Aries and Aquarius

They began the verse, but they never finished it…

Aries and Aquarius have this outstanding thing in common—they’re both curiously attracted to anything new until they’ve extracted all the fun and truth from it. Then they toss it away and go on to the next new and exciting adventure. With these two, there is no looking back and sniffling over the past, if they’re both typical of their Sun Signs. To the Ram, today is ever so much more thrilling than yesterday. To the Aquarian Water Bearer, tomorrow is a thousand times more fantastic than either yesterday or today.

Once in a while, they slip off the time track separately, somewhere between the past, present, and future, and bump smack into each other, in a meeting that isn’t part of the conscious itinerary of either. It’s always an interesting encounter, and a fated one, planned on a higher level, long before both of them were born. Aries and Aquarius are influenced by the 3-11 Sun Sign vibration, and a blending of their auras brings them into the shared experiences of travel, education, and spiritual discovery—along with karmic memories from former reincarnations, as well as the hopes, wishes, and dreams of the present existence. You can see why they don’t find each other lacking in fascination.

Aries people throw themselves into things with total commitment (for the moment), enthusiastically and fully involved in what’s happening. Aquarius is equally as enthusiastic, but these people don’t throw themselves into anything. The Water Bearers approach every experience with a studied detachment, snoop around, scratch their heads, and wiggle their ears—from a safe distance. That way they can enjoy it without getting either tangled up or tied down. Of course this subtle psychological difference won’t help you tell them apart when you pass them on the street. But there are other ways.

The Ram may be running, with head bent forward, showering confetti and sending UP rocket flares. The Aquarian may be riding a unicycle, munching on a pickled radish, and spinning a hula hoop, with a friendly quetzal perched on one shoulder. They both stand out in a crowd.

One of the meanings of the 3-11 vibration between friends, relatives, business associates, lovers, or mates is: karmic obligation. The association or relationship involves either some great blessing and good exchanged—or some great sadness brought from one to the other, perhaps in the form of an obligation or responsibility, far-reaching in its effect on the lives of both.

An Aquarian blessed with an Aries friend who stands by him (or her) through long months of trouble or illness (either personal or in the family), when no one else cares or helps.… may wonder, Why did she (or he) do it? The Ram is simply repaying a favor from a long ago Lifetime (buried in the subconscious) of similar help received. Perhaps in the process, the Ram receives an enlightenment, starting the Aries person on the road to a future career, some unexpected goal or dream that wouldn’t have been revealed in any other way, save through the circumstances of the Ram’s offering help to the Aquarian. In reversing the signs, the same situation may develop, with many variations on the theme.

Another Aquarian handles the business affairs of an Aires, keeping the Ram out of trouble with taxes and creditors, smoothing out financial wrinkles, and arranging miraculous loans under impossible conditions—unconsciously motivated by the soul memory of monetary assistance received from Aries in another time, another place—and a karmic debt is repaid. An Aries man has a close male friend whose Aquarian wife frowns on the friendship. She is illogically suspicious of the Ram, and he, in turn, feels an inexplicable tension when she enters the room. It could result in the Ram breaking up his friend’s marriage to the Aquarian—or with the Aquarian wife preventing the Aries from continuing a valued friendship with her husband. How it ends depends upon the degree of evolvement of the Ram and the Water Bearer at the time of the situation. Karma is complicated.

The good or evil these two Sun Signs (or any two Signs influenced by the 3–11 vibration) bring to each other is seldom minor. The contact is not casual, and they have little conscious control over its outcome. Yet, if Aries and Aquarius will meditate on the laws of Karma, or reincarnation, they’ll understand why one of them is so willing to aid the other, and learn to accept the favor gracefully. Or, they’ll comprehend the reverse situation—why the two of them continue to senselessly hurt one another—and through understanding, be able to end the karmic pattern by the simple Karma-canceling act of forgiving and forgetting. Otherwise, they’re only stacking up additional obligations for future lives, wherein their two souls will be chained together, in an endless succession of close relationships, through the inevitable law of magnetic attraction and repulsion, action and reaction.

Aquarius is one of the four human signs in the astrological circle, the other three being Gemini, Virgo, and Libra (unless one counts the Centaur—half-horse, half-human Sag). Consequently, Aquarian passions are more controlled than those of the Rams, whose instinctive loves and hates often cause them to act from sheer animal urge, or personal gratification of the ego. The Uranus-ruled Aquarians more often flee from instinctive action into the realms of the higher mind—and the domain of pure intuition. This gives the Water Bearers an uncanny psychic or intuitive ability.

