Taurus Monthly Horoscope


  • Best Days Overall: 2, 3, 11, 12, 21, 22, 29, 30
  • Most Stressful Days Overall: 4, 5, 18, 19, 25, 26, 31
  • Best Days for Love: 2, 3, 11, 12, 21, 22, 25, 26, 29, 30
  • Best Days for Money: 2, 3, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 23, 25
  • Best Days for Career: 2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 21, 22, 29, 30, 31

A good month, Taurus. First comes happiness, then comes success. Until the 20th your 9th house of travel and intellectual life is full of planets. An optimistic and expansive period. Health is good during that period too. Many of you will travel. College-level students should do well in their studies. If you are involved in legal issues they go well. There is a strong interest in religion, philosophy and theology this month. When the 9th house is this strong, people prefer a good theological discussion to a night out on the town.

Then comes success. On the 20th the Sun moves into your 10th house and you begin a yearly career peak. Usually when the career focus is this strong, one must balance family needs with the career. But this month there seems no problem with this. Family is supportive of the career – and actively involved. The family as a whole is elevated in status this month.

Health is good until the 20th and then needs more watching. The two planets involved in health – Mercury, the generic health planet, and Venus, your actual health planet – are both retrograde (Mercury is retrograde from the 14th; Venus from the 1st to the 29th), so this is not a good time for doing medical tests or procedures. The probabilities of error greatly increase. Reschedule these things for another time if you can (next month will be much better for this). In the meantime, enhance the health through back and knee massage. A visit to the chiropractor or osteopath might also be a good idea. Most importantly, make sure to get enough rest from the 20th onwards.

Marriage is not in the cards these days, but love seems happy. Your love planet Pluto is getting much positive stimulation.

Mercury’s retrograde from the 14th onwards complicates finances, but it doesn’t stop them. Try to make important purchases or investments before this date. After then, study the lie of the land more.

Mercury will be in your career house from the 2nd to the 27th. So earnings can come from pay rises and/or your good career reputation. Bosses and authority figures seem supportive of your financial goals.


  • Best Days Overall: 7, 8, 17, 18, 26, 27
  • Most Stressful Days Overall: 1, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28
  • Best Days for Love: 7, 8, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 27
  • Best Days for Money: 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 19, 20, 21, 22, 28
  • Best Days for Career: 1, 7, 8, 17, 18, 26, 27, 28

Mercury, your financial planet, moves forward again on the 4th, clearing up much financial doubt and improving the finances. He hovers between two signs this month – Capricorn and Aquarius. Your financial planet in Capricorn (until the 15th) brings sound financial judgement and an eye for what things will be worth many years from now. You take the long-term perspective on wealth. This transit favours slow, steady wealth building. On the 15th Mercury enters Aquarius (again), which is his strongest position. He is exalted in this sign. He is strongly positioned as well – at the top of the chart. This spells increased earning power. It shows more experimentation in financial matters and favours the go-go-go high-tech world. A good time to buy high-tech equipment or upgrade existing software. Seems like a good investment. Pay rises – official or unofficial – are likely.

Health still needs watching this month, but the planets involved with your health are now moving forward, so it is safer to have those tests or procedures done. Continue to rest and relax more. Back and knee massage, like last month, will enhance the health. You might be more experimental in financial matters, but in health matters you seem very conservative. You’re likely to gravitate to orthodox medicine.

Mars, your spiritual planet, has been ‘out of bounds’ since January 12. He is still ‘out of bounds’ until the 10th, indicating that in spiritual matters you are outside your usual orbit. When Venus travels with Mars on the 15th and 16th you benefit from spiritual-healing techniques.

You are still in a yearly career peak until the 18th so it is right and proper to continue to focus here. Like last month, family seems very involved and supportive. The family as a whole seems elevated.

Your 11th house of friends has been powerful for some months, and this month it becomes even more powerful as the Sun joins Jupiter and Neptune in this house. So, while romance seems stable this year, the area of friendships and group activities seems very active. You are meeting new and significant people; they seem spiritual, refined, creative types. With the 11th house so strong your interest in astrology is heightened. Many people have their Horoscopes done under this kind of transit.


