Gemini and Aquarius

The goals are at each end of the rainbow….

Because this is a 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern, and their natal Suns are, therefore, trined, Gemini and Aquarius are ordinarily as cozily compatible as a couple of bugs in a rug or two termites in a totem pole. Now and then, however, depending on other planetary aspects between their mutual planets at birth, they can short-circuit each other’s frequencies.

Once I received a letter from a young Aquarian named William Dana Snyder, employed at a hardware store in Greenwich Village, where he is clearly very much at home. It was written in the typical Uranus-Sanskrit Aquarians use when they communicate with mere mortals on the Earth plane, and it was signed with the curious phrase: SAT NAM. Beneath this signature, the Water Bearer had helpfully translated the words to mean, in essence: There is only one God—and He is Truth.

Right there you have it. The main current of dissension between Gemini and Aquarians—TRUTH. Gemini continually avoids it, since truth has an intricate web of complex meanings for the Twins. Aquarius constantly seeks it (or stalks it)—lucid, plain, unvarnished with imaginative adjectives, uncolored with personal opinion. To Gemini, truth is a great, rolling ocean, rainbow-hued and glittering, filled with the fish of many-faceted half-truths, maybes, ifs and possiblys. To Aquarius, truth is a great shining drop, shaped like a fact, colorless, transparent, and clearly seen under the microscopic, relentless Uranian eye as itself and nothing but itself, so help it God—which it is, of course. Remember? SAT NAM.

The scene is anywhere. Gemini and an Aquarian are on opposite ends of a telephone. The former had promised to do the latter a favor by mailing a very important letter for him (or her).

Aquarius: Did you mail the letter I gave you last night?
Gemini: Yes, I mailed it. See you for lunch in about an hour, okay?
Aquarius: What do you mean, you mailed it? Is it on the way to Saratoga right now?
Gemini: Well, no—but it will be in a few minutes.
Aquarius: Then you haven’t mailed it, so why did you say you did?
Gemini: The truth is, I have addressed it, stamped it, and I was on my way out the door to the Post Office when the phone rang.
Aquarius: The truth is, you haven’t mailed the letter yet. Call me back after you’ve dropped it in the slot. Goodbye. CLICK.

Aquarius is a Fixed Sign. Fixed means stubborn, among other things. If the comments of the Water Bearer seem to ring with undertones of Virgo and Sagittarius truth-seeking, listen again. There is a slight and subtle difference in the Uranus attitude. I’m not sure just what it is, but it’s a slight and subtle difference. In everything Aquarius does there is a slight and subtle difference from the way it is said and done by ordinary humans. Water Bearers are not ordinary. They are extraordinary. And flattery will get you nowhere with them. But back to the main issue. Truth is an area where there will obviously be some disputes from time to time between Gemini and Aquarius.

Not everyone understands this Uranian thing about truth, based on fact. Unlike Virgos, Aquarians are not hair-splitters in their quest for truth. Unlike Taurus and Capricorn, Aquarius does not have a closed mind. The Uranus mind is always open to anything, positively anything. If the human brain is capable of imagining it or conceiving it, then to Aquarius it is a possibility, never mind how far-out and ridiculous it may seem to the scientific community and/or laymen. HOWEVER (and I capitalized HOWEVER on purpose), although the Water Bearers accept the possibility of absolutely anything with an open mind, they will not accept an existing theory as final truth until they have satisfied themselves of the feasibility of the supposition by proving it via visible facts. So you can see they’re a curious mixture of fact and fantasy. At least, I hope you see. I trust this has clarified the issue. I am sure it has not. But I tried.