Sometimes Rams will also appear to be psychic, but they’re really not, in the true sense of the word. It’s only because they plunge straight into the heart of the situation, and the penetrating action of their ruling planet, Mars, gives them the correct answer. Aries goes directly and immediately to the core of the problem, using neither logic nor rational reasoning, simply being obsessed with an overwhelming need to leap in and get to the bottom of the thing. The swifter, more intricate flashes of Aquarians emanate from the electro-magnetic wave lengths they’re tuned into under the influence of their ruling planet, Uranus—which symbolizes electricity, among other things.… and lightning, too. The Water Bearers merely grab an impression out of the air, or absorb it through some sort of electrical osmosis, without expending a tenth of the energy put forth by Aries to reach the same conclusions.

Aries and Aquarius are essentially compatible. There’s an almost visible cord of understanding running between them, so that even when they strongly disagree, it’s always possible to replace tension with harmony anytime they choose to do so. It’s the natural sympathy between Fire and Air, and it’s something else. It’s the normally easy (barring unusual planetary afflictions between the horoscopes), effortless possibilities of communication open to all 3-11 Sun Sign Patterns, on all channels. The third astrological house symbolizes communication of all kinds—visual, through the printed word—and also through the spoken word, including minds speaking to minds, hearts speaking to hearts.

Rams are frequently accused of being naive, impractical dreamers. Aquarians are frequently accused of being just plain crazy. That’s another reason why these two usually get along so well. They both feel misunderstood by the world and everyone in it. They also both feel they’re on the right track, separately or in unison, and it’s the rest of the world that’s out of step and off-center. Naturally, this draws them together—for mutual comfort and mutual protection against the establishment. The Rams are reckless, the Water Bearers are pixilated—but they manage to spin these qualities into complicated webs of leprechauns, miracles, rainbows, and assorted magics, creating dirigibles of dreams which, surprisingly enough to more sensible souls, take off into the blue skies of some wildly successful personal and business ventures.

The Aquarian, Uranus-inspired tolerance insulates most Water Bearers against the shock of the sudden whims and highly original, creative urges of Aries. There will be times when the Rams believe Aquarius doesn’t quite have it together, and when Aquarius will despair of being able to cope with the hot temper flashes of Mars. Yet generally, these two should enjoy a mad, fabulous, and unique association. Aquarius is a Fixed Sign, and so, on occasion, the Water Bearers can be more than a little stubborn. But stubbornness won’t work with Aries. Only love and kindness. Great gobs of it.

The Water Bearers may attempt to enlighten the Rams with their theories about submerging the ego, claiming this brings peace and happiness. But to Aries, submerging the ego is scary, quite like being swallowed in a dark tunnel. Where does that leave me? Where will I be, the Me-of-Me … in some kind of eternal void? the Ram wonders. Arians are never strong on the yoga state of Nirvana. To become unconscious of yourself—that’s ecstasy? In this instinct, Aries is intuitively right.

The concepts of Aquarius are light-years ahead of their time, for the most part, yet no more infallible or immune from misjudgment than the ideas of Aries—although the Uranian wisdom will be poured out from the little brown jug of Aquarius anyway, solicited or not. All human troubles stem from an overemphasis on the emotions and an exaggeration of personal feeling, claims Aquarius.

People who deny their emotions and bury their personal feelings are cold and heartless, lacking all enlightenment and perception, retorts Aries.

So—where do they go from such a dead-end street? Back to their leprechauns, miracles, rainbows … and dirigibles of dreams.

Aries Woman and Aquarius Man

Then he nearly cried; but it struck him how indignant she would be if he laughed instead. So he laughed a haughty laugh, and fell asleep in the middle of it.

These two could have a glorious time together, if the Aries woman could only get one thing into her head. When an Aquarian man laughs, it’s because he feels very sad. When he cries, it’s because he feels very happy.

Once she catches on to this important game he plays, she’ll have an easier time of it with all his other tricks. I’m referring to the tricks the Water Bearer uses to keep a woman from guessing he cares for her. Also the tricks he uses after she’s already guessed, and he doesn’t want her to find out how deeply he cares. And don’t leave out the tricks he uses when he knows he’s helplessly in love, but still trying to convince himself he can switch it back to friendship again, before it’s too late. If you like games, this man is more fun that a stack of crossword puzzles and a trunkful of poker chips. An Aries woman likes games. But there’s a small catch here. She only likes games when the other player lets her win all the time.

