Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope Trends

The year ahead is not a strong career year. It is rather more about emotional wellness and resolving the past. Your 10th house of career is empty while your 4th house of home and family is easily the strongest in the Horoscope this year. More on this later.

Pluto has been in your money house for twenty or so years, and he will be there for the year ahead. This shows a fabulous financial intuition and someone who is charitable and giving (though you don’t seem wildly so). Your financial planet Saturn has been in your 3rd house since last year. So you are spending on communications equipment and perhaps earning from this field. Finances are OK this year but will be even better in 2023. More later.

Health is basically good this year, but it will get even better after May 11. There is great experimentation going on in your health attitudes. More details below.

Jupiter’s move into your 5th house of creativity on May 11 makes the year ahead a fun kind of year. Women of childbearing age are much more fertile all year.

Mars will spend an unusual amount of time in your 7th house of love this year. Usually he spends a month and a half in a sign or house. This year he spends more than four months in your 7th house. For singles this shows love affairs. For those who are married this can show power struggles in the relationship. More on this later.

Your most important areas of interest in the year ahead will be finance; communication and intellectual interests; home and family; fun, children and creativity (from May 11 to October 29 and from December 21 onwards); health and work; and love and romance (from August 20).

Your paths of greatest fulfilment will be home and family (until May 11 and from October 29 to December 21); fun, children and creativity (from May 11 to October 29 and from December 21 onwards); and health and work.


(Please note that this is an astrological perspective on health and not a medical one. In days of yore there was no difference, both these perspectives were identical. But these days there could be quite a difference. For a medical perspective, please consult your doctor or health practitioner.)

Your 6th house has been prominent for some years now, and is prominent in the year ahead as well. Uranus – a slow-moving planet – is there. This indicates serial changes in your health regime. You are searching for the perfect regime and every time you feel you have found it, something new arises and you change.

There is much good to this. You’re experimenting with therapies and different doctors. You are throwing out all the rule books and learning what works for you personally. You know that you are ‘wired up’ in a unique way and that things that work for others might not work for you. (And things that work for you might not work for others.) Learning how you function is the main job right now (and has been for the past few years). This is one of the greatest things a person can do – to know oneself. And this is what is going on now.

Uranus is creating change in your health regime, but he is helped by two eclipses in your 6th house in the coming year – a solar eclipse on April 30 and a lunar eclipse on November 8.

Your health is reasonable this year, and gets even better after May 11. In August, as Mars moves into stressful alignment with you, you will once again need to focus on health.

You can do much to enhance your health and prevent problems from developing. Give more attention to the following – the vulnerable areas of your Horoscope this year (the reflex points are shown in the chart below):

A diagram of foot reflexology points for the year ahead

Important foot reflexology points for the year ahead

Try to massage all of the foot on a regular basis – the top of the foot as well as the bottom – but pay extra attention to the points highlighted on the chart. When you massage, be aware of ‘sore spots’ as these need special attention. It’s also a very good idea to massage the ankles, and below them.

  • The heart became an important area last year when Jupiter moved into stressful alignment with you. It becomes even more important from August 20 onwards. Chest massage – especially of the breastbone and upper rib cage – will be beneficial. The important thing with the heart is to cultivate faith – the antidote to worry and anxiety. Avoid worry like the plague. Meditation will be a big help here.
  • The neck and throat are always important for Sagittarius as Venus is your health planet. Tension tends to collect in the neck and needs to be released.
  • The liver and thighs. These are also always important for Sagittarius (the reflexes are shown above). Regular thigh massage will not only strengthen the liver and thighs but the lower back as well.
  • The ankles and calves. These have become important since 2019, when Uranus moved into your 6th house. These areas should be regularly massaged. Make sure the ankles are supported when exercising.

Your health planet is a fast-moving planet, as our regular readers know. In any given year Venus will move through every sign and house of your Horoscope. So there are many short-term trends in health that depend on where she is and the kinds of aspects she receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Home and Family

Your 4th house of home and family is strong this year. It is a house of power. In contrast, your 10th house of career is empty. Not only that: all the long-term planets will be in the bottom half of your Horoscope this year, which just reinforces the focus on home and family and the need for emotional wellness.

This is a happy home and family year. Women of childbearing age are unusually fertile. The family circle will expand. Usually this happens through birth or marriage, but not always. Sometimes you meet people who are ‘like’ family to you. This is a good year to buy or sell a home. There is much good fortune here. Moves – and happy ones – are likely. Sometimes people don’t actually move; they can acquire an additional home or property or have access to other homes. Sometimes they renovate the existing home or buy expensive items for the home. The whole effect is ‘as if’ they had moved.

‘The past is not dead,’ said William Faulkner, ‘it’s not even past.’ This is a year where you see the truth of this. You will be very nostalgic, very into history – your personal and family history as well as world history. You will be digesting and reinterpreting past events and experiences.

Those of you undergoing psychological therapy will make much progress this year. There are many psychological breakthroughs happening. Even if you’re not undergoing therapy, or are not an official therapist, you will be doing psychological therapeutics unofficially for friends and family. You have great insight into these matters these days.

If you’re planning major renovations or construction projects around the home, April 15 to May 25 would be a good time. If you’re merely redecorating or buying art objects for the home, April 5 to May 2 is a good time.

A parent or parent figure of childbearing age is fertile these days. A parent figure prospers greatly in the year ahead – next year also seems prosperous. He or she is making important renovations in the home.

Siblings and sibling figures in your life have been emotionally unstable for some years now. There could have been moves among them in recent years and the trend continues in the year ahead.

Children and children figures are having a quiet, stable family year.

