Libra and Aquarius

The bubbles of many colours made in rainbow water they treat as balls, hitting them gaily from one to another with their tails, and trying to keep them in the rainbow till they burst.

Libra is forever blowing bubbles, and Aquarius is forever bursting them. For a while, it’s all hysterically funny, full of joy, like a game. But after a time it wears a little thin. Then Libra will become cranky, and Aquarius will be furious over being misunderstood.

Libra will accuse Aquarius of being stubborn. (That’s true—Aquarius is a Fixed Sign.) Aquarius will accuse Libra of being bossy. (That’s also true, because Libra is a Cardinal Sign of leadership.) After they’ve told each other the truth, Libra will try to be fair, and admit to a touch of bossiness, apologizing so sweetly the Water Bearer feels mean to keep insisting that he (or she) is not stubborn. Yet Aquarius will go right on being mean in not admitting this character flaw, because people born under a Fixed Sun Sign nearly always find it impossible to see their faults as anything but virtues. Besides, Aquarius thinks such discussions are a waste of time. People either get along or they don’t. If they don’t, they shouldn’t even be talking together. They should wave goodbye, and head on down the road. If they do, they shouldn’t be expending energy on fighting. Life is too full of interesting things to do. That’s how Aquarius wins arguments. (These people are extremely practical when it comes to wasted motion, and a trifle selfish when it comes to seeing any side but their own.) What I should have said is that’s how Aquarius wins arguments with most people. It will not be quite so easy to win when Libra is the other member of the debating team. Very few people top Libra in the argumentive, debating or discussion department.

Aquarians have a way of winning a fight with their hats. They put them on and leave. It’s a strategy the Water Bearer may utilize when he (or she) senses Libra is winning through pure logic.

Because both of them belong to the Air or mental element, when they’re not involved in a verbal dispute, they’ll be sharpening their fine minds with positive conversations, which are never less than stimulating and challenging, all the way from exciting to inspiring. Also, since they’re under the influence of the 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern vibration, only rarely will a Libra-Aquarius disagreement be serious or lasting. There will always be an emotional and mental foundation for forgiveness and a new start. Even among those very few Libra-Aquarian people who part and are no longer close friends, who eventually drift away from a day-to-day association for some reason, the chances are that neither will retain any bitterness or speak harshly about the other, for whatever these two may say or do, beneath it all, they understand each other better than they do most other people they both know. Libra and Aquarius often have a common interest in children, animals, higher education, travel to foreign lands, religion, philosophy and the arts. Their Suns are trined, and this gives them intertwined dreams and ideals, regardless of any personal differences they may have from time to time.

Whether the Water Bearer admits it or not, he (or she) recognizes and respects the fact that Libra always tries hard to be fair and impartial. Whether Libra admits it or not, he (or she) recognizes and respects the Aquarian quality of tolerance and the Uranian humanitarian goals. The inescapable admiration and respect are always there between them, even when all that air is being blown around in an intellectual confrontation. The basic compatibility is strong and good, for these two understand each other’s motives, however often they may heatedly try to deny it.

There may be occasions when the delicate balance of Libra’s Scales is temporarily upset by the eccentric behavior of the Uranus-ruled person. Aquarians tend to behave in an extremely emotional manner when they’re angry, and at such times Libra can actually become physically ill from the tension. Venus people require harmony, and tension can affect their nerves to a marked degree. There may be other times when Libra’s tendency to always look at both sides of a question will seem like disloyalty to Aquarians, who believe, as I’ve already mentioned, that there is only one side—their own. The opinions of a Fixed Sign are, quite naturally perhaps, more fixed than flexible. Aquarians are truly totally unprejudiced and tolerant, except when it comes to a personal, emotional confrontation.