The Aquarian male has no patience with female Rams who play by those rules. He’s not going to give her any handicaps or free rolls of the dice just because she cries a few angry tears. Since she’s so independent and aggressive, he’ll probably say, Listen, buddy (Aquarians call everyone buddy), if you’re so sensitive, how come I saw you marching in that feminist parade last week? You women who continue to demand equal rights had better be ready to take them all on, like moving furniture, fixing the plumbing, changing the tires—and fighting right alongside the men in a war.

He’s wrong about why she joined the march. She only pushed her way into that parade because she couldn’t resist the excitement of the drumbeats. After all, Rams are idealists, who sometimes start cheering for a cause before they know what it’s all about. She’s not likely to be a card-carrying member of any groups with a strong feminist mission. An Aries woman? She was born liberated—and she has no intention of giving up her feminine privileges, just to prove she’s equal, when she already knows she’s superior!

Sooner or later, she’s going to complain that her Aquarian man is aloof and detached—or downright cruel and sadistic. (It amounts to the same thing to Aries. In her eyes, aloof is a synonym for cruel, detached a synonym for sadistic.) It’s simply his admirable, yet admittedly annoying, breadth of vision that isolates him from the petty, personal emotions of individuals, while he’s promoting the high ideals of brotherhood and sisterhood. An Aquarian is more interested in a permanent cure for the common cold than in handing you a Kleenex when you’re sneezing. He’s more concerned about the medical problems of geriatrics and aging than in helping individual little old ladies across the street. Uranus keeps his heart and mind directed toward the alleviation of all unhappiness and evil in the world on some bright tomorrow. There’s not much sympathy left over for the personal distress close to him today.

This man is basically good-natured and kind, make no mistake about that. And his aims are noble. However, when dealing with Water Bearers, you should always remember the French revolutionary, Robespierre (who had an Aquarian Ascendent). His moral principles and his plans for the regeneration of France were undoubtedly most sincere and idealistic. But he overlooked the fact that France was a country populated by human beings with feelings, and in his crusading zeal, he chopped off quite a few heads—literally.

The Aquarian tries to be optimistic and sympathetic to his friends in trouble.… and to the Aries female (who needs his broad shoulder to weep on after he’s hurt her). But his sympathy too often consists of rather vague generalities. With his broader Uranus vision, the Aquarian male instinctively understands the deeper significance of sorrow. He knows that only through suffering can the soul be perfected—and he hates to interfere with the workings of Fate. Who is he to throw a monkey wrench into Destiny’s plan? For all he knows, Destiny is a synonym for God. (You can see their synonym definitions also differ slightly.)

All right, so he can be kind and gentle, tender, sweet and funny, when it suits him. But he’s still cold and heartless when he’s seen through the sentimental eyes of the more sensitive, open-hearted Aries woman. The difference in their natures may be occasionally adjusted through compromise, but never completely overcome.

He has hundreds, maybe even thousands, of friends. With a crowd like that, she is obviously not going to be wild about each one of them. (She’s not an Aquarian—he is.) The more time he spends with them—away from her—the more chances she’ll have to be jealous. Since jealousy is the Aries woman’s romantic Achilles’ heel, their relationship will have a better chance if she lets him bring his friends home than if she forces him to meet them out in the park, beside the squirrel cage. There’s nothing she can do to erase his thing about friendship. He’s a humanitarian. He enjoys people. She’ll simply have to face it.

The thing to do is forget about all his virtues—like vision, originality, foresight, friendliness, and humanitarianism—and concentrate on his vices. He has lots of those. (I know that sounds like strange advice, but we’re dealing with an Aquarian, which means that everything you’ve ever learned must be reversed, and read in a mirror backward.) It’s not his virtues then, but his vices that can keep them together. Let’s run over a few of them.