  • Best Days Overall: 6, 7, 8, 16, 17, 25, 26
  • Most Stressful Days Overall: 1, 14, 15, 21, 22, 27, 28
  • Best Days for Love: 8, 9, 18, 19, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28
  • Best Days for Money: 1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 12, 21, 22, 30, 31
  • Best Days for Career: 1, 6, 7, 8, 16, 17, 25, 26, 27, 28

The month ahead is still very successful, but the health needs watching. The demands of career are strong and probably unavoidable. So work steadily. Focus on the essentials of your life and let lesser things go. Do your best to maximize energy.

Your health planet, Venus, moves into Aquarius, your 10th house, on the 6th. On the same day Mars also moves into your 10th house – so the career is active. You’re working hard. But you’re successful. You’re successful not only because of your professional skills and strong work ethic, but also because of who you are. Your personal appearance and overall demeanour play a big role in your success.

Venus in Aquarius shows that health is enhanced through calf and ankle massage. Plain old fresh air is a natural health tonic too.

Mars in your career house from the 6th shows that being involved in charities and altruistic activities enhances the career. You are probably known as much for this as for your professional skills. We see this in other ways too. Mars, your spiritual planet, travels with Venus, the ruler of your Horoscope, from the 1st to the 12th. So you are in an altruistic frame of mind. This transit also shows that spiritual-healing methods are powerful until the 12th.

Your 11th house of friends, groups and group activities is still very strong this month. So the social life is active, but not necessarily romantic. It’s more about being involved with friends.

The month ahead should be financially good too. Mercury moves speedily this month, through three signs and houses of your chart. This indicates confidence – someone who makes rapid progress. Mercury will travel with Jupiter on the 20th and 21st: a nice financial period. Then Mercury will travel with Neptune (on the 22nd and 23rd). This can bring financial opportunity from friends, social media or online activities. In addition, it brings enhanced financial intuition. Take note of the dream life on the 22nd and 23rd – financial guidance and advice can be given.


  • Best Days Overall: 1, 10, 11, 19, 25, 26
  • Most Stressful Days Overall: 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 21
  • Best Days for Love: 1, 7, 8, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 28
  • Best Days for Money: 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 13, 16, 18, 19, 25, 28, 30, 31
  • Best Days for Career: 1, 10, 11, 19, 21, 27, 28

A very eventful month ahead, Taurus. Much change is happening. First, Jupiter makes an important move from your 11th house to your 12th house of spirituality, on the 11th. Three planets are having their solstices this month – Venus, Mars and Jupiter. This is highly unusual. These planets pause in their latitudinal motion and then change direction. This shows a pause and change of direction in these departments of life. Finally, we have a strong lunar eclipse on the 16th which occurs in your 7th house of love. This will test a current relationship. The tests can vary. Sometimes it’s the relationship itself that is amiss. Sometimes the testing happens because of dramas in the life of the spouse, partner or current love. Good relationships tend to survive, but shaky ones can go down the tubes.

Since the Moon, the eclipsed planet, rules your 3rd house of communication and intellectual interests, every lunar eclipse affects this area. Students have disruptions at school. Perhaps they change schools or educational plans. There are dramas in the lives of siblings and sibling figures. They need to redefine themselves – their image and self-concept. There can be disruptions in your neighbourhood and with neighbours. Cars and communication equipment get tested – it will be a good idea to drive more carefully over this period. Good for both you and your spouse, partner or current love to reduce your schedules too. This eclipse impacts on Saturn, so college-level students are also changing educational plans or schools. Legal issues can take a dramatic turn one way or another. There are disruptions in your place of worship and dramas in the lives of worship leaders.

Venus’s solstice happens from the 4th to the 8th. This suggests a personal pause in your affairs and then a change of direction. This is so in health matters as well.

Mars’s solstice occurs from the 27th to June 2. This shows a pause in your spiritual life and then a change of direction. (This is not a surprise as, with Jupiter now in your 12th house, you are expanding your spiritual life.)

Jupiter’s solstice is very prolonged – he is a slow-moving planet. It occurs from the 12th onwards (and well into next month). There is a pause in the spouse, partner or current love’s financial affairs. This is a good pause. When it is finished next month, there will be more energy and a change of financial direction.