Most Librans, except for those who have heavy afflictions to the natal Sun in their horoscopes, influenced as they are by the gentle planet Venus, possess what Hemingway called grace under pressure. This will come in handy when Aquarius unpredictably blows a Uranus fuse, for the Water Bearers are susceptible to electrical impulses from the cosmos, and whatever they do, they’re likely to do it impulsively and suddenly. The Libra person often brings on the very problems he (or she) wants to avoid by not leaving well enough alone. After a typical electrical outburst of eccentric behavior, Aquarians normally disappear, and refuse to communicate at all for a period of time. If they’re left alone, they’ll eventually forget what it was that troubled them and become their normal crazy, lovable and fascinating selves. But Libra may keep pressing for an explanation or continue to try to win a decisive victory regarding the disagreement, rather than allowing it to be forgiven and forgotten. Aquarians can’t stand being pinned down for an answer. It makes them feel like a butterfly caught in a jar, and that’s a mighty uncomfortable feeling. Librans don’t mind in the least being pinned down for an answer. It gives them the golden opportunity to weight the pros against the cons, an exercise they find enormously energizing, as long as everyone remains polite and considerate, and no one starts yelling in an uncouth manner. Their individual reactions to conflict and controversy constitute an important basic difference between them, but once they’ve comprehended this, and made allowances for it, Libra and Aquarius can float around a home, a classroom, a laboratory, a space capsule, an office or a barn on the fluffy clouds of mutual cooperation.

Libra can teach coolness and calm to Aquarius, and the Water Bearer can teach Libra that nothing in this world is black or white, one or the other—everything is grey, a mixture; therefore, tolerance is the only way to balance life on anyone’s scales. Aquarius is the inventor of new ideas; Libra is the architect who designs them for practical use.

Libran sensibilities are easily offended; yet the human mind has never conceived of anything capable of offending the Aquarian sensibilities. Absolutely nothing shocks an Aquarian, while any idea, conversation or object that doesn’t have flowers painted on it in pastel shades will shock Libra’s refined tastes. Being a Water Bearer, and also being deeply concerned about the future of the planet, it’s only natural that an Aquarian will become enthusiastic over the sound ecological concept of something like the Mullbank waterless toilet. The Water Bearer will excitedly point out to Libra that this is the only way to save all the waters on Earth from fast approaching total pollution, because of the ever-growing population, and the resulting additional tons of sewage spilled into our lakes, rivers, streams and oceans each year. As he (or she) warms to the subject, the Aquarian will expound the theory that the government should pass a law requiring every home to use a waterless toilet, allowing the cost to be deducted from the sum of money owed to the IRS that year by each person who installs one to replace the current polluting and water-wasting flush toilet plumbing. Just think! exclaims Aquarius, there’s absolutely no odor, and the only waste to be disposed of once a year for a family of six is what would amount to a coffee can of ashes (also with no odor) which can be sprinkled on the grass or the garden to make everything grow better and faster!

Now, Libra would very much like to espouse anything that guarantees keeping the ecological balance, but the detailing of anything so scatological concerning the indelicate process of elimination is likely to cause furious blushing, and an expression of extreme distaste, to pass across those beautiful and even Libran features.

Okay, okay, shrugs Aquarius angrily, if you’d rather go on drinking and bathing in water polluted by other people’s body waste, and insure that your grandchildren, and maybe even yourself and your own children, won’t have a drop of pure water to drink in a decade or two, keep flushing your damned toilet, and spraying your bathroom with artificial carnation scents in aerosol cans that are destroying the ozone layer around the Earth, but just remember, you were warned. It’s peat moss, compost and manure that are going to save this planet, not perfumed luxury, bubble baths and all your fancy art and music.

Out stalks the Water Bearer in a huff, leaving Libra behind to lie down and recuperate from the ugliness of it all, in a state of near nervous collapse from the ordeal of mentally weighing the trays marked: Survival—and Judgment Day.

A few minutes later, the Aquarian suddenly returns, shouts loudly, I SAID MANURE! then slams the door and leaves again. Libra’s dimples collapse, in a state of shock. That’s how Aquarius wins an argument.

