

Signs & symbols

Sun signs: Cancer/Gemini

Ruling planets: Moon, the intuitive/Mercury, the communicator

Symbols: The Crab/The Twins

Birth date ruler: Mercury the communicator

Tarot card: The Hierophant (reflection)

Favorable numbers: 2, 5

Lucky days: Monday and Wednesday, especially when these days fall on 2 and 5 of the month

Lucky colors: Cream, white, silver blue

Birthstone: Pearl