Virgo Yearly Horoscope Trends

Love is the main headline this year for you, Virgo. The love and social life is going to be very active and happy. Singles are likely to be involved in a serious relationship or even marriage. Those already in a relationship are meeting new people and having more romance within the relationship. The importance of love – of relationship – is seen in other ways too. All the long-term planets are in the Western, social sector of your chart this year. And, while the Eastern sector of self will gain strength at different times of the year, it will never dominate the West. So the year ahead is about others – relationship. More on this later.

Saturn has been in your 6th house since last year and he will be there in the year ahead. This shows someone who enjoys dealing with health and health issues (you’re even more Virgo than usual) and someone who explores the healing power of joy. More on this later on.

Jupiter will enter your 8th house of regeneration on May 11 and stays there until October 29. Then he will return to the 8th house on December 21 and be there for the rest of the year and well into next year. This shows a sexually active kind of period. Whatever your age or stage in life, libido is stronger than usual. It also shows some dramas with the family and family members. More on this later.

Uranus has been in your 9th house for some years now, and will remain there for many more to come. This is bringing important changes to your religious, philosophical and theological beliefs. They are being challenged by science. Some of your beliefs will get modified and some will get discarded. This is very important, for your personal philosophy – your personal metaphysics – determines how you live your life. It has profound consequences. College-level students can be changing schools and educational plans.

Your most important interests this year are children, fun and personal creativity; health and work; love and romance; sex, personal transformation and occult studies (from May 11 to October 29 and from December 21 onwards); religion, philosophy, theology, higher education and foreign travel; and career (from August 20).

Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year are love and romance (until May 11 and from October 29 to December 21); sex, personal transformation and occult studies (from May 11 to October 29 and from December 21 onwards); and religion, philosophy, theology, higher education and foreign travel.


(Please note that this is an astrological perspective on health and not a medical one. In days of yore there was no difference, both these perspectives were identical. But these days there could be quite a difference. For a medical perspective, please consult your doctor or health practitioner.)

Health needs some attention until May 11 and from October 29 to December 21. You will have two long-term planets in stressful alignment with you. The good news is that you are on the case, and not just because you’re Virgo – who has a natural passion for health – but also because your 6th house of health is very strong. So I feel health will be good overall. You’re paying attention. You’re doing the right things and not taking things for granted.

You will see a big improvement in health and energy when Jupiter moves away from his stressful aspect with you when he moves into your 8th house (May 11 to October 29 and December 21 onwards). By the end of the year you’ll be healthier than you were at the beginning.

You can do much to enhance your health. Give more attention to the following – the vulnerable areas of your Horoscope this year (the reflex points are shown in the chart below):

A diagram of foot reflexology points for the year ahead

Important foot reflexology points for the year ahead

Try to massage all of the foot on a regular basis – the top of the foot as well as the bottom – but pay extra attention to the points highlighted on the chart. When you massage, be aware of ‘sore spots’ as these need special attention. It’s also a very good idea to massage the ankles and below them.

  • The heart. This is vulnerable until May 11 and from October 29 to December 21. The reflex point is shown above. Chest massage – especially of the breastbone and upper rib cage – helps the heart too. The important thing with the heart is to avoid worry and anxiety, the two emotions that stress it out. Cultivate faith rather than worry.
  • The spine, knees, teeth, bones and overall skeletal alignment have become important areas since last year, and are still important in the year ahead. Regular back and knee massage will be wonderful. Regular visits to a chiropractor or osteopath will also be good. You need to keep the vertebrae in right alignment. Make sure you have enough calcium for the bones, and if you’re out in the sun use a good sunscreen. Regular visits to the dental hygienist are a good idea too.
  • The ankles and calves are always important for Virgo, and both areas should be massaged regularly. Give the ankles more support when exercising. A weak ankle can knock the spine and skeleton out of alignment and this will cause all kinds of other problems.
  • The neck and throat. These have only become important in recent years, when your health planet moved into Taurus. The reflexes are shown above. Regular neck and throat massage will be very beneficial. Tension tends to collect in the neck and needs to be released. You might find craniosacral therapy helpful here too.

