Taurus Yearly Horoscope Trends

Saturn is still in adverse aspect to you this year, so energy levels will need to be watched. Happily, he is the only long-term planet in stressful alignment to you, so health should be good. More on this later.

You’ve been in a strong career cycle for many years now and it is still going on, although this year you need to work harder to achieve your goals. Saturn in your 10th house of career suggests that you need to succeed by actually being the best at what you do. Social contacts and cronyism can open doors for you, but in the end you have to produce the goods. More details later.

Uranus has been in your sign for a number of years now, and he will be there for another few to come. So, you are experiencing many – and sudden – dramatic personal changes. You’re changing your self-concept, your image, the way that you want others to see you. This has been going on for some years and continues in the year ahead. A lot of these changes have to do with your career and outer ambitions; these changes are forcing you to alter your image.

Learning to make friends with change is perhaps the major life lesson these days. It’s not always comfortable, but in the end it is good.

Pluto has been in your 9th house for many, many years, and he’ll remain there in the year ahead. But he is now getting ready to leave. Thanks to Pluto you have been experiencing a complete transformation of your religious and philosophical beliefs (this was his purpose), and now have healthier belief systems.

Pluto is also your love planet, so many of the trends in love that we’ve written about over the past years are still in effect. You seem cautious about love. Conservative. You favour settled kinds of people – perhaps older people. This will change next year, and there’s more on this later.

Jupiter will spend approximately half the year in your 11th house and half the year in your 12th house. So, at the beginning of the year you are making new friends, buying high-tech equipment and getting more involved with social media. These new friends seem very spiritual and seem to play a big role in your spiritual life.

On May 11 Jupiter will move into your 12th house and this will energize the spiritual life. There will be spiritual breakthroughs and many spiritual – supernatural – experiences. You will learn, as Thoreau said, ‘that there is more to me than what’s beneath my hat’.

Your most important interests this year will be the body, image and personal appearance; religion, philosophy, higher education and foreign travel; career; friends, groups, group activities and technology; spirituality (from May 11 to October 29 and from December 21 onwards); and finance (from August 20th onwards).

Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year will be the body, image and personal appearance; friends, groups and group activities (until May 11 and from October 29 to December 21); and spirituality (from May 11 to October 29 and from December 21 onwards).


(Please note that this is an astrological perspective on health and not a medical one. In days of yore there was no difference, both these perspectives were identical. But these days there could be quite a difference. For a medical perspective, please consult your doctor or health practitioner.)

Health, as we mentioned above, will be good. Only Saturn is in stressful alignment with you this year. Of course, short-term planets will sometimes make stressful aspects, but these are not trends for the year but only short-term blips. When these short-term stresses move away, health and energy return.

Good though your health is you can make it better. Give more attention to the following – the vulnerable areas of your Horoscope this year (the reflex points are shown in the chart below):

A diagram of foot reflexology points for the year ahead

Important foot reflexology points for the year ahead

Try to massage all of the foot on a regular basis – the top of the foot as well as the bottom – but pay extra attention to the points highlighted on the chart. When you massage, be aware of ‘sore spots’ as these need special attention. It’s also a good idea to massage the ankles and below them.

  • The heart only became an important area last year, when Saturn moved into stressful alignment with you, and the reflex point is shown above. Chest massage – especially of the breastbone and upper rib cage – is also beneficial. The important thing with the heart, according to many spiritual healers, is to avoid worry and anxiety, the two emotions that stress it out. Replace worry with faith. Meditation will be a big help here.
  • The neck and throat. These areas are always important for Taurus. Regular neck massage will be wonderful and should be part of your normal health regime. Tension tends to collect there and needs to be released. Craniosacral therapy is excellent for the neck, as are chiropractic and yoga.
  • The kidneys and hips. These too are always important for Taurus, and the reflex points are shown above. Regular hip massage will be very beneficial. This will not only strengthen the kidneys but the lower back as well (an added benefit).

Since Venus, the planet of love, is your health planet, good health for you means good social health – healthy friendships and a healthy marriage and love life. Problems here could impact on your feeling of wellness. So if, God forbid, problems arise, restore harmony here as quickly as possible.

Good health for you also means ‘looking good’. There is a vanity component to health. So if you feel under the weather, buy a new outfit or some accessory, or get your hair or nails done. Do something that improves your image. You will feel much better.

