March 17 Birthday Personality: Magical Sparkle

Magical Sparkle

Your greatest challenge is…

to make a commitment and stick to it

The way forward is…

to understand that commitments can only drag you down if you fear them. If you face them, they can bring great satisfaction.

You’re drawn to people born on…

December 22 to January 20

You have much to learn from each other about the balance that must be struck between responsibility and fun.

Luck maker

Stop self-sabotaging behavior

Self-sabotaging behavior, like not finishing what you started or letting other people down, is intended to protect you from pain but ultimately these choices bring unhappiness and bad luck.

People born on March 17 have an ethereal quality about them and often appear to others to be floating through life. This isn’t to say that they are lazy or never experience setbacks and difficulties; quite the contrary, as they are incredibly hardworking with their fair share of frustrations. Yet however tough life gets, they always seem able to transcend the mundane, endowing all their actions with a lightness and sparkle.

Often charismatic with creative talents, people born on this day are also imaginative, optimistic and receptive, making enchanting company both at home and at work. Their difficulty lies in their drifting from one interest to another; rather than facing a challenge, they prefer to avoid or flow around it. There are many possible reasons for this: lack of self-confidence, dislike of confrontation and, above all, a fear of commitment and responsibility.

When properly channeled, their curiosity and sense of optimism can bring great rewards, and the admiration and support of others. However, the more they evade conflict and difficult situations when a project or relationship encounters setbacks, the more they might be considered irresponsible, flighty and unreliable. It is important for these people to learn to face up to tedious or difficult situations; this will provide them with greater satisfaction than drifting lightly but aimlessly through life. Before the age of thirty-three there is an emphasis on change and new ventures, but thereafter they often become more secure, responsible and less flighty.

Blessed with a caring nature, these people are often in a position to help others. The responsibility of this may be a struggle for these sparkling souls, but the ability to be patient and reliable in their relationships with others and in their professional life forms a vital part of their self-confidence. Once their butterfly nature has learned that touching the ground doesn’t mean the death of their creativity and optimism but rather the making of it, they have the potential to lead not just exciting and creative lives but truly magical ones.

On the dark side

Self-effacing, irresponsible, flighty

At your best

Inspired, hardworking, adaptable

Love In love with love

People born on March 17 are often surrounded by admirers but they may resist having their wings clipped by long-term commitment and responsibility. The mundane and routine aspects of relationships unsettle them, but if they find a partner who indulges their need for independence of thought and action, their love of love will often win out and they can thrive in a committed relationship.

Health Don’t neglect warning signs

People born on this day have an optimistic approach to life that is excellent for both their physical and emotional health; they should, however, guard against over-optimism and should pay attention to warning signs before they develop into major illnesses. They may have physical problems relating to their joints and should make sure their diet is rich in lubricating Omega-3 foods such as oily fish, nuts and seeds. They also need to take plenty of exercise to keep their bones, muscles and joints strong. Jogging as well as swimming, cycling and dancing are recommended. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with the color blue will encourage them to do some serious thinking and face up to their responsibilities.

Career Born dancers

These people often find themselves drawn toward design, art and crafts where they can delight others with their sensitive interpretation of the magic they see around them. They may also be interested in education, travel, public service, politics, law, philosophy, aviation, and religion. Being creative, they may also express their emotions through the light and graceful movements of dance, or through music or drama.

Destiny To encourage others to feel more inspired and optimistic

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to finish what they have started. Once they are able to deal with responsibility and learn from their mistakes, their destiny is to lead others toward a lighter and more optimistic approach to life.

Power Thought

“Today I will confront my fears with boldness”

March 17

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Pisces

Ruling planet: Neptune, the speculator

Symbol: Two Fishes

Birth date ruler: Saturn, the teacher

Tarot card: The Star (hope)

Favorable numbers: 2, 8

Lucky days: Thursday and Saturday, especially when this day falls on a 2 and 8 of the month

Lucky colors: Turquoise, maroon, violet

Birthstone: Aquamarine


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