Saturn, the ruler of your creative 5th house, is in your 6th house of health, signalling the importance of staying happy and creative. A creative hobby will not only be fun, but therapeutic as well. Avoid depression like the plague. A simple rule for good health – stay happy. This transit would also indicate that you might be more involved with the health of children and children figures than you are with your own health. Do your best to keep relations with children positive.

Home and Family

Your 4th house of home and family is not a house of power this year. Not prominent. In addition, most of the long-term planets are in the upper half of your Horoscope – the day side. Thus, home and family are not a big issue this year. The year ahead is more about love and outer achievement. If you are in love or achieving your outer goals you feel ‘emotionally well’. It also shows that you serve your family (or those who are like family to you) through outer success. Being a good provider, being successful in your career and job will help the family more than the more mundane kinds of things.

You seem distant with the family this year. Since you are socializing more with them, I read this more as psychological distance rather than physical. Two people can occupy the same physical space and be in two totally different worlds psychologically and spiritually.

The year ahead will be a stable one. A move is not likely. The spouse, partner or current love seems unusually fertile this year.

If you’re planning a major renovation or construction project in the home, January 1–25 would be a good time. But the year ahead seems more about beautifying the home – redecorating it. It’s about making the home a thing of beauty. This will go on all year. The home is becoming a social centre as much as a home. Those of you in the creative arts will draw inspiration from the home – the physical surroundings – and from family members.

Renovations could also happen after May 11 and next year.

Beautifying the home is a long-term project and can happen until May 11 and from October 29 to December 21, but during this period November 16 to December 21 is especially good.

A parent or parent figure, if she is of childbearing age, seems fertile this year. Children seem very important and on her mind. Another parent figure is having a good financial year. He or she could be doing important home renovations this year – but an actual move is not likely.

Siblings and sibling figures in your life shouldn’t move. They could feel cramped in their present space, but it would be more useful to make better use of the space than to move. Children or children figures are likely to move this year – after May 11. However, this move could happen next year too. They are also more fertile this year (and next year too).

Grandchildren, if you have them, are restless and moving around a lot. They might not formally move but could be in different places for long periods of time. They seem difficult to handle as they want freedom and independence.

Finance and Career

Because your money house is not prominent, not a house of power, finance doesn’t seem a big deal. Only short-term planets will move though the house and their effect is short term. This, as regular readers know, tends to the status quo. It tends to a feeling of contentment with things as they are. There is no need to devote unusual focus on these things. (Love is much more important and more fun.)

However, if financial problems arise, it could be due to neglect – not paying enough attention. These problems will force you to focus more. While your personal finances are stable, it’s a different story for the spouse, partner or current love. He or she is having a banner financial year – especially from May 11 onwards (although there is a brief lull from October 29 to December 21). This prosperity will more than make up for your stable situation, and he or she is likely to be more generous with you.

When Jupiter moves into your 8th house on May 11, it will be a good time to pay off debt or to take loans on – depending on your need. It is important to be more tax efficient now as well. Good tax planning can add to your income. It is a good time for buying insurance, and if you are of appropriate age, for estate planning. Inheritance often happens under this transit, although no one needs to actually die. You can be named in someone’s will or be appointed to some administrative position in an estate. Those of you who deal with estates should have a good year.

If you have good business ideas, this is a good period to seek outside investors for your projects. They are out there. (Perhaps family members would invest or family connections.)

Saturn in your 6th house of health and work shows a fun kind of job. The job involves much work, but it seems enjoyable.

Career will become more important after August 20 when Mars moves into your 10th house of career and stays there for the rest of the year (and well into next year too). Mars in your 10th house shows much activity (and aggressiveness) in the career. You need to fight hard for your position or status (perhaps this is so for your company as well). Since Mars rules your 8th house of regeneration this would indicate that you are dealing with death and death issues this year. Perhaps bosses or a parent figure are having surgery or near-death kinds of experiences. This would create career transformation. Perhaps the government changes the rules and regulations for your industry or company. This would force important changes.

Mars, the ruler of your 8th house, in your career house, would show that your personal sex appeal is important, careerwise.