He’s unpredictable. She’ll have to admit that’s an exciting quality to Aries. It beckons to her Mars love of challenge. He’s also eccentric, weird, unconventional, and odd. Beautiful. If there’s anything this woman would find a real drag, it’s an uptight man stuck in a conservative groove. He hears strange music, and he follows a wild and distant drummer (all Rams adore parades). Oh, wow! Well, what do you know—a parade! If she’s a good girl, he’ll let her hold his hand and skip along beside him. As for the wild and distant drummer he follows, to Aries a drumbeat is a drumbeat. Who cares? Any kind of percussion makes her pulses pound, sends her heart into throbbing spasms of hope and glory-spangled banners of excitement.

Her pounding pulses may slow down a bit, however, when it comes to reaching sexual fulfillment with this man. In the beginning, the Aries female’s more direct, flaming Mars drive may whiz right over the head of her Aquarian lover. What happened to him? He was here just a minute ago. Oh, there he is. She’ll have to go back and pick him up. He’s still sitting there, scratching his left ear, and trying to analyze the first kiss. You mean there’s more? Well, that certainly is interesting.

He’s willing to be educated, and to let her teach him. Whether or not he ever graduates is another question altogether. No, she hasn’t stumbled upon a male virgin. It’s possible, of course, but the probable reason for his awe and wonder is that, to the typical Aquarian, each new experience of life is exactly like the first one—to be tasted, savored, then either treasured or discarded. His approach to romance is no different. Because the attraction of Aries and Aquarius is essentially one of emotional appeal and intellectual curiosity, their sexual mating may be unpredictable. It’s the same old problem again. His apparent detachment—and her impatience with anything short of instant gratification. Yet, if the Sun- Moon relationship between their horoscopes is harmonious (and often, even if it isn’t), there’s a good possibility that practice will make perfect between them in the physical expression of love. Her Arian aura of freshness and lack of guile—her basic honesty about sexual love—will strongly appeal to him and move him to an unaccustomed tenderness. But she’ll always have to retain the ideal image and innocence of the first seduction. For that matter, so will he.

A lot of their problems will be caused by the fact that she is Cardinal, therefore likes to lead—and he is Fixed, therefore refuses to follow. Also, they were both born under a masculine Sun Sign, and in addition, each is ruled by a masculine planet—both of them powerful, unpredictable planets. Mars and Uranus are not marshmallows. They are equally explosive and forceful, like the lovers or mates they rule, and whose actions they guide. Some of the edges can be smoothed away from these rough spots by the 3-11 vibration of easy friendship and communication between them. And there are other ways astrology can lead the way to happiness for the female Ram and her Water Bearer (also for the Water Bearer and his female Ram—since the masculine charisma of ownership and possession works both ways with these two).

Esoteric free-thought association, for all of its mystical quality, can be helpful in a surprisingly practical way. They should try meditating together on the deeper layers of the meaning of their 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern. In astrology, it’s called a sextile relationship. When you think of the word sextile, a picture arises of snowflakes and stars, since the astrological symbol for the sextile resembles both. It looks like this: and what could be a lovelier image than snowflakes and stars?

A snowflake is totally unique and original in its design—and so is the Aquarian man. No two snowflakes are alike, and this man also … is like no other on Earth. As for stars, they’re the glittering diamonds in the sky children wish on (and all those who believe) which should remind him of her. For the Aries woman’s heart will ever be the heart of a child, believing in magic and miracles … spring and sunrise, as naive and trusting … as excited by every new wonder and thrill of discovery … as open and friendly as a child … and every bit as vulnerable, beneath all her surface bravado and outward independence.

They’ll be surprised how this small exercise in meditation will lift them back to joy and laughter from the shadows of fear and rejection, jealousy and anger. If everytime she sees a snowflake, she thinks of his uniqueness … and everytime he sees a star, he thinks of her childlike innocence of intent … the tension between them will melt into understanding, as a snowflake melts … and sparkle with new promise, as a star shines.

Snowflakes and stars can be a magic mantra for all 3-11 influenced lovers, but especially for this man and woman. Falling snowflakes and shooting stars can be the private love code between them.

Sometimes, these two Sun Signs remind you of the ancient fable, slightly distorted. A magic purple leprechaun comes along to grant the Aries woman and her Aquarian man three wishes. In typical daffy, Uranian fashion, he wishes for a blueberry pudding. Instead of leaving well enough alone and asking for her own heart’s desire, the Ram is so insulted and angered by her lover’s flippant wish that she blurts out: I wish you had that silly pudding stuck on your nose! And so naturally they have to sacrifice their third and last wish to get the pudding off his face.

