Gemini Yearly Horoscope Trends

Although was successful, 2022 will be even more successful, Gemini. Your career is expanding by leaps and bounds. Your professional status likewise. If you are in business, the business will be elevated in its standing too. Jupiter is moving through your 10th career house this year and will be there until May 11. (It will return briefly later, from October 29 to December 21 – just in case there is some unfinished career business to redeem.) More on this later.

Health is good, but will get even better after May 11 when Jupiter moves away from his stressful aspect. After May 11 there will be only one long-term planet in stressful alignment with you – Neptune. All the others are either making harmonious aspects or leaving you alone. More details later.

Finances don’t seem a big deal this year; your money house is not prominent. However, generally, when the career is going well, finances tend to follow. More on this later.

Pluto has been in your 8th house of regeneration for many, many years and will still be there in the year ahead. (He is about to move on next year, and by 2024 he will be completely out.) So you have been dealing with death and death issues for a while. Perhaps there were surgeries or near-death kinds of experiences in the lives of uncles, aunts and in-laws. This is still a concern in the year ahead.

Saturn has been in your 9th house since (he made a brief visit in ). Thus your religious, philosophical and metaphysical beliefs are getting re-ordered. Travel has been restricted. College students have had to work harder in their studies. This trend continues in the year ahead.

Uranus has been in your 12th house of spirituality for some years now, indicating much experimentation and change in your spiritual life. You change teachings and teachers quite rapidly. You gravitate to new paths and new systems. More on this later.

Your most important interests this year will be sex, personal transformation and occult studies; higher education, religion, philosophy, theology and foreign travel; career; friends, groups, group activities and science (from May 11 to October 29 and from December 21 onwards); spirituality; and the body, image and personal appearance (from August 20 onwards).

Your paths of greatest fulfilment will be career (until May 11 and from October 29 to December 21); friends, groups, group activities and science (from May 11 to October 29 and from December 21 onwards); and spirituality.


(Please note that this is an astrological perspective on health and not a medical one. In days of yore there was no difference, both these perspectives were identical. But these days there could be quite a difference. For a medical perspective, please consult your doctor or health practitioner.)

Health as we mentioned earlier looks good this year. Until May 11 there are only two long-term planets in stressful alignment with you, and after then there is only one. (From October 29 to December 21, when Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces, there are again two – but this is temporary).

Your 6th house of health is empty this year, which I read as a positive. You have no need to overly focus on health as there’s nothing wrong. People who have pre-existing conditions should see them more in abeyance this year.

Keep in mind that there will be periods in the year where health is less easy than usual. These periods come from the transits of the short-term planets and are temporary and not trends for the year. When they pass your normally good health and energy return.

Good though your health is you can make it better. Give more attention to the following – the vulnerable areas of your Horoscope this year (the reflex points are shown in the chart below):

A diagram of foot reflexology points for the year ahead

Important foot reflexology points for the year ahead

Try to massage all of the foot on a regular basis – the top of the foot as well as the bottom – but pay extra attention to the points highlighted on the chart. When you massage, be aware of ‘sore spots’ as these need special attention. It’s also a good idea to massage the ankles – and especially below them.

  • The heart is important until May 11 and from October 29 to December 21, and the reflex point is shown above. Chest massage – especially of the breastbone and upper rib cage – will be good as well. The important thing with the heart is to avoid worry and anxiety – the two emotions that stress it out. Cultivate faith rather than worry.
  • The arms, shoulders, lungs and respiratory system. These are always important for Gemini. Arms and shoulders should be regularly massaged, as tension tends to collect in the shoulders and needs to be released. Hand reflexology would be a wonderful therapy. Make sure to get enough fresh air and to breathe deeply and rhythmically.
  • The colon, bladder and sexual organs. These are always important for Gemini as Pluto (the ruler of these areas) is your health planet. Safe sex and sexual moderation are always important.
  • The spine, knees, bones, skeletal alignment, teeth and skin. These areas have been important for the past twenty or so years, and remain so in the year ahead, although by 2024 they will become less prominent. Regular back and knee massage would be beneficial, as would regular visits to a chiropractor or osteopath: the vertebrae need to be kept in right alignment. If you’re out in the sun use a good sunscreen. Good dental hygiene is also important.