Other than sometimes gazing at truth through opposite ends of the telescope, Gemini and Aquarius, being a 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern, are usually enormously compatible. Shall we say that they are more often than they are not? They empathize, sympathize, philosophize and fraternize on the same electronic wave-length, auric beam, vibratory frequency, or whatever you wish to call it. Normally, they are not shaken by each other’s changeable moods, eccentricities, ups, downs, or swoops sideways. Only rarely do you come across a Gemini-Aquarius couple whose mutual planetary positions are severely afflicted by comparative aspects between their birth charts—and who, therefore, either actively dislike each other on sight—or bore one another. It happens with every Sun Sign Pattern, even with the usually smooth 5-9 vibration, but most infrequently.

As I’ve reminded you many times in this book, in other Aquarian chapters, although Aquarius is pictured in astrology as the Water Bearer, Aquarius is an Air Sign, like Gemini—not a Water Sign. So why are these people represented, symbolized as it were, by a kneeling figure pouring water from a jug, since they are not of the Water Element but of the Air Element? I cannot tell you. I realize it doesn’t make sense on the surface of it. It’s totally illogical, not to mention contradictory and weird. But then, so are Aquarians—all of those things. Every last one of them is bonkers, to some degree. The Twins are among the few people who notice this right off, because they are known to bonk in and out also. When Gemini and Aquarius bonk around together in rhythm, it’s kind of comforting. No one has to explain himself (or herself). It makes life simpler. No, maybe I’d better take that back. Life is never simple with these two Sun Signs. Interesting, fascinating, even magical—but never simple.

One of the most remarkable and affecting or touching sights in the world is a child with the feelings of an adult. Another remarkable, affecting or touching sight is an adult with the feelings of a child. The latter is the case with all Geminis and Aquarians, if they’re typical of their Sun Signs. Both of them exist in actuality on planets other than Earth, touching base down here only at intervals, which could range from five minutes to several days. Naturally, they flock together when they have an opportunity, so they can speak to each other in the code of non-Earthlings. The true world of Gemini and Aquarius is called Faërie, the realm or state in which faeries have their being, described by Tolkien as a place which contains many things besides elves and fays, and besides dwarfs, witches, trolls, giants or dragons; it holds the seas, the sun, the moon, the sky; and the earth, and all things that are in it: tree and bird, water and stone, wine and bread, and ourselves, mortal men, when we are enchanted.

All of us experience fleeting moments of enchantment (with the potential for extending the fleeting aspect of them). But Gemini and Aquarius comprehend and utilize such potential and are nearly continually enchanted, full of the awe and wonder, the curiosity of the true child—Gemini, the toddler, and Aquarius, second childhood—as described in The Twelve Mysteries of Love at the beginning of this book. Therefore, they have, more or less, permanent residence in the realm of Fäerie. We see them pass among us, of course, but are they really here, or do they not seem frequently to be … somewhere else? As a team, these two Sun Signs will mingle and blend at times almost as one, then drift into their own individual ways for a period … and float back together again. It’s usually a windy, breezy relationship, somewhat detached, and although a controversy between them can create a temporary flurry of excitement, like a summer storm, it normally doesn’t last long enough to do any real damage.

Both Gemini and Aquarius understand most subjects and situations thoroughly, in depth, but Gemini can usually transmit this comprehension to others with more clarity than Aquarius, the Twins having been blessed with the gift of both gab and glibness—Aquarians with the gift of genius and insanity, in just about equal parts. They are both, however, masters of the twisted phrase, mind-blowers. Gemini double-talks an atheist by informing him that any scientist can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the apples in a seed. Aquarius comments on the restless Gemini behavior by observing wryly that a fly-by-night leaves no shadow, only doubt. How was that again? Listen more carefully the first time. Aquarius does not like to repeat. Gemini cheerfully repeats, but never the same way twice. With their upside-down cakes of phraseology and crisscross alliteration, Gemini and Aquarius would make a great team writing verses for Chinese fortune cookies.

With Sun-Moon harmony between them, they can be a delightful pair, an exasperating puzzle to everyone else, but an open book to each other. Even with a negative Sun-Moon aspect in their horoscopes, because of their Sun trine, they may read the last page of the book first, decide they don’t like it, then breeze along their merry, individual ways—possibly returning to pick up where they left off, maybe even to write a different ending, as it pleases them. It’s impossible to predict, with these two.