  • Best Days Overall: 3, 4, 13, 14, 21, 22, 30
  • Most Stressful Days Overall: 10, 11, 17, 18, 23, 24
  • Best Days for Love: 4, 8, 14, 17, 18, 22, 25, 26, 27
  • Best Days for Money: 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 17, 18, 21, 22, 26, 27
  • Best Days for Career: 3, 4, 13, 14, 21, 22, 23, 24, 30

Basically, it is a happy month ahead – and even the solar eclipse of the 30th will do little to dampen it. (The eclipse does, however, strongly affect you, so take it easy then.)

Health and energy are vastly improved, as the short-term planets are moving away from their stressful aspect. And, on the 20th the Sun will move into your own sign, bringing extra energy, personal charisma and star quality. Self-confidence and self-esteem will be strong. You begin a yearly personal pleasure peak.

The solar eclipse of the 30th occurs in your sign, making its effects powerful. It indicates a need to redefine yourself, your image and self-concept. The events of the eclipse will show why this is necessary. People probably have the wrong idea about you – and you have the wrong idea about yourself. You will change this in the coming months. The spouse, partner or current love experiences social dramas – either with you or friends. Because the Sun is your home and family planet, every solar eclipse impacts the family. There are dramas in their lives (especially a parent or parent figure). Passions at home can be volatile so be more patient. (In fact, when tempers flare it is a cosmic signal that you are in the eclipse period and need to start taking it easy.) Hidden flaws in the home tend to be discovered during this kind of eclipse, so you are able to make corrections. The dream life can be erratic – and often scary – but pay it no mind; this is just the psychic flotsam and jetsam stirred up by the eclipse.

Though the eclipse tends to shake things up, it seems profitable for you. Venus and Jupiter are conjunct on the 30th, so it will be a good financial day. Indeed, you will have financial increase even before the 30th. Mercury, your financial planet, will enter your sign on the 11th. This brings windfalls and happy financial opportunities. The money people in your life are devoted to you. It’s as if money chases you rather than the other way around.

All the planets are moving forward this month. Your birthday begins a yearly waxing solar cycle. The cosmic solar cycle is waxing as well. So, from your birthday onwards you’re in a great period for starting new projects or launching new ventures.


  • Best Days Overall: 6, 7, 15, 16, 23, 24, 25
  • Most Stressful Days Overall: 4, 5, 11, 12, 17, 18
  • Best Days for Love: 6, 7, 11, 12, 16, 25, 26
  • Best Days for Money: 4, 6, 7, 13, 17, 21, 26, 27
  • Best Days for Career: 6, 7, 15, 16, 17, 18, 23, 24

Mars and Jupiter are still in their solstices this month. Mars is solstitial until the 2nd and Jupiter until the 12th. Review our discussion of this last month.

The month ahead is prosperous. You’ve been in a yearly financial peak since May 21 and this continues until the 21st. Your financial planet, Mercury, starts moving forward on the 3rd, bringing financial clarity and confidence. Your financial planet in your own sign (until the 14th) is a classic signal for prosperity. Money and opportunity chase you, not the other way around. Just go about your daily routine and money will find you. Your financial planet will enter the money house on the 14th, where he is strong (Mercury is in his own sign and house). This indicates increased earnings. More importantly, Venus, the ruler of your Horoscope, will enter the money house on the 23rd. This is always favourable as the ruler of your Horoscope is perhaps your greatest beneficent planet. So you are very focused on finance. You adopt the image of wealth. You spend on yourself. You earn from work, trading, retailing and family connections. With so many planets in your money house money can come from many sources and in many ways.

Health and energy are good this month too. Though you still have two long-term planets in stressful alignment with you (you will have this all year), the short-term planets are either in good aspect or leaving you alone. Until the 23rd you can enhance the health further through neck massage and craniosacral therapy. Good health also means ‘looking good’ – the vanity component in health is very strong. After the 23rd enhance the health through arm and shoulder massage and plain old fresh air. If you feel under the weather get out in the fresh air and just breathe deeply.

Venus in your own sign adds beauty and grace to the image. You dress fashionably. You have excellent, artistic taste: it will be good to buy clothing and accessories this month.

Venus will travel with Uranus on the 10th and 11th. This brings a sudden, unexpected career opportunity to you. You are close – in harmony with – bosses, elders and authority figures. A sudden job opportunity can also happen.


