Sagittarius and Aquarius

… sitting on stools, flinging balls in the air, pushing each other, going out for walks and coming back …

The Centaur and the Water Bearer dance to the lively drum beat of the friendly and karmic 3-11 Big Band Sound (Sun Sign Pattern). They vibrate together sometimes noisily, a little strangely, but excitingly, as Fire and Air are wont to do—generating sparks of ideas, flurries of fabulous freakishness, at times scintillating each other’s sauciness, at other times blunting each other’s edges a bit—and at all times baffling the rest of us.

Sagittarians can’t help being basically cheerful, because they’re born optimists. Yet they are also born skeptics. It’s a tricky balancing act to juggle the contradictory qualities of optimism and skepticism simultaneously, but the Centaurs manage to do it. That’s the way it is with what astrology calls the double signs—or the Sun Signs of duality. Sagittarius being half horse, half human Archer, Sagittarians are therefore, half happy, half sad. Half frivolous, half serious. Half foolish, half wise. Half clown and half philosopher. They’re not quite the human clones that Geminis are; nevertheless, they are dual.

Aquarius is not an astrological sign of duality, consequently the Water Bearers were not, like Sag, born under the influence of a double sign, although they’re sometimes even more contrary and contradictory than the Archers. Two sides aren’t really enough for the Uranus-ruled men and women. It’s easy to become bored, just knocking around with two of yourself. The typical Aquarian has a dozen or so personalities. It would be mundane to possess only a couple, and Aquarius is a sign which is in no way related to the mundane. Water Bearers defy mediocrity (and hate hypocrisy), being more closely related to the marvelous, to all magic and madness. They are, in a word, different.

Combining the essence of Jupiter’s bluntness (Sag) and the unpredictable quality of Uranus (Aquarius) can create some unexpected expectancies. Like, you know how I’m always telling you that Aquarians love to surprise you, and seldom tell you what they’re up to, because they’d rather spring it on you unawares? Well, that’s true. Aquarians do adore surprising people. But they tend to spoil surprises others would like to stage. (If they can’t surprise you, they’ll see that no one else does!) One summer, a California lady, for many weeks ahead, made careful, intricate plans to throw a surprise birthday party for a close friend. All of his dear friends and Hollywood intimates had been invited, and the whole affair had been kept successfully hush-hush, entre nous—until the innocent honor guest’s phone rang a couple of days before the affair. One of the invitees, a Hungarian-American film actress blurted out to him, Darling! I’m so terribly sorry I’ll be out of town and won’t be able to come to your surprise party Saturday night! The hostess could have cheerfully strangled the lovable, glamorous film star. Understandably.

If an astrologer could sum up planetary wisdom in one brief phrase, for counseling Sag and Aquarius concerning the achievement of a smooth association together, it would be to advise both of them to make one powerful effort (not just think about it, and agree in principle, but DO IT) to remain calm, cool and collected, under any and all circumstances. Such a few words. But so vitally important to these two Earthlings. Sagittarius is a Fire Sign, therefore extremely volatile. Perhaps not as easily incited into combustion as Aries, but nevertheless volatile. When the Water Bearer (Aquarius is an Air Sign, remember) becomes a little windy and fans the Archer’s fiery nature into flames—the resultant conflagration will whip the Aquarius Air into a regular tornado of fury. Anyone with good ears who happens to be hanging around within a few blocks of the conflict will hear explosions. The disagreements between these two will admittedly, at times, resemble full scale war.

Normally, the male or female Water Bearer is a good natured, tolerant soul, happily tinkering with nonsense and genius, willing to live and let live, bothering no one and behaving in a charming, agreeable, even fascinating manner. Normally, the male or female Archer is a happy-go-lucky soul, cheerful and friendly, equally tolerant of everyone and everything, bouncing around like a basketball or a hula hoop, grinning and likeable. When they bump into one another on their way to the Farmers Market, the ASPCA or a Greenpeace meeting, they become even more cheerful, bouncy, and friendly. Most of the time, their association is lilting and full of likability. It’s just those times when the Aquarius Air happens to fan the Sag Fire a bit too much, and the Sag Fire whips the Aquarius Air into a frenzied reaction. These are rare occasions, not the rule. But it’s best to be warned.

