The Virgo Child Personality Traits

But four young oysters hurried up, All eager for the treat: Their coats -were brushed, their faces washed, Their shoes were clean and neatAs he tries to imitate the sounds he hears in the nursery, the tiny Virgo infant carries the seed of a seldom-mentioned Virginian talent for acting. The ability to mimic manifests itself almost from birth. The Virgo baby is alert and quick, yet at the same time more peaceful and tranquil than other infants, a contradiction which foreshadows a future personality that will soothe and irritate by turn.

Don’t try to feed your little Virgo applesauce when he wants peaches or you may be in for a long siege. You’ll end up with applesauce all over the high chair, but baby won’t end up with a speck of it in his stomach if he doesn’t like it, though he’ll smile charmingly as he firmly turns his head away. He may surprise you by preferring spinach to ice cream. Virgo’s meticulous selectivity about food show nurses early.

Aside from being fussy eaters and an occasional spell of fretful indigestion, raising a Virgo youngster is a pleasant experience, with little conflict and few tantrums. Even when they’re very small, these children are inclined to be neat and put away their toys cheerfully. Your Virgo youngster may be bashful and quiet in company or crowds, but around family and friends the cat certainly won’t get his tongue. He’ll probably talk early and fluently, except in front of strangers. A Virgo child is seldom troublesome, and he’s a wonderful companion as mother does her housework. He’ll happily imitate whatever she is doing and he’ll usually mind the first time he’s told, with little scolding necessary.

In school, Virgos are apt to be teacher’s pets, simply because they’re the easiest boys and girls to discipline and the ones who study their lessons carefully. It’s a delight to instruct the typical, bright Virgo child with gentle manners. Criticism, however, should be used sparingly. Too much stress on mistakes will cause him to worry unduly, sometimes to the point of actual illness.

A lecture in front of the class will be painfully mortifying, and it may smother the desire to leam for a long period. Virgo youngsters need to be told only once, quietly, if an error has been made. They’ll be just as concerned as the teacher with correcting it, perhaps more so.

Often the mundane chores, disliked by the rest of the class, will be accepted as important responsibilities by Virgo children. They’re efficient, dependable little people, with a serious, but friendly, pleasant disposition, though they’re sensitive enough to become cranky if teased by more extro-verted classmates. The Virgo child is markedly adaptable, probably just as adept at painting scenery as he’ is at editing the school paper. It wouldn’t hurt to suggest that the Virgo youngster try out for dramatics. He won’t seek the spotlight, but he might show a surprising ability to interpret characters with convincing reality, if he can overcome his stage fright.

Virgo’s honesty and careful attention to details make him a favorite choice to grade papers when the teacher needs help. As a class monitor, he’ll be ethical and alert. But there are occasions when the teacher can get a red face when she’s made an erroneous statement (teachers being only human) and the normally shy, quiet little Virgo raises his hand to point out the mistake in no uncertain terms. Virgo students want to know the whys and the facts. They’ll rarely question authority, but they will question knowledge in books unless they know what’s behind it. The printed word often isn’t enough for the inquisitive, painstaking Virgo mind. These children need plenty of educational toys, and when they’re very young they should be read to as much as possible. They’ll become most unhappy misfits as adults if they haven’t received a full education. To know less than others turns Virgos into irritable introverts who are painfully embarrassed by their inadequacies.

It’s best to ignore the Virgo teenager when he or she begins to notice the opposite sex. Teasing a girl about her first boy friend can give her a permanent emotional scar, and probing into a boy’s dates can head him toward bachelorhood. Virgos don’t easily accept close relationships leading to marriage, and the path should be made as smooth as possible.

You’ll have to supply your Virgo child’s emotional needs with signs of physical affection. He’ll never show you how deeply he desires this kind of love, but the lack of it will strongly affect his future relationships. Even very pretty and very smart little girls-and very handsome, clever little boys have to be convinced they’re interesting. It’s hard for them to believe that their modest unassuming ways are as attractive as the more aggressive personalities of their friends. The Virgo ego can stand lots of encouragement without becoming excessive, so don’t be stingy with bear hugs, kisses, sincere compliments and pats on the back. Your Virgo child needs large, daily doses of such emotional vitamins, along with his cod liver oil.

He’ll have many exact habits, and hell complain if his belongings are moved or his privacy invaded. He does certain things at certain times, and if his personal schedule is upset, he will be, too. It may be dangerous to ask him for a frank opinion; otherwise, he’ll usually be refreshingly polite to company. This child will criticize every member of the family, sometimes with amusing, but cutting imitations of their faults. He’ll probably ask for his own room early and be fussy about your cooking. No lumps in the mashed potatoes, please, and not so much seasoning in the stuffing. But he’ll show an excellent sense of responsibility before most other children have learned the alphabet. He’ll be sympathetic with Mother’s headaches and Daddy’s financial problems. You can expect him to try sincerely to make good grades at school, willingly help around the house and manage his allowance carefully.

Although he’s far from a model of perfection, and you’ll feel like shaking him <vhen he makes you take the beans out of the chili, or refuses to wear the shirt you just ironed because it has two small wrinkles-most of the time, a Virgo child is a joy to have around the house.

These children should have a kitten or a bird, so they can learn the lessons of love quietly and unobtrusively, by caring for the helpless. Don’t buy him a St. Bernard or a police dog. If he’s a typical Virgmian youngster, he’ll prefer a smaller pet. He’ll be fascinated by one of those ant villages. Watching the tiny ants industriously going about their business at close range should really intrigue his curious, practical little mind.

Listen to him when he talks. He has a wisdom beyond his years. You can afford to keep nagging at a minimum, because he’ll try very hard to please you if he knows exactly what you expect of him. Remember that his imagination needs plenty of boosting and lots of room to grow, or it can easily become stifled. You need never worry about spoiling him or giving him too many illusions. The Virgo child is made of sterner stuff than that.

Give him all the lovely dreams you can crowd into his heart. Such bright moments of fantasy will guarantee him a much-needed emotional balance when he grows up. Be very sure he has a secret star to wish on. Memories of magical daydreams will keep him from being lonely in the years to come, and there will be many occasions for future loneliness. Unlike other children, the young Virgo may not be very fond of fairy stories and make-believe. He’s a true little realist. Perhaps that’s why he needs them most of all.

The Virgo Child Personality Traits