The other message of the Horoscope is that good health will do more for your personal appearance than hosts of lotions and potions. The state of your health impacts dramatically on your personal appearance (although this is not so for everyone). So, stay healthy and you’ll look good.

Venus, your health planet, is also the ruler of your Horoscope. This of itself is a positive health signal. It shows its importance in your life and that you give it attention. Venus is a fast-moving planet, and during the year she will move through your entire Horoscope. So, there are many short-term health trends depending on where Venus is and the kinds of aspects she receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Venus will make one of her rare retrogrades at the beginning of the year, from January 1 to January 28. This is not a time for surgery, tests or procedures if they can be avoided; the chances of error or misdiagnosis increase. This is also not a period to make important changes to the diet or health regime.

Home and Family

Your 4th house of home and family is not prominent this year, it is not a house of power. This, as our regular readers know, tends to the status quo. The year ahead will pretty much be like last year. It shows a sense of contentment with things as they are and that you have no need to make major changes.

Add to this that the upper, day side of your Horoscope is much stronger than the night side. Thus, the focus is more on the career and outer objectives than on the domestic life and family. Though the night side of your chart will get stronger as the year progresses, it will never dominate. With the exception of Uranus, only short-term planets will move through the night side of the chart. The same holds true for your 4th house. Some years are like that. The Cosmos aims for a balanced development. Different qualities and interests take priority in given years. This is a much stronger career and spiritual year than a family year.

Sure, there will be a few dramas here. There are two solar eclipses this year, and since the Sun is your family planet, these are sure to bring some family dramas or disruption in the home. But you go through these things twice a year and by now know how to deal with them.

Mars, the planet that rules construction and major repairs and renovations, won’t enter your 4th house this year. So, if you’re planning these things it’s probably better to wait till next year.

If you’re redecorating on a cosmetic level – painting or wallpapering – or buying objects of beauty for the home, August 12 to September 5 should be a good time for this.

One of the parents or parent figures in your life has been restless for many years now. There could have been multiple moves – and this trend continues in the year ahead. Sometimes they don’t literally move, but they stay in different places for long periods of time.

Children and children figures in your life are having a stable home and family year, but the love life seems very active and happy. If they are of appropriate age marriage could happen. If they are younger, they are making many new friends – significant ones. They might not move this year, but they could be making renovations in the home.

Siblings and sibling figures are having a stable home and family year too. Those of appropriate age have had their marriages or relationships severely tested in past years (2018 and 2019 especially), but things look easier in the year ahead.

Finance and Career

The financial acumen of Taurus is legendary. They are naturals when it comes to business and making money. They love the whole thing. It is rare to find a Taurus really in a state of lack or poverty. They will often complain about finance – but if you listen to the complaints you can see that they are not poor. You will often hear them say, ‘Oh my God, I’m in a real crisis! I’m down to my last million!’ Or, ‘Last year was terrible financially, my company’s profits were down to 10 million. The year before we made 15 million!’ So, Taurus is always interested in finance. But this year less so than usual. Career – status and position – seem more important than mere money. I read this as basically a good thing. It tends to the status quo. It shows a sense of contentment. There is no need to make major changes or to focus on it unduly.

Your money house is pretty much empty this year. It is only later in year, from August 20 onwards, that a planet energizes this house. Mars will spend an unusual amount of time in your money house. Generally, he stays in a sign and house for a month and a half, but this year he will be in your 2nd house for over four months. So this is when the focus sharpens.

Mars camping out in your money house indicates many things. It shows activism. It can make you more risk taking (generally Taurus is not a risk taker). It can lead to quick financial decisions – also very un-Taurus-like. When your intuition is on, these decisions and risks will work out. But if your intuition is off, there can be setbacks because of this. The good news is that your intuition is likely to be on target. Mars is the ruler of your 12th house of spirituality, so you will be relying more on intuition. In fact, your intuition will be trained in financial matters. You will be more charitable during this period. And your involvement in charities and causes – altruistic activities – will enhance the bottom line.

Fast-moving Mercury is your financial planet. During the course of the year he will move through your entire Horoscope – all the signs and houses. Thus, there are many short-term trends in finance that are best discussed in the monthly reports.