Generally speaking, the 3-11 vibration graces the Archer and the Water Bearer with a foundation of real friendship beneath whatever is the outward reason for their relationship, whether they’re simply friends (in which case they’ll be very good friends), relatives, business associates, lovers or mates. Being a sextile vibe, it also presents them with lots of opportunities to make up and start all over those times when they do quarrel, with little or no bitterness over past mutual resentment. They usually do reconcile eventually, these two, because of the karmic implications of the 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern (see Sun Sign Pattern section in the back of this book).

One nice thing about their togetherness is that the Archer’s blunt arrows of truth seem to be rubber tipped when they’re shot toward the Aquarian. Even if they’re sharp, they seem soft-tipped. Because the typical Water Bearer doesn’t really mind the truth all that much. It doesn’t hurt or fluster them the way it does with most Sun Signs. They just shrug, wiggle their ears and agree, surprising the Archers, who are accustomed to taking it on the chin from others after they’ve unintentionally stuck the rather large Jupiter foot in their mouths. Besides, since Aquarians frequently see Life in a kind of upside-down or backwards fashion (the Present always confuses them, since they live in the Future) and since they tend to laugh when they’re sad, and weep when they’re joyous—they also tend to view an insult as a compliment.

However, conversely, they do not take kindly to certain compliments to which they might apply their reverse trick and turn into an insult. That’s when the Uranus hurricane picks up velocity and could blow the Sag fires into flaming response. These are their Red Alert moments of too-close-for-comfort encounters, forest fires and such, when they should be following the earlier given Smokey the Bear astrological advice about remaining cool, calm and collected.

Both Sag and Aquarius are essentially humanitarians, both easily persuaded to join causes that promote brotherhood and sisterhood—and animalhood. They both enjoy, if they’re typical of their Sun Signs, camping and hiking, being close friends with Mother Nature. They both like fun and parties and people. They both have bushel baskets full of friends. Neither could be called a loner. But the Archers are more adaptable in their life styles than the Aquarians, who are more or less Fixed about their private lives and habit patterns, while advocating sweeping changes for the rest of the world. This could occasionally cause a donnybrook between them.

Sag is Mutable and Aquarius is Fixed. Mutable means that the Centaurs like to communicate a lot, and aren’t terribly bossy or domineering. Although they do kind of like to have their own way. I know it’s a fine line, but there is a difference. They certainly don’t like to be bossed around with too heavy a hand—told what to do—or suspected of dishonesty. Then they become slightly outraged, if there is such a thing as slightly outraged. And Fixed means that Aquarians are just a tad this side of stubborn now and then, somewhat immutable—which is, as you know, the very opposite of Mutable. Neither do the Water Bearers demand dominance, but on the other hand, they don’t like to be pushed around or shoved into things they don’t want to do any more than Sag does.

The eccentric and unconventional behavior of Aquarius is more likely to delight than to annoy the Archers, just as the Sagittarian love of travel, freedom and frankness will please the Aquarians. Right away the Water Bearer can see that Sag is anything but a hypocrite, and that qualifies the Centaur as a lifetime friend to the Uranus person, who despises any thing resembling pretense. Be what you are, do what you feel and say what you think—is a motto Jupiter and Uranus espouse with equal enthusiasm.

The Aquarian involved in an association with Sagittarius will soon enough learn what it’s like to have to swallow an occasional dose of his (or her) own curiosity medicine. Sag will toss many a question into the Water Bearer’s little brown jug of knowledge, and probably receive only another question in reply. (All Air Signs tend to use the technique.) It won’t take the Archer long to answer.

SAG: Why are you so quiet?
Aquarius: Why haven’t you mentioned my new haircut?
SAG: I was just about to say that it makes it more visible. Now there’s no problem guessing which one of them.
Aquarius: Makes what more visible? Who is them?
SAG: The Seven Dwarfs. Your ears stick out like Dopey’s, and that haircut really sets them off!

