Zodiac Compatibility

Aries Compatibility

aries and aries aries and taurus aries and gemini aries and canceraries and leo aries and virgo aries and libra aries and scorpioaries and sagittarius aries and capricorn aries and aquarius aries and pisces

Taurus Compatibility

aries and taurus taurus and taurus taurus and gemini taurus and cancer taurus and leo taurus and virgo taurus and libra taurus and scorpio taurus and sagittarius taurus and capricorn taurus and aquarius taurus and pisces

Gemini Compatibility

Gemini and Aries Gemini and Taurus Gemini and Gemini Gemini and Cancer Gemini and Leo Gemini and Virgo Gemini and Libra Gemini and Scorpio Gemini and Sagittarius Gemini and Capricorn Gemini and Aquarius Gemini and Pisces

Cancer Compatibility

Cancer and Aries Cancer and Taurus Cancer and Gemini Cancer and Cancer and Cancer and Leo Cancer and Virgo Cancer and Libra Cancer and Scorpio Cancer and Sagittarius Cancer and Capricorn Cancer and Aquarius Cancer and Pisces

Leo Compatibility

Leo and aries Leo and Taurus Leo and Gemini Leo and Cancer Leo and Leo Leo and Virgo Leo and Libra Leo and Scorpio Leo and Sagittarius Leo and Capricorn Leo and Aquarius Leo and Pisces

Virgo Compatibility

Virgo and Aries Virgo and Taurus Virgo and Gemini Virgo and Cancer Virgo and Leo Virgo and Virgo Virgo and Libra Virgo and Scorpio Virgo and Sagittarius Virgo and Capricorn Virgo and Aquarius Virgo and Pisces

Libra Compatibility

Libra and Aries Libra and Taurus Libra and Gemini Libra and Cancer Libra and Leo Libra and Virgo Libra and Libra Libra and Scorpio Libra and Sagittarius Libra and Capricorn Libra and Aquarius Libra and Pisces

Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio and Aries Scorpio and Taurus Scorpio and Gemini Scorpio and Cancer Scorpio and Virgo Scorpio and Leo Scorpio and Libra Scorpio and Scorpio Scorpio and Sagittarius Scorpio and Capricorn Scorpio and Aquarius Scorpio and Pisces

Sagittarius Compatibility

Sagittarius and Aries Sagittarius and Taurus Sagittarius and Gemini Sagittarius and Cancer Sagittarius and Leo Sagittarius and Virgo Sagittarius and Libra Sagittarius and Scorpop Sagittarius And Sagittarius Sagittarius And Capricorn Sagittarius And Aquarius Sagittarius And Pisces

Capricorn Compatibility

Capricorn and Aries Capricorn and Taurus Capricorn and Gemini Capricorn and Cancer Capricorn and Leo Capricorn and Virgo Capricorn and Libra Capricorn and Scorpio Capricorn and sagittarius Capricorn And Capricorn Capricorn And Aquarius Capricorn And Pisces

Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius and Aries Aquarius and Taurus Aquarius and Gemini Aquarius and Cancer Aquarius and Leo Aquarius and Virgo Aquarius and Libra Aquarius and Scorpio Aquarius and sagittarius Aquarius And Aquarius Aquarius And Aquarius Aquarius And Pisces

Pisces Compatibility

Pisces and Aries Pisces and Taurus Pisces and Gemini Pisces and CancerPisces and Leo Pisces and Virgo Pisces and Libra Pisces and Scorpio Pisces and Sagittarius Pisces and Capricorn Pisces and Aquarius Pisces and Pisces

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