Most people like Gemini and Aquarius despite themselves, rather than for themselves. They’re both too complex for the average Earthling. But they usually only annoy with their noise, seldom anger. If their mutual chatter, combined with their speedy head and foot work, could be set to music, the lyrics would surely be haunting but hard to remember. At least, hard for the Water Bearer to remember. All Aquarians are a touch absentminded. Never mind, Gemini’s steel trap of a mind can flip out computer cards of memory fast enough for both of them.

Sometimes they make money together, sometimes they lose it together. Neither is likely to admit which it is, loss or gain, because both are able to substitute one word for another, as they do with all polarities, completely comprehending what many people do not: that any one thing always contains particles of its opposite. These two (who would be perfectly at home, by the way, at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party) are quite likely to have in common some interest in religion, travel to foreign countries and lands, higher educational institutions, astral experience, youth and young people, films, entertainment, artistic or creative endeavor. Or these areas will be, conversely, areas of tension.

Gemini and Aquarius often seem incapable of a completely smooth relationship, despite their innate empathy. If things run too smoothly, they aren’t happy. Theirs is an exceedingly strange compatibility. They can frequently be at cross purposes and can get on each other’s nerves. Yet, they can also have a barrel of fun together, as they fly around in simultaneous orbit to lace the tired old Earth with flowers … tumbling, twisting, turning and tantalizing others who are not so blessed with lightning calculator minds and flashing intuition.

Gemini and Aquarius are as serious as Birth and as joyous as Death—and vice versa. As for the spiritual concept of SAT NAM, Gemini is aware that truth is a different thing to each person, depending on an individual’s level of enlightenment at any given time. Therefore, if God’s name is really truth, then He is a God of many faces, a multiple One.

Aquarius is even wiser, takes Gemini’s logic one leap forward, and informs the Twins that there is only one truth, which stands high above the multiple truth-Gods of SAT NAM, and its name is LOVE. Not just love between man and woman, although that’s the beginning of it, but love of all mankind and womankind for one another and for all living creatures ….. in the woods, the seas and the air. Well then, replies Gemini, brightening, I see! I see! Then there must also be a Ms. God—two creators—twin souls—from which all this flows down upon us!

But it took the Water Bearer to open the eyes of the Twins to higher truth. Yes, Gemini, the super-bright, has much to learn from Aquarius, the Water Bearer of Wisdom. In youth, Aquarius may sign letters with SAT NAM. But with maturity, the Uranus-ruled will sign them with EVOL NAM REH-SIH (His-Her name is Love, spelled backwards, of course, in the typical Uranian manner).

The bottomless jug of the Water Bearer contains many such marvelous mysteries, and no one can discover them more quickly than the Gemini Twins.

Gemini Woman and Aquarius Man

Now surely he would understand; but not a bit of it. Peter, she said, faltering, are you expecting me to fly away with you?

Of course; that is why I have come. He added a little sternly, Have you forgotten that this is spring-cleaning time?

She knew it was useless to say that he had let many spring-cleaning times pass.

Spring has an attraction for all of us, but for the Sun Signs of Aries, Aquarius and Gemini, it holds a special, inexplicable wonder. The Gemini woman, being impatient, can create her own springtime when Mother Nature disappoints her. There will come a year when the icy clutch of winter seems to be endless. She cannot wait for spring another day. And so she flies away to Florida or California, following the elusive Sun, making a miracle by causing spring to come early, at her whim. Long ago, when she was a very little girl, she learned there are many magical things one can do when happiness is slowpokey, and most of those things involve moving around, flying here and there, but mainly—change.