The wise Water Bearer, with the sudden, flashing intuition of Uranus, ought to know that Dopey is the Archer’s all-time-favorite character. A little later, Sag will merrily toss the Aquarian another knuckle ball compliment.

SAG: Your eyes remind me of Dopey too. They have that same kind of blank expression. Sort of dazed all the time. But your disposition is more like Grumpy’s. And your hay fever makes me think of Sneezy. God knows you’re not Bashful.
Aquarius: Do you know why you could never remind anyone of Dopey?
SAG: Why?
Aquarius: Wasn’t Dopey the dwarf who never spoke, and kept his mouth shut all the time?
SAG: Yes, but he didn’t need to talk. He spoke with his eyes.
Aquarius: Smart dwarf.
SAG: Okay, Happy, I get the message. Touché!

It’s that 3-11 friendship vibration of inexplicable empathy. Anyone else the Archer would have belted. But the Water Bearer gets away with it. Sometimes.

Sagittarius Woman and Aquarius Man

For a moment, the circle of light was broken, and something gave Peter a loving little pinch.

Let’s lead off with Uranus. His ruler. It’s not by any means a stronger or swifter orbiting planet than Jupiter (her ruler) but quicker. Uranus rules electricity and lightning, which is quicker than almost anything you can think of (except perhaps the Sagittarian temper). The Aquarian man has a persistent scientific bent, wherever he works, whatever he does. If he’s a gardener, he’ll design hanging gardens. Hanging from unexpected places. Like the chandelier in the living room. If he’s a plumber, he’ll figure out a way to wire the dishwasher drain to the television, so he can watch his favorite late night talk show while stacking the dishes. If he works in a bookstore, he’ll attempt to arrange the book shelves so that all the titles can be nicely read upside down, the way he reads them, and probably categorize them in a peculiar (but to him a sensible) manner like the love stories under M for Mush, the Tolkien books filed in the aisle marked S for Super-Superlative, and the books about spacecraft on the shelf labeled W for Wow! Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women he’ll file under P for Pornographic. Fortunately for the patrons, the book store manager will probably ask this Aquarian to go back and re-file the books under their more traditional categories, something he will do, but with great reluctance. Where’s the fun in that?

There was this radio station where I used to write continuity, in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. One night the announcer who read the eleven o’clock sportscast was desperate. He couldn’t find the theme music for his ten minutes sports show. The station’s Aquarian record librarian had absent-mindedly filed it away and gone home for the day. Panic and pandemonium! The turntable was spinning, and it was 30 seconds before air time. No theme record. Since the name of the theme was The Notre Dame Victory March, naturally, the announcer looked under N (Notre Dame) for the missing disc. Not there. Frantically, he looked under V for Victory March, then under M for maybe Marches. No luck. I will never forget as long as I live the expression of pathetic gratitude on that poor perspiring announcer’s face when I rushed into the control room exactly one second before air time, and handed him the theme record I’d miraculously managed to find for him. On a crazy hunch, I had checked the F drawer. Sure enough, there it was! Filed under Fighting Irish. The next day the Aquarian record librarian couldn’t understand all the mishagosh. Where else could anyone file it? Wasn’t that the most logical place?

Aquarians are closet humanitarians, along with being ecologically inclined. I (seriously) know a biology major at San Diego State University, who plans, after he gets his degree as a biologist, to enter law school, take the Bar and become a practicing attorney, so he can file Class A Action lawsuits on behalf of green plants and animals. (True, not make-believe.)

