Last year, Saturn moved into your sign and he will still be here for the rest of the year ahead. Normally a Saturn transit is considered difficult. But for you, no. It is much easier to handle. Saturn is the ruler of your Horoscope – a friendly planet. And now you are even more Capricornish than usual. All the strengths and weaknesses of your sign are magnified these days. On the positive side, you’re more organized, more down to earth, more patient and methodical than usual. Your management skills are stronger than ever. On the negative side, you can be too cold, aloof and distant. You can be more pessimistic than usual too. Capricorn always likes to look at the dark side so they can figure out an escape route. These days you might be overdoing it. Lighten up a bit.

You’ve been in a strong spiritual period for some years now. In 2016 and 2017, Saturn was in your spiritual 12th house. Last year, you had a bit of a break, but this year Jupiter will occupy your 12th house almost all year. So the year ahead brings spiritual progress and breakthroughs, and a renewed interest in spiritual things. This will increase even more later in the year when Jupiter, your spiritual planet, moves into your own sign.

Uranus has been in your 4th house of home and family for the past seven years. Last year he began to flirt with your 5th house and this year, on March 7, he enters there for the long haul. Your emotional life becomes more stable and settled, but children and children figures in your life become more of a challenge. They seem more rebellious and unsettled.

Neptune will be in your 3rd house of communication, as he has been for many years. Your taste in reading is becoming more refined. You gravitate to spiritual and artistic kinds of books and magazines.

This year we have five eclipses (usually there are four), and four of the five will impact on your 8th house of regeneration. Thus there is much dealing with death and near-death kinds of experiences. Usually these are psychological confrontations with death. These eclipses also indicate that the spouse, partner or current love is forced to make dramatic financial changes. We will deal with this more fully in the monthly reports.

Your most important interests this year are the body and image; communication and intellectual interests; home and family (until March 7); children, fun and creativity (from March 7 onwards); and spirituality (until December 3).

Your paths of greatest fulfilment will be love and romance; spirituality (until December 3); and the body and image (from December 3 onwards).


(Please note that this is an astrological perspective on health and not a medical one. In days of yore there was no difference, both of these perspectives were identical. But now there could be quite a difference. For a medical perspective, please consult your doctor or health practitioner.)

Health should be good this year. The one long-term planet that was stressing you out – Uranus – is moving away from his stressful aspect and into a harmonious one from March. Saturn is in your sign and while for most people this would be stressful, for you it’s not. Saturn is your friend and helper. He will strengthen the body.

Your 6th house of health is empty this year – only short-term planets move through there and their influence is temporary. This I read as a good signal. You have no need to overly focus on health. You kind of take it for granted. There’s no need to fix something that’s not broken.

There will be periods in the year when health is less easy than usual – perhaps even stressful. These come from the temporary transits of the short-term planets and are not trends for the year. When they pass your normally good health and energy return.

Good though your health is, you can make it even better. Give more attention to the following – the vulnerable areas of your Horoscope (the reflexology points are shown in the chart below):

Important foot reflexology points for the year ahead

Try to massage all of the foot on a regular basis – the top of the foot as well as the bottom – but pay extra attention to the points highlighted on the chart. When you massage, be aware of ‘sore spots’ as these need special attention. It’s also a good idea to massage the ankles and below them.

  • The heart. The heart beat seems slower than usual, so massage the reflexology point regularly. The important thing with the heart is to avoid worry and anxiety (you are very prone to this) and to develop more faith and confidence. It’s OK to look at the dark side of things, but look at them with faith that these things can be overcome.
  • The spine, knees, teeth, skin and overall skeletal alignment are always important for Capricorn as these areas are ruled by your sign. So, regular back and knee massage should be a part of your regular health regime. There are chairs, mats and other gadgets that massage the back automatically, and it might be worth investing in one of these. Regular visits to the chiropractor or osteopath are also a good idea. The vertebrae need to be kept in alignment. Good posture will reduce back problems – so therapies such as the Alexander technique, yoga and Pilates are good. Regular dental check-ups and good dental hygiene are always important for you too, and if you’re out in the sun use a good sunscreen. Give the knees more support when exercising.
  • The lungs, arms, shoulders and respiratory system. These too are always important for Capricorn. Arms and shoulders should be regularly massaged – especially the shoulders. Tension tends to collect there and needs to be released.

Since these are the most vulnerable areas, any problems would most likely begin here. So keeping them healthy and fit is sound preventive medicine. Most of the time problems can be averted. Even in cases where they can’t be completely prevented (karma plays a big role here), they can be lessened to a great degree. They need not be devastating.

