May 07 Birthday Personality: Absolute Perfection

Absolute Perfection

Your greatest challenge is…

living up to your high standards

The way forward is…

to understand that there is nothing wrong with high standards but we all have room for improvement.

You’re drawn to people born on…

February 20 to March 20

You share a passion for commitment and mental stimulation, and this can create a passionate and fulfilling union.

Luck maker

Get to know yourself better

If you want to attract luck into your life, then you need to start with self-awareness. Only when you know what makes you happy and unhappy can you start making positive changes.

People born on May 7 are a curious mixture of inward-looking spirituality and outward-orientated concern with personal image. Although they are able to recognize that the most important values are non-materialistic, they also have a great desire to make an impression on others. This combination of inner and outer expectation is, however, in keeping with their quest for absolute perfection in all areas of their lives.

As well as being deeply sensitive and compassionate, they are also elegant and gifted communicators who can inspire others with their ideals. Often devoted to these ideals, they are willing to give them every ounce of their mental, physical and spiritual energy. This can develop into a tendency to give too much of themselves, but most of them are self-aware enough to know where and when to draw the line. They should ensure they retain a sense of perspective in their twenties, thirties and early forties, when there is an emphasis on change, communication and learning new skills. After the age of forty it is vital for them not to lose a sense of self, because this is a turning point when they are likely to focus more on emotional relationships, family and their instinctual understanding of others’ needs.

It is their search for perfection, however, that best defines these people. There is always a danger that this will manifest in unrealistic fantasies and expectations, and they need to focus on making some of their high ideals a workable reality. Materially, their intelligence and drive will help them succeed; making money is not a problem for them, although—because they like enjoying and sharing the good things in life—keeping it sometimes is.

As far as spiritual or inner goals are concerned, they have to come to terms with the fact that finding their spirituality or inner meaning will be a lifelong mission. They should use their natural intuition to get in touch with their wisdom and creativity which, if allowed to express themselves freely, will be able to satisfy their deepest yearnings for fulfillment.

On the dark side

Unrealistic, frustrated, superficial

At your best

Refined, discerning, dedicated

Love Higher love

People born on May 7 have a deep need to experience a spiritual union but a part of them may doubt if this is possible with another human being. They need to remain open to the fact that it can be. Their ideal mate is likely to be intelligent and creative, with a deep hunger for a spiritual dimension in their lives.

Health Strike a balance

People born on this day must strive to achieve balance in all areas of their lives as they are prone to neglect themselves for the sake of others or for the demands of work. If they don’t take care of themselves and give themselves regular periods of rest and relaxation, they will suffer from stress, anxiety and—in extreme cases—depression. They do have a tendency to gain weight, especially around the waist during midlife, but this can be easily remedied by healthy eating and daily exercise. In fact exercise is highly therapeutic for these people, as long as they don’t take it to extremes and push their bodies too hard. Regular meditation and spiritual or religious pursuits are also important for their mental and emotional health and well-being. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with the color green will encourage them to take better care of themselves and keep a sense of balance and perspective.

Career Born composers

People born on this day have excellent communication skills and the potential to excel in the artistic sphere, not just as poets, composers and writers, but as spiritual or even political evangelists. Other careers that might appeal include advertising, business, art dealership, education, and social or humanitarian reform.

Destiny To make the world a more beautiful place

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to understand their inner conflicts better. Once they are more self-aware, their destiny is to put their high ideals and devotion to good use by making the world a more beautiful place.

Power Thought

“Self-understanding is the beginning of my wisdom”

May 7

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Taurus

Ruling planet: Venus, the lover

Symbol: The Bull

Birth date ruler: Neptune, the speculator

Tarot card: The Chariot

Favorable numbers: 3,7

Lucky days: Friday and Monday, especially when these days fall on 3 and 7 of the month

Lucky colors: Lilac, blue, green

Birthstone: Emerald