The planets that rule your finances and career – Venus and Mercury respectively – are both fast-moving planets that move through your entire chart in any given year. So there are many short-term financial and career trends that depend on where these planets are and the kinds of aspects they receive. These short-term trends are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Love and Social Life

This is where the real action is this year. Your 7th house of love is very powerful until May 11 (and from October 29 to December 21). Overall, it is the strongest house in your chart this year.

Neptune, the most spiritual of the planets, and ruler of your 7th house to boot, has been in your house of love for many years now. Jupiter moved in at the end of last year. So, as we mentioned, this is a happy love year. Singles are likely to be involved in a serious relationship. Marriage (or a relationship that is like marriage) is very likely. Not only that but it seems very happy. Love has been idealistic for many years now; it is even more idealistic this year. There is a strong spiritual connection with the beloved. Your relationship fosters the spiritual growth of both of you.

Spiritual compatibility in love has been important for many years. This year you also want someone with strong family values. You would want someone that the family would approve of – someone who would fit in.

Love seems to be found close to home this year, with no need to travel far and wide in search of it. As we mentioned earlier, you socialize more from home and with family members. A romantic evening at home is preferable to a night out on the town.

Romantic opportunities happen in spiritual types of settings – the yoga studio, the prayer meeting, the meditation lecture, or charity event. They happen as you involve yourself in altruistic kinds of activities.

Romantic opportunities also come from the family, family connections and those who are ‘like’ family to you. These people like playing Cupid and making introductions. They seem very involved in your love life (in a good way).

Jupiter rules your past – your memory body. So, this year, old flames from the past can come back into the picture. It may not be the actual person, but it can be someone who has the same patterns as the old flame. This can lead either to a rekindling of the old relationship or to the resolution of old issues – or both.

This is a year where you experience the heights of love and passion. Peak experiences.

Those working towards second marriages should probably not marry. There is love – probably multiple relationships – but marriage is not advisable. Enjoy love for what is without projecting too far into the future. The love life will be very exciting though. If you are in your second marriage, it is being tested. More work is needed to hold things together.

Those in or working towards a third marriage will have an active social life, but love is status quo this year. Those of you who are married will tend to stay married and singles will tend to stay single.


The year ahead will be sexually active as we have mentioned. The latter part of the year especially so. Not only will Jupiter be in your 8th house of regeneration, but your sex planet, Mars, will be prominent at the top of your chart. Good emotional intimacy, the sharing of feelings, will enhance the sexual experience all year. Emotional sex seems just as important as physical sex. However, after May 11 the physical side seems more important. It is will also be good to share ideas and have good communications. Good communication is an important part of foreplay – especially from August 20 onwards.

With Neptune in your 7th house for many years now, the Cosmos has been leading you to spiritual love. We have written of this in past reports, but the trend is still in effect. Even though you will have physical love this year – a physical partner or lover – this is part of the agenda. Yes, love will be happy. But still it is not up to your standards. It is not perfect. Your standards are ultra high, and this has been the case for many years. Even the best of humans cannot live up to them. Human love is, by definition, limited. Some people can love more than others, but always there is some limitation (the human condition and capacity). So it is good to remember that there is a power that loves you absolutely and perfectly. It is a wise kind of love – a love that understands your destiny and purpose. It is always there whether you are in a relationship or not. You feel the same. Being in a physical relationship brings certain pleasures; not being in a relationship brings other pleasures. With spiritual love, it is all the same. You are loved in every place and time. It is good to retreat to this love when you feel disappointments.

This love will always supply every need in love – and often the true need is not what you think. This supply will be seen later on.

Uranus, as we mentioned, is creating long-term change – sudden and dramatic – in your religious, philosophical and theological ideas. This is sometimes uncomfortable. Uranus will often challenge the core beliefs by which we govern our lives. These are the beliefs which give meaning to our lives, so this is very important. You are in a period of great philosophical and theological experimentation. Little by little you will find the system that works for you. There’s nothing wrong with you if you feel drawn to foreign religions, or ancient ones that have long ago been discarded. You will find elements of truth there and perceive some of the errors as well. It is as if each system, ancient and modern, grasped some aspect of truth but ignored others. You will, through these processes, formulate your own system – one that works for you.