April 25 Birthday Personality: Imposing Vigor

Imposing Vigor

Your greatest challenge is…

learning to value life beyond the material

The way forward is…

to understand that when you forget to take care of your soul you become nervous, stressed and afraid.

You’re drawn to people born on…

February 20 to March 20

You share a passion for stability and intensity in a relationship, and this can create a romantic and enduring bond.

Luck maker

Stop doing and just be

Learning to balance your being with your doing helps you release tension and increases your self-esteem; when your self-esteem is good, your chances of attracting luck your way increase dramatically.

People born on April 25 are hard to ignore. Whatever their physical size, their presence and energy are dynamic and imposing. Strong-minded, they are more interested in action than reflection, and their drive to succeed inspires awe in those who are less self-assured.

When they employ their remarkable energy, intellectual focus and steadfast determination, they have enormous potential to achieve all their aims. Despite their unwavering sense of purpose they can, however, unwittingly sabotage their own efforts by making snap decisions and putting themselves unnecessarily at risk. They don’t seek danger but they are courageous and, if presented with a demanding challenge, they are unlikely to avoid it but rather face it head on.

They tend to concentrate their energies on the practical; the subtle aspects of life are often lost on them. This can-do approach with little time for ideas, theories or small talk means that there is nothing vague or undefined about them; indeed they often establish themselves fairly early in life. The danger, however, is their lack of interest in the spiritual or abstract side of life. When things are going well they are unlikely to notice this area of their life is limited, but when things are going badly or they feel in need of comfort, they will feel a sense of loss, confusion and bewilderment.

Fortunately, after the age of twenty-six there are opportunities for them to communicate and exchange ideas, stretching themselves mentally with new kinds of study. They should ensure that the emphasis is not just on the practical but also on the theoretical or spiritual. After the age of fifty-six they are likely to feel the need to be closer to those they love and care for. This again is significant, as until then the focus of their energies is likely to have been their career.

Above all, they have the ability to effortlessly command respect and, as long as they remember to check their impulsiveness and nurture their spiritual self, there is little that they cannot accomplish.

On the dark side

Overbearing, mundane, hasty

At your best

Energetic, imposing, steadfast

Love Take the lead

Curiously, although people born on April 25 are commanding and sensual outside of a relationship, when they are in one they can let their partner take the lead completely. If they can overcome the worry that another person will ever love them, they can settle into a relationship that is both stable and passionate.

Health Earthy sensuality

People born on this day are blessed with an earthy sensuality and physical grace, and few are as likely to feel as comfortable in their bodies as they are. They love exercise in all its forms, in particular dance. Any health problems they have are likely to be physical—such as injuries, or high blood-pressure or cholesterol—rather than emotional or mental, such as stress or depression. As far as diet is concerned, they should eat a heart-healthy diet rich in vitamin E and essential fats to boost their circulation. They would also benefit greatly from mind-body therapies such as yoga and meditation. Carrying a moonstone crystal around with them will encourage them to connect with their intuition. Wearing or meditating on the color purple will encourage them to think of higher things.

Career Born lawyers

The sense of purpose and single-mindedness with which these people are blessed will serve them well in many careers, but they may be drawn to politics, law, business, science, and art. Their humanity and compassion may also lead them to social reform and charity work, and their creative side may draw them to design, drama and music.

Destiny To take practical and positive steps forward

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to take care of their spirit. Once they are able to do this, their destiny is to take practical and positive steps in the direction of progress.

Power Thought

“I am protected by the spirit that flows through and inspires me”

April 25

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Taurus

Ruling planet: Venus, the lover

Symbol: The Bull

Birth date ruler: Venus, the lover

Tarot card: The Chariot

Favorable numbers: 2, 7

Lucky days: Friday and Monday, especially when these days fall on 2 and 7 of the month

Lucky colors: pale blue, sea green

Birthstone: Emerald