No man will understand her preoccupation with that word more than an Aquarian. Oh, Aries, Libra, and Gemini males comprehend it too, at times, but not in the same exciting way as Aquarius. The Water Bearer was born to bring change into the world. But there is a small hitch, which should be noted. He wants the world and everyone around him to change, but not his own basic attitudes—not the essence of himself. His moods and manners may change, but not the Him-of-Him. Remember, he’s a Fixed Sign. In the beginning, in the first sunrise of love, he’ll cheerfully fly around with her. Later, he’ll become more settled in his rut. Granted, a Uranus rut is always more fascinating than others, but to a Gemini woman bubbling with ideas and possibilities, a rut is a rut, and there is nothing more dampening to her soaring spirit than a Water Bearer sitting by the fire in his hut, stuck in his rut. If you know what I mean.

However, just because he can get settled in a residential or geographical way by no means should be taken to imply that this man is predictable. When it comes to his mood, expressions and disposition, to say nothing of his activities, he’s as unpredictable as a pair of dice. Actually, it’s poetic and romantic justice when a Gemini woman falls into enchantment with an Aquarian man. All her life she’s been flitting around like a peripatetic firefly, switching her moods off and on, causing her lovers or friends to moan in frustration over her rather impersonal Mercury style of unpredictability. As soon as she becomes involved with a Uranus-ruled male, she’ll be forced to swallow a rather large dose of her own medicine.

He’ll invite her to have dinner with him, followed by the preview of a new John Travolta or Rene Russo flick (usually typical Aquarian favorites), then after she’s brushed her hair and tied on a yellow ribbon, a frog-like creature shows up at the front door, wearing a wet suit and flippers. What is it? It’s him. He wants her to go surfboarding? No. He’s changed his mind about eating out before the film. He’s decided they will eat at her place, and while she’s preparing dinner, he’s going to go diving for some hermit-crab shells to make her a necklace. They’ll still have time to catch the first feature at the theatre, if she’ll just hurry up, chill the sprouts and heat up the lentils, so everything is ready to munch when he returns from his scuba search for seashells. There should be enough of them, deserted, lying around on the ocean floor, he muses aloud … as he leaves. It doesn’t take long for a hermit crab to outgrow his cozy house and slip into a new one. Abalone shells are beautiful, but they represent death to the abalone from people who cannibalize sea life to tantalize their greedy taste buds.

What did he say? He’ll explain it all to her—the sadness of the food chain—later, after the film. The frog has already disappeared, leaving behind him only the slapping sound of his flippers, along the path to the beach. Life—and love—with this man can be so crazy.

Would there be any way to make other people believe in the craziness, the loveliness of it? No way. It’s uncanny the way these two so often find themselves feeling the same things at the same time. Most times she catches on to his tricks almost before he can pull them. Naturally, this is electrifying to him, since Aquarians love to shock people, and the surprise of discovering a female who’s hard to shock challenges him insanely. Like a little boy walking on his hands along the top of a wall to impress his best girl—then she yawns and starts walking on her elbows. He continually has to top himself with the Gemini female.

If they happen to live in the mountains or in the Midwest, nowhere near a shoreline, it doesn’t preclude the Uranus shock treatment. Instead of a frog turning up at the door, he’ll pick her up some morning in a yellow bug, with Snoopy as Joe Cool stenciled on the hood, and one of those I’D RATHER BE NAKED stickers on the bumper. Wasn’t his car grey last night? Yes, it was, but this is a bright blue sunshiny day. Time to change colors. He could suddenly decide to grow a beard or a moustache with no notice, or if he’s already had one for years, just as suddenly shave it off, pull a wool cap down over his ears, grab her on the street and scare her to death. Don’t you know me, honey? I’m the Jolly Green Giant who loves you! And like that.