Libra’s seesaw indecision will cause Aquarius to become rattled, just as the Uranus tendency of Aquarians to pull a complete turnabout, once a decision has already been made (Libra never does that), will drive the Libra man or woman squirrels. Make up your mind! yells Aquarius.

Well, at least I don’t change my mind, once it’s made up, the way you’re always doing, replies Libra defensively, but softly.

How would you know? retorts Aquarius. You’ve never made a decision in your life.

Libra smiles radiantly. The room lights up with a thousand candles, a million Suns. I made the decision to be your friend, didn’t I? And I’ve never regretted it. Other people may think you’re crazy, but I think you’re a genius. Did I tell you I ordered a waterless toilet?

Aquarius is shamed into silence. Libra smiles again, dimples winking on and off. Gee, I’m sorry, finally mumbles the contrite Water Bearer. Sometimes I say the nuttiest things. I really don’t know what I’d do without you. (And that’s how Libra wins arguments.) It requires study.

Libra Woman and Aquarius Man

Tink, he rapped out, if you don’t get up and dress at once I will open the curtains, and then we shall all see you in your negligee.

This made her leap to the floor. Who said I wasn’t getting up? she cried.

Unless they both enjoy having their emotions blown about in continual hurricanes and tornadoes, it will be best to establish in the very beginning who of these two walks in front in the game of follow-the-leader these two play. The Chief walks in front. The Squaw walks a few steps behind. Smoke that in your Peace Pipe, please, for the sake of tranquility.

The Libra woman will simply have to understand that she is the female, the lady, the woman—and he’s the masculine half of the duet. He sings baritone, she sings soprano. She might have been born under the influence of a masculine Sun Sign, but she’s under the guidance of the gentle feminine planet Venus.

The Aquarian male was born under the influence of a masculine Sun Sign too, but unlike the Libra woman, he is, in addition, under the strong and rather arrogant guidance of the masculine planet Uranus (the male charisma is always a bit arrogant, don’t you think?). There are certain astrological birds and bees blueprints that have nothing to do with chauvinism or equality of the sexes, or with any of those transient things. They simply exist. Even in the area of the Aquarian-symbolized homosexuality, they exist. That’s not to imply that all Aquarians are homosexual, only that the Aquarian essence is tolerant of all lifestyles, representing brotherhood and universal love, unprejudiced by male-female hang-ups, which sometimes gets translated into the homosexual concept by members of all twelve Sun Signs who become confused by the vibrations of Uranus. It’s a simple matter of respecting individuality.

The planetary blueprints exist as unavoidably as the two distinctly different kinds of anatomical design of male and female exist. As free and equal as women ever aspire to be, they will be, for all eternity, designed differently from men, and astrological influences are just as inevitable and unchangeable.

A Libra woman may try to sweetly and softly maneuver for position with her Water Bearer, to manipulate him into her own program and pattern of living, and he’ll go along at first, when he’s overcome by her dimples and divine charm, not to mention her starburst smile—but there will come the time when he will balk. The stubbornness of a Fixed Aquarian male when he’s had enough makes a mule look like the most docile, easily led and persuaded creature in the world. This man won’t move a fraction of an inch when he believes he’s right. His personal code of manhood and his general public code of morality were delivered to him engraved on a stone tablet, from a hand extended behind a burning bush, maybe belonging to a relative of Moses, who knows? But he remembers the day well. It was before he was born. No influence on this Earth will sway an Aquarian from a course of action he honestly thinks is right and just. You’ll notice I said right and just (according to his personal code)—I didn’t say anything about fair. Fair is her department. And this is what will cause a major portion of the trouble between these two who are basically so truly compatible—the definition of what is fair. I’ll give you an example.

