June 29 Birthday Personality: The Altruistic Visionary

The Altruistic Visionary

Your greatest challenge is…

not giving too much of yourself

The way forward is…

to understand that only after you know how to take care of yourself can you take care of others.

You’re drawn to people born on…

June 22 to July 23

You both have much to give and take from each other, and this can be a dynamic and satisfying relationship.

Luck maker

Treat yourself

Treat yourself to something that you really want: a book, a film, a new outfit, a haircut. Make sure it’s something that makes you feel good, because when you feel good your chances of attracting good luck increase.

People born on June 29 are often highly intuitive and sensitive. They have a knack for anticipating other people’s words, actions and reactions. This is because they have the rare ability to put themselves into another’s shoes. As well as being intuitive, they also possess a dazzling imagination and the practical ability to transform their progressive visions into reality.

With their unique combination of altruistic intuition and imagination, these people give much to others and share their burdens. They are the people who will be a shoulder for their friends to cry on, a morale booster at work and a charity worker in their spare time. They will often be drawn to people who are lonely and insecure because they hope that offering their friendship will reinforce the self-esteem of those who feel fragile.

They often present a lighthearted, youthful and energetic face to the world, and others will love the fact that they rarely complain or drag people down with negativity. Their aim is always to uplift and help others, and while they may be accused of superficiality, underneath their charm and innocence they have all the drive and competitive edge they need to achieve their goals. They often have a talent for making money, and lots of it, although their competitive drive is motivated by a desire to share their vision and happiness with others, rather than gain personal success.

Although their dedication to bringing pleasure to others is admirable, they occasionally need to give themselves a boost as well. If their behavior becomes too self-sacrificing, they may suffer from bouts of indecision and anxiety about their own personal focus and motivation. Before the age of twenty they may be inclined to be shy or reserved but after twenty-three they will enjoy opportunities to develop their personal power and creativity. It is vital that they take advantage of these because in this period their intellect, imagination and understanding of the needs of others can help them make their own dreams, as well as the dreams of others, a practical reality.

On the dark side

Self-sacrificing, indecisive, superficial

At your best

Youthful, giving, intuitive

Love Exceedingly generous

People born on June 29 can easily attract people with their optimistic, upbeat, caring approach and they usually think in twosomes. They may be drawn toward partners who are insecure in some way but since they are prone to insecurity themselves, they might be better choosing someone less needy. Once in a relationship they are often exceedingly generous with those they love and may need to temper their giving impulse to allow their partner or children to stand on their own two feet.

Health Self-care

People born on this day have a tendency to put others before themselves, and although this is commendable they need to remember to take care of themselves as well. They are also prone to taking on the burdens of others and this can sometimes result in emotional difficulties or even co-dependent relationships. As far as diet and lifestyle are concerned, they may have a craving for sweet foods, foods high in fat, alcohol, or recreational drugs; they need to counteract this with a healthy, balanced diet and plenty of exercise. Any form of aerobic exercise is recommended as it will boost their cardiovascular and respiratory health. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the color red will increase their self-confidence and help them distance themselves from those who might drag them down.

Career Born charity workers

These people are well suited to careers in education, the fashion, leisure, and beauty industries, and careers connected to the home and family. They also have natural skills in working for a charitable cause. Their imagination and quick intelligence may draw them to science, medicine, alternative healing, or business, and their need for creative expression may draw them to writing, music and art.

Destiny To inspire others with their generosity

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to find a balance between their own needs and those of others. Once they have found that balance, their destiny is to influence and inspire others with their generosity and their ability to make the impossible seem possible.

Power Thought

“I owe it to myself to develop my many talents and abilities”

June 29

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Cancer

Ruling planet: Moon, the intuitive

Symbol: The Crab

Birth date ruler: Moon, the intuitive

Tarot card: The High Priestess (intuition)

Favorable numbers: 2, 8

Lucky day: Monday, especially when it falls on 2 and 8 of the month

Lucky colors: Cream, silver, white

Birthstone: Pearl