At long last she will understand what it’s like to be an innocent bystander recipient of someone else’s Ferris wheel of emotions and quick-changing moods. It may even teach her to tone down her own mental acrobatics, to maybe even be on time for appointments. Reliability and dependability are qualities they could both stand to cultivate. Then there’s always the chance they won’t ease each other into stability at all but will, instead, incite each other into more loop-the-loops. Either way, it will be fun. These lovers constitute a 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern, which means they have a far higher than average chance to discover that they’re Twin Souls, especially if there’s a harmonious Sun-Moon aspect between their two horoscopes. Even without it, or with a negative aspect between their individual Luminaries at birth, they will find more in common together than they do with most other people they both know.

There’s no use denying that she will occasionally annoy and irritate his Fixity with her Mutability. But she can be so easy to forgive. No one has ever lived who can apologize more charmingly than a Gemini. It’s really worthwhile for her to do something wrong, just to watch her ask pardon for it. Sometimes he wonders if she knows that. (She does.) Aquarians have a mite more trouble getting the hang of apology. No Fixed Sign (Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo) ever finds it easy to say I’m sorry. Most of them find begging for pardon about as pleasurable as walking barefoot on hot coals. So she shouldn’t expect this male to indulge in such abasement too frequently. It frightens him. What will she expect from him next if he spoils her now with profuse apologies? Aquarian men do not like to be anticipated in any way. I’ve already told you that. It’s advisable not to forget it.

People can become dreadfully bored when there’s nothing but sex to interest them in each other. This man and this woman seldom run that risk. Gemini and Aquarius always have something to talk about, so much to teach one another, and the beauty of it is that, half the time, they don’t even know they’re learning. Sex is usually not a big thing to this man and woman. It’s not a small thing either, but it doesn’t take first place in their relationship. It seldom occurs to either of them to measure its influence, to count its blessings or curses. Sex is just there, that’s all. Most happily mated Gemini-Aquarian couples enjoy the physical consummation of their love as children enjoy wading through puddles, flying kites or chasing butterflies. It’s thrilling, exciting—sheer pleasure—uncomplicated, with no dark, mysterious corners—a bright, sunlit room in their hearts. He could be one of those occasional Water Bearers who almost need to be reminded of the rules of the mating game because his busy-bee thoughts are buzzing around happily with other matters, too preoccupied and absentminded to constantly ponder the delights of physical intimacy. And she could be one of those Geminis who finds fulfillment in talking together—through mental union—rather than becoming unduly engrossed in sensuousness or passion. Nevertheless, their lovemaking, when it does occur, is more likely to be satisfactory to both of them than to be a source of tension, however frequently or infrequently they share it.

In a strange way, they anticipate each other’s desires, these two. An Aquarian male with Venus severely afflicted in his birth chart can have some pretty far-out ideas about sexual matters—or he can lean toward the platonic love affair, never truly consummated. But once the average Uranian has been spellbound, has given his heart—he knows the language of love, including its physical one, and he can communicate the intensity of his need with a steady gaze, a slight lifting of the eyebrow—or a wiggle of his left ear. As for her, the Twin symbolism of Gemini will be startlingly apparent in her ability to be one special, private woman for him at night … and a totally different female the next day.

Speaking of language, as we were a few paragraphs back, the Gemini girl-woman (for she is both by turns) may speak more than one. Geminis are natural linguists. She may also have more than one name, an alias or a nickname, perhaps even more than one husband during her lifetime. This isn’t true of every Gemini woman, of course, just most of them. The Twins are seldom satisfied without two or more of everything. Aquarians frequently marry more than once too. (Not always, but frequently.) Not all Water Bearers satisfy their curiosity the first time, although she has the edge on him in the multiple marriage race and is slightly more likely to have tried marriage before than he.

Once the Aquarian man is sure he’s not missing anything, he can be purely and perfectly faithful to one woman. His problem with the Twins is that he sometimes feels he’s coping with two women. I guess he could swing faithfulness to both of her. Gemini females do flirt a lot. They just can’t help it. But she’ll get away with it most of the time with him, since Aquarians aren’t the type, usually, to make a mountain out of a few molehills when it comes to jealousy. Light, friendly flirtations may escape his notice altogether. He understands about friendship. In fact, she may wish he didn’t understand so well. His friends may cause her to be jealous. She’ll just have to remember that an Aquarian may find it difficult to separate love from friendship, but to him, if he’s a typical Water Bearer, the physical or sexual aspect of a relationship goes with the former, not with the latter—once he’s separated the two by making a commitment (or by combining them, with her).