Your health planet Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn for many years. Thus you would gravitate to orthodox medicine. You like the tried and true. Even if you opted for alternative therapies you would prefer the ones that have stood the test of time. (In spiritual matters you are very experimental, but not so in health.)

With your health planet in an Earth sign you would have a good connection to the healing powers of the earth element. Crystal therapy would be interesting and potent. If you feel under the weather spend some time in the mountains or old forests – places where the earth energy is very strong. You don’t need to do much, just absorb the energy (these are good places to meditate). Mud packs applied to any part of the body that bothers you would also be useful. Some people like to soak in waters with a high mineral content (minerals are of the earth element) – this would work nicely for you. Natural water is always best, but if this isn’t practical you can buy minerals and add them to your bath.

Home and Family

This is not an especially important area this year, Gemini. There are various reasons for this. First, your 4th house is basically empty; only short-term planets move through there and their impact is temporary. In addition, your 10th house of career is very powerful – especially until May 11. And perhaps most importantly, all the long-term planets are in the day side of your chart – the hemisphere of outer activity and achievement. So this is a year where you serve your family best by being successful – by being the good provider. It’s nice to be there for the kids and attend all the plays and soccer games, but being successful will serve them better.

This is the kind of year where outer success will produce emotional harmony.

Family is always important to you, Gemini – Mercury, the ruler of your Horoscope, is also your family planet. This shows a strong bond and connection. But this year less so than usual.

Mercury is a fast-moving planet and during the course of the year he will move through your entire horoscope. So, there are many short-term family trends that depend on where Mercury is and the kinds of aspects that he receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Mercury will go retrograde three times this year (which is usual). These periods are from January 14 to February 3, from May 10 to June 2, and from September 10 to October 1. This last retrograde will probably have the strongest effect as many other planets are also retrograde, amplifying the impact. So, during these times avoid making important home or family decisions. Work for clarity. Get more facts. Resolve all doubts. The truth may not be what you think.

Mars will not move through your 4th house this year, so if you’re planning major renovations or construction work, it is probably better to wait until next year. However, if you’re redecorating in a cosmetic kind of way or buying art objects for the home, September 5 to September 10 would be a good period for this – also October 29 to November 16.

The parents or parent figures in your life are having a very good year. One is having a great social year, the other a great financial year – he or she is living the high life. If the parent figure is of child-bearing age, there is heightened fertility. A move for them is not likely. (They might be renovating the existing home, however.)

Siblings and sibling figures are more likely to move in 2024 than now. Children and children figures may also be renovating the home, but a move is not likely. However, grandchildren, if you have them (or those who play that role in your life), are likely to move this year or next.

Finance and Career

The career – your life work and mission – is much more important than mere money this year. Your money house is basically empty. Only short-term planets will move through there and the effects will also be short term. This can be read as a good thing. It shows contentment with things as they are, and no special need to make important changes. It tends to the status quo. Earnings will be more or less like last year.

We will have two lunar eclipses this year, and since the Moon is your financial planet these will bring course corrections and dramas in the financial life. This is not a big deal, as you go through this twice (sometimes three times) a year, and by now you know how to handle these things. The lunar eclipses are on May 16 and November 8, and we will discuss them more fully in the monthly reports.

The Moon is the fastest moving of all the planets. Where Mercury, Venus and the Sun need a year to move through your chart (although this year Mercury and Venus will do this in eleven months), the Moon will move through the entire chart every month. So, there are many short-term financial trends that are best dealt with in the monthly reports. In general, your earning power will be strongest when the Moon is waxing and growing in size.

As a Gemini you are strong in all areas that involve communication – journalism, writing, telecommunications, advertising, teaching and lecturing. It would also favour transportation, retailing and trading – buying and selling.

With the Moon as your financial planet you can also earn through residential real estate, the food business, restaurants, hotels and motels and all industries that cater to the homeowner. The field of psychology is also interesting.

As we mentioned, career is the main headline this year. Jupiter will move through your 10th house until May 11 (and then move back in from October 29 to December 21). This is a classic signal of career success and expansion. New horizons and opportunities are revealed. Previous limitations fall by the wayside.