It’s sad, when two people who love each other have used up all their wishes. Still, something may be left of yesterday to use as a bridge into tomorrow. What about all those crazy dreams, and … wait! Listen! Isn’t that the crash of a wild, off-beat drum in the distance? It is. They both heard it. Never mind the quarrel. He grabs her hand tightly, and off they go to catch up with the parade together (with the Ram in the lead, of course). Now, if she can only keep him from flirting with the lady elephants … and he can only keep her from weeping over the clowns.

Well, what do you know? It’s snowing! And the stars have come out.

Aries Man and Aquarius Woman

He frowned. I am back, he said hotly. Why do you not cheer?

It is April 9th, 1971, the day (though not the year) of his birth, and he has just sent his mother a telegram of congratulations. Now the Ram is in a hurry to rush into the arms of the Aquarian woman he loves. He comes bursting through the door, grabs her enthusiastically, plants a passionate kiss on her cheek, and says something like, I have a wonderful idea about how to celebrate my birthday tonight. We’ll go down to the Village and have dinner in that little Italian place where we first met, then catch the classic film, Love Story with Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal.

The Aquarian woman stares dreamily at a spot somewhere past his left shoulder, and murmurs, I wonder how that shoe-polish stain got up there on the ceiling? Maybe I could paint some flowers and peace symbols to cover it. Far out. A ceiling mural, just like the Sistine Chapel.….

Aries: What does that have to do with my birthday?
Aquarius: I’m sorry, darling. I could have sworn Michelangelo was born in Italy.… maybe it was France. .…

You see, the only word she picked up in his exuberant speech was Italian. Any competent astrologer could tell you there will be trouble in River City tonight. (If I seem to be mixing up my geography, never mind, the Aquarians reading it will understand.) It’s a mistake, however, to think a Water Bearer isn’t always acutely aware, just because she seems vague and aloof. Actually, she didn’t miss a thing. For proof: Back to River City.…

Aquarius: What’s wrong, honey? You seem upset.
Aries: I’m not upset. I’m mad.
Aquarius: She has a Taurus Ascendent.
Aries: Who has what?
Aquarius: Ali MacGraw. She’s an Aries like you, but she has a Taurus Ascendent. I’ve been crying since I read the first sentence.
Aries: Now you’ve lost me. You’ve completely lost me.
Aquarius: What can you say about a twenty-one-year-old girl who died?
Aries: You’re thinking of suicide? Baby, I’m not that mad—honest!
Aquarius: That’s the first sentence in the book. I can’t wait to see the film—and that crazy little Italian waiter with the curly hair and moustache who guessed we were in love—so he brought candles and flowers and wine to the table … and, oh—that reminds me! I want to give you a bottle of the same kind of wine we drank that night for your birthday. I’ll have to make a note, so I won’t forget. It’s next month isn’t it? Why are you looking at me like that? Was it last month?

Well, she may miss a few things …

There’s a curious air of absentminded detachment about an Aquarian woman. Some people interpret it as daydreaming. Grandma would have called it woolgathering. A Ram will call it an unforgivable outrage. To an Aries male, who was, remember, born under a Cardinal Sign, the cardinal sin is to ignore him. She isn’t exactly ignoring him. Then again, she is. But no more than she ignores anything that would chain her down to specifics, when she’s concentrating on something not even remotely connected with the happening in front of her.

The average Aries man falls in love impetuously and fully, and he demands an immediate response. If he doesn’t get it in a short time—a very short time—his built-in defense mechanism against being hurt takes over, and he tells himself, Who needs her? He does, perhaps, very much, but Aries is not a sign to risk unrequited love if he can help it. It’s never as easy for an Aquarian female to be certain she’s in love, even when she’s deeply interested in a man. It’s because of her Uranus friendship curse—or blessing. (It can be either, by turns, depending.) She finds something utterly fascinating and compelling about nearly every stranger she comes across, let alone everyone she knows. How does she tell the difference between such fascination and love? This woman honestly has a problem figuring out the answer to the question of Is it love or friendship? The one thing she knows for certain is that love must begin with friendship. Not for her the physical chemistry alone that consumes some couples and causes them to wrongly believe they’re made for each other. The anatomical differences between male and female never constitute, to this lady, sufficient reason to become emotionally involved. Her essence is Air, she was born under a mental sign—and she must be intellectually attracted to a man before the contemplation of either sex or romance makes a bit of sense to her. Not that she isn’t capable of chalking up an occasional mistake. She is not, after all, Prudence Purity. But she makes fewer errors of judgment than her Sun Sign sisters who are seeking only a sense of physical belonging with a man.

