Dating Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man can be associated with a fierce sense of independence and creativity. They are very focused concerning the future and would therefore be bored with anything dealing with the past. He is also the type that is looking for a relationship full of a sexual revolution. They also tend to be very analytical and are extremely creative intellectuals.

These men are also compassionate and do not like to follow orders, but have a great sense of humor. An Aquarius Man tends to change from time to time. Today he might be the best man ever but tomorrow he is a total a stranger. Some of the traits of an Aquarius Man include;

Positive Traits

  • Independent
  • Friendly and Caring
  • Useful
  • Spontaneous and Experimental

Negative Traits

  • Moody
  • Detached
  • Flirtatious

A lady with a thing for an Aquarius Man should note that they love communicating. They may be shy, gentle, patient and enthusiastic with tendencies of being exhibitionist. They are also tolerant of the point of view of others, but this should not be mistaken for a man that they will take orders easily. A lady will also experience care from an Aquarius Man which can also make them an excellent friend.

Dating Aquarius Man – Your First Date

The first date with an Aquarius Man should be somewhere interesting. This should be somewhere with a bit of class and uniqueness including places with some art. He is a laidback individual and the conversation of the night should not be focused on rushing him into a relationship. He is also unromantic and thus the lady should not expect a lot of romance from him. However, she can make the effort to make it a romantic date. It is also a good idea to be patient with him and not expect much from the first date or he can easily disappoint her. However, she can share about her love in helping others, meeting people and engaging in activities that bring a new experience. This will surely catch his attention.

Once the first date has gone through successfully, the lady may feel that he is the one and would love to develop a long lasting relationship with him. In this case, there are a number of traits that she should know about him in order to have a smooth relationship that can work out well. By understanding the traits of an Aquarius Man, she can better know how to handle him in different occasions.


An Aquarius Man is an independent individual and is attracted by creativity at the same time.  Given that he is an independent individual, he does not want to feel held back by anyone and thus the lady should try as much as possible to give him his alone time. However, she should also never run out of ways to interest him and keep him attracted to her, otherwise he would get bored.

The lady can keep him attracted to her by suggesting outdoor activities that may involve art galleries, museums and charitable events in some occasions. Her proactive nature would help keep him focused on her and keep him wanting more.

Friendly and caring

An Aquarius Man is one of the friendliest people you can meet. However, getting into the inner circle may not be as easy.

The fact that they are friendly and caring can get them to be highly concerned with the welfare of others and they may get too involved. However, this doesn’t mean that he can easily be taken advantage of. His partner can help in the extending humanitarian efforts with him to be supportive and gain his trust.

Useful and resourceful

He loves to feel important to his lady and thus the lady can always come to him to ask him for help in fixing things such as electronics and small repairs. She can also ask him about silly things like how to operate email and software, among others.  Coming to him for these things makes him feel like more of a man so make sure you stroke his ego even if you can do these things without his help.

Spontaneous and experimental

He loves current things and a short sexy night dress in the bedroom will surely raise his spirits. He is experimental and spontaneous sexually and thus the lady has to match up in the bedroom. Don’t keep the same routine make sure you switch it up. These men get bored easily but if you keep him guessing he will have no reason to seek the affection from another.


Detached and unpredictable

As much as he may love to have a lady by his side, he also feels that he would like to be alone at times. This leads him to be detached at times and a lady will notice changes from time to time. An Aquarius Man can be the most unpredictable human being and give mixed signals from time to time. This may often be due to his fascination to explore new territories of life and engage in new experiences. The lady can engage in such adventures with him so as to keep him focused to her and her effort to share his interests.


Once they get bored and not getting their way, these men tend to get moody. He may therefore feel the need to go out and start exploring and this is one of the reasons as to why the lady should not be boring. They might also become quite annoying once they start behaving in this manner and this may be a sign that he should be given his time to think and reorganize. If a woman has problems putting up with a moody man this could be an issue.


Aquarius men are known for their flirting ways. With having a very friendly demeanor they sometimes can’t help but to flirt. For most women this isn’t a problem because the flirting is harmless. But, if the Aquarius isn’t happy in his current situation the flirting can be his way of seeking a replacement.


For a lady who is interested in this man, the best approach would be to be his friend at first. This helps in setting up a good foundation with an Aquarius Man. He is laid back and thus it would be good to take it slow with him since he hates being pushed. The lady should also not come out too aggressive and a little dominating since he loves his independence, thus it would be important to let him take the lead. He loves a smart woman and she can be sure he will respect her. He should also be the one to set up and take the lady for a date so approaching him isn’t a good idea.

A lady can find these men at places such as art galleries and craft shows just to mention a few. This is because they admire creativity and would expect such from a lady they are dating. They can also be found doing charitable works since they have a high level of concern towards others. Moreover, they love women who appear to be mysterious. If you have your eye on an Aquarius Man keep these tips in mind if you plan on having a long lasting relationship.