April 22 Birthday Personality: Quality


Your greatest challenge is…

to avoid becoming materialistic

The way forward is…

to understand that the old cliché is true: as pleasurable as physical or material things are, true happiness can only be found within.

You’re drawn to people born on…

January 21 to February 19

You share a passion for beauty and harmony, and this can create a satisfying and sensual bond.

Luck maker

Pay attention to coincidences

Stories of amazing coincidences from everyday life, including your own, can fill you with a sense of awe and remind you that the world can be a magical place.

The charismatic people born on April 22 tend to devote their considerable skills to the pursuit of quality; they want the best job, best car and best home. They often exude power but in a quiet, understated way, and friends and family rarely resent their ambitions because they are likely to lavish praise and recognition on others. They also have a hypnotic charm and the ability to make others change their minds about almost anything.

They believe that they are born to create something of quality with their lives. Their talents and imposing physical presence express themselves best in their organizational skills and ability to motivate others to work toward a common goal. Those who work alongside them respect their down-to-earth approach and ability to offer positive encouragement. These people are altogether confident and charming, so life really should be easy for them, but their stumbling block is their intense desire for power. There is a real danger that they can be controlling, opinionated, overbearing and, in extreme cases, unkind and critical of others.

To avoid alienating themselves from the goodwill of others, these people need to make sure that they use their imposing presence wisely and don’t become enslaved by materialistic concerns. Up to the age of twenty-eight they are most likely to be concerned with power and establishing themselves financially, but after the age of twenty-nine they develop an interest in education and learning new skills. This will continue until their fifties, when there is a shift toward their feelings, and the growing importance of friends and family.

It is extremely important for these people to reject values, goals and people that are inconsistent with moral and social justice. Developing their spiritual side will help them to become more aware of their own power without the need for external validation. Once they find a goal, and a technique for attaining that goal, their clear-sighted vision, pragmatic outlook, excellent communication skills, and fierce resilience will help them make their own very special mark on the world.

On the dark side

Pleasure-seeking, controlling, opinionated

At your best

Ambitious, imposing, charismatic

Love Suspicious minds

People born on April 22 do tend to be suspicious when it comes to affairs of the heart and will only open up to a potential partner after a long and sometimes disheartening getting-to-know-you period. However, they are worth the wait because once they find someone who can inspire them to love and give of themselves they are loyal, devoted and relentlessly charming lovers, for as long as they are in love.

Health Only the best

When it comes to their health, people born on this day expect only the best; they enjoy searching for the best foods, wines and restaurants and the best gyms and holiday locations. This serves them well, but they do need to be careful they don’t become too controlling and should ease up on themselves every now and again. They may be prone to food intolerances and allergies as well as problems affecting their voice. Regular exercise is important for them, as they have a tendency to gain weight, especially around the waist; they also have a high sex drive and enjoy physical pleasures like massage. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with the color purple will encourage them to develop their spiritual side.

Career Born executives

These people do crave material reward and the recognition of others for their efforts, and so careers in business, management, finance, banking, and commerce will appeal. They prefer to be in a leading position, so they may set up a business of their own, and their communication skills also make them great politicians, teachers and lawyers. Conversely, the more creative of those born on this day may be attracted to music, drama, singing, and art.

Destiny To help and inspire others to achieve progress

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to use their power wisely. Once they are able to do that, their destiny is to direct their energies toward helping and inspiring others in a quest to achieve progress.

Power Thought

“Wonder and discovery are the keys to unlocking my spirit”

April 22

Signs & symbols

Sun signs: Taurus/Aries

Ruling planets: Venus, the lover/Mars, the warrior

Symbols: The Bull/The Ram

Birth date ruler: Uranus, the visionary

Tarot card: The Fool (freedom)

Favorable numbers: 4,8

Lucky days: Friday and Sunday, especially when these days fall on 4 and 8 of the month

Lucky colors: Pale blue, silver, pink

Birthstone: Emerald