A number of years ago in New York, I knew a Libra woman and her Aquarian friend. (I guess they were friends. They didn’t say anything about being lovers, but you never know with Aquarius, because this man is unable to distinguish between love and friendship, and if it’s the former, he’s not the kind to buy a billboard to announce it.) But anyway, the Libran gave her Aquarian friend a gift, a fat, chubby St. Bernard puppy. It grew. It grew into a Giant Dog at the same rate the Aquarian man’s devotion for his new pet grew. Eventually, the two of them quarreled. (Not the St. Bernard and the Water Bearer, the Libra female and the Water Bearer.) She weighed the whole situation carefully (and I’m sure sincerely) on her Scales, to try to reach a fair solution. After many traumatic hours of deliberation, she arrived at what she saw as a fair decision.

He had made a promise to always be her friend. Then he started behaving like the Loch Ness monster, completely ignoring his promise, and after all, he was the one who kept harping on the holiness, the sacredness of friendship… . If you’re really my friend, you’ll do this or that—or—If you were really my friend, you wouldn’t do this or that, he was always telling her. She had given him the St. Bernard when she thought they were friends. It had been a gift predicated upon the association, which no longer was valid. And now she had made up her mind. (Once Librans finally make up their minds, they don’t fool around.) She called the sheriff, and insisted that the dog be returned.

The Water Bearer was furious. He considered all manner of things in reaction to this injustice. Maybe even painting her hair green, or tossing a live hornet’s nest into her bedroom window. The St. Bernard had become his best friend in all the world, and now she was taking back her gift—kidnapping his buddy?

The violence of his wounded emotions churned within him, until there was no choice but to leave New York for many months until he cooled off. If this Libra lady had had any hope that her action would bring him to his senses, she had made a dangerous miscalculation of the Uranus vibration. She not only broke his heart, she broke their friendship into a thousand pieces, and that’s almost an impossibility with an Aquarian—especially in a relationship with Libra, because their Suns are trined, and the essential understanding of the 5-9 Pattern influence supports almost every difficulty they might encounter. Not this one. You don’t separate an Aquarian from his Giant Dog Buddy. It’s one of the Uranus laws enraved (also engraved) on that stone tablet. And now it has a large crack in it.

A serious mistake, the Libra lady made. She may be able to repair the damage someday, but it will take a lot of patience and humility. If she had just waited a little while longer, he would have stopped behaving like the Loch Ness monster. One has to give Aquarians time to turn around when they’re temporarily standing on their heads, contemplating the cosmos and chewing peanut butter balls. Eventually, they’ll apologize for whatever outrageously eccentric behavior they exhibited. But they won’t be pushed into contrition, especially not by dognapping. It was an educational experience for the Libra woman.

Once these two have reached a comfortable compromise concerning their individual concepts of what is fair, and have developed a slide rule they mutually agree upon to measure justice in a human relationship, they can collect all the rewards and benefits of the 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern influence, and soak in the magical alchemy of the double Air Element, with the music of their trined Suns chiming in the background of all their shared activities. As a matter of fact, music is often the golden cord that draws the Libra woman and the Aquarius man together initially in some manner, either a common interest in it, or the encouragement of one for the other’s pursuit of it. Sometimes it’s art, sometimes religion, philosophy or travel to foreign countries, higher educational endeavors, children, young people or the theatre in some form . . but there will always be multiple areas they can see as smooth stepping-stones into their garden of compassion and warm compatibility of ideas and ideals.

He thinks she’s beautiful, and although love is blind, he’s probably right in his image of this Venus lady’s pulchritude. Most Libra women do possess an extra abundance of ethereal beauty, and even those who aren’t blockbusting beauties have gorgeous smiles that can daze a man’s vision and temporarily paralyze his common sense. She thinks he’s the most super-smart man she’s ever known. Granted, his intelligence is puzzling at times; it turns and twists down some strange detours, with the unconfined imagination of true genius, bubbling into fountains of brilliance, then erupting into tornadoes of illogical reasoning. The occasional lack of logic in his thinking disturbs her a little, but she’s mentally alert and clever enough herself to sense the scope of the intellect groping within his unpredictable inspiration for a foothold on reality. He likewise appreciates her fine mind, quickly perceives her ability to converse with him on a variety of topics, and therefore hold his interest with more than her curves and dimples.