Finance and Career

Your money house has been prominent for the past twenty years and remains so this year as well. This is soon to change, however. In the next two years, Pluto will leave the money house and finally enter your 3rd house.

The financial life has been undergoing a complete transformation under Pluto’s influence. There have been crises – near-death financial experiences and, in some cases, actual financial deaths (bankruptcies or defaults and the like). Though these are not pleasant experiences, the Cosmos was leading you to the financial life of your dreams, and you are very close to manifesting it now. The financial travails were only the pangs of a new birth, not punitive.

Part of this transformation involved a financial detox, as detoxing is always the preliminary for new birth. So, there was (and still is) a need to get rid of financial waste – needless expenses, redundant bank or brokerage accounts and other wasteful expenditures. Less is more. It was also good to get rid of possessions that you didn’t need or use.

Since Pluto is the slowest moving of all the planets, he stays in a sign for up to thirty-five years. Many of the trends we’ve written about in past reports are still in effect in the year ahead.

Pluto rules inheritance. This could have happened for many of you. But it also shows that earnings could come from estate issues. No one has actually to die, but you can be named in a will or be appointed to some administrative position in a will. There are people who deal with estates – they buy and sell them – which also seems good.

Those of you of an appropriate age have been doing estate planning, and this is still indicated in the year ahead. Good tax planning and general tax efficiency had been important and continue to be important.

Perhaps the most important trend is that many of you are getting involved in the spiritual dimensions of wealth – applying the spiritual laws and relying on intuition. More on this later on.

As we mentioned earlier, this is not a very strong career year. The Cosmos is focused on a balanced life. Sometimes home and family, emotional issues, children and personal creativity are more important than career. This is the case in the year ahead. There is nothing wrong with the career, there just seems a lack of interest. Your 10th house of career is basically empty, while your 4th house of home and family is very powerful. So, this is a year for dealing with family and emotional issues – getting the domestic life in order. This will build the infrastructure needed for future career success.

Your empty 10th house can be read as a good thing. It shows contentment with things as they are and thus no need to devote extra energy to it. It tends to the status quo.

Your career planet, Mercury, is a fast-moving planet, cycling through the whole Horoscope in a year. Thus there are many short-term career trends depending on where Mercury is and the kinds of aspects that he receives, and are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Love and Social Life

Your love life seems stable until May 11 but picks up more speed from August 20 onwards.

This doesn’t seem a year for marriage or serious relationships. But it is good year for love affairs – fun types of relationships. Singles don’t seem in a marrying mood, and you seem to be attracting people who feel the same way.

We mentioned earlier that you are more fertile these days and a marriage could happen due to pregnancy – thus though neither you nor the partner are in the mood for permanence it could happen through extenuating circumstances.

Mars in your 7th house of love has various meanings. On the one hand it shows what we’ve just mentioned – a desire for fun and entertainment. Relationships are merely another form of entertainment and are not meant to be serious. They tend to become unstable when the tough times come – and they inevitably do.

The other problem with Mars in the 7th house is that it indicates power struggles within the relationship. This is a romance killer. If you can avoid this the relationship can survive.

This year you are attracted to people who can show you a good time. People who are fun to be around. You would be attracted to athletic types, and romantic opportunities can happen at the gym, the sports stadium, the theatre, resort or place of entertainment. Parties are also good venues. A night out on the town is a nice romantic evening.

Since Mercury, your love planet, is also the ruler of your 10th house of career, you would be attracted to successful people – people of power and prestige. Thus, romantic opportunity can happen as you pursue your career goals (though they don’t seem a big interest this year) or with people involved in your career.

There are a lot of short-term love trends in the year ahead because your love planet is so fast-moving. During the year Mercury will move through your entire Horoscope. These short-term trends depend on where Mercury is at a given time and the kinds of aspects he receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.


The year ahead is a strong home and family year as we mentioned. But even more than that, it is a year for emotional healing. You will be confronting your past. You will have a very natural interest in it – not just your personal past but the family history as well. Many old feelings will arise. Most of them are not pertinent to the present, but events in the present can easily trigger them. Someone looked at you a certain way. Someone wore a certain perfume. Someone made a certain gesture or used a certain voice tone. These remind you of past experiences and they arise for a reason. For healing. For resolution. For reinterpreting them from your present standpoint. An event that was traumatic to a six-year-old might bring a smile to who you are now. Yes, the emotions are there, but you are not that six-year-old and you can see a whole different meaning to the event. In most cases, just neutral, non-judgemental observation is enough to bring resolution. If the event was extremely traumatic there are spiritual methods for clearing and discharging the negative emotions involved. My book A Technique for Meditation contains two chapters that deal with this.

Cleaning the memory body is the job of many lifetimes according to the sages. So be patient. This is not an overnight solution. But every bit of progress brings improvement to the life. This is what matters, and this is a year where you make progress.

Jupiter, the ruler of your Horoscope, and Neptune, the most spiritual of the planets, travel together for a good part of the year. So there is a spiritual agenda behind all this. When you clean your memory body, your spiritual life will blossom as well.

Pluto, the ruler of your spiritual 12th house, has been in your money house for decades now. So you have been in a cycle for learning and applying the spiritual laws of affluence and supply. Here we have the true and lasting solution to poverty. It is the cure. A good spiritual definition of poverty is ‘disconnection from the Divine Affluence’. This affluence is always there and is never diminished or lost. It is not dependent on any material condition. It doesn’t care how much you have or don’t have. It doesn’t care whether you are employed, unemployed, in debt, or the victim of a bear market. It just is. When the Divine Affluence is contacted and understood, it will flow. It is never withheld. It has its laws, however. By now you understand much about it but there is always more to learn. My website has much information about this too.