Career is the real headline this year. You seem very successful. Your status and position will be very much enhanced. But – and this is a big but – you will earn every bit of it. Saturn in your career 10th house shows this. You succeed because you are the best at what you do. Perhaps bosses are over-demanding. But the proper strategy this year is to give them more than they ask for. There seems to be a lot of career-related travel too this year.

Your career planet, Uranus, has been in your 1st house for many years now and will be there for some more to come. This is a happy career signal. It shows the favour of bosses (even though they are demanding), parents and authority figures. Happy career opportunities come to you: you don’t need to run after them. You look and feel successful. You dress the part. People look up to you. They see you as successful.

Love and Social Life

Your 7th house of love is not prominent this year and is not a house of power. Also, almost all of the long-term planets are in the independent Eastern sector of your chart, the sector of self. So, this is not a very active romantic year. The focus is more on yourself and your personal interests.

With Uranus in your own house you are even more independent than usual. The spouse, partner or current love can see you as rebellious and self-willed – unwilling to cooperate. This can test existing relationships. Those involved with Taurus romantically need to give them a lot of space – as much as possible, so long as it isn’t destructive.

Uranus is not the only thing that is testing relationships this year. The four eclipses that happen this year all fall along your 1st and 7th house axis. Two of them – the lunar eclipse of May 16 and the solar eclipse of October 25 – occur in your 7th house of love. The other two eclipses – the solar eclipse of April 30 and the lunar eclipse of November 8 – occur in your partner’s 7th house of love. So love is being tested on both sides. This doesn’t necessarily mean a break-up. It only means that more work will be needed to hold things together.

Singles should probably not marry this year. They can date and have relationships, but marriage is not advisable. The love life seems too unstable.

This is another life lesson for you, Taurus. Generally, you don’t like change. You love your routines and the status quo. Learning to handle change – to even embrace it – is very important these days.

While romance is challenging, the area of friendships seems very happy. (The Cosmos always compensates. When one area is weak, another becomes strong. When it takes from one place it gives in another.) You are meeting new and significant people – spiritual people. Perhaps you’re involved with spiritual-type groups.

Parents and parent figures are also having their relationships tested this year. Siblings and sibling figures have had their relationships tested from 2018 to . Things are easier now. Children and children figures in your life have serious love in their lives and, if they are of appropriate age, marriage could happen. Grandchildren, if you have them, are having a stable love and social year.


The year ahead is going to be deeply spiritual, as we mentioned. Those already on a spiritual path will deepen it and make good progress. Those not yet on a path are likely to embark on one. Jupiter will move into your 12th house of spirituality on May 11 and spend approximately half the year here. The spiritual practice becomes enjoyable, and there is no jaw-clenching, tight-lipped sense of discipline. You look forward to your practice and this makes all the difference in the world.

This is a year where spirit will lead you to detox, and not just a physical detox, but mental and emotional detoxing as well. Jupiter is the ruler of your 8th house which governs these things. The main blockage to spiritual progress (and to the operation of the spiritual laws) is negative mental and emotional habits – negative thinking. These need to be rooted out. Sometimes these things have been indulged in for many, many years (even lifetimes), and often there is much support for such thinking from the world – the mass consciousness. So, rooting these things out is a big job. It doesn’t happen overnight. But if you do your bit day by day, you will see improvements day by day. Never mind that the ultimate goal is not yet attained. Never mind that it seems far away. Every day you get closer to it and that is what’s important. There are many methods of psychological detoxing. In my book A Technique for Meditation we give two workable ways.

This is a year where you learn that all the challenges in your life – the social, romantic and career challenges – are all necessary for your evolution. The same is true for all the sudden and dramatic personal changes and instability. They are guideposts on the path, orchestrated from above.

We mentioned earlier that your spiritual planet, Mars, will spend an unusual amount of time in your money house this year. This would be a good time to go deeper into the spiritual laws of affluence. Taurus as a rule tends to depend on material things that they can see and touch. They rely on their bank balances and investments. But spirit is not at all concerned with how much you have. It is about how much spirit has – and it has it all. When you operate the spiritual laws of affluence – of Divine Supply – you are working with the resources of the universe, not just your own. Spirit will enlarge and activate the ‘human capital’ – the ideas and skill sets, the insights – that create wealth. It will be a good idea to read as much as you can on the subject of Divine Supply (the works of Emmet Fox and Ernest Holmes are good places to start, but there is much other literature on the subject).