Leo Yearly Horoscope Trends

Health and energy need attention this year, Leo, as two long-term – and powerful – planets are in stressful alignment with you. Make sure you get enough rest. More on this later.

Love was better last year than it will be this year. Love needs more work and effort, but with your love planet in your 10th house you do seem likely to put in the effort. Singles will probably not marry this year. More on this later.

Your 8th house is very strong all year – but especially until May 11. So the year ahead is a sexually active kind of year. Regardless of your age and stage in life, libido will be stronger than usual. With Neptune’s presence in your 8th house for many years now, your sexual expression is becoming more refined and spiritualized, and this is still the trend in the year ahead.

Finances don’t seem like a big deal this year as your money house is basically empty. But the spouse, partner or current love is having a banner financial year and will pick up the slack. More details later.

Jupiter will move into your 9th house on May 11 and stay there until October 29, only to return there again from December 21 onwards. This shows foreign travel during that period. It is a wonderful transit for college students or students who are applying to university. It shows good fortune.

Uranus, your love planet, has been in your 10th house of career for some years now. (He will be there for some more years to come, too.) This shows that love is high on your agenda and you are focused on it. It also shows many career changes. Your likeability and social grace bring career success. More on this later.

Your most important areas of interest this year are health and work; love and romance; sex, personal transformation and occult studies; higher education, foreign travel, religion, philosophy and theology; career; and friends, groups and group activities (from August 20 onwards).

Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year will be sex, personal transformation and occult studies (until May 11 and from October 29 to December 21); foreign travel, higher education, religion, theology and philosophy (from May 11 to October 29 and from December 21 onwards); and career.


(Please note that this is an astrological perspective on health and not a medical one. In days of yore there was no difference, both these perspectives were identical. But these days there could be quite a difference. For a medical perspective, please consult your doctor or health practitioner.)

Health, as we mentioned, needs more attention and focus this year as two powerful planets – Saturn and Uranus – make stressful aspects to you. But if you make sure to get enough rest you should come through with flying colours.

It will be very wise to give more attention to the following – the vulnerable areas of your Horoscope this year (the reflex points are shown in the chart below). This is where problems are most likely to happen. By keeping them healthy and fit much of this can be avoided, and even if problems can’t be totally avoided they can be softened to a great extent.

A diagram of foot reflexology points for the year ahead

Important foot reflexology points for the year ahead

Try to massage all of the foot on a regular basis – the top of the foot as well as the bottom – but pay extra attention to the points highlighted on the chart. When you massage, be aware of ‘sore spots’ as these need special attention. It’s also a good idea to massage the ankles especially, and below them.

  • The heart, which is always important for Leo, has been especially so in the past few years. Chest massage – especially of the breastbone and upper rib cage – will do wonders for you. As always, cultivate faith rather than worry and anxiety and heart function will improve. Meditation will be a big help.
  • The spine, knees, teeth, bones and overall skeletal alignment. These areas are always important for you, as Saturn is your health planet. Regular back and knee massage should be part of your overall health regime. Regular visits to a chiropractor or osteopath would be beneficial; the vertebrae need to be kept in right alignment. If you’re out in the sun use a good sunscreen. Yoga and Pilates are excellent therapies for the spine. Regular visits to the dental hygienist are also recommended.
  • The ankles and calves only became important last year, but they will still need focusing on in the year ahead. Ankles and calves should be regularly massaged. A weak ankle can knock the spine out of alignment, and this will cause all kinds of other problems.

Your health planet Saturn spends the year in your 7th house of love. So, there is a strong love connection to overall health. Good health for you means a healthy love life. Problems here can impact on physical health. So if, God forbid, problems arise, restore harmony here as quickly as possible.

Over the past few years you have been very conservative in health matters. But this changed last year. You are still fairly conservative but are a bit more experimental now. You seem willing to try new things and new health regimes. With Saturn as your health planet you normally would tend to orthodox medicine. But this year you seem more open to alternative therapies. However, even here you are likely to choose the more recognized therapies – the ones that have stood the test of time. I read this as someone who is ‘cautiously experimental’ in health matters.