Your health planet, Mercury, is a very fast-moving planet. Only the Moon moves faster than him. In a given year he will move through all the sectors of your chart and make aspects to all of your planets, so there are many short-term health trends that depend on where Mercury is and the aspects he receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Saturn and Pluto spend the whole year in your sign. This signals good fortune in weight loss or detox regimes. It tends to leanness. Jupiter, on the other hand, tends to overweight. This will only be an issue after December 3 when Jupiter moves into your sign. The feeling I get is of someone who over-indulges at times and then diets – back and forth. But until December 3 this will not be an issue.

Home and Family

This has been an important area for the past seven years. With Uranus in your 4th house the whole family situation was unstable. There were probably break-ups or near break-ups in the family circle. Probably there were multiple moves or multiple renovations of the home. Your moods (and those of the family) were prone to change at the drop of a hat. You never knew where you stood with a parent or parent figure from day to day (even from hour to hour). The same was true for family members. Happily, most of this is over. Uranus is getting ready to leave your 4th house and enter your 5th. Much of the craziness is abated.

A move is not likely this year – though it could happen before March 7. And by now you have learned to deal with the volatile emotions of the family.

Uranus in your 5th house of fun, creativity and children can show sudden or unexpected pregnancies for those of childbearing age. This is especially so after December 3 as Jupiter moves into your sign. Dealing with children in general is more challenging, as we have mentioned. They’re much more rebellious and freedom-loving these days. So long as it isn’t destructive, give them as much space as possible. (Capricorn always likes to be in control, but with the children, temper this.)

If you’re planning major repairs or renovations to the home, January 1 to March 31, May 16 to July 1 and November 19 to the end of the year are good times. If you’re redecorating or otherwise beautifying the home (or buying objects of beauty for the home), January 7 to March 1, April 20 to May 15, and July 27 to September 14 are good times.

The marriages of parents and parent figures in your life were severely tested these past seven years. Separations or divorce would not have been surprising. This year, however, things are becoming more stable for the parents and parent figures socially. One of the parent figures is having a very successful year and is making important financial changes. The other parent or parent figure can have a move after December 3.

Siblings and sibling figures are having a stable kind of year. Children and children figures might not actually move but will travel a lot and live in different places for long periods of time. They need to explore their personal freedom. They are very restless – ready for change.

Finance and Career

The year ahead will be prosperous. It might start off slowly, but as the year progresses, finances will keep improving.

Capricorn is always interested in finance, but with an empty money house this year, it is not as important as it usually is. Normally an empty money house would show a quiet, stable year, but this year we see some important changes. Uranus, your financial planet, makes a major move on March 7 out of your 4th house and into your 5th, moving from the sign of Aries into Taurus. So there are important financial developments happening. For the past seven years you’ve been a bit of a risk-taker, more involved with start-ups and new enterprises. You’ve spent money on the home and family and probably earned through family or family connections. Now things will be different.

The financial planet in Taurus is definitely a more comfortable position for you. There is more conservatism in your financial attitudes, and this is more in line with your conservative nature. There will still be risk-taking – every investment has some degree of risk – but this will be toned down. If you do speculate, you seem more successful these days.

The financial planet in Taurus favours rural real estate, agriculture, farming, the beef industry, copper and the copper industry. People in these industries can be important in your financial life.

Uranus’s move into your 5th house gives other messages too. You’re spending more on the children and children figures in your life. But they can also be sources of income. In some cases they are financially supportive in direct ways, and sometimes through their connections or advice. And, in many cases, they inspire, or give ideas that are wealth-producing. This aspect also favours the entertainment industry and industries that cater to the youth market.

The financial planet in the 5th house is considered fortunate for finances. It shows luck in speculations, though you will be more cautious about this. It shows ‘happy money’ – money that is earned in happy ways, perhaps at a resort, party or place of entertainment. It shows that money is spent in happy and enjoyable ways, on leisure and fun activities. It shows someone who is enjoying the wealth that he or she has. The act of earning is pleasurable.

Uranus as your financial planet shows an affinity for technology and the online world. It shows that the good use of technology is vital in earning power – regardless of what you’re actually doing.

On December 3 Jupiter will move into your sign and start to make very nice aspects to your financial planet. December will be a very strong financial month. You will not only be earning more but you will be living more extravagantly. Your financial intuition will get much sharper too. Intuition is always logical, but only when seen in hindsight. It is only in the moment that it seems illogical.