  • Best Days Overall: 4, 5, 12, 13, 21, 22, 31
  • Most Stressful Days Overall: 1, 2, 8, 9, 14, 15, 28, 29
  • Best Days for Love: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 15, 22, 26
  • Best Days for Money: 1, 2, 8, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 28, 29
  • Best Days for Career: 4, 5, 12, 13, 14, 15, 21, 22, 31

Retrograde activity increases this month. By the end of the month 40 per cent of the planets are moving backwards. Though this is a substantial percentage we are still not at the maximum for the year. (This will happen in September.) The problem here is that Mars will move into your sign on the 5th and stay there for the rest of the month. This has many good points – it increases your energy and ‘can do’ spirit – but it can also make you impetuous and in a rush; not a good thing with so many retrogrades. Make haste by all means, but mindfully.

Health will be good this month – especially until the 23rd. Afterwards you need to rest and relax more. Enhance the health with arm and shoulder massage until the 18th and with abdominal massage afterwards. Diet becomes important healthwise after the 18th as well. Good emotional health is also important. Getting into emotional wellness is not only important this month but for the next two months as well.

Taurus is always interested in finance, but the interest is waning this month. Mercury leaves the money house on the 5th and Venus on the 18th. I read this as a good signal. Financial objectives (the short-term ones at least) have been attained and you can start focusing on other things.

Your 3rd house is powerful this month – a great transit for students below the college level. They should be successful in their studies. There is focus here. But this transit also enhances the mind and communication abilities. So, it is a good time to read more and take courses in subjects that interest you. Some of you will perhaps teach others in your area of expertise. It is also a good month for those of you involved in sales, marketing, advertising and retailing. Trading seems lucrative from the 5th to the 19th.

Mars squares your love planet on the 1st and 2nd. This can create conflict with the spouse, partner or current love. Be more patient with them.

Mars will travel with Uranus on the 30th and 31st, which is a dynamic aspect. Be more mindful on the physical plane – this holds true for parents, parent figures and bosses as well.


  • Best Days Overall: 1, 9, 10, 17, 18, 27, 28
  • Most Stressful Days Overall: 4, 5, 11, 12, 25, 26
  • Best Days for Love: 1, 4, 5, 10, 15, 18, 25, 26, 28
  • Best Days for Money: 7, 9, 15, 17, 18, 20, 21, 25, 29
  • Best Days for Career: 1, 9, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 27, 28

Mars is still travelling with Uranus on the 1st and 2nd, so review our discussion of this last month.

Career is important all year, but this month you can devote more energy to your home and family, and – more importantly – to your emotional wellness. Your career planet, Uranus, starts to retrograde on the 24th and your 4th house of home and family is now strong (this began last month). Also, the night side of the Horoscope is dominant this month. So, this is a time for setting up the structures – the emotional and domestic foundations – for future career success, for your future career push.

When the 4th house is powerful, there is a strong nostalgia energy. The past is with us and we are interested in it. We remember distant events that are seemingly insignificant from the rational perspective but very significant emotionally. This is nature’s healing process. We cannot deal with our entire past all in one month – this is the work of years (and some say lifetimes) – but we can work on the issues at hand, the things that need re-evaluation from the present state of consciousness. Things that are devastating to a four-year-old bring smiles to the adult. Looking at these past experiences will take much of the trauma out of them. This work will not only help your emotional health but your physical health as well.

Retrograde activity increases even further this month. By the end of the month, half the planets will be travelling backwards. Babies born during this time will be late bloomers – regardless of their actual Horoscope. It is good to understand these things.

Happily your financial planet, Mercury, is not retrograde. In fact, he is moving speedily this month. Thus, while there are many delays in many areas of life, finance is progressing forward. Until the 4th family and family connections are important. Family support seems good. From the 4th to the 26th you’re in a period for ‘happy money’ – you earn it in fun ways and spend on fun things. From the 26th onwards you earn the old-fashioned way – through your work and practical service to others.