Still, on the mental and philosophical level, there may be some sharp disagreements. She enjoys luxury, beauty and comfort. Her optimistic nature causes her to turn in distaste from anything ugly, unhappy or depressing, and this Libran languidness may clash with his great, sweeping humanitarian impulses. He’s concerned about the starving children all over the world, the dangerous ecological imbalance, the pollution of our air and water, the plight of the American Indian—all manner of evil and decadence on the human level, and regarding Mother Nature. Her difficulty in coping with the unpleasant will cause him to believe she’s guilty of selfishness and self-indulgence, and he’ll tell her so bluntly. Libra is deeply concerned with injustice in any form, instinctively desiring to bring about equality and goodness in the world; yet she may, like all Librans, shrink at first from facing the necessary specifics of healing the world’s ills because of her natural Venus reluctance to face and accept the negative aspects of Life.

He should lead her more gently into a full realization of her Libra sense of justice, not call her mean things like lazy, spoiled brat and uncaring before she’s found her way to the light from the torch he carries. As for her, she must learn to change her priorities if she’s to live happily with this man, finding ways to make him know that she really does care more about the poverty and misery in the world than the latest fashions, the sleekest cars, parties, good times and culture or the arts. The Libra woman who insists on wearing fur coats, especially sealskin coats, made from the skins of his murdered animal friends, is never going to be adored by an evolved and typical Water Bearer.

Despite these areas of potential tension between them, these two will find calmness and tranquility in their sexual blending. Their hearts and bodies agree with perfect harmony, never mind the occasional confrontations of their minds. And frequently, the joy they feel when they’re giving and receiving love through its physical expression has the power to heal, or at least soften the edges of their intellectual differences. For Libra and Aquarius, intimacy of the flesh and emotions is easily attainable, and always results in peace of the spirit. In this facet of their love, they are beautifully in tune, their bodies are in key … . . and their passions know the lyric of their lovemaking music by heart. It’s as though they’ve blended in this very way many times before. And they have. For every 5-9 vibration indicates previous incarnations of closeness … a mating of the souls and bodies in half-remembered past lives, still possessing the power to haunt them with an indefinable nostalgia, especially during their times of sexual nearness. The first time of their physical union never seems like the first time. There’s something so familiar about the way they feel.

The Libra woman who wants to hold the elusive love of an Aquarian man must allow him to take the lead. There is no other way. Yet it’s more than possible that, after all their disagreements and hurts and heartaches and ego battles are over, she will have the last word. If she’s patient. Her wisest attitude can be summed up in this verse I hereby dedicate to her, called Pass the Peace Pipe or The Capitulation of a Cardinal Sign.

you want to call the shots? all right, jump on your horse and I’ll walk three respectful steps behind . . like a proper squaw you decide the course and byways our stream of madness shall run how it bends and wanders . . and where and when it flows
into the land-of-the-singing-waters
I’ll chew my moccasins, and string my wampum in the pale, new Moon, beside my wickiup and wait for your bird call, tom-tom beat or smoke puff

but remember, brave Chief Rain-in-the-Heart while you lead us down this sun-danced warpath of pride and passion, truth and lie the spirits of the wind and stars are watching and it’s Manitou who calls the final shots
… not you or I

Libra Man and Aquarius Woman

… there was something in the right-hand corner of her mouth that wanted her not to call Peter names.

