March 27 Birthday Personality: The Individual

The Individual

Your greatest challenge is…

not letting work rule your life

The way forward is…

to strike a balance between your inner and outer needs; losing your identity to work will lead to lack of fulfillment.

You’re drawn to people born on…

March 21 to April 20

You share a passion for the unconventional and original, and this can create an intense and exciting bond.

Luck maker

Live each day to the full

Lucky people don’t wait for something terrible or dramatic to motivate them to take action; they take action now.

There is something about people born on March 27 that is wholly endearing. They are true individuals with their own inimitable style of dress and behavior, attracting attention wherever they go. They don’t just have star quality; they have something far more special: the likability factor.

Despite always being in demand, these strongly independent and individualistic people are more concerned with following their own unique path than gaining the approval of others. Their work is important to them; any success they achieve is earned because they understand the importance of discipline and will push themselves single-mindedly to achieve their goals. This determination and refusal to fit in often results from youthful struggles and setbacks; although this gives them resilience and a unique persona, it can also make them unsympathetic to the feelings of others. Other people may be attracted to them but deep down March 27 people aren’t that interested in other people at all; it is their work that fascinates them.

Occasionally the driven personality and tendency to lack empathy for others can make these people appear tense, aloof or self-absorbed. As wonderful and as fascinating as they are, it’s important for them to learn to step outside themselves every now and again, and they should realize there is a whole world out there. This tendency toward self-absorption is especially highlighted between their mid twenties and mid fifties; during these years they need to make sure they get in touch with the feelings and concerns of others.

These people often have great courage and strength, and in times of crisis they are the ones who instinctively take control, typically saving or helping others before themselves. Ironically, it is during periods of stability and security that they struggle most to find meaning and purpose, and may lapse into bouts of inaction. It is important for these multi-talented, charismatic individuals to understand that they don’t actually need to wait for a crisis to make their mark. They can start to make a contribution that is wonderfully and uniquely their own right now.

On the dark side

Aloof, tense, difficult

At your best

Dynamic, stylish, imaginative

Love Show your softer side

People born on March 27 tend to be preoccupied with their work and their goals; this can make it difficult to achieve harmony in a relationship. They need to learn to open up, share their feelings with their partner and experience the softer side of pleasure. When they find a partner who can help them relax and unwind, however, they are passionate, faithful and devoted companions.

Health Don’t soldier on regardless

People born on this day are energetic, impulsive and accident prone and should watch out for insomnia and migraines. If they get ill, they tend to try to soldier on regardless, but this approach is counter-productive as inattention to minor health concerns can lead to full-blown illnesses or disorders. As far as diet is concerned, they should make sure they eat healthily and don’t get so over-involved with work that they forget to eat. If they learned the basics of cooking it would encourage them to take greater interest in the importance of nutrition for mental, physical and emotional health. Vigorous exercise is likely to appeal but they would benefit more from moderate to mild exercise, particularly with a mind-bond emphasis, such as yoga. This can help them calm down and unwind. Carrying a malachite crystal or having malachite ornaments around their house will help balance their emotions and bring calmness and a sense of ease.

Career Born paramedics

These people have the gift of the gab and can make excellent news anchors or public relations officers, as any employer would like to have them at the front of any storms. They also make gifted academics, lawyers, politicians, and scientists, and their individualism may find creative expression in design, music, writing, art, or drama. Because they cope so well in times of crisis, careers in medicine and the emergency services may also appeal.

Destiny To blaze a unique trail

The life path of people born on this day is to learn not to neglect their own emotional needs or to isolate themselves from others. Once they are able to do that, their destiny is to blaze a trail in their own unique way.

Power Thought

“Every day is filled with chances to feel happier and more fulfilled”

March 27

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Aries

Ruling planet: Mars, the warrior

Symbol: The Ram

Birth date ruler: Mars, the warrior

Tarot card: Strength (passion)

Favorable numbers: 3, 9

Lucky day: Tuesday, especially when it falls on 3 or 9 of the month

Lucky colors: All shades of red

Birthstone: Diamond


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