The one person she has good reason to fear is the girl he first loved. He’ll never forget her—never. She’ll always be there, buried deep inside his memory, whether she happens to be his first-grade teacher, the girl gorilla, or the lady hippo at the zoo who winked at him when he was three. It could be more serious, of course, and his first love may be a real, flesh-and-blood, dangerous female, who may pop up someday to make his heart do flip-flops. Even so, except in rare cases, he would prefer the misty, starry memory to all the trouble of picking up where he left off, years ago. Yet, there are those very rare cases.

The one thing this man will demand of her is truth. It’s the one thing he may never receive from her. She sees truth through the multiple lens of imagination, colored by her wishes and dreams. It’s merely a matter of interpretation. Otherwise, these two share essentially similar vibrations. Their auras blend in a galaxy of moods, synchronized to the same mother ship frequency, different only in their individual reflections of the changing seasons of the heart. The differences are subtle, intricate. His reactions are more complex than hers, likewise, therefore, his reflections. She startles him with rainfalls of tears, followed suddenly with sunbursts of laughter. Then he reverses the reflection with rainfalls of laughter, followed by sunbursts of tears…. perhaps because Aquarius already knows what Gemini has yet to learn—that there’s a reason why Gladness rhymes with Sadness, contained in her yet personally unsensed mystery of Joy and Sorrow, which are in reality Twins themselves, inseparable and interchangeable.

Gemini Man and Aquarius Woman

So I ran away to Kensington Gardens and lived a long long time among the fairies.

She gave him a look of the most intense admiration, and he thought it was because he had run away, but it was really because he knew fairies.

There are many reasons why these two are sure to notice each other in a crowd, but the main one is that faint chord of music they both hear. The Aquarian woman has always felt that no one truly understands her. Most people judge her unfairly, figure she’s playing with only half a deck of cards, full of wild imaginings, a crazy daisy born several hundred years too soon. Everyone but him.

The Gemini man has always felt that no one really understands his dreams. Most people judge him unfairly, figure he’s unreliable, sometimes too talkative, at other times too moody, immature—and totally irresponsible. Everybody but her.

The first recognition of kindredship between Gemini and Aquarius always reminds me of the meeting between Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince and the pilot. As a child, the pilot drew a picture of a boa constrictor who had swallowed an elephant, which, unfortunately, resembled a hat. All his life, no matter to whom he showed his picture, people would never recognize it as a boa constrictor who had swallowed an elephant, but would always say, Yes, that’s a nice drawing of a hat. It hurts when others can’t comprehend your intense efforts, and it’s lonely. Then one day, after he’s grown up, the pilot meets a strange little man in the desert, who asks him to draw a picture of a sheep. Exasperated, the pilot scribbles the same picture of his childhood—the one everybody always took to be a drawing of a hat. But when the Little Prince gazes at the sketch, he shakes his head immediately, and says, No, no. I don’t want a picture of a boa constrictor who has swallowed an elephant. I asked you to draw me a sheep.

That’s the faint chord of music I mean. Without a single word of explanation …… someone knows! Only music, never mere words, can describe the fountain of pure joy that wells up in the soul when after years of lonely, futile searching, one comes upon another being who really (not nearly, but really) recognizes and comprehends all the secret yearnings and attempts to communicate that others have ridiculed or ignored in the past.