Her name isn’t really Debra, but let’s call her Debra. His name isn’t really Steve, but let’s call him Steve. The names may be fictional, but I assure you that this man and woman are actual, living, breathing human beings. Their natal Suns are trined. Debra is a petite, ponytailed Aquarian Water Bearer, sweetly child-like and feminine (Ha!), who is brilliantly, if at times violently, ruled by the masculine planet Uranus. Steve is a Venus-ruled Libra man, whose intelligence and genius are an equal match for her own. He is sometimes mellow and gentle and kind, at other times just plain mean and despicable, depending a great deal upon how recently she has smashed his delicate Scales out of balance with the sledgehammer of her unpredictable Uranian behavior. They’re both working toward their M.D.’s and Ph.D.’s, with a common goal of becoming medical research scientists who will discover something of great benefit to mankind—and womankind. Rather like America’s answer to the Curies of France.

Isn’t it odd that one always thinks of the latter as Madame Curie and her husband, instead of the other way around? There must be a lesson there. Perhaps the lesson that it doesn’t matter which horse wears the garland of posies as long as the wagon gets to town.

We shall use Steve and Debra’s relationship as a mirror for all Libra men and Aquarian women for a few paragraphs. All right, are you all gazing into the mirror? Look closely now.

He vacillates. He can’t decide whether to marry her, live with her, ignore her or leave her. She has no such problem. She knows exactly which of those arrangements she prefers, and her mind is as firm as a rock. On Sundays, she wants to marry him. Every other Tuesday, she’s positive they should just live together until they receive their degrees. On certain Uranian-storm-tossed Thursdays, she prefers that he ignore her, which is painfully evident when she leaves the receiver of her phone off the hook and throws the double police lock on her door. On occasional dreary Saturdays, flashed by Uranus lightning, she emphatically wishes him to leave her, a desire she manages to clearly communicate by throwing all his clothes out the upstairs bedroom window, plus his new watch, which unfortunately never seems to survive the fall—and often including his term papers, which of course get blown around in the snow and ice and terribly smudged and therefore must be typed all over again. But let no one accuse her of being impartial.

On such dreary Saturdays she also cuts into confetti the pages of her own thesis, on which she has labored long and brain-fatiguing hours, and dramatically flushes them down the toilet, announcing loudly that she’s decided to hitchhike across Europe and join a gypsy caravan, and who wants a stuffy old medical degree anyway?

He can’t leave well enough alone, and instead of being happy when she’s in a conciliatory mood and invites him over for her special home-baked lasagna, he insists on knowing the name of the gypsy who invited her to join his caravan in Europe. He keeps it up. She makes up a name out of her very fertile imagination. He leaves angrily, without eating a bite of the dinner she spent all day cooking for him.

There was a time when he finally decided they should never see each other again. He packed up his dog and his microscope and his sprouts and left her for good, going so far as to move in with a friend in another city, and getting an unlisted phone number. She quickly located both his address and his phone number. (I keep telling you Aquarians are born detectives.) A few months later, he was bringing her flowers and poems and stuffed monkeys—and taking her out to dinner by candlelight twice a week. Shortly thereafter, he moved back in with his dog, his microscope, his sprouts and three male friends (to protect him).

The first night, they dismally failed to protect him. Following a rousing quarrel over the fact that he had turned their happy home into a boardinghouse, he and his three friends went to sleep on the floor of the den, after carefully locking the door. He was locking her out? In a house where she paid half the rent? And he considered himself fair? She wasn’t a fledgling scientist for nothing.

It took her until three o’clock in the morning, but eventually she prepared, in the kitchen sink, using some experimental homework test tubes, a dreadful concoction of chemicals with an ammonia base, then carefully poured it into a squirt gun (yes, this really happened), which she proceeded to squirt under the door to the den, which she had also locked from her side. Fortunately, the den had windows, through which the four gasping men escaped the fumes that had awakened them from a sound sleep. They at first thought it was a UFO attack. (It’s easy to mistake an Aquarian caper for an interplanetary zapping.) Of course, when they climbed out the windows, they walked all over the Libra man’s clothes and his watch, which were strewn around on the ground, waiting for him. Understandably, they were both late for class that day.

