June 08 Zodiac Sign

June 8 Zodiac Birthday Signs – Your birthday indicates that you are intelligent, generous, and broad-minded, with good communication skills. Independent and resourceful, you generally like to keep busy. Occasionally you may become highly charged yet nervous. By staying as detached as possible, you can remain calm. Fortunately, if frustrated or disappointed, you do not stay down for long, as your quick responses are liable to have you soon back in action.

With the influence of your decanate ruler, Libra, you can be artistic and creative, and have a wonderful charm when dealing with people. Often light-hearted and cheerful, you can be a fun companion and entertain others with your quick repartee. This influence also bestows diplomatic skills and elequence. When you combine your gift of foresight with your inventive or analytical mind, you often create original concepts.

At times you may present a strange and enigmatic mixture of opposites, being sensitive and idealistic yet pragmatic. You can avoid expecting too much of people or situations by keeping a balanced perspective with your natural sense of humor. A tendency to be preoccupied with yourself can lead to positive self-analysis and improvement.

After the age of thirteen, when your progressed Sun moves into Cancer, you are more likely to concentrate on issues concerning your home and emotional life. During the next thirty years you become more aware of family issues. As your progressed Sun moves into Leo, when you are age forty-three, there is a strong need for self-expression and assertiveness that inspires you to become more bold, confident, and gregarious. As you reach the age of seventy- three, your progressed Sun moves into Virgo, and you start to develop a more analytical, practical, and serviceful approach to life.

DEGREE: 16°-17°30’ GEMINI




Star’s name: Rigel
Degree position: 15°50’-l 6°40’ Gemini between the years 1930 and 2000
Magnitude: 1
Strength: **********
Orb: 2°30’
Constellation: Beta Ononis
Applicable days: June 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Star qualities: varied influences: Mars/Jupiter or Saturn/Jupiter
Description: a brilliant blue-white double star located on the left foot of Orion



Rigel confers the ability to rise quickly in life, imparts strong willpower and an ambitious nature, and stimulates the mind to acquire wider general knowledge. Love of action and lucky breaks often stimulate you to be competitive. The ability to develop a scientific mind and even be inventive is linked to this star Rigel can bestow honor; material riches, and lasting success.

Linked to your Sun’s degree, this star suggests that you have a courageous and bold personality, with a broad or liberal outlook. You can also be hardworking, with good business sense and a flair for politics and public affairs. A strong preference for astrology, study, and higher education is also indicated by Rigel. This star indicates that great success can be achieved through assertiveness and a forthright approach, but warns against being too outspoken.

Positive: founder of large enterprises, liberal, education, common sense

Negative: short temper, insolent, unruly, demanding, restless

Your Secret Self


Possessing excellent evaluating skills, you have an instinct for money or material matters. On occasion, you can strike it lucky by combining your sixth sense with unexpected pieces of information. Since there may be periods in your life of fluctuating finances, you may have to solve the problem of how to live well without being extravagant. A natural authority takes you to positions of responsibility where you are able to use your organizational abilities. If this involves some type of creative activity, then so much the better.

If negative, however, you may become too dominant and start spoiling the relationships you have set up. Possessing an inner restlessness, you need variety in all your affairs to keep your spirit of adventure alive. Travel may prove to be an excellent panacea for many of your ills.

Work & Vocation


Your fine mind is always exploring new knowledge that you can turn to your advantage both materially and personally. Careers that use your intellectual skill and excellent powers of communication, such as scientist, lawyer, teacher, or writer, are likely to bring you success. Alternatively, with a natural business sense, you can fare well in Banking, treasury, stock brokerage, or accountancy. A humanitarian side to your nature may find expression through the healing professions or social work. A good sense of structure may manifest through architecture or building. This date also shows the potential for success in show business, art, or music.

Famous people who share your birthday include comedian Joan Rivers, musician Boz Scaggs, painter John Everett Millais, architect Frank Lloyd Wright, astrologer Grant Lewi, and composer Robert Schumann.



The power suggested by the number 8 birthday shows a character with strong values and sound judgment. The number 8 indicates that you aspire to great accomplishment and possess an ambitious nature. A desire for dominance, security, and material success is also indicated by this birthday. As a number 8 person, you have natural business sense and will benefit greatly from developing organizational and executive skills. A strong need to feel secure or established urges you to make long-term plans and investments. The subinfluence of the number 6 month indicates that you are caring and loyal, although you may at times act in a thoughtless or unfeeling way. Restless and imaginative, you may need to avoid stubbornness by developing a more flexible attitude. Understanding and spontaneously generous, you can nevertheless overindulge and be careless with your money. Since you are progressive and want to express your feelings freely, avoid monotonous situations or being too rigid. Through cooperation with others you can achieve security and stability.

Positive: leadership, thoroughness, hardworking, tradition, authority, protection, power to heal, good judge of values

Negative: impatient, intolerant, miserly, restless, overwork, domineering, easily discouraged, lack of planning, abusive, controlling

Love & Relationships


A true communicator, you need the company of others and enjoy the personal touch. Although you may often seem cool and unemotional, underneath you have a caring and compassionate heart. You may be happiest when socializing with people with whom you share some type of intellectual activity. Sometimes you tend to become overly serious, and you may need to develop a more detached attitude. Hidden insecurity may also indicate that instead of being your usual diplomatic self, you can sometimes become argumentative or quarrelsome, which can create tension and unrest. Nevertheless, you are loyal, loving, and a supportive friend and partner.



To find long-lasting happiness, security, and love, you might begin by looking for someone born on one of the following days.

Love & friendship: Jan. 6, 16, Feb. 4, 14, Mar. 2, 12, 28, 30, Apr. 10, 26, 28, May 8, 24, 26, 30, June 6, 22, 24, 28, July 4, 20, 22, 26, 31, Aug. 2, 18, 20, 24, 29, Sept. 16, 18, 22, 27, Oct. 14, 16, 20, 25, Nov. 12, 14, 18, 23, Dec. 10, 12, 16, 21

Beneficial: Jan. 9, 14, 16, Feb. 7, 12, 14, Mar. 5, 10, 12, Apr. 3, 8, 10, May 1, 6, 8, June 4, 6, July 2, 4, Aug. 2, Sept. 30, Oct. 28, Nov. 26, 30, Dec. 24, 28, 29

Fatal attractions: Jan. 21, Feb. 19, Mar. 17, Apr. 15, May 13, June 11, July 9, Aug. 7, Sept. 5, Oct. 3, Nov. 1, Dec. 8, 9, 10, 11

Challenging: Jan. 4, 13, 28, Feb. 2, 11, 26, Mar. 9, 24, Apr. 7, 22, May 5, 20, June 3, 18, July 1, 16, Aug. 14, Sept. 12, Oct. 10, 31, Nov. 8, 29, Dec. 6, 27

Soul mates: Jan. 15, 22, Feb. 13, 20, Mar. 11, 18, Apr. 9, 16, May 7, 14, June 5, 12, July 3, 10, Aug. 1, 8, Sept. 6, Oct. 4, Nov. 2