The Uranus-ruled man is uncommonly inventive, and is always popping up (not coming up—popping up) with some new idea no one has ever thought of before (in this particular solar system, that is). His mind is both brilliant and wayward, his mental process highly original. Unique, one might call it. Fruity and off the wall the female Archer might call it, in her charmingly tactful manner, when she happens to be temporarily furious with him. Yet the Aquarian man’s scientific nature isn’t motivated by the attitudes and methodology of science today. Naturally. Aquarius lives in tomorrow, so why should he care a pickle about the rules of today? It has a certain ring of logic, you must admit. Today’s scientists insist on having everything properly proven and substantiated by hard facts before they’ll deign to even listen to a new idea, let alone consider it. The Water Bearer knows instinctively that mankind would never advance (neither would womankind, but he’s hardly aware of the difference between the two) unless people are willing to first dream, however wild the dream, then set about proving it—rather than the other way around, which to him, is clearly viewing the process of discovery in the exact reverse of the way it should be, in his opinion, viewed.

Many of the great minds responsible for the leaps and strides of knowledge in every area have been ruled by the progressive planet, Uranus. Fortunately for the planet Earth, we’ve been blessed with a fair number of Uranus-guided Aquarian births, of the male and female and combined gender (Aquarius is the sign of the unisex, so they’re all a little of this and a little of that, which is why they’re so fascinating) or we might not have progressed beyond the cave dweller stage.

Enter now the Sagittarius woman (stumbling over the Water Bearer’s rock garden in the hallway) and already we have a slight problem. She may think (at least occasionally) that the Aquarian man she loves and hates with equal purple passion belongs exactly there, and nowhere else. In a cave. As a cave dweller. Preferably one at the zoo, with a fence around it, so he can’t escape. Secretly, of course, she adores his unconventional ideas and wierdo behavior. His very unpredictability is what drew her heart to skip over and wave hello to his when she first met him—the day he offered her his umbrella in the rain, and she grinned a grateful thanks, until she discovered it was full of holes because he likes to walk in a bit of a shower, but not a downpour. A little rain is refreshing and exciting, he told her, but too much is a real drag. Don’t you think?

She wasn’t sure. She nodded. But it was a long time before she was sure. When she was, she punched tiny holes in her own umbrella—the one she saved up for a month to buy on sale at Saks. By then, as you’ve probably gathered, she had caught his craziness. It’s very contagious, and the worst of it is that there’s no immunity serum available. (No way for the unsuspecting, trusting female Archer to seek immunization from the lightning bolts of her Uranus man either. But later for that.)

There will be moments when she forgets that she once thought his odd-ball antics were the most virtuous of all virtues, and see them as the viceiest of all vices. At such times, her Jupiter expansiveness can cause her to expand her annoyance into a volley of stinging arrows of truth (or truth as she sees it at that particular moment) that she’ll regret later and probably apologize for profusely, when she’s had a chance to think it over and decide she’s been too hasty. She’s sorry she told him he needed to have his head candled and was missing more than a couple of his marbles upstairs. He’ll most likely forgive her—he may even shock her by being puzzled because he’s forgotten she ever said those things. He forgot? When he was so angry at the time he emptied a bottle of glue in her hair? How could he have forgotten? Never mind how. He forgot. Aquarians don’t clutter their craniums with unnecessary data when it’s no longer relevant. It leaves less room for their inventive ideas and zig-zag thoughts about things that really matter.

There’s something bright and brave and honest about the Sagittarian woman that makes the Aquarian man’s heart do funny cartwheels. He’s genuinely touched by her obvious lack of pretentiousness, her open, friendly manner—and her also obvious integrity. So she says a few brutally blunt things once in a while. At least she doesn’t lie or pretend to be someone or something she isn’t. She’s herself. She’s real, not phony. The kind of person he likes best. He asked her to be his friend, then—and hopefully she realized it as the most sincere invitation she ever received from a male. Because to an Aquarian, friendship is never taken (or given) lightly. Aquarians place a higher value on friendship than the majority of people nowadays place on love. And so, to be invited to be his friend could be near the equivalent of a proposal of marriage from other Sun Sign males. Maybe even better. It’s simply great when lovers and mates can also be real friends. A rare romantic bonus. This man and woman have a better chance to achieve that kind of desirable blend in their relationship than lots of other couples, thanks to their 3-11 karmic friendship vibratory pattern.