  • Best Days Overall: 5, 6, 13, 14, 15, 23, 24
  • Most Stressful Days Overall: 1, 2, 7, 8, 21, 22, 28, 29
  • Best Days for Love: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 13, 14, 15, 24, 28, 29
  • Best Days for Money: 3, 7, 8, 11, 16, 17, 21, 24, 30
  • Best Days for Career: 5, 6, 7, 8, 14, 15, 23, 24

Retrograde activity spikes to a yearly high this month: 60 per cent of the planets are moving backwards, from the 10th onwards. This includes Mercury, your financial planet. So events are moving slowly this month. And, with your 5th house of fun and creativity strong since August 23 you might as well enjoy things – go on vacation, or involve yourself in leisure activities. You’re not going to miss very much.

Mercury’s retrograde will have a far stronger effect than the previous ones you’ve experienced this year. This is because so many other planets are also retrograde. The effect is cumulative. Finances will happen but much slower than usual and with more glitches and delays. With so many planets retrograde, the Cosmos is calling us to slow down and be perfect in all that we do. This is especially so in finance. Being perfect, handling the details of life perfectly, will not eliminate delays but will minimize them.

The good news is that health is excellent this month. Plus, you’re enjoying life. The rare Grand Trine in Earth which began last month is still in effect. This enhances your already good management skills and gives a down-to-earth practical approach to life.

In addition to the Grand Trine in Earth we also have a Grand Trine in Air. Two Grand Trines in one month! This is great for teachers, students, writers, sales and marketing people. The mental faculties are very much enhanced. You will find that people in general are more communicative.

Your health planet, Venus, spends most of the month in your 5th house. This indicates various things. You could be more concerned with the health of children and children figures than with your own health. A creative hobby is unusually therapeutic. Joy itself is a powerful healing force – so stay happy. Massage of the lower abdomen will also be therapeutic.

Your spiritual planet Mars is in your money house all month. This shows a need to explore the spiritual dimensions of wealth. We have discussed this in the yearly report. Intuition will solve many problems.

Love seems happy until the 23rd. But your love planet, Pluto, is retrograde, so there’s no need to rush into anything. Enjoy love for what it is without trying to project too much on to it.


  • Best Days Overall: 2, 3, 11, 12, 21, 22, 30
  • Most Stressful Days Overall: 4, 5, 18, 19, 25, 26
  • Best Days for Love: 3, 4, 5, 12, 13, 14, 22, 25, 26
  • Best Days for Money: 2, 3, 8, 9, 13, 14, 18, 23, 24, 26, 27
  • Best Days for Career: 2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 21, 22, 30

Retrograde activity is still extensive, but much less so than last month. By the end of the month retrograde activity will be cut in half, down to only 30 per cent of the planets. So life is starting to move forward.

It is good that you’re focusing on health until the 23rd, as after that health seems stressed. This early-month focus will stand you in good stead for later. It’s as if you’re banking health credits.

The main headline for October is the solar eclipse of the 25th. As eclipses go this one is rather weak as it is a partial one. However, if this hits planets in your Natal chart (cast for your exact date, time and place of birth) it can have a powerful effect, so it won’t hurt to reduce your schedule that period. (You should be taking it easy from the 23rd onwards anyway, but especially around the eclipse period.)

This eclipse occurs in your 7th house and will test the current relationship and friendships. Dirty laundry, long suppressed, comes up to be dealt with. Good relationships don’t usually dissolve over this, but flawed ones can. With Uranus planted in own your sign for some years now, relationships have been getting tested in general. This eclipse only adds to it. Since the Sun rules your 4th house of home and family, every solar eclipse brings family dramas and dramas in the lives of family members (as we’ve said before). Passions will run high at home. More patience (and understanding) is needed over this period. If there are hidden flaws in the home, now is the time that you find out about them. Often repairs are necessary.

The good news here is that you will be in a yearly love and social peak from the 23rd onwards. You will be focused on your relationship and friendships. This focus will help you get through the trials of the eclipse.

You can enhance the health from the 23rd onwards through detox regimes. Good health for you means more than just ‘no physical symptoms’ – it means good social health, a healthy love life. So, if health problems arise, work to restore harmony in love as quickly as you can.