Home and Family

Your 4th house of home and family is not a house of power this year – not prominent. Only short-term planets move through there this year and their effect is short lived. This tends to the status quo. Many of you moved in and there is no need for that this year. There is a sense of contentment with things as they are.

Your family planet, Pluto, has been in your 6th house of health for about twenty years now. Thus you have been making the home as much a health spa as a home. You’ve been buying all kinds of health and exercise equipment for the home. You’ve been making the home healthier in other ways too – clearing out mould, mildew or toxic kinds of paints.

You are probably more concerned with the health of family members than with your own health.

If you’re planning a major renovation to the home or a construction project, it is probably better to wait until next year. However, if it must be done, February 26 to March 6 and August 13–16 would be good times. If you’re merely redecorating or otherwise beautifying the home, October 23 to November 16 would be a good time. This is also a good period for buying objects of beauty for the home.

Though home and family life seem stable this year, there will be a few shake-ups and dramas. Two eclipses occur in your 4th house – a lunar eclipse on May 16 and a solar eclipse on October 25. These will bring dramas in the lives of family members and perhaps home repairs. We will discuss them more fully in the monthly reports.

One of the parents or parent figures in your life has been undergoing many personal changes of late, and this continues in the year ahead. He or she seems restless – antsy – perhaps he or she lives in different places for long periods of time. A move would be more likely in 2023–24 than now. This parent seems difficult to deal with as you don’t know where you stand from one moment to the next. He or she seems temperamental. The other parent or parent figure is having a good time this year. If this parent is a mother figure, she seems more fertile this year. After May 11, this parent or parent figure has wonderful job opportunities. A move could have happened last year. This year things tend to the status quo.

The marriage of the parents or parent figures is being tested this year – more so than in previous years. All four eclipses this year will impact their marriage and test it even further.

Siblings or sibling figures could have moved last year. This year is more or less status quo for them. If your siblings are single and of the appropriate age, there is love this year and perhaps even a marriage. This would happen after May 11 – but it could also happen next year.

Children or children figures in your life could move this year and it seems happy. They are having a fun kind of year and, if they are female, seem very fertile. Grandchildren, if you have them, are having a stable, quiet home and family year.

Finance and Career

Your money house is not prominent this year and is not a house of power. Only short-term planets move through this house and their effects are short lived. This has been the case for many years now. Thus finance is not a big concern. This tends to the status quo. It tends to show contentment with things as they are, with no need to make dramatic changes.

If financial problems do arise it could be that you’re not paying enough attention – so you will have to focus more.

Mercury, a fast-moving planet, is your financial planet. During the year he will move through your entire horoscope, all the signs and houses. And so there are many short-term financial trends that depend on where Mercury is and the kinds of aspects that he receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Mercury rules both your finances and friendships. Thus there is a strong social connection with finance. Your friends tend to be rich and tend to be helpful. As ruler of the 11th house, Mercury favours the electronic media, the online world and technology. These are all interesting as jobs, investments or businesses.

Career seems more important than mere money. Your 10th house of career is strong this year while your money house is empty. Thus, status and prestige are more important than simple cash. The prestigious position that pays less is preferable to the less prestigious job that pays more.

Uranus has been in your 10th house for some years now and will be there for some more to come – this is a long-term transit. This also favours careers involving technology, science and the online world. Even if you are in a different field, your technological expertise is very important.

Uranus is your love planet. This signals many things. You need a career that offers social opportunities. You like to socialize with important and prestigious people. Your social contacts (and especially the spouse, partner or current love) seem very involved in the career and in a helpful way. A lot of your socializing is career related. Your like-ability is important in the career. It is not enough that you have good professional skills, you need to get on with others.