Capricorn is always ambitious, but with your empty career house, you are less so than usual this year. Also you should keep in mind that almost all of the long-term planets are in the night side of your chart – the bottom half. And, after December 3 all the long-term planets will be there. So, while the upper half of the chart (the day side) will get stronger at times, it will never be dominant. This is a year for focusing on your emotional wellness, your physical body and image and on family interests.

Venus is your career planet and, as our regular readers know, she is a fast-moving planet. Indeed, this year she moves even faster than usual. So there will be many short-term career trends this year that depend on where Venus is and the aspects she receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Venus’s speedy motion shows career confidence and someone who covers a lot of ground. But this is not a major focus this year. Career will most likely be stable.

Love and Social Life

The love and social life are not a major focus this year. Not only is your 7th house empty but so is your 11th house of friends. Only short-term planets will move through there. This tends to the status quo, as regular readers know. You have much freedom in love, but the drive is not there. Generally it shows a contentment with things as they are.

Three eclipses impact on the love life this year (usually it’s only two). We have two lunar eclipses (which always affect love), and one solar eclipse that occurs in your 7th house of love. You’ve survived these things many times, but they do disturb the current relationship. Good relationships will survive, but flawed ones are in danger.

This year is more about personal independence and personal desires and goals. Your 1st house of the self is easily the strongest in your Horoscope. So, the focus is more on the self than on relationships or others. (During the year this will change at times, but only temporarily.) This self-centredness (even though it is basically good) is generally not good for relationships. There is a feeling of ‘I don’t need anybody’ and ‘I’ll go my own way.’

It is good to get your body and image into shape. Good to create the conditions of your own happiness. Good to be independent. But more focus should be given to others and to the love life. The North Node of the Moon spends the whole year in your 7th house. This shows that it is an area of fulfilment – probably a fulfilment that you don’t suspect.

Saturn in your own sign could also be a problem in love. As we mentioned, it makes you more of a Capricorn than usual. While this is a great aspect for business and management, it’s not so great for love. You could be coming across as too cold, too business-like, too aloof, too brusque. Your heart is not coming through to others. Make it a project to project love and warmth to others.

Singles are unlikely to marry this year. However, with Uranus in your 5th house there will be plenty of opportunities for love affairs. But these are strictly entertainment. These are not with people you would consider marriage material.

Those of you in or working on the second marriage have a stable kind of year. Those working on the third or fourth marriage have good opportunities this year, and even better ones next year. Romance is in the stars for you.

The Moon, fastest-moving of all the planets, is your love planet. She moves through your whole chart every month and makes aspects (good or bad) to every planet in your chart. So, there are a lot of short-term trends in love that are best discussed in the monthly reports.

In general we can say that love will go best at the new and full Moons – periods where the lunar energy is very strong. Also you will have more social magnetism and enthusiasm when the Moon is waxing (growing) than when she is waning (getting smaller).


The year ahead is very spiritual, as we mentioned. Jupiter will be in your 12th house for almost all the year, so this is a year for internal growth – for spiritual breakthroughs. These happen in secret, away from the crowd, in the solitary places of meditation. Secret though they be, they produce profound change – first in you, then in your family, your community, your country and eventually the world. Some have referred to these as ‘aha’ moments – ‘eureka’ moments – peak experiences. You will have a goodly share of these in the year to come. The dream life will be hyperactive – much more active than usual – and attention should be paid to those dreams. Extrasensory perception (ESP) and synchronistic experiences will increase this year. Your ‘sixth sense’ is greatly strengthened and more active.

Your spiritual planet, Jupiter, crosses your Ascendant and enters your 1st house on December 3. This signals many things. For a start, a guru or spiritual teacher is coming into your life. It looks like a close association. But this also shows that your spiritual understanding will help you deal with the issues of your body, image and personal appearance. It’s been an important focus all year. Spiritual techniques will be revealed that help the process.

You have the image of a business or corporate person this year, but with Jupiter in your sign you will also have the image of someone with heart, someone altruistic. It’s not just business.

Jupiter in your 12th house favours the mystical teachings of your native religion. Every religion has its mystical side. It would be good for you to explore that.

Capricorn students who are below college level will do better in parochial or art-centred schools than in regular schools. The main danger for them in school is ‘dreaminess’. They can go off to ‘other worlds’ when they should be paying attention to the teacher.

Siblings and sibling figures in your life are more spiritual these days. They should be involved in some spiritual discipline. If not they could be prone to alcohol or drug abuse. Drugs and alcohol are not good things for them as their bodies are more refined now and could overreact to these things.

With Neptune in your 3rd house (as he has been for many years), those of you involved in teaching, sales or marketing should make more use of films and videos. Your message will come across better.

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