June 21 Birthday Personality: Rhapsody


Your greatest challenge is…

not to become obsessive about your interests

The way forward is…

to understand that sometimes when you throw yourself into things too deeply you lose a sense of perspective, excitement and enjoyment.

You’re drawn to people born on…

October 24 to November 23

You are adventurous, intelligent and fascinating individuals, and this can be an intense and magical union.

Luck maker

Minimize addiction

An addiction is a demand that makes you feel angry or fearful when it is not met. Creating luck is about having preferences and doing what it takes to get them satisfied, without getting totally attached to them.

People born on June 21 tend to be intense, exciting and sensual individuals. Born on the longest and perhaps most magical day of the year, they are gregarious, sociable and relentlessly busy. They love every aspect of their lives with rarely the time to meet all their goals.

Fiercely individualistic, they detest pigeonholing of any kind and believe they can be a sex symbol, researcher, athlete, devoted parent, and talented artist all at the same time. Since it is almost impossible to achieve so much in one lifetime, they run the risk of driving themselves and others to exhaustion. They would not have it any other way, so determined are they to experience all the riches the world has to offer. They have terrific enthusiasm and determination to exceed, giving them the power and momentum not just to overcome obstacles but to grow stronger after surmounting them.

These highly sensual people take great delight in all that the world has to offer but they are not only devoted to physical and material pleasures; their thoughts and feelings are intense and passionate too. The big danger is that they can go to extremes, losing themselves in a world of sensation or obsession; they need to learn greater self-control. Until the age of thirty they may focus on emotional security, home and family, and they need to make sure they don’t become too dictatorial and impatient with others. After the age of thirty they become more creative and confident, developing the assertiveness to be more adventurous. If they can learn to keep a sense of balance and focus, these are the years when they will realize that they can have it all—just not all at once.

Their inexhaustible thirst for adventure and external stimuli makes them not only interested but also extremely interesting individuals. Blessed with natural charisma, if they can learn to develop their introspective gifts of empathy and understanding, and avoid becoming obsessive about what excites them, their capacity for original and creative thought gives them genius potential.

On the dark side

Excessive, dictatorial, extreme

At your best

Sensual, exciting, intense

Love Don’t set the bar too high

People born on June 21 are often highly sensual and will attract many admirers. They do, however, set themselves extremely high standards when it comes to potential partners, and this can make them dictatorial and controlling. They need to stop looking for perfection because it does not exist and appreciate the qualities that make others special.

Health Look within

People born on this day will often take things to extremes and push themselves rather hard so they need to make sure they have a more balanced and moderate approach to life. Addictive behavior is a concern and they should guard against this. They would benefit enormously from meditation, cognitive therapy or counseling, as well as more time spent with family and friends to give them a sense of healthy perspective. As far as diet is concerned, they should steer clear of alcohol and limit their intake of sugar, salt, processed and refined foods, although they should avoid extreme dietary measures as eating disorders are a potential risk. Moderate to mild exercise, preferably in the fresh air, is recommended. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the color purple will encourage them to look within for comfort and a sense of fulfillment.

Career Born reformers

Whatever career these people choose they will have a need to express their creativity. They also need jobs that offer them variety, travel and human contact. Often humanitarian by nature, they may be drawn to education, counseling, healing, or social reform. Their love of knowledge may also attract them to law, religion and philosophy. Usually good with their hands, they may excel in design, and with their communication skills they may make excellent writers, journalists, advertisers, presenters, and promoters.

Destiny To share their vision and intensity with others

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to avoid excessive extremes and to cooperate with others. Once they have learned this, their destiny is to make their mark on the world by sharing their vision and their intensity with others.

Power Thought

“Every moment contains an opportunity for me to feel inspired”

June 21

Signs & symbols

Sun signs: Gemini/Cancer

Ruling planets: Mercury the communicator/Moon, the intuitive

Symbols: The Twins/The Crab

Birth date ruler: Jupiter, the speculator

Tarot card: The World (fulfillment)

Favorable numbers: 3 or 9

Lucky days: Wednesday and Thursday, especially when these days fall on 3 and 9 of the month

Lucky colors: Orange, lilac, purple

Birthstone: Agate