Uranus in the 10th house would also favour the arts, the beauty industry and companies that are about beautifying people and the world.

As we mentioned earlier, you need change and excitement in your career, and the freedom to innovate. You seem more content in a freelance type of career than in a mundane 9 to 5 kind.

Love and Social Life

Love is a mixed picture this year. There is great focus here – a good thing. Your 7th house of love is powerful and prominent. But perhaps even more important than that is your love planet in your 10th house – a powerful and prominent position. This will tend to success, but you will certainly earn it. There is much work and challenge involved in love.

The two planets involved in love – Saturn (who occupies your 7th house) and Uranus, your actual love planet – are not especially great for marriage. Marriage is probably not advisable for singles. Existing relationships are getting stress-tested this year. In some ways it is good – though not usually pleasant. Manufacturers will often subject their products to severe stresses, more than would happen from ordinary use of their product. This enables them to see the weaknesses and to correct them. Something similar is happening in your relationship. If your relationship can survive this testing it can probably survive anything.

Normally Leo is a love-at-first-sight kind of person, but this is very much toned down this year. You are definitely more cautious in love. You take more time.

Romantic opportunities happen as you pursue your career and health goals this year. People involved in your career or your health are very alluring. Co-workers are also more alluring, though these days this can be complicated.

The workplace is as much a social centre as a workplace. Jobseekers will look at the social dimension of any job opportunity as much as at other concerns.

A visit to the doctor’s surgery or to a therapist can become much more than that. In general, health professionals are alluring.

Power and status have been important in love for some years now. ‘Power,’ as Henry Kissinger said, ‘is the ultimate aphrodisiac.’ This might not be so for everyone, but for you it is. You are meeting powerful people in the year ahead. You are mixing socially with these kinds of people. And this is helpful to your career. As we mentioned, much of your socializing is career-related this year.

One of the challenges these days is getting involved in relationships of convenience rather than real love. This is a strong temptation.


Uranus has been in your 10th house for some years now and will remain there for a while yet. The main life lesson here is to become comfortable with seeming career instability and change. Things can change in the career path and in the rules of the game in a trice. Suddenly and unexpectedly. A cultivation of faith would be very useful now. There is no stability in the three-dimensional world. Anything can happen at any time. But knowing that the changes are good and for your ultimate benefit will be a big help. In many cases these changes are freeing you up to find a better career path. Celebrate the change as it leads to ultimate good.

Neptune has been in your 8th house of regeneration for many years now. (We have written of this in previous years’ reports.) The sex life is becoming more spiritualized, more refined, deeper. It is being raised from mere animal lust to an act of worship. This year the trend is even stronger than in previous years. Jupiter joins Neptune in your 8th house for approximately half the year. Leo is sexually active by nature, and now even more so. There is nothing wrong with this as this is your nature. However, if sex is mere lust, there can be physical and health dangers. So, as we have written in past reports, this is a time to explore the spiritual dimensions of sex. Read all you can about Kundalini and Tantra yoga. The hermetic sciences also deal with this (they give a Western approach). Performing the sex act in a spiritual way will not only bring you closer to the Divine but will shield you from health dangers as well.

The Moon, the fastest-moving of all the planets, is your spiritual planet. This favours the Bhakti path. The emotions and feelings need to be elevated. It favours singing, chanting and drumming. These elevate the emotions and harmonize them. Your moods are important in your prayer and emotional life. Before you meditate work to get into a harmonious mood. Then begin your prayers or meditation.

The Moon as your spiritual planet shows that you have many ways to connect to the Divine within. There is no one way for you. At different times different things work, and because the Moon moves so quickly, techniques that worked yesterday might not work today. You have to shift your approach constantly. If you practise only one way, you’ll note that some days are easier to make the inner connection and some days more difficult. This is due to the Moon’s position and the aspects she receives. When the aspects are harmonious, your meditations will go better. When they are discordant, difficulties arise. Don’t be discouraged. Keep at it. The problem is not you.