Aries February Horoscope

Health dramatically improved last month after the 20th and is wonderful this whole month. You have all the energy you need to achieve any goal you put your mind to. Pre-existing conditions magically disappear. Though health is good, you can enhance it further with ankle and calf massage. Your health planet Mercury is retrograde until the 21st so avoid making major changes to your health regime until after then.

The month ahead is very social – not necessarily romantic, but social. You are very involved with friendships, groups and group activities. New and significant friends are coming into the picture; this is the trend all year, but especially so this month.

The 11th house is a beneficent house and, since this is where the power is this month, the month ahead is happy. Fondest hopes and wishes are coming to pass. Of course, once this happens, you will create a new set of fondest hopes and wishes. This is the nature of things.

Though your love aspects are good this month, the problem seems to be lack of interest. All the planets are in the eastern hemisphere of Self. You are very independent and comfortable in your skin. You like things your way (and this tendency will get even stronger in the coming months). And so you might not be paying too much attention to romance. Friendships, which allow more freedom, are more appealing to you.

On the 5th and 6th your financial planet, Venus, travels with Saturn. There are good and bad points to this. The good points are that the financial judgement is sound – even conservative. You have a realistic perspective on your finances. Bosses, elders, parents and parent figures seem helpful, but also controlling. The bad points are that you might have extra financial responsibilities thrust on you. You might feel a sense of lack even though you’re basically prospering. But this will pass after the 6th. Venus travels with Jupiter from the 8th to the 11th and this should bring a nice payday. Earnings will increase. (The 8th to the 11th is also a good period for romance, if you can maintain an interest.)

When Mercury moves forward on the 21st all the planets will be moving forward. Thus, events in the world and in your life move forward and pretty quickly.

  • Best Days Overall: 6, 7, 15, 16, 25, 26
  • Most Stressful Days Overall: 2, 3, 8, 9, 23, 24
  • Best Days for Love: 2, 3, 10, 11, 20, 21
  • Best Days for Money: 2, 3, 10, 11, 18, 19, 20, 21
  • Best Days for Career: 2, 8, 9, 10, 11, 20