Because the Sagittarius woman is a friendly person herself, she trusts most everyone she meets to share her own open and frank way of communicating and expressing her feelings on all subjects, romantic or platonic. Repeatedly, human nature being as varied and fickle as it is, she’s disappointed. Her negative experiences seldom turn her bitter, or drown her innate Jupiter enthusiasm and optimistic outlook, but they can cause her to become a trifle skeptical. The dictionary interprets bitter as characterized by hatred and resentment—and skeptical as not easily convinced, doubting or questioning. However heartbreaking and tragic some of her emotional memories may be, this is not a woman you could label as characterized by hatred and resentment (barring unusually severe planetary afflictions in her birth chart). But this is definitely a woman who’s not easily convinced, who sometimes doubts until she’s sure—and assuredly a female who is questioning. She’s spilling over with questions. From the time she was small, she began asking the world what it was up to, spinning around and going nowhere but back to the beginning. She more than questions love. She has her doubts and curiosity about politics, architecture, films, books, advertising, biology, zoology, ecology—and most of all, religion. She swings from being devoutly spiritual to stark atheism, and back again … forever searching, … seeking truth. She possesses a talent for prophecy too, of which she’s probably blissfully unaware, and she’s a gay philosopher at heart. Most of the conclusions she reaches, after giving relatives, friends and strangers her Jupiter third degree, are happy ones, in the final analysis, containing a positive note about the future, rainbow-hued with hope. It’s just that she doesn’t like to fool anyone, or be fooled herself. For all her shining idealism, she’d still much rather hear it like it is, so she can deal with the realities, not illusions. Because she was born under a sign of duality, she can be a puzzling contradiction, even to a Water Bearer, and that’s saying a lot!

The Aquarian man will agree with her viewpoints more often than not. He, too, seeks reality, not illusions. The difference is that he realizes, perhaps sooner than she, that reality itself may be an illusion—and what others have called illusions may be the true reality. The theory itself will fascinate her. She’ll ask him a thousand questions, excitedly, far into the night … . her curious, alert mind, as always, stimulated by a new concept.

He may also be stimulated during their far-into-the-night philosophical rap sessions, but by something more than a new concept. Aquarian males don’t normally concentrate unduly on the sexual side of a human relationship. But once a sensual or an erotic thought has been accidently planted in his Uranian mind, it will grow and sprout like any other seed in his busy mental bean bag—swiftly, and in an odd variety. But beautiful. Like wildflowers.

The Sagittarian woman is easily bored almost literally to tears by unimaginative, uninspired, ordinary and mundane lovemaking. Her Water Bearer will surely not let her down when it comes (finally) to the physical expression of his love for her—or his friendship offer—same thing to him. Sometimes he’ll cause her heart to turn over with his gentleness and tender touch. Other times, he’ll make her laugh till she cries with his awkward, clumsy, nighttime surprises—like crawling in bed wearing his ear muffs, reciting a poem to the small toe on her left foot … maybe whispering a confession to her just before he kisses her in the darkness, that he hopes she won’t hate him, but he’s been having an affair with another woman. Just one of those things. Uncontrollable. It happened so suddenly, so unexpectedly, and he was seduced before he realized he was being unfaithful to her. She’ll snap on the lights then, throw a pillow (or something more substantial) across the room, and demand to know her name, trembling. He’ll offer to show her a picture of her rival … walk over to his favorite, baggy sweater, dejectedly, guiltily pull out a snapshot from the frayed pocket, and hand it to her, begging her to forgive him. She’ll grab it from him, saying something like, ¢¢$$¢¢¢!!##$$% ¢!!.

Isn’t she beautiful? he’ll ask her, softly. She looks a lot like you. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t help myself.

She’ll gather all her courage, her heart pounding, and gaze at the picture. It is a photo of the new baby girl walrus at Sea World, with dainty whiskers and small, round, eloquent eyes. The lights go out again almost instantly, and he’ll murmur against her ear, in the purple darkness … . Now, where were we? Oh, now I remember! I was kissing you Good Morning … She’ll remind him that it isn’t morning, just a little past midnight. He’ll hold her closer, and ask, very quietly … Then why did I see sunrise in your eyes a few minutes ago?