Later, this first faint chord of music from the spheres, as lovely and long-awaited as it is, contains a sour note or two somewhere along the way in the symphony of love between Gemini and Aquarius. But this is a small burden to bear when compared to the broken rhythms and discordant melodies both have been exposed to until they finally found each other. Although no relationship is perfect, a 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern often comes closer to being so than most others. If the Sun-Moon aspects between them are conjunct, sextile or trine, they can reach a rare harmony of living and loving. Even without this planetary assistance, they’re better matched than many and will usually remain friendly, whether romance lingers or not.

Sun Signs which are in trine complement each other in ways only the two people involved can appreciate. But one of them is always ahead of the other on the zodiac wheel, on the soul level, in karmic lessons. In this case, it’s the Aquarian woman who is somewhat wiser in a subconscious, spiritual sense than the Gemini man she loves. So she’ll be the one who will have to do the most giving and be more tolerant. Tolerance comes easily to most Aquarians, who are basically unprejudiced and know well the meaning of the words—Help thy brother’s boat across and lo! thine own shall reach the shore. Uranus incites humanitarianism in Water Bearers, infuses the Aquarian woman with a spirit of brotherhood (and sisterhood). It’s possible she may have too many friends, at least too many for men born under other Sun Signs. The Gemini man may not find time to resent the strange birds she gathers around her, because he’s too busy being gregarious himself. Only the very rare Geminian with heavy planetary afflictions in his birth horoscope is a loner. The home of a Water Bearer and a Mercury Bird is seldom quiet. If they’re both typical of their Sun Signs, it will be filled with people more often than it’s empty.

These two will make many mistakes while trying to love each other for richer and for poorer, for better or for worse. But they’ll be interesting mistakes, seldom boring. One mistake he’s likely to make is expecting her to put up with his little white lies. She’s outraged when he stretches the truth or distorts it. Aquarian women tend to claim they are honest and aboveboard in every way. They do their own thing and never lie about it, whether society approves or not. But the Gemini man is clever and astute enough to analyze her own peculiar brand of dishonesty, which consists of sins of omission. She tells the truth, yes—but sometimes only part of it, only what she wishes to tell, holding back the whole truth, never playing all her cards at one time. When he accuses her of this, she evidences surprise and hurt. He may point out to her that she has other ways of being less than truthful, namely her manner of expressing her true feelings in such a way that only the Red Queen, Tweedledum or Tweedledee could correctly interpret them.

The honesty game between Gemini and Aquarius is complicated, and they are perhaps the only ones who can untangle the knots. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don’t. They will never stop trying. Both of them enjoy mental games and are amateur detectives, instinctively alert to every nuance. This talent is obvious in Gemini, more disguised in Aquarius, beneath the surface mask of dingbat, wide-eyed innocence and detachment.

The mistake she could make is expecting him to mean exactly what he says. Gemini never means exactly what he says. He uses words as blessings to charm, coax, persuade and cajole; sometimes as weapons to taunt, tease and hurt. He makes speeches that magnetize her into rapt attention, then hold her spellbound—or he can break her heart with his mercurial brand of withering sarcasm and sharp comments. It’s nearly always a mistake to cry in front of a Gemini man. He can’t cope with tears. Intensely emotional scenes frighten him as they would a child. And so, often he reacts with what appear to be cold and unsympathetic words—using them as weapons again, this time to protect himself against the pain that accompanies compassion.

He wants no part of pain, this man, if he can possibly avoid it. The art of satire was invented by Gemini, who weaves words into sentences as the light-fingered magician strings brightly colored beads, pulls another rabbit from his hat, another flowing scarf from his sleeve at the last minute, making his audience sigh and gasp with admiration. Today he is happy, tomorrow miserable, then jolly and exuberant the day after that. His emotions are genuine, they’re for real. It’s just that they don’t last. The Aquarian woman can usually tolerate his quicksilver moods better than most females, for a very good reason. She hardly notices anything half the time—anything at all. See the cloudy, misty, faraway look in her eyes? That comes from sailing out there among the clouds on her own wave-length, somewhere in the future, momentarily out of touch with Earth and Earthlings, including his twinned moods. He can pass from suicidal to serene before she’s aware of what’s happening.