Now, I know you aren’t going to believe this (unless you’re a Libra male or an Aquarian female), but Debra and Steve kissed and made up a few weeks following that Close Encounter, and the last time I heard they were blissfully studying their anatomy and biochemistry together.

They love, you see. They need one another. Because there’s no one else who can heal her heart as tenderly as her Libra man, with his sunlit smile—no one else who would ever love him, with all his flaws and vices, as fiercely and loyally and faithfully as his volatile Water Bearer—and certainly there’s no one else either of them can intellectually respect as much as they do each other. When she isn’t squirting guns under the den door, she’s superintelligent, cuddly and affectionate, as dear and desirable as a small puppy. When he isn’t being cold and cranky and callous, he’s gentle and amusing and clever, and very loving. Then too, there’s her home-baked lasagna. And the fact that he’s the only man who will ever say I love you to her with genuine tears in his eyes, or who would sentimentally wear a smashed wristwatch with the hands permanently set at midnight, because it was a gift from her.

Every time she quarrels with her Libra man, this Aquarian woman phones me around dawn, tearfully, with the same touching words: He said he was my friend. Friends should understand each other, shouldn’t they? I don’t care about all the rest of it, but he said he was my friend.

Aquarians of both sexes place a high value on friendship. You may behave as you like as a lover or husband or wife, but friendship must live up to an inflexible code. There are certain things friends do. And there are certain things friends don’t do. Friends do not talk about you to other people, unless they’re saying nice things. Friends do not break promises. Friends accept you with all your faults. Friends are never disloyal—and friends are there when you need them. Aquarians rarely realize that their definition of friendship is interchangeable with the definition of real love. The Water Bearers never ask for more in friendship than they’re willing to give in return. The only difference between the Uranus ideals of friendship and love is the combination of the sexes involved.

The Libra man absolutely must have peace and harmony in his environment. Without it, he will inevitably become seriously ill physically, mentally, emotionally—or all three. This is an unbreakable law of astrology concerning the Venus-ruled. Consequently, the Aquarian woman who truly loves this man will make a sincere attempt to stifle her eccentricities (except for the stimulating and challenging ones) and exert a strong effort to bring calm and quiet to their relationship. This is not always an easy task for the female Water Bearer, because a Libra man will perversely create much of his own disharmony by trying too hard to please everyone, working too hard for months on end, until he’s on the verge of collapse, and worrying about how to make everyone like him and like each other besides. He either tries to be the Secretary of State with all his friends, taking on everyone’s burdens—or he gives up on trying to make everything come out even, and burns the candle of his creativity at both ends, trying to prove to the world that he, at least, is doing his very best—when the world isn’t even aware that he’s out there running around in circles to please it.

When he becomes unbearably frustrated, he may turn to drinking and partying to excess, then suffer from pangs of guilt over neglecting his woman, his studies, his work, his physical health, and so forth. Libra men work hard and they play hard. They possess an unerring instinct for compromising disagreements and mediating troublesome situations smoothly and effortlessly. Yet they can’t seem to acquire the knack of bringing their own minds and bodies into equilibrium and balance with each other. This man will go like sixty for long periods of time, never relaxing for a moment; then he’ll drop in a heap on the bed, and lie there so still for so long, the Aquarian woman who loves him will fear he’s slipped into a catatonic trance, or has succumbed to a fatal attack of sleeping sickness. He’s only resting. That’s all, just resting. Leave him alone, and he’ll soon be himself again, once he’s recouped his energies and rejuvenated his spirit. If you must join him, play music for him, read softly to him, make sure his room is neat and tidy and bright and cheerful, with lots of fresh air—and don’t discuss anything negative with him. This is not the time to coax him into agreeing with you, when the poor man is flat on his back. There are more pleasant ways of soothing him during his quiet spells. Venus ways.