No. Making love will never be mundane between the Centaur and the Water Bearer. Air fans Fire into passion, sometimes with the slightest breath. And her Fire will warm his airy nonchalance into a depth of desire and a steady need few other women could arouse in him. They respond affectionately to the soaring spirit in one another, this man and this woman. Because they both know that sex can be funny … and sublime. Their intimacies are as unpredictable as a playful breeze … . . now and then, as softly silent as a snowfall in a deep forest. Still and peaceful. Suddenly, she’ll become a clown—and he’ll become a complete circus, monkeys, trapezes, peanuts, elephants and all. With three rings. Then back to snowflakes. And Good Morning embraces at midnight.

There will be moments when his irrational Air Sign anger will strike like a bolt of lightning, out of the blue. There will be other moments when her Jupiter temper will swell into a fury, and she’ll hailstone cold accusations across the room in his general direction. But he’ll just put on his ear muffs, and scribble her a note on her new ? shirt with a crayon. Now it’s really midnight. She’ll melt, pack a picnic basket . . and off they’ll go to find a gurgling stream in the woods together … build a campfire and tell each other ghost stories in the twilight, leaning against a surprised tree, munching Triscuits.

Sagittarius Man and Aquarius Woman

Novelty was beckoning to them again, as usual…

So you are a Sagittarian man, and you like to face the truth straight-on. No shilly-shallying around. You’re brave enough to handle it, and you much prefer it to pretense. Excellent. This is wiser of you than you realize, when it comes to coping with the Aquarian woman you’ve just joyously bounced in love with because she’s so feminine, so fragile, so free and so fey.

Fey she is. No doubt of it. But since love has a way of shading the unvarnished truth with a tone or two of rosewood, perhaps best that we open your eyes fully to what you might be facing in a relationship with the feminine, fragile and free lady Water Bearer, who’s uncontrollably guided by Uranus. (Never ruled. She can’t be ruled, because she doesn’t measure to any yardstick ever invented.) Of course, I’ll grant you that every Aquarian woman is different (oh, are they different!) so you can’t always judge one by another. Still, it helps to be aware of all the possible detours. I’m always telling you that Aquarians are a touch absent-minded now and then, and you may believe I exaggerate to make astrology more fun. I’ve no objection to astrology being fun, but I do not exaggerate. Especially not when I tell you Aquarians are sometimes a little forgetful. In fact, my illustrations of this particular Uranus trait, sprinkled throughout all the Aquarian chapters in this book, may be somewhat under-played, de-emphasized, so to speak. Milder than the truth. Colored with tones of rosewood. And so forth.

I assume you Aquarian women have also picked up a few points about the Archer you love by now. In case you did, but have already forgotten, I’ll remind you. He’s a walking, talking question box. He’s honest and forthright, like you. He’s an idealist, like you. He likes the truth, however painful. He likes women. But mostly to pal around with, although he’s incurably romantic and multiple-minded until he falls in love for keeps. Then he’s a sentimentalist. He won’t be deceptively unfaithful. He’ll tell you first. He has the temper of Jupiter. (Jupiter rules all large things.) He’s fond of animals, and may give you a horse or a dog for your birthday. Never mind if you don’t remember that about him. Actually, you didn’t forget, because this is the first time I’ve told you. (In this chapter.) Sometimes he’s a clown, and he’ll amuse you marvelously. At other times, he’s a veritable and venerable sage, a fountain of intellectualism, philosophy and wit.