In youth, the Aquarian girl drapes her dream-lover with a sparkling halo of impossible rainbow-spectrumed beauty, which could never fit around the head and shoulders of the average male with the usual number of flaws and defects of character. But she learns to hide her vulnerability under the guise of a cool, detached, friendly let’s pal around together attitude as she settles for something less, all the time secretly treasuring the sentimental illusions of youth. Therefore, the older she is when she meets Gemini, the less apt she is to be wounded by his light attitude toward love. Hers can match his in lightness … then. Aquarians nearly all have this strange twist. If they marry more than once, the final marriage will usually occur later in life, when they find someone in need of Uranus wisdom. Then she will turn this man into the astral lover of her teens, finally fulfilling as much as possible her original ideal of a love-friendship combination. The last lover could be a Gemini, who is also desirous of combining love and friendship and is equally as likely to confuse the two feelings as she.

Both the Gemini man and the Aquarian woman have inner fears and doubts about their sex appeal. At some time in the past, they’ve both privately worried over some problem related to their sexuality, perhaps experienced the humiliation of having been called frigid or at least temporarily unresponsive—especially if either of them have been previously entangled with Fire, Earth or Water Signs.

Together, they can prove to one another the falsehood of these accusations from former lovers. Gemini and Aquarius tend to give only as much as needed and expected, and seldom demand more than what is given, thus often achieving a happy balance in sexual union. Unless one or both of them have a heavily afflicted Venus or Mars in the birth chart, they should find more sexual fulfillment within their physical union than they ever have before with former mates—or probably ever could in the future with new ones. Of course, probably is not definitely, but it’s a stronger promise than possibly.

Didn’t you realize that as a child, when you asked to go to the circus, and some adult said possibly you may go, and your heart sank to the soles of your Buster Browns—or said probably you may go, and your heart crawled back up to your knees—or said definitely you may go, and your heart flipped right back into place where it belonged, thumping wildly in joy and gratitude and excitement? Both Gemini and Aquarius tend more toward a passion of the mind than of the senses—more emotional intricacies in communicating love than through pure physical abandon to feeling.

Almost always, these two, when there is a break in the relationship, can remain nearly as close, find much of the same affinity as in the beginning. When Gemini and Aquarius are hurt, they both retreat back into the security of a safe, protective, emotionally undemanding friendship. Friendship is a marvelous thing, but sometimes Gemini and Aquarius will sacrifice love for it, because love takes more faith, more courage than a buddy-buddy relationship.

There is a pronounced mysticism between this man and woman, a shimmering thread of light connecting their souls, if they are true mates—as with Aries and Leo, Taurus and Capricorn … and all 5-9 Sun Sign Patterns. If they like, they may tug on this thread, to pull themselves back to each other. Not all 5-9 vibrations constitute twin souls, of course, but those that do, allow Soul-Mates easier recognition and more effortless communion than might be granted to true lovers disciplined by other Sun Sign Pattern influences.

As long as he understands that when she laughs, she may be sobbing inwardly—when she cries, she may be inwardly joyous…. and as long as she understands that he can fly away today and return tomorrow (or next week, next month or next year … but eventually), there will be more pleasure than pain in their loving. Together, Gemini and Aquarius can perform miracles, such as the fusing of several realities into a single, enchanted one. There’s such a bond of feeling between them, such shared madness ….. and loneliness. They would never see one another’s pictures of a boa constrictor who had swallowed an elephant ….. as the drawing of an ordinary hat.

And the two of them together could quite probably even convince all boas that it isn’t nice or natural to swallow a pachyderm for lunch.

Gemini Pisces
Air—Mutable—Positive Water—Mutable—Negative
Ruled by Mercury Ruled by Neptune
Symbol: The Twins Symbol: The Fish
Day Forces—Masculine Night Forces—Feminine