Love, in all its variations, certainly not excluding its sexual aspect, is as necessary to the Libra man as breathing. Friendship, in all its variations, is as necessary to the Aquarian woman as breathing. If he’ll be her real friend, she’ll be able to trust him with her heart, which will allow her to be as ardent a sexual and romantic partner as he could possibly desire, even when he’s dreaming (and passion is a subject this man dreams about a lot). The reverse is also true.

If she’ll be his lace Valentine girl, live up to his glorified image of womanhood (stop threatening him with imaginary gypsies) and respond to his love-making with a matching desire—he’ll be the most loyal and faithful friend she could possibly hope for (and her hopes are gigantic in the friendship department). It’s what you might call an even trade-off, with each giving the other what he or she needs most.

This woman is sexually turned off when her Libra lover or husband has hurt her in some way by breaking her friendship code, however briefly, in however minor a way. Likewise, this man finds it impossible to physically demonstrate his love for her when, a few hours before they embrace at night, she’s won an intellectual argument and made him feel foolish in some trifling way. Both of them should apologize for the unintentional wounding of each other—and remember the ancient warning: Never let the Sun set on anger (which originated, not with your great-grandmother, but within the mass collective subconscious memory, symbolizing the dreadful twilight when Set murdered his brother, Osiris, causing the Earth’s first Sun-set. How the Earth existed without a sunset before that time we’ll discuss in a forthcoming book. Aquarians will be fascinated).

Then the two of them, the Libra man and his Aquarius woman, should simply fall asleep quietly, holding hands, and not pursue love, but allow it to gently surprise them with its depth when they awaken in the morning. Libra and Aquarius will find their sexual love more fulfilling when they approach it lightly and reverently, even poetically, but never aggressively or demandingly. The lovemaking pattern of two Air Signs is very delicate. When their minds are in tune, their bodies will respond, and sing along in beautiful harmony. When their minds are troubled or confused, forcing love will only bruise its fragile loveliness … or freeze it into boredom.

These two are bound to hurt each other now and then, because they love so much. But the 5-9 vibration will ever renew their forgiveness, if they give it half a chance. This man can’t bear to be alone; he must marry (or live as though he’s married) or burn with frustration. The Libran who fights this instinctive urge within himself is a miserable male indeed. Aries, the opposite sign to Libra, vibrates to Sunrise, but Libra vibrates to Sunset.

Sunset is his lonely time, when he’s most vulnerable to his Aquarian woman who wants to say I’m sorry. The golden blaze of light at Sunset, when day is leaving, holds a poignant beauty. No other kind of light can bring so much pain to Libra, when there’s no one special to be with, no one who really cares. Enveloped in the darkness of his terrible loneliness, he watches people stream out of office buildings into the day’s final brightness, everyone going somewhere but him . . then suddenly he sees her, etched in pink-gold, walking toward him, uncertain.

He didn’t plan to see her so unexpectedly like this, but he should have. Everything about her is unexpected. He hurries to her—and she walks faster too. He can tell she’s been crying, because her nose is red. She’s carrying a very large box, almost bigger than she is … a surprise for him. What could it be? Believe it or not (believe it), it’s an electric train set from the F.A.O. Schwarz toy store on Fifth Avenue. That’s for what. As for why? Because he’d stared at it in the window one day for hours, when they were together, and said it was exactly like the one Santa had left under his tree Christmas morning when he was nine years old.

He doesn’t know whether to laugh or weep. So he smiles instead. Do you know you’re crazy? She nods. She knows. Can we still be friends? she asks him, unsure. He considers. Only if you promise to come home with me and help me set up the train tracks, he tells her. She smiles back then. They hail a passing yellow-gold taxi, jump in together, close the doors … and she leans back against his shoulder at the very moment the Sun disappears from the sky … just in time. But it was close.

Libra Pisces
Air—Cardinal—Positive Water—Mutable—Negative
Ruled by Venus Ruled by Neptune
Symbol: The Scales Symbol: The Fish
Day Forces—Masculine Night Forces—Feminine