Gemini April Horoscope

Last month the planetary power shifted from the Western side – the social side – of your Horoscope to the Eastern side of self. Thus, personal independence will get stronger and stronger over the next few months. It is not selfish to think of your own interest or to pursue your path of happiness. How will you be able to help others if you are not right?

So, other people are important and should be treated with respect – always remember the Golden Rule – but you are less in need of them. Success comes from your personal skills and initiative. If conditions are not happy, make the changes that need to be made. Others will adapt to you.

Mars is still in your sign until the 24th, which means that personal independence is even stronger than we mentioned above. Keep in mind our discussion of this last month too.

Career is less important than it has been over the past two months. Career goals – the short-term ones at least – have been attained and you’re ready to move on to other interests – the social life of friendships, groups and group activities. One of the fruits of career success is the enhanced social life that it brings.

Your 7th house of love is basically empty this month. Only the Moon will move through there on the 1st, 2nd, 29th and 30th. Romance doesn’t seem a big issue. It tends to the status quo. Romance does become more complicated after the 20th. This could be because the beloved feels stressed, or because you and the beloved are not in agreement about things. This is a short-term problem that will soon pass.

On the 20th your 12th house of spirituality becomes strong. It will be the strongest house in your Horoscope. So it is a spiritual period. A time for meditation, spiritual practices and spiritual studies. It is a time for inner, rather than outer, growth.

The ruler of your 9th house receives much positive stimulation from the 15th onwards. Thus, foreign travel (or the opportunities for it) can happen. College-level students are doing well in their studies. If you are involved in legal issues they seem to go well.

Mars moves into your money house on the 24th. Thus finance is more active. You can be more speculative and risk-taking during this period. You can be tempted to the ‘quick buck’ – you need to be careful about this. Scamsters use this urge to take advantage. On the other hand, Mars’ position indicates that friends are helpful in finance. Online activities are also profitable.

  • Best Days Overall: 6, 7, 15, 16, 17, 25, 26
  • Most Stressful Days Overall: 1, 2, 8, 9, 23, 24, 29, 30
  • Best Days for Love: 1, 2, 7, 11, 12, 16, 17, 23, 24, 26, 29, 30
  • Best Days for Money: 1, 2, 7, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 26
  • Best Days for Career: 8, 9, 19, 28