Jupiter is your love planet. This gives many messages. The spouse, partner or current love seems very active and helpful in your career. Friends too. Your social contacts are playing a huge role here. In general, your social grace brings you to the heights and opens doors for you. Your spouse, partner or current love – and friends too – are very successful. You are able to meet high and mighty people – on a social level – who can help you careerwise. (There are other meanings to this too which we will discuss later on.) It will be very important this year to attend or host the right gatherings and parties.

Another way to read this transit is that your social life, your marriage and love life, is the real career this year – just being there for the spouse, partner and friends.

Love and Social Life

The love and social life seem very happy this year. Though your 7th house of love is basically empty – only short-term planets will move through there – your love planet, Jupiter, is very strongly positioned right at the top of the chart – his most powerful position. Jupiter is also in his own sign until May 11, which further strengthens him. So there is strong social grace and strong attractive power this year. The social life will expand. Singles could marry this year. And those involved in relationships will tend to have more romance within the relationship.

With your love planet in the 10th house you are attracted to people of power and prominence. Power is a strong aphrodisiac these days. But status and power are not enough. You also are attracted to spiritual, creative and idealistic kinds of people: Jupiter is in Pisces and travelling close to Neptune. So your ideal mate (for those of you who are single) is someone of high status but who is also involved in charity and good works. Someone who is perhaps the CEO of a corporation but who likes to write poetry or music on the side. A practical person who perhaps spends his or her vacation on spiritual retreat or in an ashram. These are the kinds of people you gravitate to. And you will be meeting these kinds of people as well.

The love planet in the 10th house indicates that a lot of your socializing is career related. However, one of the problems with this transit is a tendency to opt for relationships of convenience rather than real love. You will have to question yourself about this. Romantic and social opportunities happen as you pursue your career goals and perhaps with people involved in your career.

On May 11 Jupiter will move into your 11th house of groups and friends and stays there until October 29. He will then move back into your 11th house on December 21. With Jupiter in the 11th house, the love attitudes shift a bit. Now you tend to gravitate to relationships of peers – of equals – rather than hierarchical ones. You want to be friends with the beloved as well as his or her lover.

The love planet in Aries from May 11th signals someone who falls in love at first sight. You become more aggressive in love. You’re not playing games. You’re direct. If you like someone, that person will know it. There is a tendency to jump into relationships very quickly – perhaps too quickly.

The love planet in the 11th house indicates that romantic opportunities can happen online, through social media and online dating sites. It often shows that someone who was ‘just a friend’ can become more than that. Often friends like to play Cupid.

The love planet in the 11th house tends to be fortunate. It shows a period where ‘fondest hopes and wishes’ in love come true.


Uranus has been in your spiritual 12th house for some years now and he will be there for some more years to come. Our regular readers know that the transit of a slow-moving planet is not really an event, but a ‘process’. And this is the case in your spiritual life. Spiritually you’re throwing out all the old rule books – the old traditions, the old do’s and don’ts – and learning what works for you. The traditional paths are guidelines to the spirit, but ultimately ‘I am the way’: each person achieves their path in their own way. So there is much change and ferment happening here. You study the different paths, you study under different teachers and teachings, you seek out the new and the untried. You’re learning what works for you through trial and error.

Uranus rules your 9th house of religion. Thus the Horoscope is indicating that it is time to explore the mystical paths of your own native religion. You’ve always had the keys to enlightenment, but you didn’t know it. Travelling to sacred places would also assist the spiritual path.

Uranus also favours a scientific approach to the Divine. There is a science behind all the apparent ‘mumbo jumbo’. This is a good year to explore this. The transit also favours esoteric astrology – the spiritual and philosophical side of astrology. This is a valid path. (Some of you might enjoy my book A Spiritual View of the 12 Signs, which deals with esoteric astrology.)

Venus is your spiritual planet. So when you are in love – in a state of harmony – you easily make contact with the Divine. Love itself is a viable path.

Venus also rules your 5th house of creativity. Thus the path of creativity is also very valid. By learning and applying the laws of creation one can understand the workings of the Great Creator.