She’s seeking something else. Just what it is, she’s not quite certain—but it’s definitely something else. Once she’s found it, she’ll become intensely interested in the body-buddy game, but before that, she’s not about to be seduced by the ordinary player who’s merely looking for some sensual pleasure. Nor is she easily overwhelmed by the Aries man’s insistent declarations of idealistic love, based on impulsive emotion alone. But there’s nothing bashful about her, and once she believes it would be mentally exciting, intriguing, and worthwhile to become more intimate with the Ram who attracts her, she won’t concern herself with coquettish tricks to keep him guessing. She’s more likely to announce, suddenly and unexpectedly, when he’s least prepared for such a lightning bolt, I think I love you. Why don’t you spend the night? or perhaps, Why don’t we live together?

It will shock him for a moment. A brief moment. But since he’s as honest and straightforward as she is (they both despise hypocrisy and neither of them gives a dandelion what the neighbors think—they do what they jolly well please, adore flaunting convention and defying society’s silly rules), he’ll recover right away and accept her proposal. When such a suggestion comes from a man, it’s a proposition. Coming from a woman, it’s only a friendly proposal. Little niceties like that are among the benefits women have earned in their gains toward sexual equality.

Speaking of sexual equality, that brings us to perhaps the most important single, threatening aspect of a relationship between these two. She was born under a masculine Sun Sign, and her attitudes and actions are aggressively guided by the also-masculine planet Uranus. The Ram, too, was born under a masculine Sun Sign, his attitudes and actions likewise aggressively guided by the also-masculine planet, Mars. On top of that astrological standoff, she’s Fixed (stubborn) and he’s Cardinal (determined). It may sound pretty discouraging, like the game of childhood, where one person draws a line and dares the other to step over it—or like General Lee facing General Sherman, cannonball to cannonball. But it’s not all push-and-pull between these two. There’s also a good deal of give and take, principally because of the beneficent karmic influence of their 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern. It brings to their relationship all kinds of beautiful bonuses and boosters to happiness and harmony. The most beneficial of these is the friendship aspect of the 3-11 vibration, allowing the couples influenced by it to be friends, as well as lovers. You can see how this might solve a lot of the Ram’s problems regarding her Uranian friendship fetish. In addition, the influence creates the atmosphere for free and flowing communication between them—most of the time. They’ll find it easier than most couples to talk about their disagreements—to communicate their feelings to each other. They’ll both benefit more or less equally from this particular reward of their personal Sun Sign Pattern vibration, because she’s an Air Sign and all Air Signs do enjoy talking. He’s an Aries, and enjoys it even more. All these goodies somewhat dilute the negative effect of the Fixed versus Cardinal and double masculine standoff between them. Not that the latter can be completely ignored. It will still be necessary to cope with these matters to some degree, but a solution won’t be difficult, and certainly not impossible.

Once she’s decided their relationship is worthy of her whole involvement, the sexual compatibility between the Ram and the female Water Bearer (who is, by the way, regardless of being called a Water Bearer, not of the Water, but of the Air essence—only one of her many contradictions) contains the potential of being a rare and beautiful blending. But a potential must be encouraged to develop. She may be puzzled by the intensity of his desire and the overwhelming passion of his lovemaking. Still, it’s always a positive happening for an Aquarian woman to be puzzled by anything, for she is curious, and usually won’t rest until she’s solved any puzzle Life or Love presents to her. A word of caution to the Ram, however. She becomes quickly bored after she’s put the pieces together and satisfied her curiosity. So the best insurance that their physical Oneness will always hold its first fine rapture for them is for the Aries man to always treat their sexual union as something special, different, and unusual in some way. He should vary his approach to their intimacies from time to time. She doesn’t mind if the variations consist of a deep and silent physical togetherness after a quarrel, with the sudden fulfillment of love hunger becoming an eloquent apology between them without words … an unexpected time of the consummation of their erotic needs at odd hours during the day, instead of always being a bedtime ritual … if he decides to play classical music during their closeness, and turns up the stereo loud enough to make spoken endearments between them impossible (and also unnecessary, since music does have a soaring aphrodisiac effect) … whether they whisper and talk constantly during the physical expression of their love.… and he recites poetry to her or tells her funny stories about kangaroos … whether he’s tender and gentle or violent and feral … just so sex is never dull or boring—never a repetitious ritual. Her thirst for change is something he’ll have to realize.

