September 16 Birthday Personality: Vitality


Your greatest challenge is…

getting others on your side

The way forward is…

to understand that the way to get others on your side is to emphasize what they can gain by offering their support.

You’re drawn to people born on…

February 19 to March 20

You are opposites and the outcome of this relationship is totally unpredictable, but that is the attraction for you both.

Luck maker

Know when to tone down

Lucky people understand that you can overdo enthusiasm. People are unlikely to want to help you or get involved if they feel backed into a corner.

People born on September 16 are passionate and enthusiastic individuals whose infectious joie de vivre enchants all those with whom they come into contact. Although they are lively and passionate, this does not mean they are also impulsive and impatient individuals; quite the opposite, they also have the discipline and patience to focus their outstanding energy on a particular skill or project.

These people are motivated by a desire to learn, master and then go beyond what has already been achieved. They are typically passionate about what they do and keen to recruit others to their cause. In addition, they can be courageous risk-takers not afraid to stand up for what they believe in or to fight their corner. Occasionally their passionate nature can lead to rebelliousness and they rarely respond well to any form of authority; a character trait which will have been noticed from childhood. Above all, though, they are bursting with vitality and energy, thriving on competition and challenge. Fiercely independent, they may find it hard to work with a group of people but in time they do learn the art of compromise and that giving their opinion gently yields far better results for them than their previous blunt, unsparing or attention-grabbing way.

Until the age of thirty-six they will find that relationships play an important part in their lives. They may also want to be popular and appreciated, but this may prove elusive until they learn to control their impulsive candor. From the age of thirty-seven there is an important turning point when their need for self-reliance is enhanced and the emphasis is on personal transformation.

It is extremely important for them to take advantage of any opportunities life offers them to become more in control of their energy, because once they learn to aim their passion in the right direction these big-hearted individuals will not only make a name for themselves, they will find true happiness by passing on their inspiration and happiness to others.

On the dark side

Rebellious, difficult, impulsive

At your best

Energetic, enthusiastic, warm hearted

Love Passionate and generous

People born on September 16 are not surprisingly passionate, generous and warm-hearted lovers, but they may become difficult or moody if their partner tries to restrict their freedom or change them in any way. Finding someone who is as intelligent as they are, and who can share a similar passion for life and love, is essential for them.

Health Slow down

People born on this day are so full of energy and excitement that the pace of their life often tends to be quite fast. This can lead to information overload and stress; learning to slow down every now again is therefore extremely important. It is also important for them to learn to eat more slowly, as fast eating and indigestion are associated with this birthday. Ridges on their fingers, a sore tongue and frequent stomach upsets could be signs of poor digestion. They need to take time over their meals, chew food slowly and not drink too much with their food, as this dilutes stomach acid and slows down digestion. They should also avoid drinking too much tea and coffee, and eating too much chocolate. A glass of lemon juice with water first thing in the morning may be beneficial. As far as exercise is concerned, they may be accident prone so should avoid extreme sports and concentrate on “safer,” moderately intense activities like brisk walking and swimming. Mind-body therapies such as yoga and meditation will shift their focus to higher things, as will wearing the color purple.

Career Born manufacturers

These people love nothing better than to display the fruits of their labors and are well suited to careers in financial planning, science or the manufacturing trades. They may also be drawn toward business, mathematics, computers, education, law, medicine, education, acting, writing, or charity work.

Destiny To make a positive contribution to humanity

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to set clear goals and keep them in view. Once they have learned to work successfully with others to achieve a shared vision, their destiny is to inspire others with their infectious enthusiasm and, by so doing, make a positive contribution to humanity.

Power Thought

“Before I jump into my day, I will stop and connect with my spirit”

September 16

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Virgo

Ruling planet: Mercury, the communicator

Symbol: The Virgin

Birth date ruler: Neptune, the speculator

Tarot card: The Tower (breakthrough)

Favorable number: 7

Lucky days: Wednesday and Monday, especially when these days fall on 7 and 16 of the month

Lucky colors: Indigo, blue, green

Birthstone: Sapphire


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