He has this kind of religious-spiritual charisma that permeates his aura. He could be anything from a Born Again Christian (who’d like to return and be reconceived) to a garlanded guru, who sits in the lotus position on a lotus, chewing an alfalfa sprout and meditating upon the navel of a turtle. He could be a harried Krishna, complete with clanging cymbals and chanting pigtail, mumbling melodious mantras—or a total atheist. He probably won’t be a plain garden variety Protestant (though he does enjoy protesting). Not enough challenge. You see. He is a lot like you! He adores excitement, the unusual and the thrilling, even if his outward mien is that of a scholarly bookworm or a bored litigation lawyer. (Nothing could be more boring than litigation.) Pay no heed to his quiet surface personality—he’s dual. He could be an explorer, because he thrives on suspense and danger. He loves to play games and gamble (that’s pretty dangerous, especially in Vegas) and he especially loves to travel. He may take off to Macchu Picchu and forget to tell you he left. (See how it feels?) But he’ll call you from darkest Peru, like a Postscript, and ask you to join him poking and perusing around in the ancient ruins. You’ll most likely go. Take your checkerboard. And maybe a basketball. He also likes sports. Indoor and outdoor.

The lovemaking game between the Archer and the lady Water Bearer can be something like touch football. He touches her foot with his toe, she touches his cheek tenderly with her hand, and her airy essence fans his fiery essence into a sizable amount of expanded Jupiter passion. Desire is truly like a game they play together, sometimes energetically … sometimes gently, restfully, just exchanging affection and warmth between them. Like all 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern mates, the sexual facet of their love is friendly and giving. Neither of them are in the least bit possessive, but they’re both very jealous. That means they’ll usually be willing to give each other miles of freedom to be an individual, but they also like what is theirs to be theirs—such as one another. Neither will object to the other sharing his or her mind with anyone at all, but they’ll draw the line (if they’re typical of their Sun Signs) at sharing bodies. Which is nice, because they’re also both essentially idealists, and ideals become them beautifully. When either Sagittarius or Aquarius makes a mistake impulsively, their ideals become tarnished, and a tarnished ideal to an astrological idealist can be sadly tormenting to the heart and soul.

She’ll have oodles of friends of every rank and file, and let’s hope he likes them, since, if he doesn’t he will almost surely make it painfully clear to her (and to them) that he doesn’t. Well, she wanted an honest man, this woman—she’s searched for one in and out of her dreams ever since she was the age of Juliet. In the Archer, she’s found one, and telling the truth is a part of being honest. Even when the truth stings a little. A brief sting isn’t as bad as the deeper cut of deception and lies that can create wounds which never heal. These two may quarrel frequently, but they’ll forgive and forget, kiss and makeup quickly. Forgetting injuries without holding bitterness is the nicest kind of absent-mindedness, and they both are blessed, to a large degree, with this quality. His anger flares swiftly, hers zig-zags like a lightning flash, but both soon fade into laughter and loving again.

The main thing to remember is that she was born under a Fixed Air Sign (stubbornly changeable or changeably stubborn, take your choice) as well as a masculine Sun Sign (her femininity is not fragile) and is also ruled by a masculine planet. Double masculine Fixed. Likewise, he was born under a masculine Sun Sign, so he’s aggressive and tough, therefore will balk at being bossed—and he’s ruled, too, by a masculine planet. But he is not Fixed. He’s Mutable Fire. Double masculine Mutable. Therefore, his mutability and her airy adaptability to change (except when she’s being Fixed and stubborn) will allow them to handle the various emotional fluctuations of a relationship rather well, between them. He’s somewhat hot-headed. She’s more or less cool-headed, logical and detached (which may be what brings on some of his hot-headed-ness). But she’s also soothing enough to cool his fevered brow at such times with her light touch. So it works out quite magically, when they really love each other.

As for the Uranus lady, it would help if she’d remember to be maybe a little less fey. Still, while she might forget his name now and then, she’ll never forget his soft, puppy-dog eyes, his cheerful grin … the superb ways he plays touch football at night. She’d know him anywhere. Because the Aquarian women always remembers her dreams. And that’s where she first met him … a long, long time ago.

Sagittarius Pisces
Fire—Mutable—Positive Water—Mutable—Negative
Ruled by Jupiter Ruled by Neptune
Symbols: Archer & Centaur Symbol: The Fish
Day Forces—Masculine Night Forces—Feminine