She should realize that this man is wounded more deeply than he’ll ever show when her occasional sexual detachment leads him to believe she doesn’t really need him. She should never respond to his sexual overtures with anything but a sincere and all-consuming enthusiasm, always welcome his embraces with unmistakable joy and anticipation. Otherwise he could become temporarily impotent and unable to express his physical love for her, because of a never-admitted feeling of inadequacy, which she might not even notice, since sex, to her, like everything else, is only one facet of her varied existence. She may be happily tuning the engine of the car some Saturday morning or skipping through the woods picking a bunch of wildflowers during these cool periods, without the slightest notion of why he’s so morose and frustrated. She should warn herself to be more alert to his moods—forget the dwell/tachometer, drop her bouquet of Oxalis—and murmur in his ear that she needs to rest awhile (in his arms, of course), yet still not make it seem as if she’s the initiator of the lovemaking she’s suggesting. Keeping the Ram sexually contented and happy takes a lot of careful consideration, and this woman, while not deliberately or intentionally inconsiderate, can become absorbed in a multitude of manic activities and interests, while neglecting the one activity that’s important—their love.

Sometimes the Uranian experimental urges and unpredictable behavior of the Aquarian woman will seem to the Ram who truly loves her like a patchwork of erratic, changing moods and frustratingly brief spans of attention. He can’t seem to catch her.… like a butterfly or a lark. But if he doesn’t try to dominate her personality and allows her the freedom she needs to work out her individuality, all her myriad interests will one day integrate naturally into the whole of her fascinating self.

Sometimes, the driving ambition, endless energy, and profusion of dreams shooting forth like comets through the vibrant aura of the Aries man will seem to the Aquarian woman who truly loves him like living with a sack of fireworks, ready to explode at the touch of a match. She can’t seem to convince him to slow down to her complicated and intricate, but slower and more dreamy, approach to living. But if she never forgets to remember to make him know she loves him with all her heart when he stumbles and falls, just as much as she does the times when he’s elated by victory (maybe even more, because of his vulnerability), his emotions will gradually mature and his confidence will grow into a tall tree of stability. Then she’ll wish he was little-boy-impulsive again, because she’ll miss his spontaneity. She’s ruled by Uranus, the planet of change, you see. So she’ll perversely toss a match into his Mars sack of fireworks just to see if he’s still the man who first made her laugh when she was sad and weep when she was happy, by reminding her of her own springtime when everything was green and fresh and new. She won’t have to wonder long. The roman candles are still inflammable … the sparklers too. He was only pretending to be mature and stable. And in her crazy-daisy, upside-down Aquarian way, that will make her very, very happy. So happy, she’ll surprise him with a bottle of the wine they used to drink a toast each other that night in the Village … for his birthday. (It will be August, and his birthday is in April, but no matter. He won’t care.) Then she’ll turn up the volume on the stereo. Warsaw Concerto. Maybe Rhapsody in Blue. Or Beethoven’s Fifth.

An Aquarian Cassandra weaves a spell of druidic enchantment and marvelous madness from which an Aries man will never escape. Later, when they’re both resting (which was his idea alone), he’ll stare at the ceiling, and say, You know, darling, the mural you painted to cover the splash of shoe polish reminds me of a painting by Michelangelo.

Oh, wow! she’ll exclaim, delighted. How did you know I wanted to go to Italy in the autumn? How did he know? Easy. He finally mastered the high-frequency modulation and tuned in to her Uranus channel. Besides, he’s always wanted to see the Sistine Chapel himself. Maybe they can go there to celebrate her birthday, he’ll tell her—in October. She’ll grin, and say that’s a lovely idea. She’s always wondered what it would be like to be a Libra woman. He’ll tell her he thinks it would be great, because, as a Leo, he’s always wanted to have an affair with a Libran. Then they’ll have a pillow fight. She’ll win. Feathers everywhere. He won’t mind losing. Yes, they’ve finally tuned in.

Aries Pisces
Fire—Cardinal—Positive Water—Mutable—Negative
Ruled by Mars Ruled by Neptune
Symbol: The Ram Symbols: The Fish & Whale
Day Forces—Masculine Night Forces—Feminine