  • Best Days Overall: 7, 8, 17, 18, 26, 27
  • Most Stressful Days Overall: 1, 2, 15, 16, 22, 23, 28, 29
  • Best Days for Love: 3, 4, 8, 9, 13, 18, 22, 23, 24, 27
  • Best Days for Money: 3, 4, 10, 11, 13, 14, 23, 24, 25
  • Best Days for Career: 1, 2, 7, 8, 17, 18, 26, 27, 28, 29

The lunar eclipse of the 8th is arguably more powerful than last month’s solar eclipse. (Generally solar eclipses are considered more powerful than lunar ones.) For a start, it is a total eclipse – the Native Americans call it a ‘blood Moon’. Even more importantly, it impacts three other planets – Mercury, Uranus and Venus. (And if it hits important planets in your Natal Horoscope, it becomes even more powerful.) So let’s take it easy over this period. You need to take it easy until the 22nd anyway, but especially during the eclipse period.

This eclipse occurs in your own sign, forcing you to redefine yourself, your image and how you want to be perceived by others. Generally, this kind of redefinition is a good thing. We are changing, evolving beings, and making periodic adjustments to our opinion of ourselves is healthy. But here it happens ‘by force’ – you must do it. So it is less pleasant. If you haven’t been careful in dietary matters this eclipse can bring a detox of the body. It can seem like sickness, but it isn’t. It is just the body getting rid of things that don’t belong there. Because Mercury is impacted, there are financial changes and course corrections. The events of the eclipse will show you where your financial plans and strategy were unrealistic. The impact on Venus and Uranus shows job and career changes. The conditions of the workplace change and there can be disruptions at work and with co-workers. If you employ others there can be a degree of staff turnover. There are dramas in the lives of parents, parent figures, bosses and elders – life-changing dramas. In coming months there can be important changes to the health regime too. The spouse, partner or current love has social upheavals.

Health and energy will improve after the 22nd. In the meantime, enhance health through detox regimes and through massage of the colon and bladder reflexes. After the 16th enhance health with thigh massage and massage of the liver reflex (the reflex points are shown in the yearly report).

Mars remains in your money house all month, but he is retrograde. Intuition is important in finance, but make sure you verify your hunches.


  • Best Days Overall: 4, 5, 6, 14, 15, 16, 23, 24
  • Most Stressful Days Overall: 12, 13, 19, 20, 25, 26
  • Best Days for Love: 2, 3, 6, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 23, 24
  • Best Days for Money: 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 11, 14, 15, 20, 21, 23, 24, 29
  • Best Days for Career: 4, 5, 14, 15, 23, 24, 25, 26

A happy and eventful month ahead. Jupiter moves back into your 12th house of spirituality on the 21st. Next year he will move into your sign. You’re being prepared spiritually for success and prosperity. Health is much improved over last month, and gets really good after the 21st. Retrograde activity is much reduced this month: 80 per cent of the planets are moving forward until the 24th (and after that the figure is still 70 per cent). Things are moving in the world and in your life.

Your 8th house of regeneration is very strong until the 22nd. Thus you are in a more sexually active kind of period. Regardless of your age or stage in life, libido is stronger than usual. More importantly, this is a month for getting rid of the effete and useless in your life. It is very good for losing weight and for detox regimes. Good for financial detoxing, tax and insurance planning – and for those of you of an appropriate age, for estate planning too.

On the 22nd your 9th house becomes powerful. (Venus, the ruler of your Horoscope will be there even before then – from the 10th onwards.) Thus there is foreign travel or the opportunity for it. College-bound students hear good news, and college students succeed in their studies. It is a period for theological and philosophical breakthroughs.

Three planets are outside their usual orbits this month, which is unusual. Mars, your spiritual planet, has been ‘out of bounds’ since last month. This indicates that in spiritual matters you are outside your normal sphere, probably exploring spiritual paths that you weren’t brought up in. Venus ‘out of bounds’ from the 2nd to the 24th shows that you are outside your orbit in your personal life, in the way you dress and present yourself. Also that you are exploring health regimes and therapies that are outside the mainstream. Mercury, your financial planet, is ‘out of bounds’ from the 1st to the 22nd, so this phenomenon is happening in your finances too. This is a month where you think and act ‘outside the box’.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 24th. This retrograde should be milder in its impact than the last one in September. But still it has an effect. Try to wrap up important purchases and investments before then.

Love improves after the 22nd, but marriage is still not in the cards. Enjoy love for what it is without projecting too far into the future.