June 21 Zodiac Sign

June 21 Zodiac Birthday Signs – Your birthday indicates that you are a mentally quick, friendly, and broad-minded individual. Having a creative mind and loving knowledge, you are interested in many subjects but may be particularly drawn to world affairs. Since your image is usually important, in your desire to impress others you generally like the best. Direct with others, you can be kind-hearted and generous.

With the influence of your Sun on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer you are fortunate enough to have two decanate rulers, Aquarius and Cancer, that emphasize your sensitivity and highly intuitive abilities. This influence also endows you with originality, ingenuity, and imagination. Willing to explore new ideas and theories, you may find yourself ahead of your time, and you may desire freedom and independence. This desire may be equaled by a need for home and family. You may, however, have to beware that in your desire for harmony, peace, and security you do not become stuck in a predictable routine.

In your desire to please you may often be unable to say no and may take on too much. This may also mean that you need to guard against scattering your forces. Although you can be responsible and are usually very aware of wanting to pay off your debts, it still takes self- discipline to harness all the outstanding potential of your birthday. Rather than talking about your big plans and knowing a little about everything, it may be necessary to take yourself in hand and make a definite commitment to action and your own self-development.

Before the age of thirty you are likely to be concerned with issues regarding your emotional needs, home, and family. At the age of thirty, when your progressed Sun moves into Leo, you will begin to become more assertive and confident, adding to your independence. At the age of sixty there is another turning point as your progressed Sun moves into Virgo. This is likely to bring a more pragmatic, methodical, and service-oriented approach to life.





Betelgeuze; Polaris, also known as Al Rukkabah or the Pole Star; Menkalinan, also known as Shoulder of the Rein- Holder



Star’s name: Betelgeuze
Degree position: 27°46’-28°42’ Gemini between the years 1930 and 2000
Magnitude: 1
Strength: **********
Orb: 2°30’
Constellation: Alpha Ononis
Application days: June 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23
Star qualities: Mars/ Mercury
Description: a variable orange-red star located on the right shoulder of Orion



Betelgeuze imparts an ability to judge, an optimistic outlook, a quick mind, and a competitive nature. This star also bestows luck and success through resolution and determination. You may receive honor for outstanding achievement and may also gain material wealth.

Linked to your Sun’s degree, this star shows a talent for philosophy and an aptitude for metaphysical studies. Belelgeuze imparts success in sport and legal affairs as well as generally carrying a good influence in all matters dealing with others. Although honor and wealth can be achieved, they are not necessarily long-lasting, for there is an ever-present danger of sudden loss.

Positive: good judgment, problem solving, harmony of action and thought

Negative: obstinate, argumentative, antagonist

See Appendix for additional fixed star readings.

Your Secret Self


As optimistic as you can be, there are times when your nervous temperament tends toward depression due to lack of confidence or dissatisfaction. Developing a positive outlook or having something to believe in enables you to channel your strong emotional reactions. This emotional power can be expressed through creativity, whether physical or mental.

Although you are very kind and enjoy helping people, you must be careful of interfering. This also suggests that you may need to listen to others to avoid misunderstandings. It is vital to train or discipline your excellent mind, so education, whether formal or informal, can be a major key to your success. This provides the means to make the most of your potential and puts your focus on positive goals rather than letting you dwell on frustration or disappointment. By learning patience and tolerance, you can present a detached and liberal personality and may find that people are then attracted to your advisory skills.

Work & Vocation


Whatever career you choose, you may have a strong need to express your ideas or creative imagination. Often humanitarian, you have a natural understanding of people and may be drawn to education, counseling, or social work. Alternatively, your organizational and managerial skills may draw you to the world of commerce. A love of knowledge may attract you to philosophy, law, religion, or politics. Creative or artistic and often good with your hands, you may excel in the world of design, particularly items for the home. With your excellent communication skills, you may wish to express yourself through writing, literature, or journalism.

Famous people who share your birthday include writer and philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, Prince William of England, Pakistani leader Benazir Bhutto, American artist Rockwell Kent, advertising entrepreneur Maurice Saatchi, guitarist Nils Lofgren, and actresses Jane Russell, Juliette Lewis, and Nicole Kidman.



Dynamic drive and an outgoing personality are usually present in those with a number 21 birthday. Socially inclined, you have many interests and contacts, and are generally fortunate. Usually you show others your friendly and gregarious personality. Intuitive, with an independent spirit, you are highly inventive and original. With a number 21 birthday, you can be fun- loving and magnetic, with social charm. Alternatively, you can be shy and reserved, with a need to develop assertiveness, especially in close relationships. Although you can be inclined toward cooperative relationships or marriage, you always want to be acknowledged for your talents and abilities. The subinfluence of the number 6 month indicates that you are perceptive and creative. Although you often seek other people’s opinions, you must learn to make your own decisions. You demonstrate a caring and compassionate nature but need to express your individuality and feelings by telling others what you think or how you feel. Broaden your views and see the greater plan.

Positive: inspiration, creativity, love unions, long-lasting relationships

Negative: dependency, loss of emotional control, lack of vision, fear of change, nervous

Love & Relationships


Magnetic with social charm, you are cooperative, fun-loving, and creative. Since you need a soul mate, close personal relationships are very important to you. In fact, they are so crucial that you may have to guard against becoming overly dependent on them. You may need to avoid substituting security for love and happiness and settling for second best. You express your true feelings by being caring and generous, but a need to learn to stay detached may help you find a more balanced view on love and relationships. With your tact and diplomatic skills, you make many contacts but need to develop an assertive stand early on in relationships.



You might find a partner who will understand your sensitivity and need for love among those born on the following dates.

Love & friendship: Jan. 1, 15, 24, 26, 29, 30, Feb. 13, 24, 27, 28, Mar. 11, 22, 25, 26, Apr. 9, 20, 23, 24, May 7, 18, 21, 22, June 5, 16, 19, 20, July 3, 14, 17, 18, 31, Aug. 1, 12, 15, 16, 29, 31, Sept. 10, 13, 14, 27, 29, Oct. 8, 11, 12, 25, 26, 27, Nov. 6, 9, 10, 23, 25, Dec. 4, 7, 8, 21, 23, 29

Beneficial: Jan. 1, 2, 10, 27, Feb. 8, 25, Mar. 6, 23, Apr. 4, 21, May 2, 19, 30, June 17, 28, July 15, 26, Aug. 13, 24, Sept. 11, 22, Oct. 9, 20, Nov. 7, 18, Dec. 5, 16

Fatal attractions: Dec. 21, 22, 23

Challenging: Jan. 17, 26, Feb. 15, 24, Mar. 13, 22, Apr. 11, 20, May 9, 18, June 7, 16, July 5, 14, Aug. 3, 12, 30, Sept. 1, 10, 28, Oct. 8, 26, 29, Nov. 6, 24, 27, Dec. 4, 22, 25

Soul mates: Jan. 21, Feb. 19, Mar. 17, Apr. 15, May 13, June 11, July 9, 29, Aug. 7, 27, Sept. 5, 25, Oct. 3, 23, Nov. 1, 21,Dec. 19